The Last Abbot of Ashk’lan

The Last Abbot of Ashk lan LOOK OUT Everything that follows is a spoiler for The Emperor s Blades If you haven t read The Emperor s Blades this will spoil it It s wicked spoilery If you read it and it spoils it don t blame m

  • Title: The Last Abbot of Ashk’lan
  • Author: Brian Staveley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 316
  • Format: ebook
  • LOOK OUT Everything that follows is a spoiler for The Emperor s Blades If you haven t read The Emperor s Blades, this will spoil it It s wicked spoilery If you read it, and it spoils it, don t blame me I told you it was a spoiler There That should have given you enough time to back out.A word from the author The funny thing about big novels is that you can t followLOOK OUT Everything that follows is a spoiler for The Emperor s Blades If you haven t read The Emperor s Blades, this will spoil it It s wicked spoilery If you read it, and it spoils it, don t blame me I told you it was a spoiler There That should have given you enough time to back out.A word from the author The funny thing about big novels is that you can t follow all the characters The protagonists get full screen time, of course, but there are dozens of minor characters populating a novel, characters with lives, fears, hopes, and stories of their own who just disappear the moment they leave the ambit of the lucky few This seems a shame Fortunately, it s a problem with a solution, and this story is an attempt at that solution if only in a small way for one single character.I loved writing Akiil, Kaden s thieving friend at the monastery, and I needed to know what happened to him during the slaughter at the end of The Emperor s Blades after all, last time we see him, he s going about his business, and then the soldiers arrive, killing everyone in sight Did he make it Did he die heroically Did he sell out his monastic brothers The only way to know a thing about a character, at least for me, is to write it, and so I wrote this tale The Last Abbot of Ashk lan It answers some questions It asks a lot If nothing else, it reminds me that all of my characters, even the most minor, are crying out for their own pages, their own triumphs and failures, their own stories Here is one.

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    1. *** 4 ***This was a very short story about Kaden's friend Akiil, and what happens with him during the last moments of the first book of the series. We get to be with him only for a little while and we learn the faith of most of the monks and the Abbot. Favorite passage from this story:"This, too, the Shin had taught him, but in fact, the lesson was older, one of the most basic rules he’d learned back in the Perfumed Quarter: Never help. Akiil had amended the maxim slightly over the years, putt [...]

    2. Buddy read with Gavin3.5 STARSFirst off, if you have not read The Emperor's Blades, reading this short story will spoil it entirely. However, my thoughts about the story are spoiler free. But continue at your own risk!My short review for book #1 is here.I just learned this but it's quite unique so I want to start this review with it. The way The Last Abbot of Ashk’lanwas published is awesome. The story came out as a reward for solving Brian Staveley's The Last Abbot Scavenger Hunt. You can fou [...]

    3. This short story set in The Emperor's Blades series takes place shortly after some major events towards the end of the first book in the series. It follows the fate of Kaden's friend Akiil after he became separated from Kaden. I always liked Akiil and so was glad to read more about what happened to him. This was a great short story. It revealed some interesting stuff, but also left some mystery about what actually happened to Akiil. I hope he makes another appearance in the main series!Rating: 4 [...]

    4. The Last Abbot of Ashk'lan, found here for free, is a brief story about what happened to one of my favorite side characters, Akiil, during the sack of Ashk'lan. I liked Akiil. He was part of the monastery and ostensibly training to be a monk, but he was only there because he was caught thieving and monkhood was much preferred to the alternative. He maintained a good natured sense of self deprecation and cynicism in the mountain monastery. The massacre that was befalling his brothers and the burn [...]

    5. This short story is free online at Tor, and it follows right after book 1, The Emperor's Blades. It's a spoiler if read before book 1, so beware. Here is the link: tor/2015/01/13/the-lasWe find out what happened to Akiil, the child who grew up tough on the hard streets of Annur, a thief in the Perfumed Quarter. I liked this story, but the events didn't ring true. (view spoiler)[Staying inside a small burning building to see if anyone else is in there, so you can kill them? He'd wait outside rath [...]

    6. At the end of The Emperor’s Blades, I was frustrated because I didn’t know for sure what happened to some of the monks. It appears I hadn’t to worry about that unfinished business, as this short story was here to answer, in a way, my questions.The story takes place in that particular moment, so it's not an easy reading. Joining the young monk crushes a little the heart and makes you miss some breathes, thanks to the still great writing. It's nice to be in the head of a different character [...]

    7. Bittersweet. Sweet, because of Akiil’s internal monologue, spiced with curses and dark humour. And also because he survives at least the first wave of killings. Bitter, because of all the rest: Akiil going against his survival instincts and missing his chance to escape, in the hope that he could help Kaden; the terrifying and life-altering choice he is forced to make; and the fact that his fate is still totally uncertain

    8. I'm glad I learned about this short story before I finished THE EMPEROR'S BLADES, because the novel left some dangling plot threads that gnawed at me.**spoilers for THE EMPEROR'S BLADES ahead**Akiil was a favorite character of mine from the novel, and his implied off-screen death was unsatisfying. Fortunately, Brian Staveley felt the same itch, and wrote THE LAST ABBOT to provide an answer or two about Akiil's fate.This story is a satisfying epilogue to the novel. The reader is treated to Akiil' [...]

    9. Akiil'in ölmediği ve ilerde çıkacağı belliydi, ancak ben daha çok bir kenardan kaçtı tarzı bir hikaye bekliyordum. Yine de anlamadığım bir şey var, madem Aedolian askerinin zırhını giyip onlardan biri olarak devam etti; Valyn ve Kedon 1. kitabın sonunda Ut ve askerlerini bulduğunda onların arasında değil miydi? Bunu da sonraki kitaplarda öğreneceğiz herhalde.

    10. originally posted at: thebookplank/2015The Emperor's Blades, which was released early January back in 2013 was an amazing debut. I described this book as being the next big thing, it has a lot of common ground with Epic Fantasy but in many different ways, Brian Staveley had set him self apart, in the sequel, The Providence of Fire, he once again proved his worth and just lately I saw the cover of the third book. Which will blow you away by the by, but being confronted with The Last Mortal Bond ( [...]

    11. How did I mist this tor story about one of my favorite characters from? I'm glad I found it today and even happier that it gave credence to one of my favorite theories about a certain character. If I told you more and you haven't read the book yet, I'd likely have to kill you.Now if book three would only make it into my hands sometime soon

    12. Really enjoyable short story. It's basically just another chapter of the last book, really, but I get why it was separated. I'd definitely give this a read once you finish up with The Emperor's Blades.

    13. [ebook review] Although it complements the main storyline, I didn't actually like it: just wasn't interested in this character.And it was a letdown after finishing Skullsworn, which I think is the best story in this series.

    14. It was a sweet story (full of death and fear and fights, but sweet). Akiil was, and still is, one of my favorite characters from the Unhewn Throne series, and I was happy to read his story.

    15. I can't tell how I feel about this. Akiil was one of my favorites from The Emperors Blades and I wanted to know what had happened to him. But now I'm just conflicted.

    16. A short story in the Unhewn Throne universe set at the end of The Emperor's Blades, covering the action of a supporting character, Akiil, who got left behind by the main narration. (And doesn't appear in the sequel novel, The Providence of Fire. By the way, Akiil is not the title character, though the Abbot also appears in the story.)As mentioned in the introduction, this would be a spoiler to the conclusion of The Emperor's Blades. You would also have to have previously read that novel to reall [...]

    17. The Last Abbot of Ashk'lan was published in a unique way. Brian Staveley hid 20 copies of his first book, The Emperor's Blades, around the country, each copy containing a special woodblock print on the title page. He then released clues to the books' locations, and revealed a new chunk of the story after each book was found. A modern-day treasure hunt indeed. I followed the hunt when it started last summer, and was able to obtain two of the books (one in the Pierson Library in Shelburne, VT, wit [...]

    18. A nice story by Staveley about one of the more interesting side characters from The Emperor's Blades. I enjoyed reading this and am looking forward to getting my hands on the just released The Providence of Fire!

    19. Brian Staveley had a little more to say about the climactic scene in The Emperor's Blades, and here adds a little touch of detail involving Akiil -- one of his more interesting supporting characters. "First, survive;" hard choices in a hard situation. The Last Abbot of Ashk'lan doesn't add a great deal of detail to The Emperor's Blades, but it provides an morsel to tide you over before diving into The Providence of Fire.

    20. Definitely a worthy addition to the seriesort and moving.I like the way it shows us what happened to some of the characters who's fates were uncertain. Though I'll admit that it made me sad

    21. Rarely have I come across such an aptly named story. When you start off the title means one thing and when you end it means two. A nicely woven story and only to be read after the first book. Go Brian!

    22. ATÉ QUE ENFIM DESCOBRI O QUE ACONTECEU COM O AKIIL!Poxa fiquei com isso na cabeça desde o livro 1. Será que o autor esqueceu do Akiil?! Pra minha surpresa vi que não.Não sei se fico feliz por ter descoberto ou com raiva por ter gerado MAIS perguntas. Tenso.

    23. This was a nice insight into one of the minor characters of the main story. This story did a nice job of filling in some of the holes that the main story couldn't and honestly I almost liked this more because it is a bit simpler.

    24. "A short, 20-page story that sheds some light on Akiil's fate after the attack on the monastery? Sure I'll read it!"20 minutes later" well, that was even more depressing than I thought."

    25. Pequeño relato que te cuenta que ocurrió con cierto personaje entrañable cerca del final de The Emperor's Blades. Poco más que un aperitivo para el segundo de la serie, pero este autor me está gustando mucho. B

    26. This was a really tight and taut short story about a fun character from the first book of the trilogy. It was well done and true to the character with a well developed POV. It would be fun to get more different character perspectives in the Unhewn Throne series.

    27. Now that I know Akiil was not killed in the sack of Ashk'lan, I'm looking forward to seeing if he turns up again in the 3rd and last book of the series.

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