Project Persefone. Het Vonnis

Project Persefone Het Vonnis Noa en Peter beseffen dat ze niet meer kunnen vluchten en bovendien gaat Noa s gezondheid steeds verder achteruit De enige persoon die hiervoor een oplossing heeft is dezelfde als die haar dit heeft

  • Title: Project Persefone. Het Vonnis
  • Author: Michelle Gagnon
  • ISBN: 9789020679687
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • Noa en Peter beseffen dat ze niet meer kunnen vluchten en bovendien gaat Noa s gezondheid steeds verder achteruit De enige persoon die hiervoor een oplossing heeft, is dezelfde als die haar dit heeft aangedaan de directeur van Pike Dolan De vraag is kunnen ze de man met wie het allemaal begon nog verslaan als ze eenmaal oog in oog met hem staan Het vonnis is hetNoa en Peter beseffen dat ze niet meer kunnen vluchten en bovendien gaat Noa s gezondheid steeds verder achteruit De enige persoon die hiervoor een oplossing heeft, is dezelfde als die haar dit heeft aangedaan de directeur van Pike Dolan De vraag is kunnen ze de man met wie het allemaal begon nog verslaan als ze eenmaal oog in oog met hem staan Het vonnis is het laatste deel in de bloedstollende Project Persefone trilogie

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    1. Holy crap! Ik had niet verwacht dat ik ZO enthousiast zou worden van deze serie!Boek 1 (Het experiment): Okeeee, leuk verhaalBoek 2 (Het verzet): Wauw, dit is al een stuk beter!Boek 3 (Het vonnis): OMG WAAROM IS DIT HET LAATSTE BOEK?! Het was zo ontzettend spannend, zoveel verrassingen en onverwachte wendingen dat ik echt zat te denken 'huh, is dit Persefone?' De andere boeken waren echt heel anders Zeker een aanrader voor iedereen! Het deed me een beetje aan 'De Doodskuur', het laatste deel van [...]

    2. The whole serie is not that new or awesome but I really enjoy my reading. The characters are both great and mature and fun. The action is here, I didn't see the page turning.It was great

    3. I've finished this book in one day! On 4,5 hours of train travel to be precise.This book was better in getting me awake than a cup of coffee (it was really really early this morning). I flipped pages like a manic on the train, the suspence and everything that was happening in this book, it was SO GOOD.Bit I really did not like the ending. (view spoiler)[Everybody who died, what made the story awesome I think, if beloved characters die, everybody turned out to be alive. Hmm. Did not like. And how [...]

    4. Mijn recensie van deze geweldige afsluiter van Project Persefone kan je hier lezen: nerdygeekyfanboy/recensie/

    5. This is the first book in this trilogy that I was fully able to enjoy. Maybe I was just in the right mood for it this time. The first two books just didn’t have the epic amount of action and adventure that this book did. There was some romantic stuff, but it wasn’t the most important thing. I really liked that Noa and Peter were back together for this book. They are both amazing hackers (and Zeke was too). They have great dialogue. Also Teo and Daisy are so cute together. All their dialogue [...]

    6. A fast-paced exhilarating ride! Loved this book. I missed the first two in the trilogy but the author did a fabulous job of weaving in just enough back story to let you know what had transpired in the first two books.Noa's health is failing and she and her three friends are being hunted. They're living out of abandoned projects and trying to evade being detected. They're some of the last remaining members from Persephone's Army alive. They believe Charles Pike is responsible for the outbreak of [...]

    7. This is the third installment of the PERSEF0NE trilogy. Peter and Noa are on the run, attempting to figure out how to reveal Pike's crimes and how to save Noa and Amanda (and all PEMA victims). A few events are a bit far-fetched or a little too convenient but the heroes remain likable and I was definitely rooting for them. Pike was a bit too much of an evil villain to be believable but they added depth to Mason that was intriguing. Teo and Daisy became more interesting as they became more indepe [...]

    8. This book was amazing! I was kind of disappointed when I finished it, because:1. This is the final book in this trilogy.2. I wanted to read this book for months and it finished.3. I didn't like the ending.Why didn't I like the ending?I don't like Zeke. That's why. And if you have read the book, you'll probably know why I didn't like the ending. I'm not telling you anything because of spoilers, if you are a curious reader and haven't read this book yet, but want to know a bit more about it. This [...]

    9. This book is about Noa and Peter. They are running from P&D because whenever they find a place to stay the next day P&D always finds them. Noa and Peter are carrying around hard drives which hold they keys to getting into P&D project. P&I'd have so much money that every day they send people to hunt down Noa and no matter what Noa does they Always seem to find her. If you like this book I would recommend the Michel bay series by Richard Paul Evans.

    10. This one is better than the second one but falls woefully short of the first in the trilogy. I am finding that to be the case lately. Anyone else? I think I would have been much happier without the entire last chapter. Gagnon loves to use big words. I mentioned that in my previous review of the second book. She unpacked her adjectives without a doubt. I am interested to see what else she has out there.

    11. I stand by my initial read/ reaction which was, "Perfect! Just perfect!!" Because of so many things, this is my favorite of the trilogy and Gagnon is a talented, talented genius. This is a MUST READ for YA thriller fans! Thank you to the author (Michelle Gagnon) for an ARC to be used for honest bookseller/ review purposes.

    12. I liked the pace of it but I was sad that some characters pretty much disappeared at the end. I liked how even though the kids were only high school sophomores (Daisy and Teo), they were always thinking. I guess I could say that I hoped for a different ending and I would have liked to know about Mason.Otherwise everything wrapped up pretty nicely and there was enough left for another book.

    13. Spannend einde van een serie die me eigenlijk niets tegenviel! Na het eerste boek dacht ik mwah, maar de andere twee waren verrassend spannend.

    14. Een bloedstollende conclusie voor een spectaculaire trilogie. Ik snak nu al naar meer boeken van Michelle Gagnon!

    15. This series tells the story of kids trying to take down a corrupt organization. And while I loved the first two books in the Persefone series, this book ended with less satisfaction. I was torn between 3 and 3.5 for a rating. The story started off with lots of actions and took surprise tuns I hadn't expected and I was wondering if Noa was going to end up with Peter in the end after all. The safe house and turn of events with Ray and Monica and Zeke were riveting. And the growing relationship bet [...]

    16. This was my favorite of the trilogy, I think. At least, I really liked how everything resolved itself. The first half was a more of the same chasing scenes, but the second half picked up the pace more. I enjoyed seeing what all the characters were truly like. This novel gives us more information on all the characters and which of them can be trusted.

    17. Library Request on Audio. The third and final instalment to the Persefone trilogy, it was good to come to an end, it was fun while it lasted but it needed to come to an end. Hip hip hooray to the kids coming out on top.

    18. Guess it was ok, though the ending kindda bugged me. Why does the evil mastermind really feel the need to give a detailed account of his evildoing? and though I am a sucker for a happy ending, this did feel a little forced.

    19. (view spoiler)[Why was Zeke alive, why? This was a big turnoff for me. YA and all, but still the fact that even Amanda survived and everyone got to be with their loved ones and the ending where Noa, Zeke, Teo and Daisy "playing home" just bores me to my core. Although I did enjoy that Noa wasn't feeling safe just that easily, even when the scene was oddly written in my opinion. (hide spoiler)]All in all, this was a good ending to the series, fast read and characters (including the baddies) got m [...]

    20. Mon avis: Comme vous le savez j'avais adoré les deux premiers tomes de cette série Thriller, c'est avec une très grande impatience que j'attendais cet ultime tome et je peux vous dire que j'ai également adoré celui-ci. Tout y est, de l'action, du suspens, des personnages que j'ai adoré et une intrigue que je qualifierais de fantastique, le tout donne de quoi passer un excellent moment de lecture.Du coté de l'histoire: Nous retrouvons nos héros là où nous les avions laissé à la fin du [...]

    21. Minä en voi mitenkään käsittää, miksi tämän mahtavan jännäritrilogian suomentaminen on jätetty kesken ensimmäisen osan jälkeen. Ihan pöljää, jos minulta kysytään. Sarja on pitänyt minut mukana otteessansa heti alusta loppuun saakka, eikä trilogian toisessa osassakaan tullut tyypillistä notkahdusta. Tämä kolmas osa on myös aivan omaa luokkaansa, jännitystä täynnä, ovelia juonenkäänteistä ja yllätyksiä.Noa, Peter, Daisy ja Teo ovat yhdessä pakomatkalla ympäri Yhd [...]

    22. I have been following this trilogy since it first came out. I knew after reading the first book that I would forever love this trilogy that Michelle Gagnon perfectly crafted. I feel like mystery suspense are more of my cup of tea. I love the idea of books grabbing my attention and keeping me on my toes. The book flowed so well. I never wanted to put it down. I do have to admit that I did watch where I was going because I slowly became paranoid that people were watching me. This is crazy that the [...]

    23. Ce dernier tome est bien, même très bien, comparé au précédent où il ne s'était pas passé grand chose. Il y a beaucoup plus de courses poursuites, d'échappées belles, de traques et de sauvetages. Cependant , je crois que j'attendais plus pour le dernier tome de cette trilogie. J'attendais un twist final qui n'est jamais arrivé. J'en attendais tellement plus de la part de Mason, ce personnage si subtilement bien construit au début de la série tombe à plat vers la fin, son charisme m [...]

    24. 3.5 / 5 stars ratingThis review is also posted at readingnookandcranny.It's the end of the line for our teenager hackers turned super heroes. Nora's clock is ticking, as she fights the aftermath of her abduction in the second novel. With her failing health, she is more determined than ever to stop the evil madman. Just trying to write the synopsis for this book reminds me how outlandish the plot is, but I still cannot help but enjoy this series. Sure, it's as out there as an Ally Carter series p [...]

    25. The story: Charles Pike is one of the richest men in the world. He's murdered hundreds to try to find a cure for the disease that's killing his daughter. The solution to his problem lies in Noa Torson--who, with Peter Gregory, remains stubbornly on the run, always eluding Pike and his personal army of mercenaries. But Pike's got all the money there is, powerful friends in high places, and his personal evil minion, Mason, to do his bidding, while the kids just have their brains. Pretty uneven con [...]

    26. 2.5/5 starsWhat you're in for: On the run. Hacking. Action. Traps. Surprises. Disappointment.My Thoughts:This book was a big disappointment. I really enjoyed Don't Turn Around (the first book in the series) and thought this was going to be a great trilogy. Unfortunately, though, it all went downhill after the first book. I didn't care for Don't Look Now (the second book). But, I thought that it was just a filler book and suffered from the oh-so-common "middle book syndrome." So, I still wanted t [...]

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