Cupcakes and Crushes

Cupcakes and Crushes Sometimes there is enough sweet to make up for the bitter Years ago a broken heart sent Annie Cookie running from home and she s never looked back until now Her grandpa s broken wrist means the fami

  • Title: Cupcakes and Crushes
  • Author: Keri Ford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes there is enough sweet to make up for the bitter.Years ago, a broken heart sent Annie Cookie running from home, and she s never looked back until now Her grandpa s broken wrist means the family bakery is at risk of losing two big orders.Reluctantly, Annie returns to Turtle Pine to help out, only to discover it s not just seven hundred cupcakes she has to bake, buSometimes there is enough sweet to make up for the bitter.Years ago, a broken heart sent Annie Cookie running from home, and she s never looked back until now Her grandpa s broken wrist means the family bakery is at risk of losing two big orders.Reluctantly, Annie returns to Turtle Pine to help out, only to discover it s not just seven hundred cupcakes she has to bake, but also a wedding cake for the half sister who stole her high school sweetheart Annie left town to get away from her sister No way is she getting mixed up with her again Once the cupcakes are done, she s outta there.Back in high school, Cade Revlin hid his crush on his brother s girl, but when his brother dumped Annie for another Cookie sister, Annie slipped through his fingers and out of town Now that she s back, he s determined to give her a reason to stay.He s got one week to change her mind Or she ll be gone in a cloud of powdered sugar.Warning Contains small town meddling, family drama and all the necessary ingredients for a second chance at love if they have the guts to turn up the heat.

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    1. Cupcakes And Crushes es el primer libro de la serie Turtle Pine de la autora Keri Ford, ademas de ser mi primera lectura de la autora, a la que no conocia hasta hace algunas semanas.Este libro fue una lectura " sorpresa ", no planeaba leerlo entero, solo le iba a dar una ojeada por encima para decidir si leerlo mas adelante pero solo con leer el primer capitulo ya no pude parar.La trama no tiene algo super novedoso, pero era el tipo de libro ligero que tenia ganas de leer. Segun fui avanzando la [...]

    2. Lindo y ligero. El hecho que todo se desarrolle en una semana me fastidio, porque no creo que pum te enamores y quieres cambiar "toda" tu vida solo por ello, darle tiempo al tiempo; hasta me creería un poco mas si fuera un mes. En fin es agradable de leer y te lo devoras pero si es cliché.

    3. ✰✰✰✰.5 **4.5 Stars**I knew the moment I read the blurb for this book I would like definitely like it. Small town girl successfully runs away from her past only to get pulled back in when her grandfather needs her help to fulfill a cupcake order he promised to the local school after he injures his wrist. Annie's plans are to go back to her small hometown to help her grandfather finish the cupcake order and return back to her life in Texas far away from her half sisters which was one of th [...]

    4. Keri Ford's CUPCAKES AND CRUSHES was just what I needed after the last two reads that were extremely good but also emotionally draining. I can always count on Keri Ford to make me smile and just let me enjoy a sweet love story.I love her writing and loved the subtle layer of emotions underneath the humor and lightness in CUPCAKES AND CRUSHES. As a fan of cooking shows, especially baking shows, I loved all the baking and bakery stuff that was in this book! Keri Ford knows her baking stuff!Loved A [...]

    5. Read this review at Brilliant BookshelfNetgalley provided me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Everybody likes a little bit of romance now and then and Cupcakes and Crushes has a lot of that. This was a really sweet read with the occasional drama mixed in. The entire story had a countryside, summer-vibe about it, which I really adored. Turtle Pine seemed spot on as representation of a small town. Moreover, thanks to the descriptions I could almost picture myself living there. I [...]

    6. Annie Cookie had left home and never planned to come back/ When her grandfather breaks his wrist and has a big order to fill for the local highschool, Annie returns planning to back the cupcakes but that is it. She doesn't expect to run into Cade Revlin, the brother to the boy who betrayed her. Cade has certainly grown up and Annie takes notice. Cade always had a crush on Annie, now he sees his chance but when Annie reveals the reason she left, Cade is not sure he can convince her to stay.Full r [...]

    7. Me entretuvo la lectura y aunque lo que pasa con las hermanas de Annie me pareció que estuvo demasiado azucarado y terminé con un gran ñeh.

    8. Es un libro bastante entretenido, estabas todo el tiempo como: odio a las hermanas!!!NO ME GUSTÓ EL FINAL Aburrido

    9. Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsI can’t even begin to express how happy I am that author Keri Ford has another small town series beginning. Cupcakes and Crushes pairs the girl who couldn’t wait to leave town with the guy who never forgot her despite the fact she barely knew he existed. Everything you expect from a small town love story including interfering relatives, nosy towns people, and a couple who despite knowing anything they start has a short life expec [...]

    10. This book is just full of sugar and spice and all things nice, with a hint of family drama and the damage a rough ride through school can do years and years later. Annie is a nice girl, who used to be sporty and fun and a bit of tom-boy until having fun frightened the life out of her, her half-sister betrayed her and she found solace in studying and the dream of getting out of town the first chance she got. Which is what she did, and she’s been happy living her life beyond Turtle Pine. But whe [...]

    11. What do you do when you are the most hated person in your family? When all you did was to be born. That was the million dollar question that Annie Cookie kept asking herself. You see it turns out her father had an affair with her mother when he was married. Her mother was about to give Annie up for adoption. Her grandparents got there before she could do that, causing problems in her father’s marriage. The thought of Annie caused fights and one night after a fight his wife had gotten in the ca [...]

    12. Between the cute title and the book blurb, I just had to read Cupcakes and Crushes by Keri Ford . This is a sweet love story set in the small town of Turtle Pine, Alabama. The town is loaded with gossipers, baked goodies and some very intriguing relatives. Annie Cookie (and yes, that is really her last name), grew up with two very mean half-sisters. In order to escape their manipulative ways, she spent her school years hiding out in the local library, while missing out on the fun times of being [...]

    13. Very cute, sweet story!! This is the first book I read by this author and it will not be the last one. Very well written book. The story was entertaining and very sweet. I really liked the characters and the banter between Annie and Cade. I really loved their story You can say this book is small-town at its best. Everybody knows everybody, there is sense of community, a lot of gossip and all that fun stuff. Annie has to return to her hometown after many years, to help her grandfather fulfill a h [...]

    14. Cade and Annie had such a sweet, playful romance. They knew how to flirt like nobody’s business, and I loved them together. He wasn’t the kind of badass alpha hero that I normally like, but he was perfect for Annie. I think the author may have gone a bit far in drawing a line in the sand between good and bad – she made me really like Annie and really, really hate Tina (wonder if we’ll get her story?). I would have liked a little less family drama, given the fact that their animosity stem [...]

    15. With Cupcakes and Crushes, Ford cooks up a wonderful book about letting go of the past in order to embrace the future. Annie finds that it is easier to avoid issues than face them but being back in town and seeing it through adult eyes makes her re-evaluate things. Plus the handsome, smart and sweet Cade gives her extra reasons to make peace with her past.The story is short but the perfect warm weather read. And although it seems like Annie and Cade fall in love quickly, Ford makes it totally be [...]

    16. I was worried I had overpaid for this book, but while it was a bit on the short side, it was a very well written and enjoyable read! Annie was a bit of an emotionally scarred heroine, which she took a bit far at times, but I liked how she wound up helping a sister she thought had been behind much of her childhood hurts. I thought her last name was a little weird though, totally not realistic! Cade was a very persistent hero, but it was obvious from the beginning that he cared deeply for Annie. T [...]

    17. A very sweet (ha!) and sexy romance about going home again and seeing it for the first time. Stay tuned for a link to the First Look at Heroes and HeartbreakersA: Here is the link to the First Look at Heroes and Heartbreakers!

    18. A nice feel good book. After running from home because of a boyfriend dumping her for her sister Annie returns home because her Granddad needs her help. She is met at the airport by her ex,s brother and so the fun begins.

    19. I liked this one, it was super sweet. However, it felt like a LOT happened in just a few short days, and I had a little trouble believing in the "love you" from the heroine. Full review at thebookpushers

    20. Cute small town romance. Cade is sweet and has so much patience with the woman he always wanted, Annie. I can't wait for book 2!

    21. I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity of reading an advanced copy of this book Full review coming soon :)

    22. Libro entretenido. Un poco denso en algunas partes pero llevadero. Con la protagonista tuve sentimientos encontrados. Hasta llegar, en varias ocasiones a enfadarme con ella. Es un buen libro para distraer y pasar un buen momento en tardes lluviosas.

    23. I'm a big fan of Keri Ford and was excited to read the first book in her new Turtle Pine series. I grew up in a small town in Tennessee, and have to say she totally nailed the small-town feel with Turtle Pine.Cupcakes and Crushes was such a fun story to read. Annie Cookie became an instant favorite character of mine from the moment she appeared on the page. Annie is such a strong character and I loved how focused she became while in high school to move from home. I also loved that her love for h [...]

    24. This tale of a small town girl who left and returns, is not on a new theme, but there are nice elements such as family relationships and baking for special occasions which make it original. Getting a catering qualification and hightailing it out of Turtle Pine, Alabama meant that this girl escaped the most likely occupation, single motherhood. She never felt part of society anyway as a remarriage meant that she was thrust into an existing family with new half-sisters. Now she's just coming home [...]

    25. This was such a sweet book. This romance was cute and touching and it's only book one in the series. I'm looking forward to the rest of the books in the series.Annie Cookie left her hometown and never looked back. She did not want to stay in the that she was most betrayed in. Unfortunately for her, her grandfather broke his wrist and would not be able to do his job. This would not have been all that bad except that his bakery would be at risk at losing two big orders.Annie is happy to help out h [...]

    26. Bueno una historia que comenzó muy bien, pero se fue desinflando como un globo. La verdad la portada me enamoró y pensé que el libro iba hacer una maravilla. Pero en los últimos capis, se volvió muy predecible; ya a mitad de libro sabía cómo iba a terminar y no me equivoque. El único personaje que me gustó fue Cade, el protagonista.

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