The Lost Command

The Lost Command One hundred and fifty years ago Earth colonists hoping to found a utopia emigrated deep into the Beyond Now the New Men are invading a race of humans stronger faster and smarter than the old Star

  • Title: The Lost Command
  • Author: Vaughn Heppner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One hundred and fifty years ago, Earth colonists hoping to found a utopia emigrated deep into the Beyond Now, the New Men are invading, a race of humans stronger, faster and smarter than the old Star Watch sends Admiral Fletcher to stop them His command barely escapes annihilation by heading into the dreaded void His battered ships are quickly running out of food, fuelOne hundred and fifty years ago, Earth colonists hoping to found a utopia emigrated deep into the Beyond Now, the New Men are invading, a race of humans stronger, faster and smarter than the old Star Watch sends Admiral Fletcher to stop them His command barely escapes annihilation by heading into the dreaded void His battered ships are quickly running out of food, fuel and missiles, and they don t dare go back again to face the New Men Star Watch frantically searches for a way to rescue the vessels An ancient alien starship is parked in the Solar System, with an irritable AI refusing to cooperate The vessel has powerful weapons if anyone could figure out how to make them work after ten thousand years Star Watch summons Captain Maddox, the only person to have successfully worked with the ancient computer The captain must convince his old acquaintance the AI who has become smarter and even belligerent than before to help him rescue Fletcher But what does the ten thousand year old AI have to gain by helping Star Watch s cockiest Intelligence officer The answer just might help solve the threat of the New Men THE LOST COMMAND is the second book in the LOST STARSHIP SERIES.

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    1. The Lost Command, the second in The Lost Starship series, is written heads and shoulders above the first book. And still, at the end of this one as with the first one, I want more.It's hard to talk about the book without spoilers. Suffice to say the New Men become more than just a presence on the screen. That first meeting, I felt energy emanating forcefully from the screen. And we learn more of the New Men's plan for humanity. They may be new men, but it's an old plan. That's spoiler enough.I t [...]

    2. On his second novel of the Lost Starship series, author Vaughn Heppner brings back the conflicted Captain Maddox and his eclectic crew who despite their faults make saving the universe their obsession. "The Lost Command" appears more character driven than many of Heppner's books. His star is the muy macho half superman (or new man), but Maddox suspects his origins may make him even more of an outcast amongst his fellow humans. Maddox suspects he's half new man. And that's not such a great thing [...]

    3. good read Enjoy this author, this one was not a let down at all, the beginning was a little confusing but it all came nicely together.

    4. This is the 2nd book in the series. I do like the book and the adventure is exciting. Sometimes the lead character is a little too much (over acted). Yet, the idea of a lost ship thousands of years old that was found and is able to aid earth and the commonwealth against a seemingly impossible enemy is great. Every now and then there are places where the dialog seems to jump like a paragraph was edited out. Usually, I just skip over it but it is still annoying. The other characters in this book s [...]

    5. A step up from the fist book, and a great building block for the rest of the story.The individual characters from book one all get more depth. Rather than the reader only really knowing the motives of the main character we get to know more of the driving force of his team.Personally i think the most interesting aspect of the book are the ancient aliens and the AI and the teases of them will be driving me to finish the series and possibly rage if I learn nothing.

    6. Slow starting and a lot of revisiting the previous book to remind you what happened so took a lot of will to keep going but the second half of the book got things moving again. Left it good for the next book.

    7. Nicely doneThe continuing adventures of Captain Maddox are just as tense as the first book. The plot was just as engaging as I'd hoped. A little more diversity in the cast would make this the perfect sequel but that being said, I really liked this book.

    8. Lost CommandThis book in the series is an excellent follow-up to the initial book in the Lost Starship series. There are numerous twists and character streams that arise and have added new dimension to the storyline. I am starting book 3 as soon as I complete this review.

    9. Second in a series of space opera books, our hero is attempting to get back to the home planet after defeating the "new men" by recovering an ancient spaceship and winning the love of a very strong female. But the New Men are still on the lose and just as dangerous.

    10. Great 2nd in the series5 🌟 for continuity in storyline and character development. Again Maddox and crew defeat and hold off the New Men.

    11. I enjoyed reading this part of the series. I was able to get the plot without reading the first part. It was nice reading Maddox's origin and the skeptical acceptance.

    12. I am at a loss for words! The difference between this book and the first book of the series, “The Lost Starship” is astounding! This book was a fantastic book to read. It made sense. The author finally managed to put some sense into the actions of his main character, Captain Maddox, and stopped making him sound like an idiot. He actually put some “humanity” into Captain Maddox and made him act like a normal person albeit a very smart person. I’m still don’t understand the rank struct [...]

    13. Up front, I have enjoyed the series so far. But there are a couple of things that bother me. First, what's with "Captain Maddox" all the time? Even a commanding officer still has a first name, which would bring him closer to the reader, if nothing else. As a former company commander, my commanding officer still used my first name on a normal basis. Second, and this is the one that is Sooo telling about civilians who write about military stories as though they have walked the walk, and Civilians [...]

    14. This book, not surprisingly, continues the story, roughly, from where the pervious book ended. The book is pretty much the same simple but entertaining adventure story as the first book. I have to say right away that the book starts of in a fairly illogical manner. Not that the individual actions on the various pages are very illogical but the entire set up is, at least as far as I am concerned.Why do I say this? Well, we are talking about the legendary star ship, the container of technology tha [...]

    15. In this sequel to The Lost Starship, the team that was tasked with finding the alien starship Victory is reunited to reboard the starship in order to retrieve the scientist who just might know how to unlock the starship's secrets and to also rescue the Fifth Fleet.This book has excellent pacingere were a couple of nights I stayed up late just because I wanted to see what happened next! I like that the crew represent real people with real problems. They are perfectly imperfecteven the captainwho [...]

    16. I enjoy being entertained.Lost Starship Series Books One & TwoThe Lost Starship series is the first Vaughn Heppner I have read. I read the Lost Starship and the Lost Command and both entertained and pleased. Mr. Heppner’s style is fast paced (mostly) and flows easily. Most of the characters are easily identifiable and relatable. Although I would have preferred Meta’s physical and mental description during the prison sequence to be more on point.Heppner’s sociological undertones are eas [...]

    17. Keeps getting better and better!Maddox and crew storm the New Men with ancient technology and fierce determination to save Fletcher and the 5,the Fleet from annihilation. Fast paced and full of action. This 2nd book charges full blast into mankind's desperate struggle against their own, genetically modified human cousins.

    18. Heppener has stepped it up! GREAT READ!!!!!I read the first book and enjoyed it but found it a bit thin and somewhat rushed near the end. I was so pleased to see this second book and ended up reading it as quickly as I could because I was enjoying it so much. VH did a great job keeping up a fast pace and expanding on the alreadygood storyline while leaving lots of room for future twists and turns. The whole concept of the New Man is very interesting and plausible and works well in is presentatio [...]

    19. As with the first book, I really wanted to like this series. The initial premise was interesting and the eclectic nature of the characters had promise.Unfortunately, this series has some critical problems. The story is pretty thin and uneven. The characters are one dimensional and inconsistent in nature. The dialogue is really really rough and unnatural a lot of the time. Space travel and battle concepts are very rudimentary as well. I'll be honest. I'm only finishing this book because I've neve [...]

    20. Two and a half stars. WOW! What a change from the first book. Everything that made the first book in this series so good; the characters, the plot twists, the drama were all missing entirely from this book. The characters in this book had the same names and even the same 'history' but they felt completely different and childishly portrayed. Even the big, climactic battle sequence in the end was entirely predicable and felt contrived. I really had to struggle to get through to the end and almost [...]

    21. Great readI think it was a good book and I can't wait till the next one comes out. This book was a real page turner. In my review of his first book, I don't think ft were sure of a series and I put that I was disappointed with the ending. I now take that back , this series is well worth reading and is my type of book. Great storyline and people you won't forget. With a temperamental AI . One word of advice read the first one and then the second and things will all fall right into place.

    22. The space opera continues.Relationships are tested. Spies are hunted. An insane AI must be defeated. All while the New Men stalk the Victory and her crew as they try and rescue the remains of the devastated 5th Fleet. Will Star Watch be able to turn the tables on the invaders?It's popcorn but it's fun popcorn. Most of the mains from the first book are back so all your favorites and all your irritants are back. If you enjoyed the first book, this is more of the same. As with the first books, some [...]

    23. Awesome, awesome follow up to the Lost Starship. Captain Maddox finds himself in hot pursuit of a kidnapped colleague. While the alien AI has regained control of Victory and has revenge on its mind. Will Maddox be able to rescue his friend? Will the AI go on a blood lust, and begin wiping out friendly ships before it finds a way to get back and Maddox? We find out more about the inner circle of the new men as well in this great book. And don't worry, we will have space battle's a plenty. Can't w [...]

    24. To Hell and Back?There is and old say (Help has no fury like a woman scorned.) Well you should see what a alein's scorn is like!! In this book you will follow Captain Maddox on his journey to save the Fifth Fleet and mankind along with it. The author adds deep insight into the lives of the main characters and how they work under pressure. You will find you don't want to put this one down so you don't miss anything. Most importantly have fun for its all here for you.

    25. I am glad I decided to continue reading this series. After the lackluster first book this one shows a huge improvement. The characterizations are much better and the story line seemed to have a more linear approach making this one a bit of a page turner. I liked the fact that we now have real characters without the seemingly contrived flaws of the first book. I have to admit I was a bit surprised how much better this one turned out. On to book three

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