An Uncommon Bond

An Uncommon Bond In this higher consciousness love story author Jeff Brown introduces the concept of uncommon bonds through the profound connection between Sarah and Lowen two soul mates who have found their way to o

  • Title: An Uncommon Bond
  • Author: JeffBrown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this higher consciousness love story, author Jeff Brown introduces the concept of uncommon bonds through the profound connection between Sarah and Lowen two soul mates who have found their way to one another yet again In this remarkably engaging story, we walk beside the lovers as they touch the divine and then struggle to ground their love in daily life From the hIn this higher consciousness love story, author Jeff Brown introduces the concept of uncommon bonds through the profound connection between Sarah and Lowen two soul mates who have found their way to one another yet again In this remarkably engaging story, we walk beside the lovers as they touch the divine and then struggle to ground their love in daily life From the heights of sacred sexuality to the depths of human foible, they ultimately have to choose die to this love, or shrink back to mediocrity, open to the next portal of possibility or postpone it until the next lifetime Shaped and reshaped in love s cosmic kiln, Sarah and Lowen become a symbol of our own longing for wholeness in the presence of another.This book is not a regular love story It is not like anything written before It is of a sacred text one that people will turn to for years to discuss and understand the ecstasies and challenges of love It was inspired by the author s lived experience, and describes a relationship phenomena that will have a strong resonance for readers In a world that yearns for deep soul connection, An Uncommon Bond provides a blueprint of possibility for all of us reminding us of the luminous nature of great love, and showing us the opportunities for expansion that live at its heart The path of the beloved is no easy walk, but the fruits of our labor are ripe with blessings.

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    1. I have to be honest and say that I didn't finish this book. I started to read it because Jeff Brown posts a lot of interesting stuff about spiritual materialism and emotional healing on Facebook and seems more grounded than many of the other "gurus" out there. I also read: "This book is not a regular love story. It is not like anything written before." I really like the idea of love stories that are some how radical and challenge the traditional, super codependent, sexist narratives of the past. [...]

    2. Jeff Brown is one of my favourite public figures. I love his stands on the importance of emotional healing and the problems inherent in detachment-based philosophies. What we have here is a book using fiction as a vehicle for delivering spiritual wisdom and philosophy, that claims to be describing a rare relational model that has had little previous discussion.The book is written so as to be romantically appealing, and I think that is a huge problem. In fact, for a book described on the back cov [...]

    3. I don't normally read Fiction books, but I chose this one because I was lucky enough to speak to the author Jeff and after talking to him and reading some of his other books, i realized that though this story was just a story, the thoughts, ideas, and depth came from a true real life experience. An experience such as this cannot be touched by anything else. The beginning of the book was a little repetitive, but it had to be that way to get to the meaning and "uncommonness" of the bond. The middl [...]

    4. Here are some excerpts from the book which are noteworthy:A very heartfelt thanks to netgalley and EnREALMEnT PRESS, TOROnTO, CAnADA providing me a copy for reading and reviewing.

    5. I loved the way this author pulled me in with the soulmate high, before knocking me back to reality. I have had this experience so many times with love, except I never had words to explain why it happened or how to create a different outcome. Until this book. It showed me why it always seemed to fail and later in the story, how to make it last for real. I sat and read excerpts from it to one of my ex's on the phone one weekend and we finally healed and made sense of things. And we had one ugly i [...]

    6. Raw and vulnerable in his descriptive view on soulmate love connections and the pros cons of its stripping truth. This is a read everyone should experience! One of the most incredibly written books I have ever read. True to the core. What we often cannot put into words, the author has in the most intense heart touching ways. It's chillingly beautiful. Read the authors notes at the end. What a beautiful soul who isn't at all inhibited to talk about real raw emotions and urges us all to do the sam [...]

    7. I really wanted to give high marks for this book. As a man transforming his relationships this book has many great insights on the inner workings of a truly deep and profound love. Deep down we all search for a love like that, and that's where it gets tricky because the edge that he wants to take us to is right there. Too much and it becomes sappy, over-emotional, and dramatic like a well-worn Harlequin paperback, lots of candy fluff and melodrama. On the other side, preachy and contrived. We re [...]

    8. I have admired Jeff Brown's excerpts that are published on social media for the past couple of months. Curious about "An Uncommon Bond" I started to read it reaching chapter 2. The story simply was not resonating with me at this time. It was frankly upsetting because of the Harlequinesque beginning of the love story. Sorry I did not persevere Mr. Brown, as some others have, and finish the book. I may revisit the book in a few years and find it a different experience. Who knows?

    9. I love this book! It's amazing and engaging just it was hard in the beginning. I love how intense and emotional it was written And then how I can personally find myself in it too. This book was so emotional to me as well! Now that I finished reading it, I believe that it would be the first book I want to reread too!

    10. I couldn't put this book down for two days. It contains more insights about love and relatedness than any book I have ever read. I wasn't always comfortable with his views on the armored masculine, but agreed with his celebration of the wisdom of the feminine. It is rare that so much insight about life and love can come through a fictional novel, but Brown mastered it here.

    11. Over the past 35 years I have read dozens of books on love, relationships, sexuality, intimacy, marriage etc. From novels, to pop-psychology (G-Spot, Men are From Mars, Vagina etc) to academic papers and large scale research such as the Kinsey Reports and a few on Tantric/Spiritual relationships (Kama Sutra etc). Collectively they cover a broad range of topics on love, relationships and sexuality from behavioural, psychological, emotional, biological, neurological, sexual and spiritual perspecti [...]

    12. As I was reading this, I hated it more and more. The protagonist seemed childish and ridiculously idealist at times and he was written is such a seemingly superficially manner. But I persisted and the story improves with the character. The writing still has a dreamlike feel at times but fits within the themes explored. In the end it turned into one of the best books to explore love on a metaphysical level and all the things I thought I would hate, turned out to make perfect sense in retro contex [...]

    13. What an incredible offering. I was so hooked to the story, the lessons, the characters, the metaphors, the authors voice, the wisdom, and more. I seem to be attracting everything I need from the universe and everything the universe needs from me. This is such a powerful story of introspection, emotional self-management, and unhooking one’s self from the rigid yet traditional roles imposed by society on love, relationships, and surviving yet enduring toxic creationships. I was very impressed an [...]

    14. Trying to figure out why this book has such high ratings. I borrowed this book from a friend who said it was a "must read." She highlighted several passages that spoke to her. None of those passages spoke to me. I guess I'm not the target audience. I should note that I was not familiar with the author prior to reading this book.

    15. I was excited at the prospect of this book. Disappointing. Felt like the author was writing what he believed women wanted to hear as a man's point of view. Weak premise. I couldn't finish it. Seemed like a waste of time.

    16. All I can say is that it was like reading my life story. was a book I did not want to put down. It's not a love story that you would resonate with if you are expecting a common bond.

    17. Obsessively read over a three day period, this was a page turner like no other. With The Untethered Soul, this instantly became one of my top favorite books, one that I will have to reread time any again as I absorb its lesions. This is a work of fiction but so closely mirrored my own experience that I felt that I have lived this storyup to a point. There is wisdom here, and great pain. The writing is often hyperbolic just as is great love. It is also corny and I was thankful for the lightness i [...]

    18. I enjoyed the story and got a lot out of it about evolved relating - how to work on self and the heart to achieve a more powerful love. We don't have a good language for this. We have so many templates and reality show versions of relationship out there. The book led to me take one of Jeff's courses on writing, which led me deeper into my own journey of the heart. By the time you finish the book, you feel into the concept that the ego's time and love's time are two different things. A challengin [...]

    19. I really struggled reading this book. Don't get me wrong, the first chapter was great and the end of the book had some really good insights, but the bulk of the book was not enjoyable. There were quite a few moments where I literally laughed out loud because his God-love poems and prose were just too ridiculous. I felt bad for editors having to sift through the real words and those from the "love dictionary." He was "hearticulating" too much and too often - the terms got in the way and hindered [...]

    20. This might be the most important book ever written about love and relationship. It not only touches deep into your heart, it leaves you with a long trail of wisdom that you can apply to any stage of your relationship journey. I wish this book was given to every college student on the planet. It would save everyone a heap of trouble. I read it with an ex-lover and we healed years of misinterpretation. What a beautiful book, a great symphony.

    21. Welcome to the mystery of love life. Although written as fiction it calls us to reconstruct our beliefs on love - life & God. Truth over what is right, something the world struggles with & our ego takes a position on.This story challenges our social normalised notion of love & relationship - Thank God !!It's been needed. A great read & an opportunity to reflect further on one's own journey & beliefs on love.

    22. "This book is not a regular love story. It is not like anything written before." This was the description that intrigued me. I was hoping it was going to be like one of my favorite books, "One" by Richard Bach. It was anything but. This book was just too "out there" for me. I found it pretentious and preachy. It is just an overwritten book with a lot of psychological mumbo jumbo. It didn't work for me at all.

    23. It started out as a very honest exploration of dissolusionment with the rat race. Then I started thinking "Man this reads more like a self-indulgent psychology thesis and treatise on painfully idiotic neo-buddhism worthy of Oprah." Lo and behold, that's exactly what it is.  Do not read this expecting personal insight, or enjoyment.  It is mind-numbingly pretentious signiying nothing. 

    24. Beautifully written love story. Jeff Brown writes with such powerful words on the journey of loves and heartbreaks.

    25. Best book I've read in a long time! So wonderful to read from someone who "gets it" about deep love connections.

    26. OMG there are too many puns in this book to the point that it distracted the flow! Other than that a great read

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