How to Be Totally Miserable

How to Be Totally Miserable Some people are experts at feeling rotten No matter what happens they can always find a cloud attached to their silver lining How do they do that How do miserable people get that way This book has th

  • Title: How to Be Totally Miserable
  • Author: John Bytheway
  • ISBN: 9781570087240
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Some people are experts at feeling rotten No matter what happens, they can always find a cloud attached to their silver lining How do they do that How do miserable people get that way This book has the answers With surefire suggestions like Recycle regrets, Take counsel from your fears, Relive your bad memories, and Blame everyone and everything, you ll learn hSome people are experts at feeling rotten No matter what happens, they can always find a cloud attached to their silver lining How do they do that How do miserable people get that way This book has the answers With surefire suggestions like Recycle regrets, Take counsel from your fears, Relive your bad memories, and Blame everyone and everything, you ll learn how to be a breath of stale air at any occasion Caution There is a risk while musing on methods for misery, you may also discover the highway to happiness.

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    1. Another Bytheway book that is repedative.He uses allot of the same stories and topics in his other books/talks a few of his books branch out but it's basicly the same information given to you over and over again with a diffrent title and book cover.

    2. Another hahaha!! quick read, this one by the inimitable LDS author John Bytheway. The complete title is "How to be totally miserable---a self-hinder book". This book has a personal story for me. It was a Monday morning. I had just been called to come to work last minute for a 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. shift---eight hours with a fifteen minute lunch break. I was a bit weepy with sadness over which I had no control. I got to work (at our local library) and found this book sitting on the counter. It was a b [...]

    3. Short list-type book of self-defeating behaviors. Makes perfect sense for someone who is in a good frame of mind, not sure if it would be effective for somebody who is in a miserable state of mind.

    4. This book is hilarious and heartwarming and enlightening all at once! After reading it I wanted to become a better person, stop being in the dumps and take action! You know you've read a good book when it inspires you to act on what you already know! I suggest this book to ANYONE - even if you don't consider yourself a really downbeat person, because I certainly don't see myself as that and I found many things I could improve upon. Bytheway's insight was very to the point and the satyr very refr [...]

    5. This is a short gift type book. Full of great quotes and funny insights into how to be "miserable" in life. I gave it to my 15 year old son and told him if he'd read it today I'd do his chores.

    6. I figured this would be a cute read and give me some ideas to share with teens. It was definitely a young adult read, with short chapters and "punny" jokes along the way. Not exactly what I was looking for.

    7. John Bytheway writes a self-help book teaching people how to be perfectly miserable. Things to avoid, things not to do and the like. But simultaneously he is telling you how to be perfectly happy. There are inspiring quotes from prophets, presidents, and famous figures from history. I loved it. It was entertaining and uplifting and helpful. I realized there was more I could do to be happy and I have some behavior changes to make. Miserable Happiness1. Use your imagination to worry 1. Use you [...]

    8. The title of this book was what caught my attention as I was organizing the library at our church. At the time I was a bit busy so I didn't even look at it besides to give it a second look just to make sure I was reading the title correctly. And so it was that I finished up the library today and started to read this book then intentionally missed my bus to finish it. This was my first Bytheway book so I cannot say anything on the style of his writing although I have seen a few other works of his [...]

    9. "They say that in life suffering is mandatory, but misery is optional."How to be Totally Miserable, by John Bytheway is a funny book that uses the irony of the title and presentation of it's contents to give helpful quotes that will help you succeed in life. If true happiness is what you want to find read this book and do the exact opposite of what this says. If you want to be miserable follow the instructions. This book includes a couple little things to make you laugh like the concept of the I [...]

    10. Even though this is more like a pamphlet than a book, it is still enjoyable. I love reading self help books that stray away a bit from the standard formula of feeding us all of the fluff and niceties you can imagine to get you on board with whatever "life fix" they are selling. And while there is plenty of Self Help concepts that have been brought up SO many times It is at least done in a creative way By starting out by giving you the opposite. Telling you what to do in order to ensure your unha [...]

    11. I picked up the book hoping for a satire on self-help books, but it was yet another book that tries to be "pscyhological proof" of how to be perfectly happy. The book does not have any citations outside of its quotations (many of which are The Bible). The author couldn't even keep the style consistant throughout the entire book. This book is not worth reading especially for a teen with depression as the only cure according to the author is to stop making yourself depressed. This book was not fun [...]

    12. What fun! Light-hearted approach to something we all need a bit of help with at one time or another. Even though I am not miserable any more, I have definitely had my moments (some of them rather long). So I could understand many of the things he said, knowing they were what I ended up changing/doing to be much happier. And I very much enjoyed being a happy person while reading this--it just boosted me even more about how much I love to be happy and want to stay that way! Always fun to have the [...]

    13. I sincerely enjoyed reading this short pocket-sized book. I got this when I was in my teens; I think every teenager should read it. It's like reverse psychology--it tells you how to be miserable and unhappy but on the off chance you decide you want to be happy instead, it tells you how to do that too.Also, you can never go wrong with any of John Bytheway's work. He manages a comical side to storytelling, engaging interest in his audience as well as bringing it down to a serious level of realness [...]

    14. A short one filled with powerful messages and funny one-liners and great quotes. The audio version was filled with cheesy, goofy sound effects (not sure how I felt about that) and the reading was a little on the brisk side (I felt like there wasn't a lot of time to absorb the thoughts). Good advice reminding teens (and adults!) that happiness is a choice. This doesn't address depression and advocates looking at the world kind of a simplistically, but I don't think the author meant to take on any [...]

    15. Though Bytheway's target audience are teens and young adults, I know many adults who would benefit from this pow-pow-pow book of powerful paragraphs and one-liners related to how we make ourselves miserable. Relies heavily upon writings of other authors and famous people. I'd recommend it as a good reference book for those working with youth, or counseling others. It is a good reality check helping us to see if we are letting our brains believe fallacies. Listened to audio tape from Blanding lib [...]

    16. My brother recommended this book to me, and since he doesn't read much, I listened to him. :) He knows there are lots of things I need to work on to be the happier person I am striving to be, and said this was a good read. :) I enjoyed putting into perspective that it really is my choice to be happy or the be totally miserable. And unfortunately I choose misery sometimes when I shouldn't. I'm going to write down a lot of the quotes in here, and work on not being totally miserable :)

    17. This book is laugh out loud funny and very very silly. Its so rediculous that its impossible not to laugh. One of the reasons why its so dang funny is because everything mentioned is almost too realistic. Miserable people are exactly who he describes them to be, and happy people match his description also. This is a very good read. While learning how to be miserable, you also learn how not to be by doing the opposite. (ex. Hold grudges to be miserable, let go of grudges to be happy).

    18. I think everyone who ever has a bad attitude would enjoy some part of this book. I love the quotes from great authors as well as the scriptures he uses to illustrate points. John Bytheway has slowly grown on me - he's humorous enough to keep any teen's attention, and he makes fun of certain parts of LDS culture in a way that keeps the cynical ones' attention without alienating the straight edged ones.

    19. With his trademark humor, Bytheway lays out the steps to being a miserable person by ignoring all the things you hear and know about finding happiness in everyday life. My favorite quote was in the "Relive Your Bad Memories" chapter: "Relive all the less-than-good times as if they had value." Since this is a problem that occasionally plagues me, that phrase, " if they had value," was important.

    20. Just read this book today, it's super tiny. I liked it. It had lots of good quotes throughout. A very different approach on how to actually be happy. Definitely some good quick reminders and motivators on finding the joy in life. I had some good laughs reading it. I always enjoy John Bytheway's sense of humor.

    21. This book was trying to use the same approach as "The Screwtape Letters," but it didn't work nearly as well. Many of the passages read a lot more like advice on how to be happy, which was the point of the book, but I preferred how C.S. Lewis let you figure it out for yourself. This book didn't feel entirely consistent. Several clever phrases that are eminiently quotable.

    22. A funny little book on how to be miserable. Well, yes, you could learn how to be miserable from it, but it's really all about how to be happy. I need this the council in this book! Through John Bytheway's wit, and some awesome quotes, you can "discover the highway to happiness!" Now if I could only apply the wise council into my life, instead of just thinking about applying it. . .

    23. This is a very small book, that you can read in less than an hour. But each page is so full of sound advice that I like to read one page a day. John Bytheway is one of our family's favorite speakers! He has a great sense of humor and a good spirit. I love the way he calls it a self-Hinder book the opposite of a self-help book! Very fun!

    24. Opposite to the title, Bytheway uses his practical humor to teach/show us how to truly be happy, by being less unhappy! Once we turn certain behaviors around in our lives that are truly making us unhappy, can we find real inner happiness! :) As always, he's funny, practical, kind, and motivating! Loved it. Though he is a religious writer as well, this book of advice is good for everyone.

    25. This book was amazing for me. THere are so many little truths, that I know i recognize form my own miserable life. I think John Bytheway's funny personality really shows in this book. He has a lot of things that make you laugh, although the point of the book is still clear. This book really teaches you how to be miserable, and how not to be. (miserable, that is)

    26. I loved this book. I read it while waiting for my car to get an oil change. It gave me an automatic high. I feel like a happier person just from reading. This is definitely a book to read when your depressed and feeling sorry for yourself. (By the way, I originally bought it for my 13-year old teenager. I made her read it and she loved it.)

    27. I read this in just a few short hours, with a lot of interuptions. It was hilarious! Chuck full of great info, no surprise it is John Bytheway we're talking about here. I love it and would suggest it to anyone! I borrowed it from a friend but I think I'm going to have to go buy my own copy so I can read it whenever I need a funny boost.

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