When Times Are Tough: 5 Scriptures That Will Help You Get Through Almost Anything

When Times Are Tough Scriptures That Will Help You Get Through Almost Anything Bestselling author John Bytheway takes a break from speaking to his typical teenage audience and shares an uplifting message for Latter day Saint adults In this hardcover book John helps readers find

  • Title: When Times Are Tough: 5 Scriptures That Will Help You Get Through Almost Anything
  • Author: John Bytheway
  • ISBN: 9781590383582
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bestselling author John Bytheway takes a break from speaking to his typical teenage audience and shares an uplifting message for Latter day Saint adults In this hardcover book, John helps readers find perspective, hope, and happiness, whether their trials are personal hardships or national tragedies In addition to the five scriptures to help you get through almost anythiBestselling author John Bytheway takes a break from speaking to his typical teenage audience and shares an uplifting message for Latter day Saint adults In this hardcover book, John helps readers find perspective, hope, and happiness, whether their trials are personal hardships or national tragedies In addition to the five scriptures to help you get through almost anything, John also shares five scriptures on a variety of other topics, including five scriptures to strengthen your marriage, five scriptures to improve your family relationships, five scriptures to help you build powerful faith, and five scriptures to motivate you to action.

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    1. This highly readable little books gives five scriptures and lots of good insight for five areas: Help for Almost Anything, Strengthening Marriage, Improving Family Relationships, Strengthening Faith and Motivating to Action. In the book, author Josh Bytheway shows us that the power, hope and perspective we need are found in the scriptures. As the cover flap explains, "in his interesting and distinctive way, John encourages us to look to the word of God for strength in fighting life's battles, an [...]

    2. This is an absolutely fantastic book - motivational and inspiring. While the entire book is full of scriptures and quotations, the specific 5 that headed each section were especially varied and applicable.Near the end, he mentions that the scriptures he chose may not be the same ones we would choose, but that is the amazing power of the scriptures: they belong to each of us and can guide us in all the very personal aspects of our lives. It inspired me to do some extra study and choose 5 scriptur [...]

    3. I just finished reading this book for the second time. I picked up more points to help me through a really tough year. I love his practical advice and his sense of humor. Then there is my first review as follows: This is a really uplifting book with great ideas for giving yourself that little extra boost that you need.

    4. In addition to 5 scriptures for tough times, it also has scriptures to strengthen your marriage, strengthen your faith, improve family relationships, and motivate you to action. I loved this book, it had a great perspective.

    5. I was pursuing the shelves at my local library and came across this little book. I hadn't read or heard anything from John Bytheway in years and thought it would be a fun, quick read-- even if it was geared more toward teenagers. However, I was surprised to find that this particular book is actually written for adults. Despite being short and sweet, it contained tons of insight and I found myself wishing I owned the book as there were many passages I would have marked. Definitely worth reading a [...]

    6. Fantastic read! I'm sorry it took me so long to pick up this little book. I'd heard the talk on CD by John Bytheway that is reproduced in the first chapter, but there were so many more treasures of information in the chapters that followed. I highly recommend.

    7. This was a great book. It focused on the scriptures and was extremely motivating. I highlighted a lot of passages and found many ideas I can put to use in my and my family lives. Loved it!

    8. This is a short and simple book but it's filled with great stories, scripture and little tidbits that I just love. It won't take long, just read it!

    9. "No matter what "it" is, we can do it because of our faith in Christ. So we fight on, knowing that, "they that be with us are more than they that be with them." We will "fear not: knowing that God delights to bless his children. And we will doubt not because with God, all things are possible to those that believe." -pg. 119I needed this book right now! Not that times are insanely tough but some of my decisions are and sometimes it's nice to be reminded that even in our daily trials there is hope [...]

    10. This book was wonderful. It has five chapters. Each chapter presents 5 scriptures that will:1. get you through anything2. strengthen your marriage3. improve your family4. strengthen your faith5. motivate you to action I was entertained and inspired. One of my favorite segments came from the "5 scriptures that will strengthen your marriage" chapter. The scriptures was "Is it I?" (Matthew 26:22). Brother Bytheway explains that when the Savior told the Twelve that one of them would betray Him, thei [...]

    11. This one of the best LDS inspirational books I've read. It contains so much more than what the subtitle suggests. This book does include a chapter talking about "5 scriptures that will help you get through almost anything" but that is just one of many chapters. This book also includes chapters such as "5 scriptures that will strengthen your marriage" and 5 scriptures that will strengthen your faith". There are also chapters with scriptures to help you improve family relationships, and motive you [...]

    12. I loved this book!! in the forward, john by the way talks about how this book came about as he was asked to speak to the LDS seminary students following the Columbine High School Massacre. With that piece of information in mind, it just gave me a deep perspective and love for the scriptures John By the way chooses for his "5". They truly are uplifting and inspiring in tough times. The rest of his book is for Marriage/Family Relations/Faith & Action. In his true humorous and insightful way, I [...]

    13. Loved the whole book. But a few of my favorites are "We know that God loveth his children." When we face trials we often ask, Why me questions? When we truly believe that God loves his children and that he tries us to better us. Our questions will change and we will ask, "What am I to change? And Who do you want me help? I have tried the experiment that Dr Wendy L Watson gave 8 women. I have seen and felt many of the same changes. And last, "How is it done?Because of thy faith in Christ". The fo [...]

    14. I love the way John Bytheway gives insight into the scriptures he chooses. This book started out as a speech to the columbine lds youth who were affected after that horrible shooting. He was asked to speak to them. I can't imagine the magnitude of being asked such a thing. He came up with "5 Scriptures That Will Help You Get Through Almost Anything". In his book he has sections on different areas of life and a set of 5 scriptures he discusses for each area. I really enjoyed this book and highly [...]

    15. This book was incredible. One of the many reasons I love to read Bytheway is because of his wonderful insight in the scriptures. He can take something from a verse that I never saw there before and make it amazing. Some of his favorite scriptures were mine as well, and some of the ones he picked were ones I had just read right over. This is definitely going on my favorites shelf, and I plan on reading it aloud to Jonah when we are done with The Graveyard Book. One of my favorite things about the [...]

    16. Very, very good. And again, one that I really needed now. A couple of the scriptures are ones that I really love. And he shared one of my favorite scripture stories (Alma and Amulek). I liked the big and the small examples he gave of our lives today. Especially when this talk was given and referring to two awful tragedies that made very powerful impacts on my life and views of the world and Second Coming. Very well done. (And much appreciated to hear--for my first time--a talk that he did not gi [...]

    17. I really love this book. John Bytheway has five chapters in his book, and with each chapter he suggests five different scriptures that would help you with the topic he is teaching. Here is his table of contents:Five Scriptures That Will Help you Get Through Almost AnythingFive Scriptures That Will Strengthen Your MarriageFive Scriptures That Will Improve Your Family RelationshipsFive Scriptures That Will Strengthen Your FaithFive Scriptures That Will Motivate you to Action.There are only 153 pag [...]

    18. This was a good book and it had some inspiring scriptures in it that Bytheway discusses. It is divided into 5 chapters and it has 5 scriptures in each chapter. The very best chapters to me were the 1st and the last chapter. I will be reading those again. Chapter one is entitled, five scriptures that will help you get through almost anything and chapter five is five scriptures that will motivate you to action.

    19. This was a great read! Quick and easy with great thoughts and insight. Again, I love how John Bytheway is able to use and relate the scriptures in ways that I wouldn't necessarily think of and how his thoughts and testimony make me evaluate my own. A wonderful blend of inspiration and humor. It makes me want to stand on my feet and do better right now! I especially enjoyed the section on "Family" and "Motivation".

    20. This is actually a talk on tape but still worth the listen. John Bytheway is one of the best motivational speakers ever and this lastest offering does not disappoint. He weaves humor in with gospel truth to have you laughing one minute and tearing up the next. The scriptures were meaningful. The most touching part, for me, was when he talked about visiting the kids in Littleton, CO after the school shooting and how he used scriptures to help comfort them. Excellent talk-don't miss it!

    21. Loved this! I thought it might just have only scriptures to help you get through trials but in addition to that section of scripture references, there are sections to help strengthen your marriage, improve family relationships, strengthen your faith, and motivate you to action. He shares his favorite stories and quotes throughout and it just ended up being a great, uplifting read!

    22. Coming from someone who almost always thinks times are tough i found the majority of this book helpful. There are some chapters that won't really come in handy for me until later stages in my life but i still found it worthwhile. It's one that you need to read often to keep the ideas in mind but i thought it was pretty good. Bytheway has a way of writing that makes anything understandable.

    23. This book gave me some much needed comfort and encouragement. I love John Bytheway. He puts things so that my "ah-ha" light goes on. I noticed that even throughout the day some of his thoughts and passages would pop into my head. I will read the book again. And probably again. A good, quick, stay-with-you read.

    24. "When Times are Tough" is the first book I have read by John Bytheway, but it certainly will not be my last. This book contains 25 scriptures with powerful thoughts based on the messages of those verses. The writing is very accessible and it feels like you are receiving counsel from a dear friend. I highly recommend this book!

    25. I really liked this book. I felt like the last two chapters of the book were the best part and that is pretty rare. This book reads like a self-help book but with the benefit of tons of scriptures. I loved looking at well-known scripture references in a new/inspiring way. I fast, good read. (And Ty- it's on kindle.)

    26. I have had a lot of health issues and family issues in my life recently in the last 8 years. This book has helped me strive to become a better person.John Bythewsy is an excellent writer. If you have a problem he can he has an answer the problem with a scripture. I had a chance to meet John two years ago at a Time Out For Women program. He is down to earth. Wonderful man!

    27. I recommend this to everyone! John Bytheway is one of my favorite motivational youth speakers. Through his unique humor, the Book of mormon, quotes from prophets and leaders and research about inspiring people's lives he discusses tough topics. He was chosen to speak to the seminary group of Columbine school and frequently talks about heroes in the book of mormon.

    28. This book was an easy read and I really enjoyed his insights. The first chapter focuses the most on tough times and then the rest of the chapters focus on scriptures for different areas of your life.

    29. Really, really liked this. Short, to the point. Very inspirational. John Bytheway has a way of saying things that really makes you understand. Loved his choice of scriptures. We all need to be reminded what the Lord has said to assist us. Great book for youth and adults.

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