Angel on the Front Pew

Angel on the Front Pew All First Lady Harrison wants to do is make it into heaven But if Mother Calloway has anything to do with it she s going to have to go through hell first

  • Title: Angel on the Front Pew
  • Author: Nikita Lynnette Nichols E.N. Joy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All First Lady Harrison wants to do is make it into heaven But if Mother Calloway has anything to do with it, she s going to have to go through hell first.

    One thought on “Angel on the Front Pew”

    1. Angel is still having problems with Mother Calloway. When she calls Lady Erykah crying, Lady Erykah makes a trip to Angel's church. When she gets there, she can't believe everything that's going on! Carmen who is supposed to be assisting Angel, is spending most of her time assisting Mother Calloway. Mother Calloway calls Angel all kinds of names and shows her no respect. Once Lady Erykah finishes with Carmen and Mother Calloway, they fall into line and know that Lady Erykah means business! Angel [...]

    2. Wow Great Read!!!This was a very good book. I really enjoyed this Storyline, Lady Angel is having trouble with the church mother and have no idea how too handle it. In steps Lady Arykah her sister in Christ helps her deal with the church mother and become the First Lady she is meant to be.

    3. I enjoyed this book to the fullest. You have to start with one then work your way to two. The story flowed nicely and you were able to follow the characters with ease. You start to develop a one to one with Angel and cheer her on as she gets use to becoming first lady. This story has no grammatical errors and is typesetted for the Kindle which makes reading it a pure. I like how E.N. Joy can make a story interesting without degrading a woman. I can't wait to read part three.

    4. I stayed up all night finishing this book, I love Christian fiction. Mother Galloway was a piece of work bringing all that confusion in the church. However first lady Arykah had first lady Harrison's back from the moment she met her so she showed up at her church to help her clean house and get organized. Lady Angel and Lady Arykah became fast friends and I can't wait to see what kind of trouble they get into in the next installment. Great read

    5. This book was better than the first one. There was more of a storyline here. I really wished these books were longer book one and two could have been one book that I would have paid 2.99 for as opposed to paying 2.99 for under 200 pages in a book. Lady Arykah is my favorite character. This book wasn't the worst read and it wasn't the best either but there is a message there I can't take that away from the story.

    6. Loved it! You know you're in for a good read and a wild ride when Lady Arykah shows up in the story. Only she could encourage Lady Angel & make her stand up for herself when the members of her husband's church treat her like an outcast. Highly recommend book 1 and 2. So happy part 3 will be out by end of the week.

    7. There is a message here that definitely spoke to me. I used to be one who let people walk over me and as I got older something spoke to me saying I need to start speaking up to myself. As someone raised in church, I can say the way Lady Arykah speaks is not the way your typical first lady speaks but that is what made the book what it was. Definitely much better than the first book.

    8. How do you find your voice as a new Christian and new first lady. When Angel encounters trouble from the church mother she has to navigate her way through this trouble, but with the help of her new friend Lady Arykah Angel finds her way. I loved this story of the friendship between two first ladies because who better to help you than someone whose been there and done that. This is a must read.

    9. Lady Angel Redford-Harrison is new at being the first lady of a church. Mother Calloway is not making it easy for Lady Harrison. Lady Harrison makes a call to Lady Arykah for a spiritual boos---Lady Arykah to the rescue!!!!! I love this series, waiting for book 3.

    10. Great read.I love it when things work out right. There are so many "Mother Calloways" in the world whose mission in life is to make everyone miserable. Thank God for Sister-friends who have your back, and for Godly friends who encourage you to find your inner strength.

    11. Oh. My goodness. Absolutely outstanding. This had me going. I was cheering for Lady Aryicka. She walked in handled the business. Nice and nasty. felt sorry for Angel but glad she reached out for help. Church folk can be the meanest. I hope book 3 is just as good. This was a page turner. Love it.

    12. Lady Angel is still dealing with the Devil, AKA Mother Calloway. Thank goodness for Lady Arkyah coming to the rescue to teach Angel a few things. Let's just say Lady Arkyah has her own way of dealing with people like Mother Calloway. Wonderful read

    13. Great bookI loved this continuation of First Lady Angel. Mother Calloway was still off the chain. I also loved the lesson that was taught in this story. Got to believe in yourself. I would highly recommend this book. Can't wait to read the next book.

    14. On the front pewThe dynamic-duo got Angel some help on her way to the front pew! Lady Arykah to the rescue with her wit and wisdom! Several laugh out moments!

    15. I really enjoyed this second book of this series and I love lady Arykah and lady Angel together. I can't wait to read the third book.

    16. Good ReadI loved this Book. It really helped me with some directions to take in my own life. I will recommend this book to friends and family.

    17. This series is sooooo good! I can't wait for California. It is so well written that I didn't realize it was a short story. I cannot wait to see what Arykah and Angel do next!

    18. Great Read, AgainLove reading all of E.N. Joy's series,they leave you wAiting for more. Keeps your spirit lifted,all are thought provoking,love it

    19. Mother Calloway still has it out for Angel but in flies Lady Elect Arykah Miles-Howell to set her straight. This was a quick & entertaining read.

    20. Loved itThis book was awesome from start to finish. I read part one yesterday and finished this one today. Great read.

    21. This book was really good. I was mad because it didn't have more chapters. E N Joy and Nikita Lynnette Nicolas r great writers. I have read both authors books.

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