Killing at the Carnival

Killing at the Carnival Cassie Pengear thought a visit to the carnival would be fun see some shows eat some sweets help her landlady s nephew decide if the cowboy was real or an actor But then the cowboy shot the volunteer

  • Title: Killing at the Carnival
  • Author: L.A. Nisula
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cassie Pengear thought a visit to the carnival would be fun see some shows, eat some sweets, help her landlady s nephew decide if the cowboy was real or an actor But then the cowboy shot the volunteer, and he didn t get up Now Cassie has a ten year old boy insisting the cowboy isn t a killer and a landlady insisting she help solve the killing at the carnival A cozy mysCassie Pengear thought a visit to the carnival would be fun see some shows, eat some sweets, help her landlady s nephew decide if the cowboy was real or an actor But then the cowboy shot the volunteer, and he didn t get up Now Cassie has a ten year old boy insisting the cowboy isn t a killer and a landlady insisting she help solve the killing at the carnival A cozy mystery with a steampunk setting In a Victorian England that almost existed, a steampunk London where tinkerers and clockwork devices exist alongside handsome cabs and corsets, murder is still solved by traditional observation and intuition This is the London where American typist Cassandra Pengear finds herself stumbling over corpses and helping Scotland Yard detectives solve murders although they inexplicably prefer to call it interfering Follow her adventures in the Cassie Pengear Mystery series, beginning with The Killing at the Carnival.

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    1. I was a bit underwhelmed. There was nothing actually wrong with it, and the copy editing was excellent (only one slip that I noticed: "died it black" instead of "dyed"). It was just lacking in suspense. I realise that a cosy mystery isn't going to have as much suspense as other kinds of mystery, but I didn't feel that it had other great strengths to make up for it, either. The characters were flat, with no real distinguishing features, and the main character had no great stake in solving the mys [...]

    2. This is a good, quick cozy mystery read. However, I wouldn't call it steampunk The only steampunk things are the mention of steam-powered cabs, and a ticket machine at the carnival that is clear so you can see all the gears and workings inside. The story is ripe with opportunity for steampunkery, but it was missing: The police had no bizarre gadgets for crime solving, the carnival had no special machines or exhibits, and our heroine does not have a penchant for inventing or nifty gadgets or tech [...]

    3. Cassie Pengear is a typist for the Scotland Yard in this cozy mystery set in a steampunk England. Her landlady's nephew is in town for vacation, so they go to the local travelling carnival show and become witness to a murder during one of the cowboy shows. Cassie is a great lead, smart and intuitive and fun. This was a delight to read, and I'm glad I picked it up.

    4. Free on kindle/Cozy mystery/quick readI picked up this book last spring while searching for steampunk books. I liked the cover and it was free. LOL.I liked the steampunk and mystery elements. However I felt it could use a bit more details and flair in general.When it came to the steampunk aspect it felt forced. I would have liked more on the mechanics and inner workings. Not just this is steam powered/that is steam powered. When describing the ticket booth the author was off to a good start when [...]

    5. Told from the perspective of a young woman transplanted to England, I still think it would have been better marketed to the 11 to 14 crowd. But I also think that my 9 year olds will love it! It is brief, and two young boys are instrumental in helping her to find the right people and ask the right questions even though her sometime employer from Scotland Yard kept telling her to stop investigating. I liked the murder mystery, and no spoilers here!

    6. Historical!I never really understood steam punk until now! (Stop laughing!) Now I get the concept of how everything was run by steam. Taxi, train, house. Even circus. All of it. Strange and wonderful. Thanks a lot!

    7. Cassie takes Davy a ten year old boy to the carnival and in the cowboy tent they see a cowboy shoot a volunteer or did they? Davy thinks Nick is innocent and Cassie has to prove it. A short story with a murder mystery. It was an ok read and it was free on .

    8. The mystery itself is decent. But trying to figure out the steampunk world distracts from it a bit without contributing. If at least the steam had contributed, it would have worked better.

    9. The story is set in Victorian London in the Steampunk era. In this cozy mystery, Cassie Pengear visits the travelling carnival with her landlady, Mrs Albright, and her nephew Davy. In one of the side shows a trick goes wrong and a man is dead. Inspector Burrows investigates with the help of Cassie.A nice quick read, with an enjoyable tale.A NetGalley Book

    10. It’s been quite some time since I have read a detective-mystery story in a steampunk genre at that. Cassie Pengear seemed to have had a history doing detective work, so when there was a killing at the carnival, she did not waste time using her sleuthing skills.Davy and her aunt Mrs. Albright convinced Cassie to go with them to the carnival. Cassie relented and soon agreed to appease her landlady’s nephew. After all, he only wanted to see an American cowboy, amongst other things. Cowboy Nick [...]

    11. When Cassie Pengear agrees to accompany her landlady and her nephew to a traveling circus, she never imagines she’d end up witnessing a murder. Someone switched blanks with real bullets in Cowboy Nick’s gun and an unsuspecting volunteer is killed. Cassie is determined to help investigate the case, especially since a young witness insists Cowboy Nick is innocent. I love the book cover and I was drawn to it right away. This is a quick read. The characters are likable and not over the top, as c [...]

    12. This was a great little read. It is a clever blend of cozy mystery and steampunk, which was brilliantly mixed with great attention to detail. Throughout the story, it was easy to see that the author had done research on the time, place and local scenery, as it was all very spot on.I really liked our main character Cassie, as she was strong, clever and always willing to ask questions. She was great as a female investigator, and really made the whole journey through the crime quite fun. I also lik [...]

    13. This was a quick, easy read. It’s short and sweet, and to the point — no winding, where-is-this-going storylines that detract from the plot. Killing at the Carnival isn’t terribly deep or intense (you’re not going to get gruesome murder scenes or gory descriptions) and you’re not going to feel drained after reading it. Sure, that’s great with some novels but sometimes you just want to read a book that you can breeze through without feeling creeped out or overwhelmed with gore. This i [...]

    14. A very quick read. Actually it read more like an outline or rough draft sketch for a novel than a completed work. Set mostly in a carnival in London one expects the characters to speak in a certain way, the carnival denizens to have a distinct patois, the boys a youthful flavor especially to distinguish the carny from the townie. The police a certain jargon, the other London adults with a bit of polish especially to contrast with Cassie's American-ness. Add in the "steampunk" influence and the r [...]

    15. This didn't quite hit the mark for me. I was expecting steampunk but other than steampipes at the carnival, steam-run cabs and an automated ticket machine this didn't have what I have come to expect from steampunk. The main character was feisty and spirited as I expect of the main characters in steampunk but she was not inventive, did not use gadgets, etc that the heroine usually does. On a cozy level it did not bring about the warm feeling of a cozy. The characters were underdeveloped as well. [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this novel. There were quite a few things that fell flat however. There was little to no steampunk feel, mostly some non-period vehicles, there was very, very little connection with the characters, and, though this is the first book in the series, there was a whole other mystery that Cassie had solved before that introduced her to all the characters; so I felt a little left behind.With that said I still enjoyed this quirky story. I was hoping for a little more substance though.R [...]

    17. An enjoyable read overall. The steampunk ellement didn't contribute anything to the story (the gadgets weren't involved in either the murder or in solving it) so I found it superfluous and it felt like the few steampunk ellements had been added just for the sake of writing "Steampunk" in the title and attracting more readers. Also, the police seemed a little too dumb. While this does make the heroine look good by contrast, I couldn't help feeling that a better detective could have solved the cri [...]

    18. Adequate, at bestDid I finish it? Yes. Will I buy other books in the series? Probably not. The word "steampunk" on the cover and the little bit of steampunk atmosphere in the story seem to be bolted on in a crude attempt to use steampunk's current popularity to boost sales of an otherwise pretty good Victorian era mystery. The story itself was good enough, but the marketing manipulation left a bad taste in my mouth.

    19. Rather underwhelming. An okay little murder mystery with some unusual characters, which is probably to be expected as the murder took place amidst the chaos of a carnival. The downside for me was that it was pretty lacking in suspense, tension, and indeed, much in the way of steampunk. As a result it fell rather flat in comparison with my expectations for it and was somewhat disappointing. Too cozy for me.

    20. An entertaining, somewhat lighthearted murder mystery. (That sounds contradictory) It's set in a steampunk flavored England, but most of the action takes place on the carnival grounds. I would have liked to know what Inspector Burrows looked like, and the protagonist too for that matter, but the book is well written/edited. I enjoyed it.

    21. Not as good as I was hoping. Needs more character depth and linking with the steampunk elements of the alternative world that's been created. Was a short, but quite fun read. However, the writing is strong and workmanlike, so it suffers from none of the waffling or overblown prose and unnecessary scenes that many indies do

    22. A sweet cozy mystery with an interesting Steampunk twist. It wasn't particularly deep or sophisticated, but then you won't get that in a 127 pages book. But it was well written and, despite Cassie being oh-so-very-slightly irritating, it was a decent enough read.

    23. OkBut it just did not draw me in, the main character was so bland, that it just brought the rest of the story down.

    24. A nice short read, but there wasn't enough suspense to really qualify it as a "mystery" and the ending was a bit anti climactic. I loved the carnival and steampunk setting however.

    25. A nice little mysteryA good "who-done-it" if you're in the mood for a short read. A few elements of steampunk here and there as well.

    26. quick read, not bad. interesting story, but one that had been told before. I liked the stream punk curve thrown in

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