Alpha. Abidjan-Gare du Nord: Abidjan-Gare du Nord (Hors collection)

Alpha Abidjan Gare du Nord Abidjan Gare du Nord Hors collection Alpha vit seul Abidjan depuis que sa femme et son fils sont partis sans visa pour Paris Gare du Nord La rage au coeur il d cide de tout quitter pour les retrouver C est toujours mieux que de pourrir

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  • Title: Alpha. Abidjan-Gare du Nord: Abidjan-Gare du Nord (Hors collection)
  • Author: Bessora Barroux
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alpha vit seul Abidjan depuis que sa femme et son fils sont partis sans visa pour Paris, Gare du Nord La rage au coeur, il d cide de tout quitter pour les retrouver C est toujours mieux que de pourrir sur place Plusieurs trajets sont possibles, des ann es de voyage en perspective Sur les interminables routes de poussi re, l aventure se construit au gr de ses rencoAlpha vit seul Abidjan depuis que sa femme et son fils sont partis sans visa pour Paris, Gare du Nord La rage au coeur, il d cide de tout quitter pour les retrouver C est toujours mieux que de pourrir sur place Plusieurs trajets sont possibles, des ann es de voyage en perspective Sur les interminables routes de poussi re, l aventure se construit au gr de ses rencontres, inoubliables De passeurs malhonn tes en routes d sertiques, de camps de r fugi s en canots surcharg s, envers et contre tout, Alpha garde le cap Gare du Nord.

    One thought on “Alpha. Abidjan-Gare du Nord: Abidjan-Gare du Nord (Hors collection)”

    1. I learned about this remarkable book from the Guardian newspaper, and immediately ordered it from the UK. This is a book that describes the desperation and the despair of young men in West Africa. We see stories of the thousands who are stranded in Morocco and Algeria, trying to cross over to Spain and make their way into Europe. Alpha leaves Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast, to search for his wife and son who went to Paris. He has not heard anything from them, and leaves to find his wife [...]

    2. There's nobody to explain what's going on. And nobody who dares ask - animals prefer not to know when they're being led to the slaughter. It's always like this. And no, you don't get used to it. You just resign yourself to it. That's all. This graphic novel tells the story of Alpha, who makes the perilous journey from Cote d'Ivoire in the hope of arriving at his sister in law's salon near the Gare du Nord in Paris, having sent his wife and child ahead sometime before (but he has not heard from t [...]

    3. Quite honestly I spent days trying to figure out how to write a review for Alpha and I still don’t know. Emotionally it’s a story that had left me raw, especially the epilogue which just felt like being punched again.I really want people to read Alpha but I can’t write that it’s beautiful or inspiring. The art is a reflection of the story, it’s grey and bleak. As reader you want there to be hope, something to make all the things Alpha goes through to be worth it. It’s what keeps Alph [...]

    4. I re-read this recently for a little thing and apparently I didn't review it on the first time around. This is a powerful and vital look at the story of migration that's happening around the world. Look past the barbaric narratives in the newspapers and read books like this.

    5. The heart breaking story of an Ivorian man trying to make his way to the Gare du Nord to reunite with his family, of whom he has had no news since they left to make the same journey. A graphic novel but laid out more like a collection of photographs with captions underneath. Mostly there are two to a page, sometimes one larger one. The illustrations are impressionistic but vivid, people's faces sketched out and staring - sometimes at the floor, sometimes searching the horizon, sometimes directly [...]

    6. It's difficult to know how to classify this raw and brilliant book, so perhaps I shall classify it as a story about people and leave it at that. I was lucky enough to interview Bessora, and her translator Sarah Ardizzone here and I'd urge you to check out their thoughts about Alpha. There is a lot of depth here and care, and it shines through to the final product; a graphic novel of unsparing, simple truth. Alpha is trying to get from the Ivory Coast to the Gare Du Nord in Paris. His wife and ch [...]

    7. If you've ever wondered about the lives of refugees on the road then get hold of this powerful graphic novel. It is the story of Alpha whose wife and son have already set out to try to get to Paris, he hasn't heard from them since they left and now he is on the road too. He sets out, having sold all his meager possessions in the hope he will find his family and that he will be able to start a new life. Along the way he experiences people traffickers whom he pays hopefully, knowing that they may [...]

    8. This is a beautiful if stark volume - the story it tells, the style of Bessora's writing and especially Barroux's illustrations.Alpha Coulibaly has sent his wife and child on ahead from Cote d'Ivoire to his sister-in-law near the Gare du Nord in Paris, and now he decides to join them, to become as he calls himself an 'adventurer. The various gruelling experiences of migrants like Alpha are by now sadly familiar to us, but that does not make the story less compelling or heart breaking. The combin [...]

    9. SUCH. AN. IMPORTANT. BOOK.The story follows Alpha from the Ivory Coast who is travelling to meet his family (who left before him) at Gare du Nord to begin his new life. This graphic novel covers human trafficking, inhumane refugee camps and the real struggle that many people are facing the world over. The illustrations are unique, and are drawn in such a way that they help to give a human face to the suffering that is happening all over the world. I think this book would work really well in the [...]

    10. *3.5 stars*A really relevant and hard-hitting tale. It screams the dark truth of the 21st century that so many people are experiencing.Alphasimply echoes what we all do, we turn our backs and our eyes just prick with tears.Read it and weep. We weep because we know how fortunate we are, because we do so little to reach out and help those who need us most.So often we look away.(Foreword from Micheal Morpurgo)

    11. 3.5 stars. A powerful book about people determined to start a new life and the kind of harrowing experiences they face at the mercy or people smugglers. The journey the main character takes through Africa is quite disturbing. My only criticism is that more time explaining exactly why they made the decision to leave the Cote d'Ivoire would have been interesting. There is not much of a description of the life he lead before he departed. In my opinion, this leaves a bit of a hole in the story.

    12. I picked this up because the previous graphic novel that I read ostensibly for the #favouritebook posters at work wasn't good enough for me to want to recommend it, so I had to find something else (the posters in the graphic novel section really need to be replaced soon!). It was a little different to how I was expecting, focusing on a migrant, rather than a refugee, but it was still absolutely heartbreaking, especially the epilogue.

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