The Hottie and the Fatty

The Hottie and the Fatty After getting slapped by his girlfriend in front of everyone high school basketball team captain Jared Kippling needed something to vent off stress A fat girl in his class happened to be the receiver

  • Title: The Hottie and the Fatty
  • Author: Segunda L.
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After getting slapped by his girlfriend in front of everyone, high school basketball team captain Jared Kippling needed something to vent off stress A fat girl in his class happened to be the receiver of his wrath But it turned out this girl was the daughter of one of his dad s potential business client Jared s dad offered him a deal befriend fatty and make a good impreAfter getting slapped by his girlfriend in front of everyone, high school basketball team captain Jared Kippling needed something to vent off stress A fat girl in his class happened to be the receiver of his wrath But it turned out this girl was the daughter of one of his dad s potential business client Jared s dad offered him a deal befriend fatty and make a good impression on her father in exchange for a Mercedes Benz he had his eyes set on Befriending a fatty Walk in the park.A Jurassic Park What Jared didn t expect was he was going to be caught in an embarrassing moment with her in a locker room, get punched by her childhood friend, get lost in a forest with her and of course, falling in love with her wasn t part of the plan either.

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    1. If you want to read this hoping it might be a good body positive book, don't bother. It's very anti-fat. The author is either thin or has a lot of internalized fat-phobia. The "fatty" who's name is Samara is very stereotypical because apparently the only kind of fat women people know how to write are lazy, over-eaters. She has no depth at all and is just a big cliche. And then there is the part where the book tries to say that all fat people are unhealthy by making Jared force Samara into exerci [...]

    2. Well, there's a few hours of my life that I'll never get back. (Also, there will be spoilers in this review.)First, I want to say that I was entirely put off by the amount of spelling mistakes and grammatically errors. I get it, there are some in every book you read, but the sheer amount in this book was kind of terrifying. It very much read like it went from rough draft to ebook without any kind of finishing or editing. The characters were dull, flat, and had absolutely no growth. There was no [...]

    3. It can be summarized as a giant piece of cheese straight from the anime world that needs major editing and to be replaced in the fan fiction genre. Fiction generally speaking is nonsense, not real, fake. A good fictional novel is an artfully written acceptable nonsense. The author creates a world that the reader accept even if they both know it's not real. This book is the antonym of a good fictional novel. This author needs to know that things that are accepted in movies are not necessarily acc [...]

    4. Gah!This is one of those books that I started, but only finished because I couldn't look away The writing and grammar and even the content was a train wreck - yet I couldn't stop staring.The main idea of the story was so unrealistic. Not because a hot guy can't like a fat girl, but because of how quickly he feels like he's "in love" with her and the fact that she forgives him for the way he acts. No one should ever be treated like that or be suddenly so accepting of someone who did.Besides the p [...]

    5. I was surprised I liked it. Grammatical errors were an issue. People are being too harsh on the reviews of this book however. The ugly things the character said were realistic. I have heard similar bullying as I was growing up. I find it shocking that anyone would pick up a book with this title and think it's going to not have things in it that are not only going to offend but supposed to offend. That's the point people. He changes slowly throughout the book because of her and she evolves as wel [...]

    6. HorribleI just can't believe this book the things the main character said to the girl were just horrible. I don't know what the author was think. The things that he said to the girl are so horrible they are things that make a girl cause major depression, think about suicide or ruin all four year of a girl high school life. There not just said an swept under the rug and then they magically fall in love. Just think twice before reading. I know I should of guess what this book would have been like [...]

    7. There was no character depth and it had stereotypical high school personas. The plot line was predictable and hard to read at times. Jared was overly cruel to Samara way too much in the beginning and I don't understand why the word "fatty" was repeated over and over again. We got the picture.Lastly, for all that is holy and readable, get an editor. This had so many grammatical errors that it was hard to read at times. If I didn't see the potential at all I wouldn't have finished it to begin with [...]

    8. I really wanted to like this book, but I didn't at ALL. First, I couldn't feel for the characters, they had no depth. Neither Jared or Samara changed during the book. There was no development. Second, the book description sells the book as a love story between Jared and Samara, SPOILER-(it wasn't at all). The ending really sucked, it wasn't what I expected or wanted. But I will say I liked the story's concept and the theme that everyone deserves love. Overall I wish I didn't read it.

    9. The story was good but it could have used more editing. The grammatical errors kind of distracted from the story at a couple of points. I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out in book two!

    10. I understand all the bad reviews about that book. The title is too placativ, the male protagonist is not the typical hero. On the contrary, Jared is a jerk. But he changes during the book and his character development is something good about the story. At the end of the book he isnt a jerk anymore and Samaras looks dont annoy him anymore. The book is different . Thats what I liked the most. I didnt think it would end like that.

    11. WTHI gave this book three stars because of the ending. It would have been a higher rating but I hate books that end like that without a warning. Note to authors include cliffhanger warnings. They really suck when your engrossed and the book just ends. I really hope there is a second book with an ending. I don’t understand why it just couldn’t be a longer book and have a conclusion. I know I’m whining but seriously I’m so annoyed right now.

    12. I actually really enjoyed this book. It was very entertaining.The only thing I HATE is when authors promise books and then never release them. This isn't the first time I've read something like that either. Is there going to be a book 2?

    13. Do Not Read This Bookif you are looking for a kind,loving,all or nothing book boyfriend. And Definitely Don't Read This Of Your Looking For Funny Light Hearted Read. Reading this book was a pain in my ass. I basically disliked every character in this story beside Trix that was until the end but, my dislike for Jared was the strongest he was a dick from beginning to the end. Please do not get me started on Sammy, and with that being said I give this book No Stars.

    14. This is probably the worst book I've ever read in my life and that is saying something. There's no character development. Jared is an asshole and stays an asshole. The book is way too short for him or any of the other characters to show any depth. The author tries - but it just doesn't lead anywhere. If Jared has an emotional problem, there's no explanation as to why - it is just assumed that the reader will fill in that substory, hell no. This book should have stayed very simple instead of tryi [...]

    15. One of the worst books I've ever readWhere to start with this book First thing the grammar was absolutely horrible! One or two errors is fine but it was the same stupid mistakes over and over again. Honestly, I've read a book written by a twelve year old that's better than this. The character progression makes no sense and neither does the ending. Jared couldn't have gone from calling Samara fatty to liking her within seconds. The flow was unnatural. And the ending made no sense. Jared and tried [...]

    16. The premise for, The Hottie and the Fatty, sounded like a really good story. While I did enjoy the story, mostly, the abrupt cliffhanger with no information on the sequel, was an unpleasant surprise. I also feel that this story could be terrific if a good editor had a go at it. That said, I really liked the character, Jared. Though he was a major butthead in the beginning, I liked how he changed his way of thinking even before his dad offered him a prize for befriending Samara. Samara is an awes [...]

    17. I just don't understand. There is not a ending to the book and why do I want to read a book from the POV of a character that doesn't get the girl? The second book may finish the story, but since it isn't out and was supposed to be out last year it seems we won't get the whole story. Waste of my time.

    18. This was a mind numbing experience. I wanted to like it, but I just couldnt. First and foremost is the number of grammatical errors and clear lack of editing/proofreading. THEN the story. I liked the concept. Everyone needs love, fluffy or not! This story just bombed for me though. I tried to like it!! I really did.

    19. I have never read a book as horrible as this one in my life and let me tell you I am never one to talk bad about books but I just had to on this one the main character Jared was such an annoying asshole during the whole book he couldn't stop talking about how good looking he is and blah blah the hole book was pointless

    20. The ending I didn't expect the ending because I don't know why but I was rooting for Sammy and Jared. Even though he is so mean to her. But I I wanted him to end up with her not Trix I don't know why I didn't like her character at all.

    21. it was pretty good. could use a major editing and the word fatty was starting to bother me but I need book two.

    22. Why did I do it? This book wasn't even fun. Everyone in this book is a complete idiot! Both main characters and the secondaries. She wants to eat bacon? I say no more

    23. Sad but goodSad that this how people or teens feel about each other. In real world probably doesn't end up this way good writing though

    24. Iyesss!!!! Suka banget cerita anti mainstream giniBerisi 2 Pov. Dr Jared dan Samara, awalnya mikir si Jared yg bakal jadian sama Samara, ternyata oh ternyata

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