Paradise City

Paradise City There s trouble waiting in Paradise Quiet country girl Lexie Atkinson is about to get an education she ll never forget Sent from her family s remote rural property to live in the glittering beachside

  • Title: Paradise City
  • Author: C.J. Duggan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There s trouble waiting in Paradise.Quiet country girl Lexie Atkinson is about to get an education she ll never forget Sent from her family s remote rural property to live in the glittering beachside Paradise City for her final school year, she is plunged into a place where looks can kill and vicious rumours can make or break you Lexie just wants to fly under the radarThere s trouble waiting in Paradise.Quiet country girl Lexie Atkinson is about to get an education she ll never forget Sent from her family s remote rural property to live in the glittering beachside Paradise City for her final school year, she is plunged into a place where looks can kill and vicious rumours can make or break you Lexie just wants to fly under the radaruntil she meets Luke Ballantine.Impulsive and charming, one thing is clear Luke is sexier than any guy she has ever known.Suddenly good girl Lexie is breaking all the rules getting detention, sneaking out to late night parties, hanging out with boys and then rumours start swirlingabout her Everything changes fast and Lexie will soon find out if Luke Ballantine is going to be good for heror very, very bad A funny, sexy and romantic novel from the bestselling author of the Summer series Paradise City is the same brand of feel good, fun and sexy romance that I have come to love from this author Book Briefs I love Duggan s writing and Paradise City was a hoot I cannot wait for the next book Is it August yet Reading With ABC I loved this book it s the perfect beach read Flying Through Pages I loved every moment C J is a born storyteller that breathes a realism into her characters and situations that we ve all found ourselves in Diva Book Nerd Duggan s writing is addictive, and I really didn t want to put this book down Escape Into Words Paradise City is going to be on my mind until I can get my greedy eyes on Paradise Road I need that book yesterday Book Cat Pin A fast paced fun read with so many steamy situations Dreamy Addictions Guaranteed her readers will come back for My Guilty Obsession Drama, deception, love and a little mystery the ending left me hungry for the next book I can t wait for Paradise Road Paranormal Tendencies on A bit of Home and Away meets Puberty Blues feel about the novel makes is a great read for older teens and YA I will be desperately waiting for part 2 in September Samantha on Again Ms Duggan had created a winner Paradise City was a perfect introduction to the series and characters I was left needing and it had so much laugh out loud fun This really did have everything from intrigue to addiction, realism of high school antics, steamy sizzles and fast paced readability I am certainly hooked and desperately want of all these characters I highly recommend this to all new adult readers, fan bloody tastic Turner s Antics This is my first taste of Duggan s work and it won t be the last It s a story that will have you coming back for Sassy Book Lovers convincing and authentic Perfect for fans of Abbi Glines and Anna Todd, Paradise City is a fun and exciting read about love, family and surviving high school Fictional Thoughts

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    1. It's been far too long since I've read one of C.J. Duggan's books. I love the way she writes New Adult. And I’ve already fallen in love with this new series just as much as her Summer series. These new characters from Paradise City have stolen my heart, too. The sexy, beautiful bad boys are known as the Kirland Boys of Paradise High school and also as the Beach Bums of Paradise City. They are the surfer delinquents, the sporty types—you know, not much between the ears but pretty good between [...]

    2. This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews! Paradise City. A place where dreams come true. It's sunny, beachy and filled with hot surfers, summer flings and romance.I should have known this book was going to be cheesy from the title. Paradise City is like a high school Sin City, where girls start wearing makeup when they're 12 and boys hook up with a different girl a week (oh the horrors).From Lexie's point of view, it all seems quite scandalous and exciting. She has [...]

    3. divabooknerd/2015/04/pAs most of you know, I rarely read new adult, never mind actually enjoy it. It's the same tropes over and over and often sexually based with barely a hint of a storyline. Paradise City not only reinvents the new adult genre, but sets the standard that all new adult authors should strive for. Set in the fictional town of Paradise City, Lexie is the girl next door looking for a big city adventure. Originally from the sleepy town of Red Hill, Lexie has been home schooled and l [...]

    4. If you look at my history with C.J. Duggan, you’ll see that I’ve loved every one of her books so far. I absolutely adore the Summer series to pieces, so of course I was extremely excited to read Paradise City.The loveable –I always love Duggan’s Australian settings. Lexie grew up in a super tiny town out in the middle of nowhere. There isn’t even a school, so she does online course. She convinces her parents to let her stay in Paradise City with her aunt, uncle and cousin to go to real [...]

    5. Hmmm 3.5 - 4 lame cliffhanger starsThis was very YA, I wasn't quite feeling all of the characters' angst, although it was an entertaining enough read. Could've done without the cliffhanger though, hate it when a story's left hanging like that. Next part is out September.Full review to follow.

    6. I have enjoyed Duggan's other series and was intrigued when I saw that she had a new one coming out.It is always fun to see how an author will shake it up when the genre is slightly different (or very different in some cases) and if truth be told, I was hoping this one might be sightly edgier, grittier than her other.I liked Lexie immediately. There was just something charming about her small town girl with big dreams attitude.Her and Luke together were a lot of fun. Their banter and funny momen [...]

    7. **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs** I love C.J. Duggan's books. She can write the heck out of New Adult contemporary romances. As an author on my auto-buy list, I was super excited to be a part of the Paradise City blog tour. Paradise City is the first book in C.J.'s Paradise series, which is a new adult contemporary romance series. Even though the main character is in high school, this had more of a new adult feel to it. Maybe younger new adult or a ya/na cross [...]

    8. 3.5 bad girl starsI've never read an Australian based book so the lingo was fun for meThis story is very YA and you get that immediately. Almost has a strange twilight fanfic feel to it. However no vampire so I don’t know why that tingle resonates. Don't think I'll continue this series but if you like YA all the time then you will love it This book was emailed as a recommendation via netgalley and as many of them as I have steered clear to I was somehow drawn to this one. But whoever wrote the [...]

    9. So I started reading this book thinking I would read just a couple of chapters and then stop. As you see, I finished it in one sitting. This pretty much sums up everything.Full review to comeAnd C.J that ending wasn't nice!

    10. Review also found at kristineandterri/24.5 stars**I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher Hachette via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The expected publication data is April 28th 2015** OMG.I have to wait until September to read the next in the series?!?! That is simply cruel that I can't get my next fix of the drama that is Lexie's life until then! It is safe to say that this story hooked me. I will admit to being a little bit surprised, I expected it to entertai [...]

    11. How bad can a good girl get?Well,it seems that all that C.J Duggan writes ends up on my "Favorite book list".And i'm not kidding!From the moment i heard that she was starting to write another book series i practicaly started typing like crazy ,trying to find out about what she was writing or when it was due to be published.Now?Can i just say that i'm a happy girl?Yup,that's exactly what i am!I'm starting to think that the best stories are those in which the good girl tries to be bad and ends up [...]

    12. Wow. I'm on a roll in giving away one star. Err, where's my luck with books??? Paradise City has a very promising and interesting premise. But it didn't elicit any feelings out of me. ANYTHING. NONE. AT. ALL. Maybe the occasional cringing but still:

    13. 2.5★I actually don’t know how to start this. There are a lot on my mind and a lot I really wanted to say. I don’t usually give low ratings but when I do, I sometimes make concessions based on how I feel about other things like maybe if it’s a series and I will continue reading or that I can’t contain my feelings I’m in a fit of rage. I guess, let’s just dissect my thoughts on points I will point out.So, this story started out more than fine. I mean, a farm girl with big dreams and [...]

    14. This review and many more can be found on my blog: Feed Your Fiction AddictionI'm a HUGE fan of Duggan's Summer series, so when I heard that Hachette Australia was publishing her new series, I was thrilled! Unlike the Summer series, these books are not standalones - the story is left very much up in the air at the end of Paradise City, but most of the elements that I loved about Summer are still there! I can't wait to see where Duggan goes with the story next!What I loved:The Australian setting. [...]

    15. Thanks to Hachette Australia via Netgalley for the free review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.There were things that I absolutely loved about this book, and others that rubbed me the wrong way, so overall I'm a bit conflicted. Maybe I'll just break it down exactly like that:Things I loved/liked:The Aussie slang words! My parents are Australian, and I'll always identify certain words with them, and those words in turn bring up memories of going to school, saying them in complete ignorance [...]

    16. Full Review @ Nomi’s Paranormal PalaceParadise City is set in Australia, and follows Lexie, a 17 year old girl, who moves from the country to live in the city with her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin for the final term of the school year where she will complete Year 11. I felt this was a good representation of life in Australia and dealt with normal teenage issues that affect girls not only in Australia, but everywhere… BOYS!!Lexie was a girl that I connected to easily. She is a quiet kind of girl, w [...]

    17. *This review also appears on my blog Genie In A Book*Thank you to Hachette Australia for sending me a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewParadise City is the first book I've read by C.J. Duggan, and a first in my experiences reading Aussie NA fiction. While it did hold some of the stereotypical tropes of the genre, I can honestly say that it was nonetheless an addictive read. It would definitely be perfect for summer reading on the beach, and for a book which takes r [...]

    18. 22/8 - So what's the difference between Young Adult and New Adult? I somehow got the idea that New Adult was a continuation of where Young Adult left off. So if Young Adult is 13-19 (which is the age group I think Young Adult characters usually fall within), then New Adult is 20-25ish. But these characters are all high school students, so why isn't that Young Adult? And if I've got the definition of Young Adult and New Adult wrong, then how are they defined? It's all very confusing. Considering [...]

    19. After digging into Paradise City I realised it had been way too long since I’ve read a C.J Duggan novel. I’d forgotten how much I love her writing and her way with new adult novels. She has this way of writing entertaining and fun new adult novels which I always seem to love. She's a reliable author who will always deliver an enjoyable novel.Lexie was the character I enjoyed the most. After living her life secluded, her town so small there wasn’t a school, Lexie has been sheltered from the [...]

    20. Don't be fooled by the pretty pink cover, Paradise City by CJ Duggan packs quite the punch - of the good variety of course.I was lucky enough to receive this book through the publisher during an internship interview. Having nothing to read with me, and a two and half hour train trip home, I started the book almost immediately and finished it before I got home. It was just that good. What's more the characters stayed with me for days.Simply put, Paradise City by CJ Duggan is an amazing New Adult [...]

    21. My review can also be found on our blog Paein and Ms4TuneThank you to Netgalley and the publishers for a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.“‘The truth is if I’m with a girl, in the sea, in the car, in a bed or on a beach,’ he said, a wicked grin flashing,’it’s because I choose to be.’” Location 1945This is the second book I’ve read by C J Duggan. The first was The Boys of Summer, which still remains one of my favourite new adult romances. My review can b [...]

    22. I received an email announcing the release of the second book in this series and wondered why I hadn't noticed it before. I mean, as soon as I read the blurb I knew this was a story I definitely wanted to read this summer. And I wasn't wrong.Lexie Atkinson lives with her parents in small town rural Australia. She's home schooled and is on the verge of ending her education when her parents decide it might be a good idea for her to attend a real school. After all, she's a bright girl and gets grea [...]

    23. dreamyaddictions.wordpressWell it was amazingly a fun read for me with all the juicy stuff.At first i was afraid i ain’t going to like this but after Lexie moves from boring Red hill to paradise city i hoped it will get better and after arriving in the Paradise City things started to get more interesting and just like that i was Hooked.I really appreciate the author for keeping the plot focused more on the story unlike other New Adult books which contained too much sex.This book was more of a [...]

    24. What should be your number one reason for reading Paradise city by C.J. Duggan? Luke. Ballantine. A sexy, bad boy surfer who does bad in such a sexy way.Lexie Atkinson has been home schooled for pretty much her entire life. At seventeen years old, Lexie has been nothing but the epitome of “good girl”. When her parents decide that it would be a great idea to send Lexie away to Paradise City to finish off her Grade 11 and for Grade 12 and perhaps reconnect with her cousins Amanda, Lexie is bey [...]

    25. I’ve read a couple of Duggan’s Summer Series books, and I really enjoyed them! (Note to self: Read more Summer Series books this summer!) So when I was asked to review this book, I jumped on it. I only skimmed the synopsis and knew it was a book I would enjoy.Lexi is dying for a little change in her life. Having been home schooled in a tiny little town, she’s dreaming of the day her parents will agree to let her branch out a bit. When her parents agree that a little change would be good fo [...]

    26. 4.5 StarsAs I’m a big fan of CJ’s Summer series, I couldn’t wait to read Paradise City. I knew we were going to be a great match and I was not wrong. Not at all.This book is more like a mature YA than straight NA. This might change with Paradise Road since it seems like Dean will play a more prominent role. Lexie is a hoot! Being in her head was hilarious! She comes from Red Hole, a farm in the middle of nowhere and she’s been homeschooled her whole life. She moved with her aunt, uncle a [...]

    27. A lot of books recently have left me with that urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh feeling. In a good way. Like urghhhhhhhhhh it’s sooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood. Honestly, the YA and NA genres elicit feels out of me like no other genre and it’s like a bloody emotional roller-coaster. Paradise City left me gasping for more. And I almost didn’t read the book – it was only by chance that I read the email from Netgalley and didn’t just sling it in my junk folder (because they send a LOT of emails these [...]

    28. I adored C.J. Duggan's Summer series so I was thrilled when I received an eARC of her new book! One night before going to bed, I decided to take a sneak peek at Paradise City. Just a few pages to get a taste and what a bad idea it was. I was immediately hooked. It was goodbye sleep and hello sleep deprivation! But let me tell you, it was worth it.Lexie's a small town girl who has been home-schooled all her life. When her parents grant her wish to go to school in the big city, she thinks everythi [...]

    29. If you have been looking for a new adult novel with a distinct Aussie flavour, look no further than CJ Duggan's Paradise City. The first book in a new series, this book has romance, rebellion and all the love and drama fans have come to expect from Duggan's stories.Lexie Atkinson has spend her life being home-schooled and being the perfect daughter. Now seventeen years old, Lexie gets the opportunity to live with her cousin, uncle and aunt by the beach in Paradise City. Paradise isn't all it's c [...]

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