Manual of Christian Doctrine

Manual of Christian Doctrine This concise introduction to the systematized body of Christian doctrine is presented in clear and simple language which makes it suitable for high school and college students as well as adult study

  • Title: Manual of Christian Doctrine
  • Author: Louis Berkhof
  • ISBN: 9780802816474
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • This concise introduction to the systematized body of Christian doctrine is presented in clear and simple language, which makes it suitable for high school and college students as well as adult study groups Includes review questions for further study at the end of each chapter.

    One thought on “Manual of Christian Doctrine”

    1. It's kind of dry reading, but it does its job of concisely explaining Christian theology. This was required reading in my High School, which was reformed and very Calvinist. Since it has been a long time since I read it, I cannot recall if it discusses Christian theology outside of a Calvinist perspective, or if it explains and then diminishes all types of Christian theology that is different from Calvinist theology. This would be important to me, since I am not a five point Calvinist, and I hon [...]

    2. I'm not the target audience (agnostic) for this book, so I predictably hated it. Why then am I reading it? The main reason is because my wife attends a Presbyterian church and the preacher gave me this book to read because she told him I wasn't sure about most of these issues.I didn't like the 200 pages or so I read of it because it's an intolerant little book. The author goes so far as to say that the point of the book is the "proper indoctrination" of believers in the preface. He uses Biblical [...]

    3. Louis Berkhof’s Manual of Christian Doctrine is written from a Reformed theology perspective. The book is in outline form and Berkhof presents each doctrine in a clear and concise manner. At the end of each chapter there are review questions for further study along with references for further study. He frequently shows the errors of Roman Catholic, Lutheran and Arminian theology. On some of the more controversial doctrines he states the common objections made by some and then gives a Biblical [...]

    4. Berkhoff tates his voluminous Systematic Theology book (written for the college level) and breaks it down to digestable outlined chunks so that the High School student can read and understand clearly. Berkhoff writes from a reformed/covenantal theology/viewpoint. This is the one of the best books to have handy in your small group, discipleship class, coffee table, or bookbag to reference quickly and easily.

    5. Great introduction to systematic theology from a Reformed perspective. Berkof follows Herman Bavinck and Gerhardus Vos much of the way. He is amillennial. Staunchly orthodox. And presents Christian doctrine in an accessible way. Read this book along with John Frame's Salvation Belongs to the Lord for a well balanced introduction to systematic theology that will prepare you to take on the big boys.

    6. While I have yet to read Systematic Theology, I'm currently devouring this condensed, easier to follow, college-level version. It beautifully captures some of the main, foundational doctrines of the Christian faith from a Reformed perspective (which is nice). Reading it has blown my mind about God. The awe-inspiring, soul-stirring truths in this book will reorient your eyes toward heaven, while your jaw hits the floor in wonder (or at least, that's what it did for me).

    7. An excellent, clear, and simple explanation of Reformed doctrine. The chapter "The Offices of Christ" is my favorite. I've read most of it twice.

    8. Okay, I didn't read the whole thing because it wasn't required, but I thought this was one of the better booksybe because I didn't have to do chapter by chapter summaries of it.

    9. (Textbook from junior year of high school. Used in conjunction with R.C. Sproul's Essential Truths of the Christian Faith.) Very informative. Verrry tedious.

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