The Way the Future Was: A Memoir

The Way the Future Was A Memoir Frederik Pohl has done it all in science fiction one of the few who have won Hugo Awards both for his stories and for his editing Becoming a science fiction magazine editor while still in his teens i

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  • Title: The Way the Future Was: A Memoir
  • Author: Frederik Pohl
  • ISBN: 9780345260598
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • Frederik Pohl has done it all in science fiction, one of the few who have won Hugo Awards both for his stories and for his editing Becoming a science fiction magazine editor while still in his teens in the 1930s, he had already made a name for himself as an active science fiction fan Here are his memories of how the field evolved from the first science fiction magazinesFrederik Pohl has done it all in science fiction, one of the few who have won Hugo Awards both for his stories and for his editing Becoming a science fiction magazine editor while still in his teens in the 1930s, he had already made a name for himself as an active science fiction fan Here are his memories of how the field evolved from the first science fiction magazines in the 1920s when science fiction readers were regarded as oddballs to the time when science fiction novels took over the best seller lists and spawned some of the most popular TV shows and movies of all, along with vivid portraits of the shakers and movers who turned a cult field of writing into the mature literature it is today.

    One thought on “The Way the Future Was: A Memoir”

    1. I was delighted by this book. It gave me the sense that Fred Pohl is a generous, kind, and delightful person. You might not find the book so delightful if you are not interested in science fiction. Even if you are interested in science fiction, you might not find the book so delightful if you are not familiar with at least some of the great and delightful sf works that were written and published during the 1950's and 1960's. Those were the decades when sf began to develop some sophistication, an [...]

    2. The late Fred Pohl was undoubtedly one of the most influential people in the world of science fiction. As an author, literary agent, editor, and even as a public speaker, he experienced the genre from all sides.In this memoir, written in 1977, he looks back on his life in the genre, from his founding of the Futurians fan group in the late thirties (whose members included such SF luminaries as Isaac Asimov, James Blish, Damon Knight, Cyril Kornbluth, Judith Merril and Donald Wollheim), through hi [...]

    3. Fine.Probably this was more revelatory when it came out, almost forty years ago. Now, with the wave of nostalgia for old-timey science fiction that rolled across the culture at least since the 1980s, there's nothing particularly remarkable here.It's a quick read, focused mostly on Pohl's younger and middle life. He grew up in Brooklyn, alternating poor and rich because his father was something of a schemer who eventually left the family. He found science fiction around age 10--1930--and it helpe [...]

    4. I’ve been sitting here trying to write a review for this book and I keep typing small inanities and facts about Frederik Pohl. The simple truth is that he was an amazing, flawed, powerful human being — much like all of us. If you want to know more about him the internet has more information than you probably want to know.We have an interesting relationship with death and dying here in Western culture. When a famous person dies it can feel very personal to people who have never met the deceas [...]

    5. It so happens that Frederik Pohl passed away during the time I read "The Way The Future Was"He was a great man. And it was a great book.I have been reading his novels and stories and following his blog as well for a few years now and must now considered this review more a as a memorial or tribute. Pohl's blog, I have considered to be his current work, at this time in his life. I decided to finally read my copy of "The Way he Future Was" after just recently reading Jack Williamson's bio "Wonder C [...]

    6. I found this book very interesting. Frederik Pohl was a science fiction writer and editor. He died recently, but wrote this memoir in the late seventies. It has a very bizarrely dated feel due to it being written 35 years ago and beginning around 35 years prior to that.This book begins with what life was like growing up in a world just before WWII and describing Pohl's part in the early days of science fiction fandom. As the book continues it seemed to lose its broader focus and deal specificall [...]

    7. A highly entertaining autobiography of Fred Pohl, science-fiction writer and editor from the great old days. A member of the World War II generation, he experienced the Great Depression as a child, the rise of the Communist Party (in the greater New York area, at least) as a major center of protest against the suffering of the time, and seismic changes in the publishing field that resulted in the near-extinction of magazine Sci-Fi.For me, one of the most interesting parts of this memoir is Pohl' [...]

    8. In a fractional rating system, I'd give this 4.2 stars.This was another "grabbed randomly from the shelf" book, and when I saw it in my hand I almost put it back. It's the autobiography of classic science fiction writer and editor Fredric Pohl, as well as a history of the early days and Golden Age of science fiction.I hadn't read it in so long that I'd forgotten if it was any good. But then I figured that it would still be better than reading nothing, so I kept it.And you know, it's actually ver [...]

    9. Are memoirs biased? Yes. Was the author of this memoir an at least decent writer? I'd like to think so. Did his career last for nearly as long a span after this book's publication as it had prior to the book's publication? Yes.He was involved in/with science fiction for longer than the majority of science fiction fans have been alive. He knew, personally or professionally, more of the Big Names, the New Names, the Old Names the Behind-The-Scenes Talents than pretty much anyone alive today. He al [...]

    10. Frederik Pohl is one of the leading lights of the second generation of SF writers, the writers who grew up reading the earliest Science Fiction and had a hand in the creation of fandom. This autobiography covers his friendship with Henry Kuttner, his early flirtation with socialism and eventual disenchantment with same. A great read for anyone interested in the processes that create a writer of speculative fiction.

    11. I had not read much of Frederik Pohl's own fiction, but I'm sure I read fiction that he agented or edited. This memoir was a fascinating look at the life of a giant of the glory years of SF. As an author, Pohl will likely be regarded as second-tier, but he could certainly recognize a good story when he read it, and a promising new author when he came across one. In that respect, he reminds me a little of the Salieri character in the movie Amadeus. Fascinating, isn't it, how many great writers ca [...]

    12. Pohl began his affair with Science Fiction in 1930 and has worked in the field as fan, writer, editor, and agent since he was ten years old. He has known, in some capacity, most of the other great science fiction writers, fans, and editors. The Way the Future Was is a story about growing up as a writer at the same time that science fiction was carving a place for itself in the literary world.

    13. I rarely read biographies, but I have read one or two and this is a facinating tale of one one of the masters of science fiction. From the early 30s all the eway through the mid 70s. Not only was Pohl an author, but magazine editor and agent. He knew most of the big names of the golden age. I really wanted to read more I hope one day he bring it up to date.

    14. Divertido, interesante, humano yo soy 100% público diana de este libro, pero me parece imprescindible para cualquiera interesado en la ciencia ficción y su historia. Al final el interés decae un poco, pero es lógico. Leerlo ahora es un buen homenaje a Pohl en la semana de su muerte.

    15. It's a great list of "who's who" in the early days of Science Fiction. Maybe it's because I dunno who this guy is, that I lacked interest in the whole biography side of it. The last time this book was checked out was in 1989 and then me in 2013. I felt kind of special.

    16. Frederick Pohl was not one of my favorite authors, but he presents a GREAT history about the early days of Science Fiction and the beginning of the things we call SciFi Conventions. A great nostalgic read - especially about some of today's giants in the SF field, back when they were nobodies!

    17. This is a well-written and essential book for fans of 20th-Century science fiction. Pohl, the man that did it all (writer, collaborator, agent, editor, anthologizer) recounts his life in a straightforward, sober, but never boring manner. A delight.

    18. Absolutely charming and extremely rewarding for anyone to read who is a writer, editor, science fiction fan, Mad Men '50s office fan actually, really most humans would find this memoir invaluable from beginning to end.

    19. except for a weird stretch of expounding on UFOs and cryogenics and the occult, this is one of the best and most affirming autobiographies by a writer i've ever read.

    20. Just read few chapters. This book talks about early days of science fiction fandom. Kind of fun, but I don't have time to read it now.

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