One thought on “Inherit the Sun (Big Red/Outback)”

  1. "So this was Central Australia."Inherit the Sun is centered around two generations of the Carylon family and the homestead they built in Australia's Northern Territory. The book begins in 1896 with the arrival of the bushman Mac Carlyon and his bride as they carve out a new homestead in the wilderness - but can they make the cattle ranch pay? The latter part of the book is centered around their son big "Red", and how he uses the territory's resources for huge financial gains - but can he hold on [...]

  2. Inherit the sun tells the story of a family who carve an empire out of the harsh but fruitful Australian Outback. James Carlyon "Big Red," takes his father's dream of a cattle empire and, with his own abiding love of the land, builds himself a fortune. That's kind of short and sweet of this book, but is packed with ton's adventure throughout the whole book. You will follow "Big Red" from first business venture to WW1 were he fought with ANZAC Mounted Division all the way to the med 1970s, and yo [...]

  3. A multi-generational saga set in the Australian Outback starting in the late 1800's. A story about a man trying to conquer the wildest parts of Australia and build a farm and how his kin persavered to accomplish his dream. One of my favorite books.

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