The Library at Mount Char

The Library at Mount Char A missing God A library with the secrets to the universe A woman too busy to notice her heart slipping away Carolyn s not so different from the other people around her She likes guacamole and cigarett

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  • Title: The Library at Mount Char
  • Author: ScottHawkins Hillary Huber
  • ISBN: 9781622317721
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Audio CD
  • A missing God.A library with the secrets to the universe A woman too busy to notice her heart slipping away Carolyn s not so different from the other people around her She likes guacamole and cigarettes and steak She knows how to use a phone Clothes are a bit tricky, but everyone says nice things about her outfit with the Christmas sweater over the gold bicycle shortA missing God.A library with the secrets to the universe A woman too busy to notice her heart slipping away Carolyn s not so different from the other people around her She likes guacamole and cigarettes and steak She knows how to use a phone Clothes are a bit tricky, but everyone says nice things about her outfit with the Christmas sweater over the gold bicycle shorts After all, she was a normal American herself once That was a long time ago, of course Before her parents died Before she and the others were taken in by the man they called Father In the years since then, Carolyn hasn t had a chance to get out much Instead, she and her adopted siblings have been raised according to Father s ancient customs They ve studied the books in his Library and learned some of the secrets of his power And sometimes, they ve wondered if their cruel tutor might secretly be God Now, Father is missing perhaps even dead and the Library that holds his secrets stands unguarded And with it, control over all of creation As Carolyn gathers the tools she needs for the battle to come, fierce competitors for this prize align against her, all of them with powers that far exceed her own But Carolyn has accounted for this And Carolyn has a plan The only trouble is that in the war to make a new God, she s forgotten to protect the things that make her human.Populated by an unforgettable cast of characters and propelled by a plot that will shock you again and again, The Library at Mount Char is at once horrifying and hilarious, mind blowingly alien and heartbreakingly human, sweepingly visionary and nail bitingly thrilling and signals the arrival of a major new voice in fantasy.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. i don't read a lot of fantasy. i read slipstream, magical realism, and horror, but fantasy typically just confuses me.i think my obstacle is that with MR and slipstream, things are only just slightly tweaked, and what i relish is that unsettling feeling - that the possibility for fantastical occurrences is present, but there's still something concrete and recognizable to ground me. my imagination is typically not strong enough for pure fantasy.but that cover?? and a library??i was intrigued and [...]

    2. Re-read October 14, 2016I read this one back in September of last year and loved it enough to drop it into my Top 100 list. I've been thinking about it off and on ever since then. And I just had to re-read it for the Halloween season, too. It just fits oh so well! :)Did it hold up to my beefed-up expectations? Did it lose any of the fires of ultimate agony or any of its Asshole Buddhism? Hello, No. :) I still love it.I've never loved lions as much as I have in this book. I've never been more sur [...]

    3. I was at the library last week to pick up a book I was meaning to read. I never got that book. In its place (reserved for me) was this book. The librarian explained something about bar code errors to me but I really didn't care. I have already decided to give this book a try. The title was intriguing enough. I guess it was meant to be. Char!Not knowing what this book has in store for me (which is the most adventurous I will ever get!), I started on the first page, well… it’s about a libraria [...]

    4. This is honestly the weirdest book I have ever read.The first hundred or so pages of this book make no sense whatsoever. I mean none. You just get thrown into the book and hope for the best. I kept thinking I was going to dnf this sucker but I looked and most of my friends on had given it a pretty decent rating. I didn't want to be that weird onen.I'm going to attempt to sum up some of this book and hopefully make some sense of it in my mind at the same time. (Probably not going to happenbut wh [...]

    5. I'm staring at a blank screen trying to figure out how to even review this book. Outside the rain has been falling steadily for hours. I don't think it has any plans of slowing down today. The rain is a nice distraction. I can sit and listen to it while I sit inside and wrestle with coherency. I don't even know if that makes sense, but it sounds pretty impressive to me. I really don't know where to begin. I mean, am I even reviewing the book anyway? Aren't my reviews just a bunch of jumbled thou [...]

    6. What just happened?This book is bizarre. This book is weird. This book is fantastic!Sometimes books are complex, weird, and artsy - but it all feels forced. Kind of like the author sat down and said "check out how artsy and deep and meaningful I can be". I have some books in mind, but I will play nice *cough* American Gods *cough*. But, with this one it felt like all the bizarre complexity and weirdness was flowing out of the author and he couldn't help it. He sat down and said "OMG, what is com [...]

    7. super fucking fun adventures with some super fucking powered librarians. it all gets very fucking dark; after all, it features the end of the fucking world. (kinda.) what's not to fucking like? but why all the fucks, mark? this is an all-ages site! come on, man. restrain yourself. for teh children.okay! this devious, bizarre, pitch-black, evilly sardonic, take-no-prisoners adventure novel is written by Scott Hawkins. it is his first piece of published fiction but it reads like he's been publishi [...]

    8. Update 02-09-2018It's been two weeks and I still have no idea how to do a review on this one. I loved the characters, especially the despicable ones. The whole concept of whether they were Gods or not was fascinating. The plot was just complex and wonderful. Just go read it!Original review - 01-26-2018 ALL THE STARS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️What a mind fuck!I absolutely loved this book! I’m not even sure how to go about doing a proper review. I know without a fact that this will be a boo [...]

    9. The Library at Mount Char is one of the more original books I've read. It's been compared to the works of Joe Hill and Neil Gaiman. Content wise, I would agree. With that being said, it's nowhere near as well written as Hill's books, and vastly better written than Gaiman. Love Gaiman, don't get me wrong, but he'll be the first to tell you that he takes minimalism to a whole new level. And Hill? Well, Hill is just the man. If you don't fan-swoon over either of the aforementioned scribes, you'll l [...]

    10. When Father goes missing, the Librarians he trained try to solve his murder while his legacy hangs in the balance. But what happened to him and who is responsible? More importantly, what will happen to His Library?I got this from Netgalley.I'm not completely sure how I felt about this book. Hell, for most of the book, I wasn't sure who was supposed to be the main character. However, I did enjoy it. Here's how it all went down.Father, aka Adam Black, aka various other aliases, scooped up twelve o [...]

    11. MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading ListOkay, I have to admit, in the beginning of the book to almost half way I wanted to stop reading and run away. I didn't like it or know what was going on half the time! My brain is not qualified for this book! Then I started to really like it when the kids were in Mrs. McGillicutty's house with Steve, it got comical and I started understanding an eenie meenie bit more! :-) I loved Steve's character. I thought he was a pretty good ole dude. I kinda like Caroly [...]

    12. 12 children are abducted by a powerful man and are tasked with learning his collected knowledge of the earth's secrets."I don't get it.""I'm not sure I do either, honestly. I mean, I know what he did to us, but I really don't have any idea why."p. 239At times reminding me of bits of American Gods and The Magicians, The Library at Mount Char is both interesting and pretty messed up. There are scenes with tons of dogs being brutally murdered and people being burned to death in a grill shaped like [...]

    13. Review from 2nd Reading - 8/10/17I still love this book SO MUCH!! The second reading only proved to me that my memory was correct, that this book is freaking amazing and as completely awesome as I remembered it being. The only thing missing, sadly, was the wonder of reading it for the first time. Otherwise, it's sublime! It's not for everyone--if you don't have a taste for the bizarre, if you're not willing to step outside the bounds of reality and embrace a fantastically skewed version of our w [...]

    14. Full review now posted!You can find this review and more at Booknest.Have you ever bought a book and not gotten around to reading it until years later? This is a constant problem for me, because I might have the teensiest book-buying addiction. I currently have well over 3,000 books in my home, many of which I bought because they were incredibly cheap, not to mention that I wanted to take them home with me because they had words in them. I have more books than I will probably ever be able to rea [...]

    15. 4/5 starsBonkers. Certifiably bonkers. (If anyone read that in Jason Mantzoukas’s voice, I’m in love with you.)emmareadstoomuch.wordpressI’ve never read anything like this book before!! And I’m also pretty certain I never will again. It didn’t drip with gaudy description, but I could picture everything. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way. Also, I loved that like, the most insanely background characters were fuller than most YA protagonists. Because y’all know I’m a su [...]

    16. 'It's about to get very dark, you see.'Time works differently in the library at Mount Char. It is home to the Pelapi, best described as librarians. Apprentices to Father, they have been assigned to catalogs of special learnings. Regard the sun as it fades to black, see the floating staircase, and note the smell of tears. Meet Rachel and her ghost children, the terrifying David, and the odiferous Margaret. Jennifer, gentle soul and healer. Carolyn, the linguist, a bookworm at heart. Hear tell of [...]

    17. Holy crap. I. Can't. Even.This book - it's like everything I've ever wanted in my fiction, and so much more. It's like if bizarro and fantasy met literary for a twisted menage a trois. I was captivated from the first five minutes, and didn't want to pause the audio to even shower. It was so, so good.David and Micheal stood looking down over Garrison Oaks. Michael, like his cougars around him, was naked. David wore an Israeli Army flak jacket and a lavender tutu, crusty with blood. The flak jacke [...]

    18. Review also onThe Library at Mount Char is the most bizarre book I have read. Ever. I don't throw superlatives around lightly, but this book earned it. I've been attempting to write my review for this for days now and between its grandiose premise and endless twists, I find it most difficult to review without giving out spoilers. I will try anyway.God is missing. God is known by many names, but he is Father to the Librarians. The Librarians were regular Americans once until Father adopted them t [...]

    19. It's about to get very dark you see.For some reason the title of this and the young protagonist had me thinking this was a Young Adult novel. It most definitely IS NOT.Carolyn was a normal girl once, until the day she called Adoption Day, when her parents and those of children around her died and they were adopted by a man they call Father. Each child was given a catalogue of things to study, from healing to war to languages. They are expected to master their catalogues, but never to read outsid [...]

    20. I don't exactly know what to say after finishing this book other than I can't find the words to review it right now. I will say that I have never read a book quite like it (and I've read some weird books). I'm not sure how someone's brain houses a story like this and then can translate it onto a page but Mr. Hawkins has managed to do it. In short, the book is disturbing, freakout weird, compelling, original, and mostly brilliant. Full review when I can handle it.

    21. This review first appeared on my blog Shoulda Coulda Woulda Books.I can't say I ever expected to write a review about how I almost cried over a lion-on-ghost-dog fight in the streets of suburbia, but here we are. Turns out it exists, the book that can make you do that. And it's this one.The Library at Mount Char tells the story of Carolyn Sopaski. What her story is we only gradually find out in fits and starts over the course of the novel, but at the beginning what we know is that Carolyn and he [...]

    22. I was warned that this would be the weirdest book I've ever read and yep!In the beginning I had a hard time getting into since every 1-2 chapters you start following a different story without really knowing how they are linked. Eventually it all starts to make sense and I just couldn't put it down!If you're looking for something different - horror, thriller, whimsical type then this is it!I would try and summarize it but honestly there's no way I would give it justice. Just read it!

    23. So glad that someone recommended this to me, and so glad also that my library had already bought it and had it available, because this book is quite an amazing experience . The blurb says Joe Hill meets Neil Gaiman and for once this is very close to the truth. Hill's horror and love of gore mixed with Gaiman's mystery and imagination are very much acknowledged. Add to this some amazing characters especially the redoubtable Carolyn. She is just something else and even if you cannot like her you j [...]

    24.  4.5 Stars ""“Step down into the darkness with me, child.” Just that once, Father looked at her with real love. “I will make of you a God.””The Library at Mount Char is a nearly perfect example of dark adult fantasy done right. Scott Hawkins does so many things right. He wastes no time with a long setup or back story, instead, he drops us right into this world that may be one like ours or not and leaves it up to us to catch up as things progress. Hawkins holds back no punches. Viole [...]

    25. **UPDATE - this won Best Read for me for 2016. I still can't stop thinking about it, and I read a lot of great books this year**Okay, I think I'm finally ready. From the moment I started reading this, I felt like I was standing in the center of a small, square room with no windows, with red yarn threading across the room from wall to wall, attached to each side with push pins, crossing over and under one another, so it was nearly impossible to see where one lead to - like what you see in a crazy [...]

    26. "Neil Gaiman meets Joe Hill," claims the blurb. Hmm. I don't really agree. I'd say this is more like Clive Barker meets Graham Joyce. But yes, it's dark, contemporary fantasy with a horrific edge.I have to admit; I found the first couple of chapters somewhat off-putting, and was suspecting that I wasn't really going to like the book but I stuck with it, and it ended up really growing on me. The initially opaque and repulsive characters become comprehensible, even sympathetic - and the narrative [...]

    27. 4.5 Stars rated down.Well, this was definitely one of the strangest books I have ever read. It was intriguing and mesmerizing and I'm still not entirely sure why.It reminded me a lot of The Wicked And The Divine in the sense that there was this group of "siblings" that were once human that somehow have now taken on the identity of god-like entities. Mix that with a little bit of The OA and you get The Library At Mount Char.I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first started reading [...]

    28. Five stars!? What?That can't be right!?I meanwho the hell is Scott Hawkins? How can an author I've never heard of and who's previously published work only consists of computer programming guides get a full five fucking stars!?No way. Not gonna happen. Not on my watch. I'll throw 3 stars at the book. And that's only if I really like it.I mean seriOh. Oh shit.I fucking loved it. This book deserves all the stars! Take them, Scott Hawkins! Take them all and rub them all over your body! Roll around i [...]

    29. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2015/12/18/aAfter hearing such great things about The Library at Mount Char this summer, I finally gave in and took a look for myself. Admittedly, I had some doubts. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t really do well with “weird.” I personally prefer stories that are more grounded, and anything that flirts with the abstract or pushes those metaphysical boundaries will give me pause. Comparisons of this book to Neil Gaiman [...]

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