The World Burns

The World Burns Tension grips the country as the nuclear talks with Iran starts to go poorly This is largely ignored by the populace and the threat of war goes unheeded Blake has lived his life through hard work and

  • Title: The World Burns
  • Author: Boyd Craven
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tension grips the country as the nuclear talks with Iran starts to go poorly This is largely ignored by the populace and the threat of war goes unheeded Blake has lived his life through hard work and his blog Back Country J He s an off grid homesteader, blogger and author He has the life that preppers dream of, and he never knows it As an on again off again handymanTension grips the country as the nuclear talks with Iran starts to go poorly This is largely ignored by the populace and the threat of war goes unheeded Blake has lived his life through hard work and his blog Back Country J He s an off grid homesteader, blogger and author He has the life that preppers dream of, and he never knows it As an on again off again handyman he learns how to fix everything in his life except loneliness, until he meets Sandra Sandra is a Army veteran who has caught his attention, and also the preacher s daughter Sparks fly the first time they meet and the shy hermit asks her out on a date Follow the couple as they try to survive raiders, hunger, and human nature when the balloon goes up after an EMP is set off.

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    1. all of my reservations about this book stem from the fact the author has broken it up into five sections. I would be more inclined to buy a single book that cost five dollars, than 5 x novelettes at a buck each. With a novel, I am more confident¹ the structure of the story serves the narrative. With 5 x parts, I suspect the structure will serve the desire to maximize page counts and therefore increase KU income. I went to 100% excited to buy this, but I have left without clicking.¹ not entire [...]

    2. I read this series in February 2016 and have really enjoyed it so far, but I'm just getting round to getting them reviewed. I have quite a backlog of reviews to deal with!Blake lives the life of a hermit and prepper on his ranch outside town, avoiding people other than Duncan the local preacher who he does odd jobs for. He is self sufficient and has his own popular prepper blog. Things look up for him with a mutual attraction to Duncan's daughter Sandra, but on their first date, the EMP hits. As [...]

    3. My original The World Burns audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Taking a very small part of the world, author Boyd Craven III,   provides a unique view of an apocalypse as it is happening.  Blake is a prepper – an end of the world prepper who relies on his wit, bartering abilities and luck to make his home and small town life safe for him.  He blogs about his advances in building a prepper fortress relying on solar power and other methods of survival when th [...]

    4. This is a prepper/survival story that is pretty interesting. However, I had higher hopes for the romance. The couple is sweet, but the heat is nil.

    5. Good EMP post Apocalypse prepper storyI like the story, I like the characters. Blake is a young man with a prepper blog, a bit of a hermit. The apocalypse comes and he happens to be on a first date of sorts at his house, showing her around. They spend time together sorting out how to react to the world falling apart and hoping her dad, stuck in another town when it all went down, is ok. This author needs some editing but does tell a good believable involving story. The lack of editing does not r [...]

    6. ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **This is a short post apocalyptic taleat could definitely become a realitybut lets hope It is a short story of survival and some of the ugly truth about what could go down if this happens! I liked it. flowed well, it was narrated well and I listened all in one sitting! I recommend!Thank You Audiobookblast(dot)com

    7. Good bookGood fast read, ok for all ages, has religious overtones but did not take away from the story. Some swearing and killing. I would say mildly violent if your a younger reader. Lots of details for setting traps and what is needed to be self sufficient in an end of civil society scenario. Fun to read with that detail. I tend to prefer adult books but this was fast and fun read. Worth the .99 for sure.

    8. The World Burns series is off to a great start. Well written, well developed characters and a great story line indicate to me that a great reading session is in the works. I really enjoyed this first book in Boyd Cravens universe and will report more as I journey through it. Based on the first in the series I think you are really going to enjoy it.

    9. Oh I liked this.I really liked the characters in this story. You have a country boy who sort of accidentally lives off grid, a preacher and his daughter. This is how they handle losing civilisation.

    10. Love this writer!!!Boyd Craven III puts out some awesome books. The plot, characters and writing skills are tops in the PAW. Not just this series but all of them. Keep 'em coming, Boyd. Outstanding!!!

    11. A survivalist blogger learns his preperations aren't in vain.I enjoyed this short book.Kevin Pierce is the best narrator that this kind of story can get!I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator, or publisher.”

    12. Really goodI really liked this one and plan to read the next. I like how there's a mix of knowledgeable and not so knowledgeable.

    13. Great prepper story. I loved the story. It was short though. I hope the writer makes a follow-up to this book!

    14. Very fast read indeed. While I'm not a "prepped," neither is Blake. But he does like a simpler life off the grid, and he spends his time making it happen. Little does he know that his blog has fans in town. Things go downhill fast after an EMP attack. Informative and suspense-filled, Craven shows just how bad humanity becomes if threatened.

    15. I hate it when authors spew out tiny snippets of a book into multiple books to try to make money or whathaveyou, as Mr. Craven (like so many others lately) does. Don't nickel and dime your readers to death.The only reason I am reading (and going to review) his The World Burns "series" is because its free on Kindle Unlimited.So, here goesI like post-apocalyptic fiction. I like reading about prepping and homesteading. I even like romances. So it should be no surprise that I liked what I read in th [...]

    16. Blake Jackson is a hermit of sorts, living off the grid in rural Kentucky. On the same day that he meets the love of his life, Sandra Duncan, the local preacher’s daughter, a hostile government sets off a nuclear warhead above the USA. The ensuing EMP plunges everything and everyone into chaos.Craven’s first book in The World Burns Series, The World Burns, is a fast-paced post-apocalyptic tale of burgeoning love and survival. The characters are well developed and believable. The story is ric [...]

    17. The World Burns is a post apocalyptic novel. An EMP has taken everyone off the grid, those who left it years ago have the upper hand. This is a good read, there are a few editing issues. One of the main characters is a "pastor" but is sometimes called a "priest". Also there is a few places where it suddenly jumps to first person narrative, but all in all good story line. Nothing life changing, but a good read, in fact I downloaded them all. I give this one three stars, I liked it. No swearing, t [...]

    18. This author has written a very good story in a series of books that I highly recommend. The story revolves around an EMP from an unexpected attack on the U.S. The characters are well developed and the main characters persist thru all of the books in this series. Other characters are featured for less time.The pace of the book / series is rapid with no places that bog down.There is only minimal cussing and nowhere is God cursed.This book / series really held my attention, entertained me, and left [...]

    19. This book was so short, I didn't even get a chance to change it to the Currently Reading status. Way to short for a standalone book. It meanders quite a bit on the off-grid main character and boy is he lucky to meet a better organized woman when the start of the disaster occurs. It ends before much of anything is under way. I found the writing style uneven but will likely read the next one just to get a more complete story.

    20. Good readI chose this book, being a fan of the doomsday scenario and it did not disappoint. It was a quick read, be it moving too fast. I think the accelerated timeframe within this story make it less believable for my taste. Overall I leave this story looking to pick up the next in the series, so consider this a good choice for those of us that like this genre.

    21. thought provoking read. brings your fears to lifeYou know all those half formed fears you have after watching the evening news? Well, Mr. Craven goes ahead and does you the "favor" if fleshing them out for you.

    22. The world burnsThis was an awesome story. My only criticism being that the books could be longer. I learned some new tactics and preparations in this book, that was really awesome.

    23. What a great first book! A quick read, well written, and easy to follow. I feel like I've already met the characters in the story! This is definitely the start of a very promising series and I look forward to a lot more. Good thing the next book (Ashes of the World) is all ready for me!

    24. Outstanding, well paced ! Look forward to the next book in the series.Well written. Enjoyed, could not put it down. Don't start unless you have the time to finish reading to the finish.

    25. Entertaining and ScaryA quick paced story. Want to carry on with the series. Hope it never comes to this. The utter failure of our Gov't to be prepared angers me (read Kopples book "lights out")

    26. The World Burns reviewThe World Burns is the first short post apocalyptic story in the series written by author Boyd craven III. Good plot and fast-paced.

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