Starstruck Actress Cassidy C J Hayes is famous for her role in The Alchemidens a fantasy show where she plays a kick ass heroine Her rising success has brought her quickly under Hollywood s glaring spotlight It

  • Title: Starstruck
  • Author: Lesley Davis
  • ISBN: 9781626395237
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Actress Cassidy C.J Hayes is famous for her role in The Alchemidens, a fantasy show where she plays a kick ass heroine Her rising success has brought her quickly under Hollywood s glaring spotlight It also gained her the unwelcome attentions of an obsessive fan who wants than just an autograph Aiden Darrow is both a well respected screenwriter and a writer of leActress Cassidy C.J Hayes is famous for her role in The Alchemidens, a fantasy show where she plays a kick ass heroine Her rising success has brought her quickly under Hollywood s glaring spotlight It also gained her the unwelcome attentions of an obsessive fan who wants than just an autograph Aiden Darrow is both a well respected screenwriter and a writer of lesbian romances As a big fan of actress C.J Hayes, Aiden is astounded when the woman of her dreams ends up moving into the house next door to her Their attraction is undeniable, but Cassidy is understandably nervous about getting too close to anyone Aiden, meanwhile, is trying to separate reality from fiction because Cassidy is nothing like the character she portrays so well All through her childhood, Aiden dreamed of a hero to come rescue her, but can she be the hero that Cassidy so desperately needs now

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    1. Hollywood actress meets fiction writer and viola love has been found. There you go, now you have read Starstruck by Leslie Davis. Just kidding! There is way more to it than that, I forgot to mention the crazy psycho stalker in on the loose.Cassidy Hayes is a Hollywood actress on a relatively new but super popular television show. The British actress is sexy, fierce and has a fiery temper. Cassidy is also being tormented by a male stalker who wants nothing more than to make her his own personal p [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars for the Audiobook - rounded up to 4 Stars.This book was not on my radar, but I was looking for my next audiobook so I searched for one of my favorite narrators, Nicola Victoria Vincent (Jenny Frame and Cari Hunter books). For once I listened to the sample and the prologue sounded interesting and suspenseful. The leading character is Cassidy "CJ" Hayes, a Hollywood TV actress on a fantasy show. Cassidy is British and the book opens up with Cassidy discovering that her stalker has been i [...]

    3. Starstruck is a nicely done romance with a little bit of suspense thrown in. This is my fourth book by Lesley Davis, and I really like the way she tells her stories. Although this story is not particularly original (actress being stalked by a deranged fan), it kept me hooked up until the end because the plot runs smoothly with just enough suspense to be fun. Davis is good in character development. Her soft butches are always very likable characters -- strong but vulnerable, somewhat withdrawn an [...]

    4. I found this to be a very average read with just enough spice to elevate it some. Formulaic, "by the book", tropey, and somewhat melodramatic comes to mind but it's also competently written and readable. It's like when I go to a movie that is entertaining enough to keep me in my seat but has so much predictability and little emotional investment I walk out just feeling kind of blah. On the whole, the book felt flat and that's mainly due to a lack of depth for the characters. Aiden was written wi [...]

    5. I wanted to like this more than I did. First of all, the stalker thing was boring. As a plot device it added nothing to the storyline, it honestly would have been a better story without this element. Given that both women work in the same industry they could have met in a variety of other ways, and still have gotten together without the cliched plot that's been done a million times before, and done better, I have to say. I also don't know why every book that has an actress meeting a script write [...]

    6. I love Lesley Davis and her writing style so much, so this book really worked for me. I really liked how she executes the idea of when a famous person is a fan of another famous person.Full review here: thelesbianreview/stars

    7. LA romances have their own little sub-genre I’m sure, but this one was better than most.Aiden Darrow is a well-respected writer of lesbian romances, and a specialist for writing queer characters on screen. After a slew of foster homes, Aiden has one foot in the real world and the other in the world of fantasy. At the moment, her inspiration comes from a kick-arse character played by C.J. Hayes, a large poster of which adorns Aiden’s writing room. Aiden’s next-door neighbour goes on vacatio [...]

    8. The story here was pretty by the numbers for me. Basic logline is--Actress stalked by fan, finds near-immediate love with the next door neighbor/famous writer. For me, when these woman-in-peril stories switch perspective to the pursuer, they take a serious nose dive in believability and substance. This particular guy behaves and is written just like every other lunatic in these types of stories. I also have a huge problem with law enforcement written like absolute buffoons. Example--an officer w [...]

    9. Wow what a ride this one hit all my emotions from happy, sad to frustrated especially when it came to reading Adam's part. All i kept say oh my he's creepy and please let nothing happen to Cassidy. Aiden's part was well written as well and who wouldn't love a best friend like Mischa she was funny as heck.Arc given by NetGalley for honest review

    10. I just can't finish this, 70% is more than enough for me.I had good expectations for this release but unfortunately it was so flat and boring I could have easily fell asleep reading it.So disappointing

    11. I enjoyed the read for most of the book However I found there were moments where I did lose interest and wanted the book to keep moving. I'm still unsure if I even liked Cassidy. I thought Cassidy had all the flaws but Aiden was perfect which was annoying for me. I did however love Mischa. The story line was what I found the best part of the book. In saying that I did find the end action scene to not have to worked for me. The way it was described I found people to have gone oddly missing and th [...]

    12. I received this novel as an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, Bold Strokes Books, free of charge in exchange for an honest review.In truth, I wasn't blown away by this book the way I am with many others that come from BSB. The premise was great, the story was solid, but I believe I was expecting something more than the lukewarm novel that arose from such a great foundation. The romance was nice, and the suspense kept me interested, but it felt underwhelming in the end. I enjoyed the read in [...]

    13. Starstruck by Leslie Davis is a contemporary romance that I had trouble putting down. Actress Cassidy “C.J.” Hayes is famous for her role in The Alchemidens, a fantasy show where she plays a kick-ass heroine. Her rising success has brought her quickly under Hollywood’s glaring spotlight. It also gained her the unwelcome attentions of an obsessive fan who wants more than just an autograph. Aiden Darrow is both a well-respected screenwriter and a writer of lesbian romances. As a big fan of a [...]

    14. Five Stars: f/f contemporaryI was sent this book by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.This is an absolutely blistering book. One of the best books I have read in ages. It was quirky, it made me laugh and above all when I finished reading it - it left me feeling really good.A book that it is hard to put down, I kept on thinking one more chapter, but one was never enough. The leading ladies are both really likeable with strong characters but most important was their individual s [...]

    15. Cassidy is a hot Sci-fi super hero actress and moves next door to lesfic writer and sci-fi geek Aiden. Cassidy is in hiding of sorts, in order to escape from a mad stalker. Aiden has been a big fan of Cassidy for years but falls hard for the real person and not the TV character. Cassidy is equally smitten by Aiden who it transpires has a huge fan base of her own. Her novels are a huge hit with Cassidy's co-star and friend Mischa who is a brilliant character and so full of life and mischief. She [...]

    16. I received a copy of this book from Inked Rainbow Reads in return for an honest review.This story kept my interest throughout and made me keep turning pages. The story between Cassidy and Aiden is sweet, and reading about them falling in love was a treasure. At the same time, Cassidy is facing some serious problems with the police unable to catch her stalker, and that makes for some tense scenes. I loved Aiden's geeky quirks and Cassidy seemed the perfect geek dream come true. But it was also in [...]

    17. I was given this book by Netgalley for an honest review. I gave it a 3 1/2 stars.Starstruck is the story of Cassidy Hayes, star of a fantasy TV show. She is being stalked by an obsessive fan, so she hides out at the house of a friend. Aiden Darrow, author and fan of Cassidy's TV persona, lives next door and they struck up an acquaintance. This new friendship quickly turns to love. Once Aiden finds out about the stalker, she is determined to protect Cassidy at all costs.The plot here is fairly pr [...]

    18. I received a free copy of this book to read for Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.This book started out a little shaky, the first three chapters left me wondering what to expect from the rest of the book. Thankfully it leveled out and the remainder of the work kept me flipping pages, interested to see what would happen next. The characters were well developed and had realistic interactions (and reactions) to situations and each other. The plot was deep, twisted and totally cre [...]

    19. I thought this was a quick romantic read. I thought the main characters were well drawn and interesting to get to know. Hollywood actress meets acclaimed writer, what's not to love? Also, being an LA resident myself I enjoyed seeing LA landmarks pop up in the descriptions. The overall pacing was good. This is definitely not a book to wrack your brain over, but for a lazy afternoon I'd recommend it.

    20. An honest review thanks to NetGalley. I was surprised by this book, the love story inside these pages was magnificent. A lesbian romance that took me on a whirlwind, this is one of the best romances that I have read in a while. Love, stalkers, and famous high-powered hollywood careers. These two characters brought everything together and I need to read more of Lesley Davis's books if they are anthying like this gem.

    21. The ultimate fan fiction writer's fantasy. Fame as an author, the actress who plays your favorite character falls for you, and you get invited to help write the romance story for the show's next season.And there's a plot about a stalker.I loved our heroines and Mischa and her family.

    22. Very engaging story, bags of humour for such a disturbing topic. Well written. I've read a couple of Lesley Davis books now and this is by far the best. The build up to the finale keeps you turning the pages until it's finally over.

    23. This book was good for a light read. There's not a lot of angst (which I don't mind at all).Although I liked both the main characters, I enjoyed Mischa's character a lot, you can count on her to give you a few laughs. It was a nice surprise to see old characters pop up.

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