The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 1: Enrollment Arc, Part I

The Irregular at Magic High School Vol Enrollment Arc Part I It s been a century since magic stopped being the stuff of fairy tales and became a practical technology Siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba have both been admitted to a prestigious magical prep school

  • Title: The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 1: Enrollment Arc, Part I
  • Author: Tsutomu Satou Kana Ishida
  • ISBN: 9780316348805
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s been a century since magic stopped being the stuff of fairy tales and became a practical technology Siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba have both been admitted to a prestigious magical prep school and while Miyuki s excellent entrance exam scores qualify her to be part of Course 1 a Bloom , Tatsuya s poor performance relegates him to Course 2 a Weed Tatsuya sIt s been a century since magic stopped being the stuff of fairy tales and became a practical technology Siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba have both been admitted to a prestigious magical prep school and while Miyuki s excellent entrance exam scores qualify her to be part of Course 1 a Bloom , Tatsuya s poor performance relegates him to Course 2 a Weed Tatsuya s going to need every bit of clever thinking he can come up with in order to keep both himself and his sister safe in a place where the students are learning to manipulate reality itself

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    1. This review covers the two books that form the first arc of the series, as translated on Baka-Tsuki.Let's start off with the summary. This book is about a 'defective elder brother low achiever' and a 'perfect, flawless younger sister high achiever'. While the sister is undoubtedly perfect (and the author will tell you so repeatedly throughout this book and the series), the impression that the synopsis gives of the elder brother is a lie. Simply put, the younger sibling is perfect and everyone ca [...]

    2. This shit needs to be burned. 0 Freaking stars.If you're thinking, that's harsh, trust me, it's not. Sword Art Line has better writing, story telling, characters, heck even ROMANCE than this crap-which is the most praise I can give SAO. And we all know how terrible SAO's romance wasIt starts off fine. WW3 has caused Japan to start relying on training students with magical powers. Those born with magic are put on a pedestal, but the social class distinctions don't end there. Tatsuya and his siste [...]

    3. If you'd like to watch my youtube review, please click on this link: The Irregular at Magic High School Volume 1.The magical high school is perhaps one of the most prolific genres in the light novel community. There are dozens upon dozens of stories that involve a bunch of high school kids going to a school, learning magic, and fighting in magical tournaments. Light novels like Asterisk Wars, Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Infinite Stratos, and so many more literally saturate the light novel lands [...]

    4. The majority of light novels seem to fit in one of two categories. Either they are isekai stories, that is something variation on the "transported to another world" theme, or they are magic high school series, think Harry Potter with a lot more fighting. Irregular at Magic High School fits snuggly in to the second category, in some sense it might be the definitive title of the genre. My complaints with it however has your do with the translation. It is very literal in its translation making it a [...]

    5. This book was an awesome example of following the manga and anime. The book was a faster pace read that was always making me want to turn the page and read more and more till the end. The story has lots of emotion that make the reader connect with the characters. The book shows examples of just because you think someone is lower than you it doesn't mean they are.

    6. What a disappointment. the setting was so interesting but It was in no way near it potential. The unique way of magic and the way of classifying of the students and its consequences where the reason I bought and wanted tot read the book. Unfortunately those two things are mere background things. The Main element in this volume is the weird/unclear relationship between the two siblings(Are they even that? CONFUSING!) and of course the fact that the younger sister is amazing with magic! But don't [...]

    7. Watched some of the episodes before I started reading this. Love the anime series, and now I loved this book. The only complaint I have is it is a little harder to tell who said what. I've read light novels before, so this is to be expected at first. But other than that, I can't wait to read the rest of the light novels.For those who are about to read this novel, be prepared to have your brain overheat. It's confusing at first, but if you read slowly then it'll be easy to understand. Even if you [...]

    8. I really enjoyed the anime series so I thought I would give the novels a go. The nice thing about the novel is getting inside the heads of the characters. There were times when watching the anime I wondered what the characters were thinking. However, this is a set up novel. Not a lot of action and almost no character development. Had I not seen the series, I probably would not continue with the series. I found some of the writing to be awkward, but that could be a translation issue. I also found [...]

    9. wow, there is so much set up for the magic in this world. it didn't take away from the story at all. Though it was hard for me to understand what the book was talking about. As the story goes on it gets thinned put so you understand it better. I thought this would give me more background on the story then what the anime did. In small ways it did but not as much as I was hoping. so off to read the next one!

    10. This book is an example of all the mistake a writer shouldn't do. The writing is horrible and almost unreadable.But I still finished it and I intend to keep going. Why? Because there are some good ideas buried under all that mud. An interesting magic system, a school academy and a ridiculously over-powered main-character.Usually I don't like to lose my time, but it was a fast read and I think I might read the next book in the series too.

    11. I can't get past the overly sister brother love in this to get through the rest of the series. The plot is a generic as hell. The sister is totally over the top about being in love with her brother. That might be cool with some people. But having a brother/sister fetish has never been something I was cool with. Won't be reading anymore of this series.

    12. Typically I like the book over the anime or movie, but in this case the anime is so much better. Too many overly long explanations of the magic system ruined this book for me. Also, the tone came off a bit preachy, but that might have been a byproduct of the translation.

    13. The take on post third world war and discovery and involvement of magic is so fresh along with the coolness of the MC that it kept me craving for more and more.

    14. Much detailed than the anime but shorter in terms of event. I think book 8 is where it ended. On to Book #2

    15. This one really took me by surprise as I went in reading it no expecting a whole lot. But it was absolutely fantastic. The thing I liked the most is how complex and deep the magic system is. Overall I really enjoyed reading this one and can't wait to see what this series has in it!

    16. This is going to be a review of the series as a whole. This series is one of the strongest examples of all over the place in quality I have ever read, not just between books but in terms of how fantastic some parts of the world building are compared to just how some parts can just drag in horrible bordem.So the book starts off with boohoo he is bad at magic, heck even in the blurb at the top "A defective elder brother low achiever, who is lousy at magic but is an honors student." hahahahahahaahh [...]

    17. Un grand merci aux éditions Ofelbe ainsi qu'à Guillaume pour cette réception !Depuis l'annonce de sa sortie, j'étais extrêmement pressée de découvrir l'univers dans lequel l'histoire allait se dérouler. Malgré quelques retours assez mitigé par des amis blogueurs, je me suis lancée dans cette lecture avec une grande impatience !Nous sommes en 2095, trente ans après la fin de la troisième Guerre Mondiale et nous suivons un frère et une sœur, Tatsuya et Miyuki Shiba, lors de leur ren [...]

    18. I saw the anime of this series and started buying the light novels because I wanted to know the rest of the story. While I enjoy the setting and the characters, the writing -- or at least the translation -- is kind of dry and awkward. Frankly, the writing in this volume is the main reason I gave this a thee-star instead of four.For those who have seen the anime or are considering watching it, know that the story is pretty much exactly the same but that in the anime Tatsuya comes across as much m [...]

    19. This book was first put on the web it seems :|So for the first 80% of the book you only really get tiny little snippets of the blatant misogyny that gets dropped in the last 20% of the book. That is if you can get past the whole onii-san in love with imouto-chan and it does say they are blood related so this isn't one of the step sibling situations you see in most ecchi and hentai stories.What's interesting is this book remarks upon how short the skirts are. It isn't the first thing I've seen to [...]

    20. Unlike a few multi part novels set in a magical and science fiction world, Irregular at Magic High School, starts off fast. It doesn't use a key action set piece like other series but rather eases into seeing the numerous characters interact with each other. I found myself not bored with how this started. Perhaps it is because the way that it is handled reminded me of how it is in real school in which you have the base excitement of a new school year with people willing and ready to talk and int [...]

    21. I went into this book expecting it to be an amusing hate-read -- I mean, the only reason the anime adaptation isn't the worst of the decade is because that show about the ghost who possesses a girl and makes her boff her brother exists -- but surprisingly it's not all that bad. It's not particularly good, but all the things that made no sense in the anime are explained to a point where they're at least acceptable. The explanations do go on a bit long -- the author spends two pages explaining why [...]

    22. Another shounen manga (or at least classed as such) that I'm willing to read. It's actually really interesting in the sense that I really want to know more about Tatsuya, since his abilities are fascinating. There's a lot of info dumping, but it has a certain draw. Not only is it set in the future and about magic that involves technology, Tatsuya is a character who is treated as inferior because he 'lacks' conventional and tested magic practical skills. But actually, his abilities lie elsewhere, [...]

    23. Everything to be said about the novel has been more eloquently expressed in previous reviews here published. With that in mind, this review was thought to be more a confirmation towards the characteristics attributed to it, rather than an unnecessarily long account of my feelings while reading this piece:Yes, the characters are kind of generic (cold, calculating, intelligent main character; beautiful girls constantly trying to get his attention, etc.), the plot get quite ecchi/hentai-esque at ti [...]

    24. The Irregular at magic High School places you in a world where magic is real and there is science behind it. Some of the science of it is true in the real world so that is part of what makes it interesting. A blur between the lines of which students of the school are to be valued and which are not occurs during the story. Everyone in the school is challenged for their beliefs of the system which the school has had for a long time. It is a good story for thinking about how students of different c [...]

    25. An irregular older brother with a certain flaw. An honour roll younger sister who is perfectly flawless. When the two siblings enrolled in Magic High School a dramatic life unfolded.I'll freely admit that this is the second time around I'm reading this book, the first time around however was the fan translation. The official translation is just as good if not better than the fan translation. I found the minor differences to enhance my enjoyment of the book.I love the blend of magic and technolog [...]

    26. This Manga is very good with how the character Tatsuya was portraited as the emotionless type of Character but actual has the emotion just with out the amount we the readers are used to. Tatsuya has a strategic evil genius feeling to him. Although the amount of love for his sister miyuki may seem a little overboard but the fact he has a strong feeling makes him seem a little more intriguing on why he feels the way he does. Tatsuya's feelings for being treated as a second course student or a"weed [...]

    27. Admito que vi el anime hace tiempo y me gustó mucho aunque cojeaba de muchos lados, a falta de segunda temporada decidí leer la novela ligera y aunque no esperaba gran calidad literaria nada me había preparado para esto. La narración es horrible, si le puse dos estrellas es porque la historia se me sigue haciendo interesante. Sé que la traducción puede influir pero independientemente de eso la estructura de la historia es mala. No tengo esperanzas que mejore así que a ver cuántas novelas [...]

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