Inspiring You

Inspiring You There is an alternate cover eiditon for this ASIN here Ayden knows it s time to remember what really happened four years ago so he can help save his sister With the help of Lyric he faces his past h

  • Title: Inspiring You
  • Author: Jessica Sorensen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There is an alternate cover eiditon for this ASIN here.Ayden knows it s time to remember what really happened four years ago, so he can help save his sister With the help of Lyric, he faces his past head on But dealing with the truth is difficult.Will Ayden finally be free of his past so he can move forward to his future

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    1. *** 3,5 stars ***The last part of this series was least liked by me. Though I enjoyed Ayden and Lyric's story, I think the ending could be a bit better. There was just something missing. Their relationship is strong, they are both wonderful characters and I loved them together. I also loved others, Ella & Micha and Lila & Ethan as parents did great job, Ayden's foster siblings were great too. I just think this part could have been more developed when it comes to mystery. We finally have [...]

    2. 3 Stars!!“Inspiring You” is the fourth installment in Jessica Sorensen’s series “Unraveling You” and like its predecessors, it picks up right where the last book ends.Ayden still can’t remember what really happened four years ago. His brother is death and his sister is still missing. In the previous installment he found out that his father is part of the evil group, called 'Soulless Mileas' and that he is the one who kidnapped him and his siblings years ago. He decides to go through [...]

    3. This final installment of Ayden and Lyric was a fast short read. Sadly, for me it lacked in the mystery department and like her other series the whys of it all were glossed over. Nevertheless, Lyric and Ayden grow closer and graduate high school. The danger is eliminated and Ayden's sister Sadie is found. I'm looking forward to Sadie and Sage's story as this book just fell a bit too flat for me."I have dreams now. Want things. Have people who care about me. Who love me. Who are there for me.I'm [...]

    4. So happy Ayden as been through so much through this series an this book is no different his bro is died his sister is still missin an the police have no leads the only thing that is keep in him from goin mad is the Gregory's have been through this with him al the way an Lyric she as alway been there 4 him an she's not goin anyway Ayden does worry that he's not good enough 4 her but he's al she wants his past is pretty dark an sometimes it gets the better of him when they start getting close but [...]

    5. I liked this conclusion novel and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I think it was probably my least favorite of the series. Mainly because I felt like the mystery lacked mystery. But ultimately, I would definitely recommend this series to fans of Jessica Sorensen.

    6. 3.5 starsAyden is sick of being haunted by a past he cannot remember so in order to get better control of his life, he makes a decision that will open up his mind where he can get some answers to some of the questions that have plagued him throughout this entire seriesSPIRING YOU is a very quick read that continues Ayden and Lyric’s sweet and sometimes dark journey. This is definitely not one to read as a standalone but there’s always something so endearing about Sorensen’s characters that [...]

    7. 3 STARS FOR "INSPIRING YOU" BY JESSICA SORENSENEvery night when I close my eyes, I dream of the days when I won't have to worry about losing him. That he'll be safe. That he'll be free of them. Because I know those days will come. I won't let myself believe anything else.In the conclusion to Sorensen's Unraveling You quartet, Ayden is finally ready to face his fears and remember what happened to him and his siblings all those years ago. Hoping that the answer will lead him closer to his missing [...]

    8. My 5-Facts Review ('Cuz I'm lazy busy reading):INSPIRING YOU BY JESSICA SORENSEN ★★★★☆ (4 stars) ________________________________✔ I love this series! Jessica Sorensen's writing is truly outstanding! ✔ I'm so happy that we finally find out the conclusion of Ayden and Lyric's story. This is the final installment and it's a bittersweet feeling, because I loved these characters so much!✔ Ayden and Lyric are both wonderful characters. Lyric's bubbly personality shines through the pag [...]

    9. BR with Momo July 16th!3.5 stars!I was really excited about this book. I mean, I loved the other books in the series. And I love Ayden and Lyric. But this fell a little flat for me in places and left me wanting more, but not in a good way.If this book had been completely from Ayden's POV, I probably would have given it 4 stars instead of 3.5 because I love him. His character is so lovable and I love being inside his head and going on this journey with him. He's suffered so much and I just wish I [...]

    10. And that was the final installment of the Unraveling you Series! I've concluded that this series was my favorite by Jessica Sorenson. Not only did we get glimpses of Micha, Ella and Lila and Ethan we got to see their children too, so it was the best of both world. We finally get all the answers we want in Inspiring You as well a huge step/progression in Ayden and Lyric's relationship. These two were clearly meant for each other. I just love how they were there for each other and nothing could ke [...]

    11. 4 Stars: Among some of my favorites. Outstanding literary work. The characters are well developed, interesting. The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable. The writing is captivating enough to keep you interested until the end and leave you wanting more. It has a fairly original or uniquely well-developed plot. The pretense and romance were well balanced and done with properly distributed amounts of hints, behaviors, and chemistry. Not so much predictable if at all. Overall, lo [...]

    12. 4 STARSI love this series! Ayden and Lyric are one of my favorite couples written by this author. Lyric is one of my favorite heroines of any book. She was perfect. This was a nice ending to this wonderful series. It fell a bit flat but that's because, in my opinion, it could have been wrapped up in two books. I don't really think it needed to be four. Regardless, I loved it. I'm looking forward to Sadie' story next!

    13. This book was originally reviewed on The Book Hookup.3.5 stars What a journey. I had to take a moment to let everything that happened sink in. This story was so good, stressful, yet there was always one bit of hope even in the darkest times…and that is what made this story magical. Now, while I loved these books I have to admit this installment wasn’t my favorite. eep! YES, it was still really, really good…it just lost a little of what made it super “5 star” special to me.So, if you kn [...]

    14. “I have dreams now. Want things. Have people who care about me. Who love me. Who are there for me.I'm not alone anymore.I'm not a ghost.Who floats through life.Who breathes the possibilities.Who has hope.”I am disappointed with this novel, I'll say novel and not series because that's what it was, one novel broken up into four parts.A shame because I really enjoyed the first part(book), but the rest lacked action and excitement. Yes, there were a few parts here and there, but it would have be [...]

    15. Ayden & LyricAfter many struggles, through the trials that not everyone can face.The finally found their peace.(view spoiler)[Ayden finally goes through with the surgery and he remembers that his father killed his mother, this helps the police find most of the Souless Mileas. The father is the last to be found because he goes after Lyric.Ayden's sister is also found and this creates intrigue because she was stuck with them much longer than Ayden.Him and Lyric finally have sex!He goes on the [...]

    16. 3,5 starsWhat in the start seemed a YA romance, soon changes in a mystery, both very good and emotionally intense and I loved very much all of it. This last story, though was a bit flat as last book on Ayden and Lyric, as if the romance and the mystery was lowered of a tone. Leave me eager to know more and not to know much of the first time that Ayden and Lyric make love and like the Ayden's father get caught. But this is a great series and I loved it.

    17. Great characters and story line. I did think the ending could have had a little more depth; it seemed rushed. I always find Jessica's books enjoyable and I get my fix on HEAs. I look forward to the next book.

    18. 3.5. I did enjoy the characters and I continue to appreciate the author's easy writing style, but this one just didn't have the worth while conclusion I had hoped for. This probably could have been wrapped up in three books or had a fourth only if the end to the plot was thicker.

    19. not gonna lie I was super excited for this but it was so short and I felt as though I was being told what happened instead of shown- but over all the story line was good was just hoping for more out of it.

    20. ShortNot that I didn't like the book but it was definitely short. I think they could of taken this one with the last book and put them together to make a great book.

    21. It's a good and creepy&sad story, but there's some holes, meaning there are some stuff that aren't explained and leaves me hanging, wondering

    22. Pretty flat and anti-climatic final installments I'm still scratching my head on why this took four books to tell the story.

    23. Soaring Up High Inspiring You is the final book and the conclusion to Ayden and Lyric’s love story.I throughly enjoyed reading this book and the entire series. My favorite part of this book was the progression of Lyric and Ayden’s relationship. Things are much more steamier. I like how there is so much sexual tension. And when they finally act on it, it is like fireworks hitting the page and exploding. The steaminess is really awesome. However, I like the progression from making out to takin [...]

    24. Overall this series was a very quick and thrilling read. The relationship was adorable and the side stories were interesting. But I found Ayden's past was so drawn out and ended in a very boring and anticlimactic resolution. Overall the ending killed the series for mebut all the cutesy fluffy romancy junk along the way was what kept me going. Lyric and Ayden were absolutely adorable together.

    25. Quick YA read. This really could've been the last book in the series, but there's another one. Ayden remembers what happened to himat his mother had him (and his brother and sister) as a way of 'cleansing' his father's soul. Also, that is father killed his mother. Sadie, Ayden's sister, is found. At the end, Lyric and Ayden, go on your with the band. It was already a HEA so I'm not sure what the last book will be about. Alt POV. Lyric and Ayden.

    26. "I’m not alone anymore. I’m not a ghost.Who floats through life.I’m a personWho breathes the possibilities.Who has hope."It was truly beautiful to see Aydens life finally come together. I can't wait to read about Sadie next!3.5/5 Stars

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