Fur for Her (Fur Real Shifter Escorts)

Fur for Her Fur Real Shifter Escorts After suffering major embarrassment in high school over her weight curvy girl Selina Wilcott locked her heart up and threw away the key She solemnly swore that no man would ever get close enough to h

  • Title: Fur for Her (Fur Real Shifter Escorts)
  • Author: Claudia M. Farwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After suffering major embarrassment in high school over her weight, curvy girl Selina Wilcott locked her heart up and threw away the key She solemnly swore that no man would ever get close enough to hurt her again And that suited her just fine.Until she got an invitation to her ten year high school reunion Short on time, she decides to enlist the services of Mads OlafsoAfter suffering major embarrassment in high school over her weight, curvy girl Selina Wilcott locked her heart up and threw away the key She solemnly swore that no man would ever get close enough to hurt her again And that suited her just fine.Until she got an invitation to her ten year high school reunion Short on time, she decides to enlist the services of Mads Olafson professional escort, lion shifter, and a drop dead sexy hunk Soon, Selina is fighting against her inner desire to forego the no sex clause in their contract and take Mads to bed Warning This story contains a steamy relationship between a woman who owns her curves, and an alpha shifter male escort who will have her at any cost even if it means his job

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    1. My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!! ***Received a copy of the ebook for an honest reviewThe cover is steamy and catches my eye with that big beautiful cat on the cover :)This is a novella length HEA (Happily Ever After) story. This is for adults only since it has some steamy content.I was surprised at how much I liked this story because it did not have the action I usually like mixed into my shifter romances. Claudia did a fabulous job with the intrigue and setting in the bo [...]

    2. " A high school reunion she will never forget"This is a cute and quirky book!. The characters are fantastic. The story line is amazing!. Selina is a short,spunky, curvy woman. In high school she was tormented about her weight. One day she receives a High School 10 year Reunion Invitation. Selina see's her ex.high school boyfriend is going to be there with his model wife. He had slept with Selina then dumped her saying she was to fat. Selina is not in a relationship or even dating right now and s [...]

    3. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Hot hot hot! That's the only thing I can say. I normally stick to wolves but this kitty changed my mind. Claudia Farwell does a magnificent job of keeping your attention. She's extremely skilled at writing and makes you not want to put the book down. Selina and Mads have instant chemistry. The detail she gives while switching between viewpoints give you a complete understanding of how deep everything runs for both characters. I'm hoping that [...]

    4. Loved it, this is an escort service to die for!Selina never imagined that she'd get escorted to her School reunion in such style and with such a hunk. And what comes after the reunion is even better.Mads is an escort that never imagined his inner beast would be the one escorted.Such sensual passion, this is one series I am going to really enjoy reading more of.I was gifted this book for an honest review.

    5. 3½☆ - I enjoyed the story overall but would have loved seeing a bit slower evolution of feelings between the pair and a more concrete happily ever after. Those this aside, the story was a quick and sexy read.

    6. I received this book as an ARC for a honest review and in my opinion it was wonderful! Selina is a very believable female character. She has all the concerns and insecurities of many beautiful young women these days. Her past experiences in high-school being the chubby social outcast have given her a determination to become more comfortable in her own skin. However, when her 10 year high-school reunion invitation comes in the mail those old insecurities and a few bad memories play a mean game on [...]

    7. Selina Wilcott keeps her heart locked up tight until she hires an escort for her high school reunion in this sweetheart of a paranormal romance.Mads is a lion-shifter escort and he’s determined to have Selina at any cost including his job and the reader can’t help but get caught up in this charming romance as Selina’s night turns into a fairy tale come true. These strong, enchanting characters demand attention and the attraction between Mads and Selina heats up the pages while Selina’s i [...]

    8. wow just WOWSelina is a bbw who hires Mads a lion shifter to be her date to her high school reunion. Although Selina is at ease with her size, the thought of seeing all those that teased and tormented her about her weight in high school, causes her insecurities to surface especially knowing her high school crush, the one who broke her heart, will be there with his trophy wife.From the moment he met her, Mads knew Selina wasn't going to be just another client. I loved the interaction between thes [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this read. It was sweet and sexy. I oh so loved Mads. He is a lion shifter and I love lion shifters. :) He's sweet and he's a professional escort but his animal is drawn to Selina who hires him as her date for her reunion. I felt horrible for her with what happened with David in high school. Ugh what an ass. High school sucked for most of us. I can relate to a lot of the characters in this book. Mads tries really hard to resist her. Its a struggle for her as well. She wants him [...]

    10. I think about 85% of us can identify with how Selina Wilcott felt when she received her 10 year high school reunion invitation in the mail. Most of us were not in “the” group, and quite a few of us were either totally invisible to the majority of the student body, or were picked on. And then there is always that ONE person who we crushed on and never quite got over. Why put yourself through that again, even if you have achieved as much or more than most in the past 10 years. Selina decides s [...]

    11. What a fun read. I could relate to so many situations in this one. While curvy Selina has come to terms, even likes herself, there are still memories and situation that she fears.Desperate enough to hire escort, lion shifter, Mads is hot and more than she counted on. Her no sex contract is a challenge for both of them. The night of the dreaded HS reunion he surpasses her expectations in so many ways. The class has changed little, as in so many real life situations. The bullies are just more so, [...]

    12. Selina is a single, beautiful, curvy woman who gets an invitation to her ten year high school reunion. She really doesn't want to go since she wasn't popular and the guy who broke her heart will be there with his new beautiful wife. Her best friend suggests she hire an escort from all shifter agency. After some thought she calls and the agency sets her up with lion shifter, Mads and it is lust at first sight for both of them. Selina doesn't want sex as part of the service so Mads decides to back [...]

    13. What a hot little book. this was a great read. I love that our Heroin in this book is a big beautiful woman, who owns her curves. Like most of us big gals she was picked on during high school. but with growth comes acceptance of our curves, we are just as beautiful as the model types. And the fact that when Mads meets Selina he wants her and screw the job ( pun intended). They are both drawn to each other from the moment they meet. I love how when she walks into that reunion with him on her arm. [...]

    14. I was given an ACRC by the author for an honest reviewSelina was a curvy girl in high school and ten years after all the drama she has to face it again in her High School re union.Most of all she fears facing her ex boyfriend that used her for sex and dumped her after making fun of her in all of his buddies.Selina decides to hire an escort to play her boyfriend.Mads takes a look at her and more than angrees to be her fake boyfriendbut what happens when being a fake boyfriend doesn't seem much ap [...]

    15. This book was good. I had a HARD time putting it down ;and when it ended , I wanted more. Selina is a very likable character, and Mads is like walking sex . seriously !I wanted to eat him. yummy. (Slight spoiler alert )Only 2 things I found myself wishing were different : 1 being , The amount of time they spent together. I wanted more. & 2 being; The ending. What happens now with his Job snd stuff. Like I said before, I wanted more at the end. What can I say , I'm greedy. Sue me.So, all in a [...]

    16. I loved this story. I could so relate to Selina and how awesome is it that she gets Mads. What a perfect story. I love the way that Selina is so caught between being the put together person she was becoming and stuck with that person she was in high school. How many of us have felt like that it on our lives. What a great story and a nice hot shifter to go with it. That seems like a dream come true. Love to see the bully in the story get what's coming to him. This whole story made me just want to [...]

    17. This book is absolutely fantastic. It reads easily and has humor as well as sexual attraction between the heroine and the hero in the book. Selina is a curvy girl which I like because I like seeing us curvy girls win in the end and Mads is the escort she hires to take her to something that she is dreading. He comes upon the man that broke her heart and manages to put him in his place. Mads and Selina have an amazing connection from the first meeting which leads to amazing passion. This book is f [...]

    18. A lovely story not overly long where Selina has to face up to her High School bullies at the 10 year reunion. She may have moved on with her life but like many who have been tormented over weight issues she still has insecurities when it come to men. At a friends insistence she decides to attend the reunion with a male escort rather than not go or worse still turn up alone.The storyline flows nicely between the two main characters so you have both points of view. The author has managed to write [...]

    19. Past insecuritiesSelina gets an invitation to her ten year class reunion, but her high school years were unkind to her. She’s always had a few extra pounds on her only now she wears them well. But her one and only from high school will be there. She has no one in her dating life to bring and her friend suggests a shifter escort service. Mads has one rule in choosing who he escorts, that as long as the beast within is not interested he can take the job. So why when he Cat is crawling to get out [...]

    20. Fun reunion story, complete with shiftersWhat better way to get through a reunion except Selina is not sure about paying for a date. This story is fun and passionate with just the right level of revenge and comedy. And now a bit about the storySelina has finally got her life in order. She is a successful business owner and is happy! Until she gets a fancy invitation from her high school. It is time for her 10 year reunion She is dreading it until her best friend gives her an idea and she meets [...]

    21. This is a fun bbw story of a beautiful curvy woman called Selina, who gets invited to her class reunion. After a horrible experience she doesn't want to attend on her own. Her friend encourages her to try an escort site. Enter Mads a tall good looking European shifter. There is instant attraction for both but Selina is convinced Mads is only in it for the pay check. Does Mads want her enough to convince here there's a future for them?I loved this book. Selina is an amazing confident bbw woman wh [...]

    22. I received a free ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.Oh my gosh this book was so not what I was expecting. I was hooked from the beginning. It was so much fun to read and I loved the buy play between Selina and Mads. There was some of everything in this story. There was drama, comedy and sadness. What more can we ask for?I could relate to Selina and I was happy with how the story played out. I just wanted to know what happened after but the author just left us wanting more [...]

    23. Most people dread their high school reunion especially if you were one the unpopular ones. I could so relate to Selina. She's a curvy woman who has come to love her body, but those insecurities come roaring back. She's going to use a shifter escort service for a date to impress at the reunion. In walks Mads a lion shifter. Attraction between the two is instant. Mads is the just the amount of self confidence boost Selina needs. Definitely an enjoyable read with a touch of humor and sexual tension [...]

    24. I receive this book in exchange for an honest review.This story started out quickly and got very steamy fast. I found myself rooting for Leo in the story and hoped this would be a HAE. I was happy as the story progressed and enjoyed how quickly Daniel got put in his place at the reunion. My only complaint with this story was at the end it just stopped and we did not get to see how things played out and resolved. This was my first book by this author and I would recommend it as a good feel for he [...]

    25. What an excellent book. I love when a curvy girl has a hot guy on her arm. Selena is a downhome girl with self esteem issues from high school. Mads is a very hot alpha shifter that is hired to be her escort. Their attraction from the first time they meet starts at a small smolder and gets hotter each time they are together. I couldn't put this book down until I was finished and was left wanting more at the end. This is a must read , but a warning, it's cliffhanger.

    26. I liked it, though I would of liked it more if it was a little longer. Maybe take it to where David showed her he had changed since high school and tried to make amends with her, but in reality he just wanted to do the same thing and think he still had it or he was the man, and having Mads shift leading into maybe the town hunting the "shifter" down or something like that, but all in all I did like it.Keep up the good work Claudia :)

    27. **SPOILERS****I received an arc for an honest review. I love the friendship between Salina and her friend Anita. Selina got the dreaded ten year high school reunion invite, and being a curvy girl (which I am) and not having a current boyfriend she is only thinking of going. When she lets her best friend Anita know about it she has the perfect solution. A paid male escort and a shifter one to boot. And then the story really begins. Give a read you will love it.

    28. A short, enjoyable story about an insecure woman facing her ten-year high school reunion. She had a really bad situation with a classmate and doesnt want to show up alone. Her friend recommends a shifter escort service. There is an immediate attraction but she has fears about crossing the line with the escort. He tempts her to want more than a date. Each chapter alternates between the main characters and it is interesting to see their points of view.

    29. A very well written depiction of my high school career, if only I could have hired Fur Real Shifter Escorts! I warmed to Selena instantly and positively heated to Mads!Mads is who every curvy girl who was bullied, or made fun of, in high school needs! A big, tall, big lion shifter with a penchant for the curvier things in life did I say he was big? I love the characters, I love the story and while this was the first book I have read by this author, it is not going to be the last!

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