An Oath Sworn

An Oath Sworn Bound by honor to save a country they love The bastard daughter of the French king Marie Alesia Serouge has just one chance at freedom when she escapes her captor in the Scottish highlands A mere paw

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  • Title: An Oath Sworn
  • Author: Diana Cosby
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bound by honor to save a country they love The bastard daughter of the French king, Marie Alesia Serouge has just one chance at freedom when she escapes her captor in the Scottish highlands A mere pawn in a scheme to destroy relations between France and Scotland, Marie must reach her father and reveal the Englishmen s treacherous plot But she can t abandon the wounded waBound by honor to save a country they love The bastard daughter of the French king, Marie Alesia Serouge has just one chance at freedom when she escapes her captor in the Scottish highlands A mere pawn in a scheme to destroy relations between France and Scotland, Marie must reach her father and reveal the Englishmen s treacherous plot But she can t abandon the wounded warrior she stumbles upon and she can t deny that his fierce masculinity, Scottish or not, stirs something wild inside her.Colyne MacKerran is on a mission for his king, and he s well aware that spies are lying in wait for him everywhere Wounded en route, he escapes his attackers and is aided by an alluring Frenchwoman whose explanation for her presence in the Highlands rings false Even if she saved his life, he cannot trust her with his secrets But he won t leave her to the mercy of brigands, either and as they race for the coast, he can t help but wonder if her kiss is as passionate as she is.With nothing in common but their honor, Colyne and Marie face a dangerous journey to safety through the untamed Scottish landscape and their own reckless hearts

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    1. 3.5 starsI don't remember the other two in the series, although I have read them. So I can safely say this can be read as a stand alone. And I suppose since neither of the previous were memorable, you can guess this one wont be either.The story is pretty good, full of action. The H & h are both likeable. There is the issue of Colyne's first love that is mentioned but the author does well to show she is not a threat to the h. The hero does forget about her, and his love for the h is stonger t [...]

    2. Another great adventure/romance from Diana Cosby! I really liked the H/h in Colyne and Alesia (Marie). Well - Alesia got on my nerves a few times with her pig-headedness, but her motivations made sense. As for Colyne - he was almost perfect. I was rooting for them all the way!What bothered me a little about the story was the fact that I felt like I was reading An Oath Broken again, as the action portion of the plot was very similar. With this book though, the story had more of a satisfying concl [...]

    3. This love story was both sweet and tumultuous. Our hero is Colyne, the Earl of Strathcliffe; and our heroine is Marie, King Philip's bastard daughter. The pair encounter one another while they are both running for their lives from the Duke of Renard's men. Keeping their identities and travel purposes secret, they make their way across Scotland trying to reach France before the Duke's men can find them.Colyne was my favorite character in the earlier books of the series - but he didn't seem like t [...]

    4. I was given this book in the hopes that I'd give an honest review. So, here it is! This is the third book in the Oath Trilogy, and I feel it was a satisfying end to a wonderful series.Colyne was a dashing, chivalrous, sexy, loyal knight who was rescued and nursed back to health by the daughter of a king!Marie was sweet, intelligent, courageous, and just the right amount of independent that she didn't come across like a know-it-all bitch. She was sweet and I actually enjoyed her.Colyne and Marie [...]

    5. This is the third book in the Oath trilogy by Diana Cosby which I have read and loved each and everyone and this An Oath Sworn was no different. Another rifting faced paced read lined with adventure, murder, mystery abduction, deceit, betrayal and romance that sizzles. Scotland 1299Lady Marie Alesia Serouge escapes who had been kidnapped by the evil and corrupt English Duke Renard in Scotland. Marie is the French King Philip's bastard daughter. King Phillip supporting Scotland as the English wan [...]

    6. This is the last installment of "The Oath Trilogy" and I enjoyed it as much as the first two. It's about secret identities. Both the hero Colyne and the heroine Marie (aka Alesia) keep their true identities and travel purposes hidden. (Although it gets a little bit exhausting later on because they are too stubborn to reveal who they really are. It would have made things so much easier.) As in the previous book I also liked that the main characters had to travel through nature with their pursuers [...]

    7. Having really enjoyed Book 2, An Oath Broken, I was very excited to receive an ARC via NetGalley of the last book in this trilogy, An Oath Sworn. Unfortunately, my personal oath to read/review every ARC I receive came very close to being broken. At 60% I was struggling to finish. What was missing? A strong Scottish factor for one. Despite his occasional brogue, this Scottish hero’s mannerism came across too English. Maybe it was because he was too much of a gentleman and not enough of a claymo [...]

    8. Synopsis:The bastard daughter of the French king, Marie Alesia Serouge has just one chance at freedom when she escapes her captor in the Scottish highlands. A mere pawn in a scheme to destroy relations between France and Scotland, Marie must reach her father and reveal the Englishman's treacherous plot. But she can't abandon the wounded warrior she stumbles upon—and she can't deny that his fierce masculinity, Scottish or not, stirs something wild inside her.Colyne MacKerran is on a mission for [...]

    9. Never, ever disappointed in one of Diana Cosby's books!How can you not like this suspenseful, emotional read when dropped into the middle of an escape leaving you gripping the chair with fear of the worst! As it happens, both Lady Marie Alesia Serouge and Colyne MacKerran narrowly escape–she from the peril of her abductors and he from those who would see King Philip fail.Suspense coils with drama as both hero and heroine seek freedom for themselves and freedom for Scotland. Each don’t know i [...]

    10. Diana Cosby's one of today's leading Historical Scottish Romance Writers! She has a way with words that drew me into her story like I was right there beside the hero and heroine as they were making there escape across Scotland to France. I had tears running down my face as I read the passage where Marie see's the carnage and devastation the English wrought on Colyne's friend's home. It gripped me with such sorrow. The passage read like this. "Marie raced after Colyne, the stench of smoke growing [...]

    11. Attacked and injured on the way to deliver a message to the King of France, Colyne MacKerran finds himself being taken care of by a beautiful woman. Deciding to help her reach her destination, Coyne must keep his mission a secret.Marie Alesia Serouge is the bastard daughter of the King of France. She was kidnapped and must find her way home before her father declares war with Scotland for her kidnapping. Not knowing who to trust, she keeps her identity from Colyne.Making their way to the same de [...]

    12. I've been reading Scottish highlander books by a number of different authors and while I liked Ms. Crosby's Colyne McKerran, I was disappointed that there wasn't more Scottish to him. He's a lord in his own right, but aside from fleeing the countryside, there's not much exposition of Scotland. Colyne was wounded trying to get a writ to the French king explaining who kidnapped the King's bastard daughter, Marie. As luck or fate would have it, Marie comes upon Colyne and tends to his wounds, but s [...]

    13. Wow! Diana has done a good job writing this book. She has given us a story with a lot of action. She gives us some awesome Scots! It is hard to walk away from her stories but this story had many chapters that I had to rest. Diana gives us a strong woman in Marie, the bastard daughter of the King of France. She was kidnapped, escaped and ran into a strange man, Colyne. Big Spoilers. He is on a mission to talk to the King, as is Marie or Alesia. Spoilers. They are running and have to hide. They ru [...]

    14. I received this ebook from NetGallery for an honest review.I absolutely loved this book . It had everything I love in a storyline: danger, intrigue, romance, a ending resolution and a Highlander. The characters were very likeable and both male and female brave and strong. Colyne MacKerran and Lady Marie (the bastard daughter of French King Phillip, although she does not share that with him) meet quite accidentally while running away from the same bad guys. However, they don't trust each other en [...]

    15. I loved this series. Anything set in Scotland around 1300 or so appeals to me. So, this third book was perfect. Colyne MacKerran was another hot Scot and Marie Alesia was a nice French woman. There was a bit too much stupidity on both parties not to figure out who she was and then to think he saw danger and not act on it was dumb but it made a nice story. And, you knew it would all wind up okay or you hoped so. I will be reading the other books written by this author. She has a way with words. I [...]

    16. This is book three in "The Oath Trilogy". Our heroine is Marie Alesia Serouge, who is a illegitimate daughter of the French king. Marie has been taken and she has to escape and let her father know what they are trying to do. This leads her to meeting wounded warrior, Colyne MacKerran . Colyne is on a mission for the King so he is somewhat aware of what is going on. But they both have trust issue and that slows down they really coming together to fix the issue and to help themselves. There is som [...]

    17. Diana Cosby has done it again!I think Diana Cosby may have just outdone herself with this amazing, sexually compelling romance, complete with magic, passion and fraught with danger. She carefully pulled from some of Scotland's rich history to enrich her plot. I have really enjoyed all of her books that I have read, but I believe this one may be my new favorite! Recommending this book, this series, or any of Diana Cosby's books is easy! You are always in for a treat, and she never fails to delive [...]

    18. I was given an ARC by NetGalley in exchange for an Honest review. This was the first book I read both in the series and by the author. I did find the story engaging and Colyne and Marie face a dangerous journey to complete their tasks. They did have chemistry and constant push /pull between them. My only real complaint with the story was the repeat of "A Swords Wrath" over and over. I will read another book by this author and I'm considering reading the previous books in the series.

    19. Colyne and Marie are thrown together in such a way as they have to rely on one another early on in the book. Marie is running away from her kidnappers and does not trust anyone. Colyne is bent on warning his King who Marie was kidnapped by. Little does he know the women he is traveling across Scotland with is the one he wants to warn his King of. It is a good story line that was easy to read. Thank you Netgalley for this ARC for my honest review.

    20. Where is the alpha Scottish male in this story? Is he hiding behind is not existent kilt? I struggled with this story and it took a lot to finish. I just couldn't get into the story, it was very unlike any Scottish Highlander book I have read. The main hero just fell short to me and didn't give me a "thrill". The heroine was tough and gritty and is the reason for the three stars.Received a copy from NetGalley for an honest review.

    21. Fantastic read!Fast paced and action packed. Packed with intrigue, High Sea adventure, passion, treason, treachery, betrayal, devotion and the power of love, fans of Scottish Historical Romance will fall in love with this mesmerizing couple.Ms. Cosby has once delivered a fantastic read. Highly recommended!*Personal buy*Rating: 4.5Heat rating: HotReviewed by: AprilR

    22. This is the 3rd book in the Oath Trilogy and I found it enjoyable. With the characters could have used a bit more depth, Colyne was a wonderful hero but lacked a bit of that Scottish fire and ruggedness that I love so much. The chemistry between the hero and heroine was good, and the story held my interest.

    23. I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review. I am so glad that I was able to read this book early. I have never read anything by Diana Cosby and I will never miss another book. It is FANTASTIC. I loved the setting and the story was just great. I cannot wait for more.

    24. Oath SwornWhat a wonderful read. I have read all three books of this trilogy. I have never been disappointed in the story or characters. They were brilliant and believable. My only regret is that there aren't more to read. Good job and I look forward to reading more.

    25. I am a long time fan of the author Diana Cosby her books never fail to amaze me and this one did just that and then some.With characters that will melt your heart and a story line which will keep you entranced where can you go wrong . you dont.I just adore everything about this book,

    26. I enjoyed more then the first two. I like H n h together. It was a fun read. I don't enjoy gloss over sex scenes and all thus author books are like that.

    27. GoodWell written. Believable characters for the era. Could have been a little more difficult to determine the outcome but pleasant reading

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