Milagro En Los Andes

Milagro En Los Andes En octubre de un avion de las Fuerzas Aereas uruguayas en el que viaja un equipo de rugby se estrella en los Andes Solo dieciseis pasajeros sobreviviran Las terribles temperaturas los aludes el h

  • Title: Milagro En Los Andes
  • Author: Nando Parrado
  • ISBN: 9875802646
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback
  • En octubre de 1972 un avion de las Fuerzas Aereas uruguayas en el que viaja un equipo de rugby se estrella en los Andes Solo dieciseis pasajeros sobreviviran Las terribles temperaturas los aludes el hambre y el miedo a no ser rescatados iran minando sus esperanzas Al limite de sus fuerzas Nando Parrado emprendera con dos companeros un agonico viaje que los llevara a cruEn octubre de 1972 un avion de las Fuerzas Aereas uruguayas en el que viaja un equipo de rugby se estrella en los Andes Solo dieciseis pasajeros sobreviviran Las terribles temperaturas los aludes el hambre y el miedo a no ser rescatados iran minando sus esperanzas Al limite de sus fuerzas Nando Parrado emprendera con dos companeros un agonico viaje que los llevara a cruzar los Andes en busca de ayuda Nando nos narra su propia experiencia con una franqueza loable y con profundo sentimiento Milagro en los Andes es mas que el fascinante relato de una aventura basada en hechos reales es una mirada reveladora de la vida al borde de la muerte y una reflexion sobre el ilimitado poder redentor del amor.

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    1. Why bother reading Nando Parrado's book if you have already read 'Alive' right? After all, that book was written right after the event with extensive interviews with the 16 survivors and offers an accurate and detailed account of the events of that tragic crash sight portrayed in the 1993 Ethan Hawke movie 'Alive'?WRONG! This book is simply amazing. Written thirty years after the crash Nando ruminates and expresses his emotions about those awful 72 days. There are many interesting points he brin [...]

    2. Opening Line: “It was Friday the thirteenth of October. We joked about that -flying over the Andes on such an unlucky day, but young men make these kinds of jokes so easily.”This was a fantastic read, absolutely gripping even though I already knew the story pretty well having read Piers Paul Read’s Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors and catching the movie on TV a couple times. You wouldn’t really think there'd be much left to tell of the ill-fated Uruguayan rugby team’s plane cras [...]

    3. A staggering story.Intense and Incredible! When my book club chose this book, I honestly wasn't looking forward to reading it. I had read ALIVE and thought I already knew the story, as it had been told in detail. Boy, was I blown away! What an amazing surprise MIRACLE IN THE ANDES turned out to be! Nanado Parrado very skillfully and gently takes you into those mountains with such vivid images and heartbreaking exchanges of dialogue, that you 'feel' the immense cold, your stomach actually churns [...]

    4. Such a moving and amazing book on survival, loss and triumph of the human spirit. This is a personal account written by Nando Parrado of what happened to him and other survivors of the Andes plane crash. Nando Parrado was unconscious for three days before he woke to discover that the plane carrying his rugby team, as well as their family members and supporters, to an exhibition game in Chile had crashed somewhere deep in the Andes. He soon learned that many were dead or dying—among them his ow [...]

    5. AMAZING! I was somewhat taken by surprise by this book, which is the story of the personal account of the one survivors of the Andes plane crash in 1974. The author was an untested and somewhat spoiled young man in his 20's when his plane crashed in the mountains and he and his rugby teammates were left for dead. Their story was also told in "Alive", which is also a great book, but this story is less about the details of the crash and more about the author's personal journal out of the mountains [...]

    6. I am probably like a lot of other people who, after reading Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors many years ago, never got the story out of my head. I missed this book completely when it came out in 2006 but am so glad a friend lent it to me. The only bad thing was that I started reading it while I still had family at the house for the Thanksgiving weekend and I had to pretty much be physically pulled away from the book to interact with everyone. (Apologies to my sister) This book was complet [...]

    7. Amazing! A first-hand account of the famous rugby team crash in the Andes in 1972. If you like what I call the Krakauer genre--you'll love this one! Very insightful! What goes through your mind when you realize you've survived a crash--but the search crews have given up and there is no way out of the mountains? How about the thought process behind the decision to eat the frozen flesh of your dead friends? This is one of the more powerful books I've read in a while. Stark look into the depths of [...]

    8. This was one of the most amazing survival stories I've ever read. What is most incredible is to listen to the author, in his own tone of voice, articulate the philosophy, values and behavior of this airplane accident high in the Andes. And then, from a perspective of over 30 years, hear him describe what he has learned and what is important to him. Lessons for us all.

    9. "I had always thought that life was the actual thing, the natural thing, and that death was simply the end of living. Now, in this lifeless place, I saw with a terrible clarity that death was the constant, death was the base, and life was only a short, fragile dream. I was dead already. I had been born dead, and what I thought was my life was just a game death let me play as it waited to take me." - Nando Parrado. This is an incredible story of survival, despair, hope, and pain. The word "Inspir [...]

    10. I do not see any reason for rating this book less than five stars.The Andes tried to kill them and they survived.This whole incident is narrated by the author in detail and each part and paragraph of this book makes you see the suffering of the survivors in the crash right from Nando's head.I do not think any first hand account was included in Alive.So this makes the book more special.I recommend this for every one

    11. What a powerful story on the power of human spirit. The experienced was conveyed in a believable and alive way that manages to make me feel along Nando. Perplexed and uncertain at first, struggling and trying, heartbreak and loss, and the survival. This book reminds me of how powerful the spirit of human being can be, when tested. The writer left us readers with his best advice: "Savor your existence. Live every moment. Do not waste a breath."

    12. Sehr detailliert geschrieben. Eindrücklich und zugleich grausam wie sie vor 45 Jahren aus den Anden fanden.

    13. I am so glad I decided to read this even after reading Alive. Alive gave me a broad overview of the event of the plane crash in the Andes and the struggle for survival and Miracle made it more personal. The fact that there were survivors in such extreme circumstances is simply beyond me. This will certainly join my best adventure reads bookshelf with Into Thin Air and The Perfect Storm. The only thing missing was a description of Tintin’s solitary walk back to the plane from the mountain exped [...]

    14. By Nando Parrado and Vince Rause. Grade: A+‘Miracle in the Andes – 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home’ is the story of adventure, courage, tragedy, horror, terror, love and much more of a group of individuals who survive for seventy two days at more than twelve thousand feet in the Andes. Penned by Nando Parrado (one of the survivors) and Vince Rause, it is an autobiographical account of the days Nando and his comrades had to face high in the Andes.The blurb goes like this -Nand [...]

    15. Es gibt viele unschöne Arten zu sterben. Mit dem Flugzeug abstürzen, erfrieren, verhungern, einen Hang hinunter stürzen, seinen Verletzungen erliegen.In der größten Überlebensgeschichte unserer Zeit, sah sich Nando Parrado mit all diesen Todesursachen konfrontiert und schaffte es immer wieder dem Tod um Haaresbreite zu entkommen. In "Miracles in the Andes" bringt er 30 Jahre nach dem Absturz, die unglaubliche Geschichte seines Überlebenskampfes zu Papier.Für weltweiten Wirbel in der Sens [...]

    16. E’ stata, questa, una lettura coinvolgente. Non è un libro scritto “bene”, né poteva esserlo, poiché scrivere non è la professione dell’autore, anche se coadiuvato da altri. Ed è permeato, benché Parrado lo neghi ripetutamente, da un profondo senso religioso, cosa che mi disturba sempre un po’. Ma, nonostante questo, ti ritrovi a voler ascoltare la voce narrante, per capire una situazione che, ovviamente, ti auguri non debba capitarti mai.Il 13 ottobre 1972, Fernando Parrado e tu [...]

    17. "What good is God to us?" I replied. "Why would He let my mother and sister die so senselessly? If He loves us so much, why does He leave us here to suffer?""You are angry at the God you were taught to believe in as a child," Arturo answered. "The God who is suposed to watch over you and protect you, who answers your prayers and forgives your sins. This God is just a story. Religions try to capture God, but God is beyond religion. The true God lies beyond our comprehension. We can't understand H [...]

    18. There have been several books in my life which have altered my perspective on the world, and my place in it. This is one of them. There are some stories which, fact or fiction, just hit you in some core part of the soul. The idea that this story is real adds to the kick. Nando's story of survival is no doubt one jaded by time and perspective. I wonder how many of the other survivors of this ordeal has read this work, and what their commentaries are. I wonder how other survivors of other such tra [...]

    19. Spectacular adventure story that brought me to tears in the final pages. I had vaguely heard about this historic event, but had yet to "dive in" (read: read the entire page and all related links). The most I knew going in was a Uruguayan rugby team crash landed in the Andes and at least one learned to tell the tale. I had no idea how the crash happened, who survived, how they survived and most importantly, how they escaped. Of course, this was the best way to experience the book, as many detail [...]

    20. الرحلة 571 لسلاح الجو الأوروغوياني او ماتعرف بمعجزة جبال الأنديز, قصة الطائرة لتي كانت تقل اعضاء من اتحاد فريق الرغبي الاورغواياني و التي تحطمت وسقطت في اعلى سلسلة جبال في امريكا الجنوبية. هذا الكتاب اشبة بقصه خيالية حيث الاحداث شيقة ومحبوكة بعناية. يحكي الكاتب, وهو احد الناج [...]

    21. This was powerful story of love, unbelievable trials, faith and determination. I marveled at the hope, strength and resilience of Nando and his fellow passengers who endured unbearable conditions in the Andes Mountains. The overwhelming theme that resonated with me while reading this book was to "live every moment, do not waste a breath" & "savor each moment of live with presence and gratitude."This story reminds you that it's possible to live, even when you suffer.

    22. In 1972 a charter plane carrying members of an Uruguayan rugby team crashed in the Andes mountains. Having been given up for dead, the surviving members of the crash survived 72 days before finding their way out. Forty-five people were on the plane and sixteen survived.This story shows how strong people can be in the face of adversity. During the most terrible times, leaders emerge, faith is examined and ingenuity steps in. The author, Nando Parrado, is one of the two survivors who were determin [...]

    23. GENERAL:- read this with my 7th graders, who loved itLIKES:- very moving. I went into this as stone-cold iceberg, and had to pretend I wasn't crying a few times.- honest and humble- I appreciated the straightforward narration. I really felt that I was there.DISLIKES:- the beginning was slow. But maybe I was just too excited to get to the crash. (Morbid me.)- Parrado is very fixated on his future wife and getting girls. I won't begrudge a man for wanting a future and romantic companionship. Howev [...]

    24. Gripping! I cannot tell you the emotions this book will bring you. This is a true story, an emotional account written by one of the survivors of a plane crash back in October 1972 in the Andes Mountains. Honestly, I had never heard of this before? Granted when the story unfolded I was merely 6 years old and even if over the many years that have transpired, if mention of it was on the news of an "anniversary", I had no recollection of the initial happening to make it memorable for me. Noww, I wil [...]

    25. Back in the 1970's, a fantastic, gruesome story emerged that a Uruguayan plane had crashed in the Andes and the passengers had managed to stay alive by resorting to cannibalism. Pretty soon, the book "Alive" by Piers Paul Read started coursing its way through my seventh grade class, but those of us who refused to read it did so for one compelling reason: that by reading it we would somehow be tainted by the taboo of cannibalism. Many years later, when I discovered "Miracle in the Andes", a first [...]

    26. I started to read this book and then stopped thinking I'd seen the movie "Alive" and I don't need to relive the horrible tale of people eating people, but my friend Lisa convinced me to give it a 2nd chance and explained that this book helped her find her inner strength while running the races she does. So I decided to give it another try. I'm so happy I did. Unlike the movie "Alive", which is a factual account of the plane crash and aftermath, this book is more a book of the human soul, as Nand [...]

    27. I think I was a young teenager the first time I read ALIVE and that book made a huge impact on me. My daughter jokes about the fact that I scared the hell out of her as a kid when I used to try to impress upon her that she was welcome to eat my dead body if she ever needed to. It sounds really creepy (my daughter certainly thought so!) but it came from being so deeply affected by ALIVE and its intense story of survival. Me telling her that was a gesture of fierce mother-love--it was me wanting t [...]

    28. Amazing story of survival and spirituality. This book was extremely well written and really easy to read. As Nando describes his time in the Andes, "we were absurdly out of place here, like a seahorse in the desert, or a flower on the moon" - and yet he and 15 of his friends managed to survive for 72 days. I particularly liked a conversation Nando recalled with Arturo, who sadly did not survive - "The God who is supposed to watch over you and protect you, who answers your prayers and forgives yo [...]

    29. This book is a personal narrative written by a survivor of the 1972 plane crash into the Andes. This event was already well recorded in the book "Alive" and the movie with the same name. What you get: a very moving and personal story of surviving. Parrado lost his mother in the crash, had his sister dies in his arms and proceeded to after 60 days of fighting for his life, walked out of the Andes (with another survivor)to save himself and his fellow survivors. And it is moving and uplifting.

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