Whatever Happened To My Sister?

Whatever Happened To My Sister A young girl sets out to find out exactly what happened to her sister Who is this new sister Why does she never want to play any For anyone who has ever felt left behind Simona Ciraolo the best sell

  • Title: Whatever Happened To My Sister?
  • Author: Simona Ciraolo
  • ISBN: 9781909263529
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young girl sets out to find out exactly what happened to her sister Who is this new sister Why does she never want to play any For anyone who has ever felt left behind, Simona Ciraolo, the best selling author of Hug Me, paints a touchingly sweet portrayal of the transience of childhood and how adolescence and growing up can be a truly mystifying experience.Simona CA young girl sets out to find out exactly what happened to her sister Who is this new sister Why does she never want to play any For anyone who has ever felt left behind, Simona Ciraolo, the best selling author of Hug Me, paints a touchingly sweet portrayal of the transience of childhood and how adolescence and growing up can be a truly mystifying experience.Simona Ciraolo is a Sardinian born author and illustrator whose witty and endearing tales recently won her the Sebastian Walker Award Ciraolo studied animation at the National Film School in Turin, Italy, before moving to the United Kingdom where she undertook an MA in children s book illustration at the Cambridge School of Art She has also worked as a freelance 2D animator for children s TV shows and illustrated five picture books for an independent Italian publisher Simona lives in South London.

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    1. I adored this picture book. The plot is a little girl who's certain her teenaged sister has been replaced by an imposter because so much about her has changed. (So an imposter is the only explanation, obviously).The style and detail of the illustrations is really what makes this book special, although the writing is fantastic as well. But please, if you're planning to read this book, take a few more moments to look at the details Ciraolo has added to the book -- the posters on the walls, the cat [...]

    2. This is a very charming book about what happens when your older sister starts to grow up and like different things and there is a gap between you age differences that starts to affect a relationship. But you can never really break the bond of a sisterhood. This book has some really cute illustrations and has subject matter that I'm sure will connect with a lot of readers. I would recommend this book to children who have older siblings especially. ~Ashley

    3. Funny. Sensitive. Charming. There's a bond between sisters that is unexplainable. I spoke about this when I represented Saleema Nawaz's Bone & Bread at CBC's Appel Salon event on March 8th. That book was meant for an older audience. Now, I've stumbled upon another book that will appeal to the younger audience, and it is delightful and heartwarming. Told from the perspective of the younger sister, Whatever Happened To My Sister by Simona Ciraolo evokes genuine emotions packaged in a straightf [...]

    4. A sweet story about sisters written from a unique perspective of the little sister wondering about her pubescent older sister. Her sister has changed, doesn't like the same things, or play with her like she used to and she wonders if she has been switched. Just when she gets sad and realizes how much she misses her older sister, big sis comes along and invites her to do a big sister thing with her and comments on how much she has grown! Very sweet. Can't say I'm too fond of the art though, too m [...]

    5. Dei um salto à biblioteca à procura de novidades na secção infantil. Passo sempre por lá porque gosto de apreciar as ilustrações, degustando as histórias. Deliciei-me com este livro que vou recomendar a meninas com irmãs mais velhas. É um livro sobre as dores e alegrias do crescimento.

    6. I love Simona Ciraolo's work, how true it feels. Plus, the illustrations in this book about a younger sister who feels her older sister drifting away are gorgeous and unique—the blue and orange palettes!

    7. Super adorable story about a little girl who thinks her older sister has been replaced by an impostor. How else to explain how she suddenly wants "privacy" and is always on the phone and is friends with BOYS? And she doesn't even like frilly things any more? Impostor. That's the only explanation.

    8. Summary: Written by Simona Ciraolo, Whatever Happened to my Sister tells the story of a concerned young girl trying to figure out what happened to her older sister. She’s convinced that her older sister was replaced by someone else because to her, her sister had become boring. Instead of playing with her, her older sister has become very secretive, started liking boys, and growing taller. The young girl even goes to her parents for answers about the sudden change, but does not receive any. In [...]

    9. A little girl, who loves her big sister, can't understand what happened to her. The sister she used to know is gone, and one who is foreign to her shows up instead.Beautiful story of watching someone you love change.

    10. Lovely, special, kind of sad. Beautiful illustrations and words that capture the feeling of being outgrown.

    11. #puberty #siblings - a young girl wonders what is happening to her sister as she grows older and goes through puberty.

    12. A little girl knows that something strange is happening to her older sister. She has gotten a lot taller lately and never wants to play any more. She doesn’t like pretty things and has become very secretive. She spends a lot of time in her room alone with the door shut. The little girl tries to seek out advice from her sister’s friends, but they all seem to be acting in a similar way. Her mom and dad are no help at all either. Then the little girl realizes that she misses her big sister so m [...]

    13. What a relief to find a picture book that deals with the complex issue of maturity and change for sisters, and uses actual humans to deal with challenging emotions, rather than abdicating the responsibility to bunnies or puppies, who so often bear the burden, whenever the talk gets tough. Thank you oh thank you, Simona Ciraolo, for using people characters and letting them speak. Let me also assure you that real girls are listening and responding. I've read this book with some groups of children [...]

    14. This title from Great Britain follows a young girl as she tries to figure out where the sister with whom she once shared so many activities has gone. Readers will quickly realize that she hasn't gone anywhere, but is becoming a teenager. Adolescence means a change in height, appearance, and behavior, and the younger sibling looks for clues as to what's going on while musing on what she misses. As it turns out, of course, her sister has been there all along, and she finally comes back, at least b [...]

    15. **This book was sent to me by the publisher for review but it is 100% my honest opinion.**I adored this book!! So freaking cute and lovely. And the story was so beautiful. This little girl is trying to figure out what has happened to her big sister because she has changed and become a little distant with her and doesn't want to play with her as much as before and its just really really beautiful.I definitely recommend this. I think that you should read it to your kids or to yourself. I loved it [...]

    16. The little girl in this story misses her big sister. Her sister is still here, but her sister is now a teenager and doesn’t have time for her little sister anymore. Little Sister tries repeatedly to get Big Sister’s attention. Then while she looking at old photographs of them together, Little Sister begins to cry. It’s then that Big Sister finally comes out of her room and invites Little Sister to listen to music and try on clothes. All of the sudden, Little Sister is beginning to look mor [...]

    17. Adding this to my "tear-jerker" shelf may be more of an adult reaction, like much of my reaction to the movie "Inside Out." I have two daughters; the oldest one is starting to edge into this older kid stuff. The youngest hates to be left out and life has been pretty "unfair" a lot lately. I also vaguely remember being that older sister and all the strange changes of that time. I am definitely going to read this to my younger daughter, maybe even both of them.

    18. I was lucky enough to have someone point this book out to me at a sales event this week. It isn't something I'd've picked up from the cover, but after reading it I'm really glad I did. I was never the younger child, but I can see how it would be exactly like this - emotional and confusing and heartwrenching. Definitely one to have in mind when an older child starts growing apart a bit.

    19. She noticed that her sister was getting tallwhat happened?This delightful and amusing story follows a girl as she watches her older sister become a teenager. This picturebook would definitely appeal to elementary students who have older siblings. The muted color palette is nostalgic with excellent use of white space.

    20. This is one that I knew nothing about and honestly was worried that something horrible had happened to the sister (like, she was dead). Instead this is a super cute, super sweet story with fantastic illustrations. And which made me cry. So good.

    21. Funny, emotionally aware and wise. This book will be a great springboard into all kinds of interesting conversations about what kids at different ages are like, and noticing these traits in people the reader knows.

    22. A cute story on growing up. A younger sister thinks someone replaced the sister she knew with a teenager. I would say this book is pretty specific to a younger sister who has a big teenage sister, but if that fits your description this is really great.

    23. This is a really cute story about a young girl noticing that her sister is growing up. This would be great to read to Charlotte in a few years when Adeline hits tweendom.

    24. A charming story that adeptly captures the viewpoint of a younger sibling mystified by her sister's transformation as she enters adolescence.

    25. Fun for indulging those "having an older sister" fantasies. See also "My Sister" by The Juliana Hatfield Three.

    26. This will be great for storytime. Not too long and really a very sweet story about two sisters.Themes: sisters, family, growing up

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