The Great Pet Escape

The Great Pet Escape The class pets at Daisy P Flugelhorn Elementary School want OUT and GW short for George Washington the deceptively cute hamster in the second grade classroom is just the guy to lead the way But whe

  • Title: The Great Pet Escape
  • Author: Victoria Jamieson
  • ISBN: 9781627791069
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • The class pets at Daisy P Flugelhorn Elementary School want OUT and GW short for George Washington , the deceptively cute hamster in the second grade classroom, is just the guy to lead the way But when he finally escapes and goes to find his former partners in crime, Barry and Biter, he finds that they actually LIKE being class pets Impossible Just as GW gets BarThe class pets at Daisy P Flugelhorn Elementary School want OUT and GW short for George Washington , the deceptively cute hamster in the second grade classroom, is just the guy to lead the way But when he finally escapes and goes to find his former partners in crime, Barry and Biter, he finds that they actually LIKE being class pets Impossible Just as GW gets Barry and Biter to agree to leave with him, a mouse named Harriet and her many mouse minions get in their way What follows is class pet chaos guaranteed to make readers giggle and maybe look at their class pets a little differently in the future.

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    1. As a second grade teacher who has a class pet, the description of this newer book makes it perfect for me to check out and preview! It offers a hilarious concept of class pets in an elementary school teaming up and planning a great escape from the confines of their rooms and school. It's delivered in a graphic novel style, and the illustrations offer some serious laugh out loud moments. The connection to my room is wonderful with GW being in a second grade classroom, and this will be one that I [...]

    2. THE GREAT PET ESCAPE by Victoria Jamieson is a hilarious graphic fantasy about what class pets do at night. When hamster, inventor, and class pet GW (George Washington) escapes from his cage in the second grade classroom, he sets off to free his friends. However he soon finds out that many of his peers like being class pets. Along the way, GW and his friends discover an evil plot by the Harriet, the fourth-grade mouse and must save their school.Designed for beginning chapter book readers, the si [...]

    3. A fun younger reader graphic novel about three classroom pets who want to escape from their cages - lots of silly humour, great characters and dynamic action.

    4. Most students in a classroom with pets have probably wondered what might happen if those animals somehow managed to escape. In this funny graphic novel, that's exactly what occurs although they don't get very far. GW (George Washington), a hamster who longs for the good old days, fashions an escape plan and uses a bobby pin to make his great escape from the second grade classroom. To his dismay, his old friends, Barry and Biter, have come to enjoy being part of their classroom, and they aren't p [...]

    5. G.W a hamster, is determined to escape from his 'prison'. With an overly elaborate invention he stages his 'great escape'. But he can't leave without his pals, Barry (bunny) and Biter (guinea pig). But unfortunately for G.W the class pet for a group of second graders, both Barry and Biter are rather content with 'imprisonment'. Biter in fact is so content she has changed her name to Sunflower and practices meditation. G.W. is horrified. As he tries to convince Biter to come along on his escape, [...]

    6. Adorable illustrations and hilariously clever, school-themed jokes & wordplay. There are sprinklings of more complex words/phrases, such as "frontal lobotomy" [referring to the guinea pig's personality change] (pg. 20). However, the story's pacing, general vocabulary, and well-balanced text + illustrations makes this an accessible and age/interest appropriate for elementary+ students. SO many jokes to love in this book! Classroom pets pulling rank based on which Grade they belonged to, Sunfl [...]

    7. This was a cute graphic novel, perfect for young readers. The class pets want to escapeor at least GW does. But it seems his two best friends, Barry and Biter, have gotten soft in their captivity and want to remain class pets. Then they meet Harriet and trouble finds GW, Barry and Biter. Will they escape?

    8. You laughed out loud repeatedly more than two months ago. You read it again yesterday laughing even more than you did the first time. As an adult you pause to wonder why, realizing readers of all ages will agree with you. We share something in common. We have all attended elementary school. Most readers have had pets in their classrooms. You know you are holding humor gold in your hands when this particular book is read.On January 11, 2016 as the American Library Association announced the Youth [...]

    9. This newest book from Newbery Honor graphic novelist Victoria Jamieson is a fantasy story about what might happen if classroom pets suddenly decided to escape. George Washington, or GW, is the hamster in a second grade classroom. When he manages to get out of his cage, he tries to round up some of the other class pets, but finds that many of them have bonded with their captors and would prefer to stay put. As he tries to convince them to join him in his freedom, GW also discovers that Harriet, t [...]

    10. This is a cute book. I think students will thoroughly enjoy it. It is light and entertaining. I was excited to read it because I so enjoyed Roller Girl by the same author. This is not a book I feel like has a message but it is funny, and kids will love it and really that is what I am all about really, finding books the kids will like.It is a quick read and entertaining. This is the first book in a new series by Jamieson and it will thrill younger readers.

    11. This book offers fun for the whole family. Parents will laugh at the snarky humor. And everyone will love the madcap shenanigans of three classroom pets-GW, Sunflower, and Barry-who bust out of their cages. They plan to escape to freedom from Daisy P. Flugelhorn Elementary School. However, the scheme goes awry when they come up against Harriet (aka Napoleon), her Mouse Minions, and her unlikely ally Lucinda the Snake. I honestly laughed out loud because it's delightfully absurd.

    12. This super cute and funny graphic novel features a trio of class pets determined to break out of school and regain their freedom until the 4th and 5th grade pets come up with a dastardly plan to prank the students. There are tons of cute and funny details in the pictures that kids will enjoy looking for. This is an early chapter book graphic novel, perfect for the younger elementary set, though older kids may well enjoy it as a quick read.

    13. Think Night at the Museum but with classroom petsfull of fun, adventure, and scheming. Super fun graphic novel. Elementary kids will love it, and my middle schoolers probably would have also.

    14. For someone who does not typically enjoy graphic novels, I loved this. I must just love Victoria Jamieson because I also loved her previous book, Roller Girl. Bluebonnet 2017-18

    15. Funny and cute 2-3rd grade graphic novel about classroom animals. A good read for introduction to graphic novels and kids who like funny animal stories!

    16. Glad I finally got to this one! I really enjoy Victoria Jamieson's artwork, there is something about them that appeals to me. Can't wait to see more!

    17. Fun and funny graphic novel about what classroom pets do at night when no one, except the custodian, is around!

    18. The protagonist pets are Barry—a rabbit, Biter—a guinea pig, and GW—a hamster, and they are imprisoned in classrooms. As a class pet, GW dreams of breaking out of the cage which is located in the second grade classroom. They escape the cages, but find out the mouse clans' sly scheme to contaminate foods in the school cafeteria. Long story short, GW and his friends make a decision to stay in their cages in order to hinder the scheme.I like the setting of the story. From the perspective of t [...]

    19. This book was very enjoyable to read since it was written as a graphic novel. The illustrations are colorful and vibrant. I can see where many children would like this book because of the illustrations and you really felt like you were in the book. The book was very exciting and kept you on the edge of your seat.The premise of the book is about GW a hamster who is trying to escape from a second grade class and rescue his other animal friends from their classrooms. They try escaping one night but [...]

    20. This fun and funny graphic novel is all about the antics classroom pets get up to once the students have gone home. This story had me in stitches! The writing is clever enough to be enjoyed both by kids and adults, and the humor is perfectly timed. I could actually see this playing out really well as an animated cartoon! The illustrations are lively and expressive, with some great visual gags to watch for in the background (Keep an eye on that snake…). The main characters all have distinct, we [...]

    21. Another graphic novel and Texas Bluebonnet nominee by Victoria Jamieson. Last year's Roller Girl won the Bluebonnet Award and rightly deserved to do so with its high visual appeal and equally solid story with a great life lesson to boot. This year's Jamieson title has the same outstanding illustrations but is purely goofy fun for the 2nd-4th grade crowd. It will be eagerly read by that age group and even older avid graphic novel fans who are looking only for a quick read that doesn't tax the bra [...]

    22. ''Ha,ha,ha!''After I read this book, I like it ! It was so funny! I never think about that one rabbit,one hamster,one guinea and mouses and a snake can had an incredible adventure! The author was so creative and brilliant! As I read this book, it was just like a mini movie! An adventure for animals! And they succeeded because they helped each other! I like Barry,Biter, George Washington in this book!

    23. 1/1/2017 ** Nerdies! nerdybookclub.wordpress/2This book is hysterical! I've never seen such clear-cut characterization of bunnies, guinea pigs, and mice. These critters are class pets who used to be the gang of Furry Fiends. Will they be able to break out of school? Do they really want to? Be sure to pay attention to the illustration; there's more going on than the reader (of words) might notice.

    24. Introduces 3 class pets (hamsters and guinea pigs) who live a secret life when they are not trapped with the children during the day and end up fighting against the villain, the 4th grade pet mouse! Short, silly, could appeal to younger readers or kids looking for a quick read. First in a series about these same characters.

    25. Net graphic novel about 3 pet friends that are live in an elementary school. One wants to escape but the others are rather, content. Can the friend convince her friends to leave or will she be convinced to stay?

    26. I wanted to read this book because it is a 2017-2018 Texas Bluebonnet book. Graphic novels are currently very popular among young readers. This graphic novel, about school classroom pets, did not keep my attention very well. I was not impressed.

    27. Super cute! So many kids love books about pets and animals, I can think of plenty of students I would hand this too. It is pretty short for the level of vocabulary, but I don't think the mismatch is too much of an issue.

    28. Adorbs! Although my kids will tell you that I am not a graphic reader (it's just so hard for me to follow!) I loved this little ditty! I could totally see getting my animal loving readers into graphics with this one! It's funny and sweet!

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