Feeling White

Feeling White Lies deceit and manipulation A game Alexander White knows only too well but never has he been on the receiving end with such devastating results Thankfully he knows it all now because she s shown he

  • Title: Feeling White
  • Author: Charlotte E. Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lies, deceit and manipulation.A game Alexander White knows only too well, but never has he been on the receiving end with such devastating results Thankfully he knows it all now because she s shown her true colours and he won t be fooled by them again No matter how perfect she may have been, or how close to love he may have come, Elizabeth Scott and her treachery are nowLies, deceit and manipulation.A game Alexander White knows only too well, but never has he been on the receiving end with such devastating results Thankfully he knows it all now because she s shown her true colours and he won t be fooled by them again No matter how perfect she may have been, or how close to love he may have come, Elizabeth Scott and her treachery are now nothing than yet another move in the chessboard of life.His business, as always, is important than his worthless emotions and the storm brewing needs attending to So after he s pushed her out of his system, after he s found his way back to the dull uninteresting type of emotion he s used to he ll deal with it.In the only way he knows how.Beth Scotts life is upside down She was a mess She still is a mess.But now she s just starting to get irritated about her mess.How could he do this to her And how could she have let him Alexander White has a lot to answer for but she won t be one of those stupid girls any longer She has a two week rule and it s about time to get on with it She just needs a distraction, someone or something to remove the pain and help her find a way forward without him.If his twisted game has taught her one thing it s to hold her head up and ask for what she wants So if she can just keep those thoughts running through her head, and embrace what she now needs, she should be fine shouldn t she She should be able to deal with everything.She still has no idea what the hell she s doing.

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    1. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Shining StarsReviewed By Beckie Bookworm beckiebookworm.Wow!, Miss Hart has done it again, what an emotional rollercoaster Feeling White was.Man, every emotion I'm capable of I think I experienced while reading this story.I definitely have emotional whiplash from Alex's multiple personalities.I'm feeling so empathetic towards Beth and her ability to deal with whatever shit-storm Alex throws in her direction.My appreciation for her patience and fortitude has reached epic heigh [...]

    2. The trilogy follows the usual abused child turned rich CEO with weird control issues [his are choking others] and substance abuse [though at least Grey never had the last problem] who meets woman who is suddenly head over heels bla bla bla. They get together, they break apart, they get together, she tries to fix him by changing herself, etc. At around 40% the book changed. I am worried the author might have had a mental breakdown because it went batshit insane. He kills someone. So with Sylvia D [...]

    3. This is a very challenging story and has a complex heart. The story develops the characters completely from the seeing white volume (book 1). Digesting the twists and turns of these characters is a privilege to do and they grow immensely. I started this volume from one stand point and have completed it from an entirely different point of view. There are moments of great clarity, where you can identify with the character traits and why they are the way they are and then the story develops to many [...]

    4. This is a monster of a book! Not only in volume but also content. It will take all of your concentration, all of your stamina and quite a bit of patience.I admit, I struggled to get into it to start withI was thinking it was because I'd got such high expectations after the brilliance of Seeing White but, with a lot of perseverance, I think it because this is a heavier read.The opening chapter had me stumped for a while, I couldn't get my head around the fact it was Conner talking.Mr White is as [...]

    5. Wow, this book gives you A LOT!!! A LOT to read, no novella hered a ton to digest. This was definitely a heavier readns more going on, relationships tested. We start out with a bang. I loved the fact that Conner sided with Belle and went after Alex and made him see the error of his ways! (of course I LOVE Conner <3 blue hair and all ).Feeling White can't be rushed. There are quite simply too many twists, turns, secrets, pain, shadows QUESTIONS!!!! MMM naughty PascalBeth finding her inner Bitc [...]

    6. Book 2 ramps up much faster than book 1 as you navigate through all the twists and games that play out in this installment This is a suspenseful dark romance that does have an edge and I found myself begging to find out what happens next. The secondary characters are still engaging and you are getting bits and pieces of each of their stories - Connor and Belle, Theresa, Michael…and Pascal….(DAMN that man! He just gets better in each installment) This story is written in British English and I [...]

    7. omg I love this book ex and beth . I love alex bossy alpha there is so much more to this damaged soul and love how beth is coming into her own love conner and belle and Teresa had me laughing out loud he is realising he needs to be honest with her and as hard as it is for to accept she loves him I love the twists and turns straight onto book 3

    8. Dark romanceCharlotte Hart continues to weave an intricate dark romance of love and lust and back into the darkness. Alex White is even more enthralling in book 2. My escape into thus world as emotions running high. Laugh,cry, and be blown away.

    9. OMFGAlexander White isn’t known to be wrong – but he has misread a situation with his Elizabeth that has devastating consequences for them both. Alex travels to New York to escape the situation in London and Beth. He thinks her just another conniving whore until Connor comes to his side as usual to aid his friend. Elizabeth is now hating the man who up and left her with a note… how could he do this to her so brutally and coldly with o real explanation. Confused, she needs to carry on with [...]

    10. First of all, this is a rating of all 3 books. I already read the whole series and am not dissecting my view of the complete story.I have a hard time reviewing this series as it is. And apologies in advance for the long but hopefully not to confusing review.It is well written, the storyline is good and i enjoyed this dark erotic romance.Besides the plot is really nothing new. For me it appeared to be just a darker, rawer and more complex version of "50 shades of grey".There are also a lot of par [...]

    11. Book two continues right where book one left off. Things blown out of proportion, accusations, love can be such a messwe delve deeper into what makes Alexander the way he is. Elizabeth tries to move onbut neither one can let go of the other. The sex scenes are dark, hot and sweaty to say the least and what is up with the teaspoon!

    12. Again this needs more than five starsBlown away that is what I officially am. If I thought book one was good then this tops it for me. Beth and Alex - I still love them both and then there's Pascal Oh help I love them all but I have a serious thing for fictional European Dom's, Christ help me if I was ever to meet a real one lol. Back on subject though, this was the perfect continuation of the series and now I need to lose myself in book three.

    13. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewFeeling white By Charlotte E HartSo yeah I started this book super late at night as there was no way I couldn’t start it and I literally devoured the book in 24hrs. My poor kids were coming up to the bedroom asking me to please get up and make their breakfast which apparently I told them I would a few times according to my 5 yr old HA. The moment my eyes opened I was straight back to my kindle! I killed the battery in my phone and kindle throu [...]

    14. I liked the first book but this one? I just wanted it to be over. I can't even describe what I was feeling. I wanted to throttle the heroine for all the giggling, arses and sodding I've read from her inner monologue. It's british, I know. But i haven't felt that irritated from reading harry potter. And I was getting pissed at Alex's pushing that she sleep with Pascal while feeling a little possessive. And Beth can't decide what she wants. When she texted Pascal to not meet her friend since she w [...]

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