The Little Black Fish

The Little Black Fish Based on the Persian children s classic by Samad Behrangi this book is about a young fish s courage to question authority and strike out on her own An inquisitive little fish decided to question auth

  • Title: The Little Black Fish
  • Author: Bizhan Khodabandeh
  • ISBN: 9781495607295
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on the Persian children s classic by Samad Behrangi, this book is about a young fish s courage to question authority and strike out on her own An inquisitive little fish decided to question authority and leave the safety of her own home to venture out into the expansive sea The creatures she meets along the way teach her important lessons and make her learn the moBased on the Persian children s classic by Samad Behrangi, this book is about a young fish s courage to question authority and strike out on her own An inquisitive little fish decided to question authority and leave the safety of her own home to venture out into the expansive sea The creatures she meets along the way teach her important lessons and make her learn the most valuable treasure in life freedom.

    One thought on “The Little Black Fish”

    1. Unfortunately I didn't like this very much. I absolutely adored the art, I thought it was stunning and quite unique but unfortunately the story was the letdown. I understand that it was supposed to be a moral tale but I just wasn't feeling it. There were a few parts where I laughed and also a few parts that I thought were good but overall it was disappointing. I haven't read the original story so I don't know whether that would impact my rating or not but I imagine that it wouldn't. The dialogue [...]

    2. The little black fish is tired of swimming in circles all day, so she decides to leave and find out where the stream ends.This comic is an adaptation of the children's book "The Little Black Fish" by Samad Behrangi. There's a note at the end discussing some of the changes from the original material, though none of them are that major. The main flow of the story is the same as the original text.I loved the art style in this. It's very colourful with a lot of detailed patterns. The panel layouts a [...]

    3. I have been sitting here trying to think of what to say about this book, which by the cover, doesn't look like much. The story is simple enough. It is a tale told by an elder fish to the young fish about a rebellious fish, the little black fish, who decides to see beyond the stream in which he was born. The story is nice, a folk tale, but really it is the art that gets the four stars. The art, which words can not explain, so instead, I will show, instead of tell. This is a scene near the beginni [...]

    4. A good reminder that wisdom doesn’t always come with age. And that there comes a time when we have to make a break from our parents and make our own decisions.And I want to say this all the time to people:I’ll forgive you since you’re speaking out of ignorance.I wonder if that would go over well.It’s an interesting tale – and I like the art. Very simple, yet very artistic. The dialogue came off a bit odd, but I think that’s because of the translation.The story just seemed to just end [...]

    5. 3 stars for the story but 4 for the art, so I rounded up. It took a little while for me to get used to the writing style -- it seems sort of stilted at first but I think that's just the old-timely fable tone, and once I got used to it I enjoyed the story, especially the end. Also, the art is gorgeous! Definitely want to check out some other things by this artist. I got a copy from NetGalley.

    6. I could envision this being a class assignment, since I think it lends itself to philosophical discussion, extrapolating meanings, musing on morality and values, and so on. Neither the art nor the story appealed to me, but I found it intriguing nonetheless.

    7. I received a free sample of this book from NetGalley. I was not compensated in any other fashion for the review and the opinions reflected below are entirely my own. Special thanks to the publisher and author for providing the copy.The Little Black Fish is a graphic novel adaptation of a children's story by Samad Behrangi. The story, about a fish who decides to go on an adventure to learn more about the world despite the protests from her mother and the dangers lurking in unknown waters, is inte [...]

    8. The Little Black Fish is a wonderful story with an important lesson. I've also read The Little Red Fish from the same illustrator and I do love the fish stories, since in a magical way they portray human society so well. In this case we have a little black fish, who wants to think outside the box and explore the world, even when all the other fish tell her that there's no world outside their pond. The fish meets other creatures -both good and bad- along her way, struggles through obstacles and b [...]

    9. I loved how this read like a folk tale rather than just a bedtime story for kids! It had the subtle but not so subtle meaning and I guess, a moral too, and was still imaginative to keep kids interested for long enough.The art in this is also really lovely. It's a kind of illustration I haven't really seen before, let alone utilized in a graphic novel setting. It almost reminds me of the kind of doodles I used to do in class where I'd just swirl a line around to create loops and blobs and then co [...]

    10. Not sure who decided the cover, but: I had a hard time seeing that as a fish at first. Even now, I have to really tell myself it is one.And it's not the little black fish protagonist either. Why wouldn't we have the little black fish on the cover instead of a picture of his mother, who is only in the comic for the first five or six pages? I don't get it.Actually, I don't really get a lot of this comic. I almost do -- a beloved Persian children's story, interesting art, a story that's supposed to [...]

    11. Disclaimer: I received a free ecopy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is a short book, but it felt like it took me a long time to read through it. It can come across as kind of preachy and it is a bit more philosophical than I normally like to read.The story is about a little black fish that decides it wants to find out what is at the end of the stream that it lives in. Its mother and the other fish living nearby discourage it from leaving its home. The same reaso [...]

    12. I am hard pressed to find anything I liked about this book. It had good morals about "question authority, self-sacrifice, and leaving a legacy for the next generation" as the author explains in the afterward. But The Little Black Fish was insufferable and oftentimes so rude (!!) that I would not want young children reading this (let alone the scary situations and violence depicted as well). At times the dialogue seemed stilted, and the story got off on some unnecessary tangents (like the deer? w [...]

    13. Thank you to NetGalley and Rosarium Publishing for a free digital copy of this book.An old (grandma-)fish tells her many MANY grandchilden a story about a little black fish that wanted to leave its territory and see where the big stream leads to. There are some adventures awaiting him on his journey.The artwork is quite unique with a distinctive style, but although I enjoyed that special look for what it was, I have to admit it wasn't my thing. I appreciated it for what it was though.The story i [...]

    14. A little fish with an existential crisis. Based on a Persian folk tale this beautifully illustrated graphic novel follows a rebellious young fish on a journey to the sea. This is definitely not for younger children, as the tone is quite grim. Possibly some subtlety got lost in translation as the language was very abrupt. I enjoyed it for the art and the comment on society - a lot happening in the imagery that the text didn't quite pay justice to. Maybe let the art speak more and the text say les [...]

    15. I received a free download of this graphic novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.3.5 Stars. This is a stunning graphic novel. The illustrations are beautiful and unique, and the adaptation of "The Little Black Fish" matches it perfectly. I loved the many morals of this story--self-sacrifice, challenging authority, questioning existence, and seeking answers at any cost. The Little Black Fish was a lot of fun; a great story for all ages.

    16. One of the best gifts I've received ever, this retelling of Samad Behrangi's story, which I hitherto had not known about, is depicted through Khodabandeh's bold colours. I'm sure there's a term for the art style his work hearkens to but I'm no art expert; I know it reminds me of picture puzzles. It's delightsome, and opens a door to other revolutionary literature that every child ought to be exposed to at some point in their young lives!

    17. The art is flat out gorgeous. Beautiful, beautiful pages.The story is the retelling of a moral children's tale, and I didn't love that as much; there are things I wanted or expected this story to be about, and there could be cultural expectations at play - so ymmv. Still, though. Definitely worth it for the art alone.

    18. The story of the Little Black Fish is a great one. Sweet and endearing. The importance of questioning what is around you and creating your own journey is important for individuals. Also, I enjoyed the unique art style.

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