Cisco Bandits: A Gwynn Reznick Mystery (Gwynn Reznick Mystery Thriller Series Book 2)

Cisco Bandits A Gwynn Reznick Mystery Gwynn Reznick Mystery Thriller Series Book Readers Favorite International Book Awards Finalist Mystery MurderNewly trained and ready to rock her first assignment Gwynn Reznick is about to go undercover for the first time She will investigate

  • Title: Cisco Bandits: A Gwynn Reznick Mystery (Gwynn Reznick Mystery Thriller Series Book 2)
  • Author: Inge-Lise Goss
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Readers Favorite International Book Awards Finalist Mystery MurderNewly trained and ready to rock her first assignment, Gwynn Reznick is about to go undercover for the first time She will investigate one of the highly private companies who call on Ruben Dordi s Investigation Group Ruben is the boss and he also happens to be Gwynn s boyfriend.When Ruben gives GwynnReaders Favorite International Book Awards Finalist Mystery MurderNewly trained and ready to rock her first assignment, Gwynn Reznick is about to go undercover for the first time She will investigate one of the highly private companies who call on Ruben Dordi s Investigation Group Ruben is the boss and he also happens to be Gwynn s boyfriend.When Ruben gives Gwynn her assignment to pose as an accountant for the Prudell Energy Company Gwynn resists asking exactly what she s supposed to be investigating She knows Ruben has his reasons she s just not sure why they require her to go two months without even a hint as to why she s there.But things change quickly when Gwynn witnesses the death of a Prudell employee It s made to look like an accident, but when Gwynn learns that another employee died just before she arrived, it seems like a little too much of a coincidence.When the CFO tells Gwynn about missing project files and data that just doesn t add up, Gwynn finds herself suddenly in over her head Will she be able to maintain her cover, follow Ruben s orders, and get to the bottom of the mystery Or will the killers get to Gwynn before she cracks the case

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    1. With a stunning cover, an eye catching title and written by an author whom I have been following from the start I could not wait to get started on this read. I was not disappointed.The story is less intricate than the previous book. It still keeps you on the edge of your seat. Gwynn is a fast learner and once she hooks up with Holly the story really takes off. I mentioned this in my previous review of a book this author penned but it needs to be stated again. The fact that this author has gained [...]

    2. A suspenseful, well written action thrillerI enjoyed this novel. It’s a thriller alright, a tightly written action caper complete with martial arts stuff, gun-play and nighttime car chases. It’s also a well wrought “whodunit” that will keep you guessing to the end. I don’t like the term ”page turner”, but that is what it is.The story opens with action; a dramatic, violent murder in progress, so immediately the reader is hooked. It’s a first case for investigator Gwynn Reznick. An [...]

    3. Cisco Bandits: A Gwynn Reznick Novel by Inge-Lise Goss3 StarsWorking undercover as an accountant for the Prudell Energy Company, Gwynn soon finds herself witnessing a murder, and a broken shoe heel almost exposes her, but good training and quick thinking allows her to convince police she saw nothing. She soon learns this is not the first suspicious death to befall a company employee in recent months and the race is on to solve the mystery before she herself becomes a victim.Gwynn’s assignment [...]

    4. A suspense thriller to include all the elements of a murder mini-series is contained in Cisco Bandits. Intriguing characters keep the reader engaged throughout the story. The investigation starts with the murder of Arne Boden. Intertwined with ownership and interest in oil wells, you can imagine the high stakes involved, both legal and illegal.The author adds treacherous conspiracy to the plot, which of course leads to sex and deception. If you like whodunit crime novels, I recommend Cisco Bandi [...]

    5. “Cisco Bandits” by Inge-Lise Goss is the 2nd book in the Gwynn Reznick Mystery Thriller Series. This book was a finalist in the Readers’ International Book Awards Mystery/Murder category, and I can see why. It is definitely engaging and really draws you in from the first chapter and keeps your interest clear through the finale. There is plenty of personal drama involved in the mystery as well, since the main character’s boyfriend happens to be the boss of the company hiring her to invest [...]

    6. With a strong female lead, Cisco Bandits: A Gwynn Reznick Novel by Inge-Lise Goss is again a riveting mystery thriller, fast-paced, with well developed characters. With a strong opening scene, Goss hooks the reader into becoming fully engaged in the story. The main character, Gwynn Reznick, has been assigned an undercover task to find out about the inner workings of the Prudell Energy Company. What she is looking for, she doesn't know. However, as she becomes more involved, she soon discovers so [...]

    7. This is the second book in the Gwynn Reznick series. I loved it!Gwynn Reznick is a wonderful character. I really liked her when I first met her in The Cost Of Crude. However, I still wanted to shake some sense into her when she took unnecessary risks. I'm surprised that Ruben's temper didn't flare more often at her recklessness. But, saying that, she is quite resourceful and thinks quickly on her feet when in stressful situations.Having read a couple of other books by this author, I couldn't wai [...]

    8. Gwynn Reznick is working under cover as Gwynn Wagner, accountant for Prudell Energy Company in Bloomfield, New Mexico. She witnesses the murder of Mike Drumlin, a Prudell employee and reports back to her boss, Ruben, who is also her boyfriend, who gives her instructions as to the information he needs her to acquire. Holly, aka Susan, her cousin, also joins the company as a temp while Paul monitors their movements from a distance.Gwynn and Holly, with Paul's assistance, begin to uncover possible [...]

    9. This is the second time I have read bout Gwynn . If you remember her in book one she meet Ruben while he was investigation her friends death. Now Ruben and Gwynn are dating and he has sent her on her first assignment without any help. Gwynn inserts herself very well into the company of Prudell Energy to uncover the shadiness going on with some employees. Murders are happening and they are not an accident which some believe it to be and with Gwynn's help hopefully she can uncover who is behind it [...]

    10. At the beginning of the book, Arne Boden, employee of an oil company, Prudell Energy Company, is gruesomely murdered by the Brotherhood. This is quickly followed by another man being shot dead. Gwynn Reznick, newly-trained private investigator posing as accountant Gwynn Wagner to the company, has been assigned to unearth secrets and the guilty. Romantic interest in this second book in the series is provided by Reuben, her boss and boyfriend. In this expertly-paced mystery thriller, Gwynn is the [...]

    11. Great read What a mystery with a bit of suspense. Gwynn was put on assignment without knowing the whole story of it except her boss and boyfriend Ruben to her to blend in and keep a low profile. Once Gwynn settled in with her new job she found herself doing anything but keeping a low profile. She started to find things that were happening around her to be too much to stay out of. The author did a great job with the storyline and keeping the reader engaged from the beginning. The mystery was rega [...]

    12. This is an action packed story about a woman who is "undercover" at her new job. When several people are murdered or injured she turns on the investigative skills that keep you turning through the pages to see what happens next. I was quickly pulled into the story line and was saddened when it ended. The characters are very likable, and the author did a great job mixing in the heroes with the villains. I wish we had a little more of a back story, but I think there was a book before this with som [...]

    13. “Cisco Bandits: A Gwynn Reznick Novel” by Inge-Lise Goss is a gripping thriller with a well-chosen heroine. Gwynn thinks fast on her feet and although new to her job as investigator she is resourceful and works her way through the investigation nicely. The plot throws a few surprises, always keeps you on your toes and the suspense is held throughout. Murder, blackmail, deceit and romance are some of the great ingredients in the mix. An excellent start to a promising series with a great heroi [...]

    14. This is the second of this author's books I have read recently and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. Once again, Goss has provided us with a memorable, strong and accomplished female lead who is both smart, quick and resourceful. Gwynn Reznick is working undercover for an oil company when she witnessed a brutal murder. Quickly realizing she is in over her head, Gwynn relies on her judgement and training to prevail. The writing is suspenseful, dramatic and action-filled. The characters are [...]

    15. Great mystery murder thriller!! I really enjoyed reading this mystery book. The author does a great job making you feel like your there in the story. I really got lost in it when I was reading it. I loved that the main character in this book is a women sent to investigate a murder. It's nice to read about a women in a role that a writer typically makes a man. The book is packed with a lot of action from escaping out of a building through the skylights to a car chase. The book WILL NOT disappoint [...]

    16. Second book in this series, and just a great as the first one.Lots of fast action, unexpected situations and an end you didn't see coming.Was a fast read, great to keep your attention and with believable characters.Gwynn was a very good first-time worker on a special case, with the mistakes you expect from an over-enthousiastic person. Funny parts in there too, nicely combined with the action.And then a very small love story that doesn't disturb the rest.Certainly a book I would recommend to per [...]

    17. I did enjoy this book, although not my usual type of read. I'm afraid that I rushed through a lot of the technical stuff (but that's just me). I understand that it was well-researched. And I did feel sorry for Gwynn who has to put up with an absent fiancé for the sake of her work. Many wouldn't have.

    18. Love the action, love the pace, love the plot. This is not my usual genre at all, as in at all but it still rocks and I will make a point out of reading more books penned by this author.This is for anybody who wants to read a book with intrigue without knocking themselves silly trying to follow an over complicated plot.Loved it.

    19. Well now, need I say more than my star rating? Perhaps, this. This book amazed me, left me missing sleep, reading by lamplight due to power outidges. If I say I could not put this down, I mean it, even in my tea times at work, I read on my phone.So that should tell you all I have to say about this book.Get it. Read it.

    20. This book is awesome. Its one of the best books i've read in a long time and i highly recommend it if you are into thrillers or would like to start getting into reading thrillers, or if you are just a casual book reader. This book was hard to put down and I would recommend it to all my friends.

    21. A fast, fun read! Sometimes you just want a book that you can read without thinking. A book where you just slide into the storyline, put on the cruise control and enjoy the ride. This is one of those books. I read a lot of history and non-fiction. This book falls way outside both those genre, which makes for a good change-up; kind of like clearing your palate. If you are looking for an easy read with a pretty good pace that takes place in the New Mexico oil patch, try this book. You'll probably [...]

    22. Novice member of a private investigative firm has taken a job in the office of a oil drilling company. Her boss and also her boyfriend has to keep postponing trips out to meet her and as her fiancé in her cover story some of the locals keep after her to find a new "friend". While supposed to only keep watch on what is going on, she goes off on her own to do more sleuthing and ends up getting in dangerous trouble. Despite a scolding by her boss she is off again and getting into more trouble. Int [...]

    23. Awesome book!! Surprisingly, this was the VERY FIRST Inge-Lise Goss book I read, and before reading it, I was not into reading books at all, not since I was much younger, in high school. I had tried to get back into reading over the years, but just didn't take the time to do so. I really enjoyed reading this one.

    24. “Cisco Bandits” is a wonderful, fast-paced, female detective adventure novel. It’s well written, making it easy for the reader to become absorbed in the storyline. The book contains some great characters, the good guys and the bad guys, and the dialogue is engaging and realistic. If you enjoy adventurous detective stories with a strong female leads, you like “Cisco Bandits.”

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