Missing Melissa

Missing Melissa Twenty two years old with a journalism degree from UCLA and a promising entry level position at a television station Madeline Patterson is ready to take on the Universe Raised by two loving parents

  • Title: Missing Melissa
  • Author: Alretha Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780692416105
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twenty two years old with a journalism degree from UCLA and a promising entry level position at a television station, Madeline Patterson is ready to take on the Universe Raised by two loving parents, adored by her grandmother, protected by her dog, Pepper, and supported by her best friend Madeline has it all There s only one thing missing literally missing her identicalTwenty two years old with a journalism degree from UCLA and a promising entry level position at a television station, Madeline Patterson is ready to take on the Universe Raised by two loving parents, adored by her grandmother, protected by her dog, Pepper, and supported by her best friend Madeline has it all There s only one thing missing literally missing her identical twin, Melissa.When Madeline and Melissa were three years old, their mother was carjacked in broad daylight while taking them to a doctor s appointment She was able to get away with Madeline in tow, but the assailants left the scene before she could rescue Melissa A long and massive search ensued, but Melissa was never found and is believed to be dead However, a dream Madeline has on her twenty second birthday, wherein Melissa appears to her as a grown woman pleading for help, convinces her Melissa is still alive Against her parents wishes, Madeline vows to find her twin However, in doing so, she unknowingly stumbles upon a series of startling clues that point to her parents possible involvement in Melissa s disappearance Paralyzed by fear, Madeline doesn t want to face what could possibly be the ugly and grim truth about her parents However, her desire to find Melissa propels her forward but nothing could prepare her for what she discovers.

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    1. Note: I received an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.Actual Rating: 4.5/5Plot/Story:I enjoyed the plot a lot. The pace of the story was good, it was neither slow nor super fast, just the way a my. Everything happened at the right time. So, the timing of the twists were really good to keep the readers hooked.I really enjoyed the little pieces that kept on twisting the plot. It really kept me on the edge right till the very end. There were so many possibilities that [...]

    2. Missing Twin Haunts Her Sister’s DreamsMaddie is a gorgeous blond twenty-two-year-old about to start her career in broadcast journalism when she has a dream. A disturbing dream. She dreams her twin sister, who went missing when they were three years old, is still alive, and needs Maddie’s help.Her parents don’t want to re-open the case, fearing they will crack open old wounds. But are they hiding something?I thought this was a well-written mystery. Where is Melissa? Is she alive? Has she b [...]

    3. Madeline Patterson wakes up with one thought on her mind. "She’s not dead.” This thought has haunted her for years about her identical twin sister who was abducted during a carjacking when they were three years old never to be seen again and seemingly lost without a trace. Madeline is now a young woman who has recently graduated from college and is about to start a job in her chosen field of journalism. She just cannot shake the feeling that her twin is alive and needs her to help her come h [...]

    4. * I was given this book for an honest review*Well done! Missing Melissa was a great read! It is such a deep story, so many twists and turns. I thought this story was so interesting because it has the twin theme. I felt that it was very creative angle. It was neat to look at the dream aspect because the twin bond is so strong. I also really enjoyed how Alretha made every single character important including Pepper the mastif. If a single character was missing (no pun intended) then the story woul [...]

    5. Good read.Trying to find her kidnapped twin sister, after 19 years. Many good people around her trying to help her. Family secrets one by one comes out, didn't expected this twisted ending. Well written story, you won't be able to put it down.


    7. This is the author's first mystery/suspense book and she did a wonderful job in both areas, better than many of the regulars I read!!It's about identical twins, Melissa & Maddie. When they were 3 years old, their mother was carjacked & the mother managed to get Maddie out of her car seat, but Melissa was still in the back seat when the car was driven awayThe whole plot of the book now takes place 19 years later. Maddie gets dreams of her sister, usually as a 3 year old, but now as a grow [...]

    8. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I received a copy of this book almost month ago and am so sorry I didn’t read it sooner, too much of responsibilities and work :( But it doesn’t matter; the book will be out just in few days, on May 5th.You all know I’m not big fan of mystery novels and don’t read them that much, but I decided to take a chance and I took the book to read it and review. In the end I liked it and enjoyed in it.The book is well [...]

    9. Identical twins are separated during a carjacking when they are three. On their twenty-second birthday Madeline decides to re-open the case to find her sister, Melissa.This book had many positive things going for it. I really liked Madeline and her BFF, Ruby, characters. They are two young women support and help each other through everything life throws at them, even when they disagree.I found the process that Madeline used to find her sister to be well thought out. Alretha Thomas did a wonderfu [...]

    10. This was a pretty good read. I'm not sure why but I had trouble getting into it. Could have been bad timing as members of my family have been sick and I have been tired and have a short attention span.The premise is pretty darn cool. You grow up knowing you are part of a set of twins, and have been told that your twin is dead, but you don't believe it, and so you go hunting for her. Really cool story line.She learned a lot about herself and her family during the hunt too. That is part of growing [...]

    11. Excellent story lineA different take on kidnapping. Very good read. I love the story structure and the determination of Maddie to find her twin.

    12. When I read the synopsis on Missing Melissa by Alretha Thomas I was instantly drawn to it. I love a mystery and new adult books are one of my favourite genres. Add to that a book about identical twins, 1 missing since she was a child and I knew that I would enjoy this book.Please note I have given this book 4 stars and it is a good book, its worth those 4 stars but at times I felt this was more of a young adult book that a new adult. I do not like to give spoilers, but in honesty the worst thing [...]

    13. Got 95 pages in and packed this up. It was getting too unbelievable, especially the conduct of the policeman Madeline was dealing with. Though she'd met him once, we're to believe she thinks about "his thick dark hair he runs his fingers through when he's being bossy".ke she'd know !! Then HE says at one point (when only planning their second meeting about her case, bear in mind) "I can tell by your hair-sun-kissed. Boy I wish I was the sun" !! I haven't read anything so daft in a long time. I a [...]

    14. I was lucky enough to get a pre-release copy of this book and I really loved it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a book with a great storyline. This is a book about a girl whose twin sister was abducted when they were very little and the mystery behind her disappearance. You want to know what happened to her and why and it will keep you guessing until you are finally finished reading, but will answer all your questions at the end of the book and not keep you hanging with unansw [...]

    15. I have read all of Author Alretha thomas's books and LOVED every one of them!! I am an avid reader and I know when I see a good author & Mrs. Thomas IS one of those great authors, you can see that she puts her all into her books which makes the reader love every moment of the story. Missing Melissa was such a great book, it kept me entertained from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this book to anyone no matter what genre of books they prefer. Can't wait to see Alretha Thomas's name [...]

    16. Good idea for a plot.t well writtenThe description grabbed my attentione idea for the plot sounded great.o bad it reads like a 16 year old girl wrote this in her diarydishly writtenves too.quickly detailsesent tense and past get mixed up.uld have been so much better

    17. I expected more, not always believable, too much of a good thing is not always good. Family is not always on your side and jealousy can make people do terrible things and then they need to keep up with their lies. That said, I finished the book and found it a nice, feel good story.

    18. Missing Melissa This was an absolutely a great book . I highly recommend this book . The story line is so good I could not put this book down . I finished this book at 3:00 in the morning. I could not put the book down until I finished it . This is a must read book.

    19. This was one of the best mystery books I've read in a long time. I made myself crazy trying to figure out who the culprit was. Loved the plot, the characters, and all the surprises! Book was well-written and a page-turner.

    20. A Good StoryIn general, I liked reading this tale. However I must say that it is a bit soppy, with shallow characters. If it was not free, I wouldn't have bought it.1 Star

    21. When Madeline (Maddie) was three years old, she and her twin sister Melissa were in the car with her mother, when the car was carjacked. Her mother barely had time to get Maddie out of the car, and the thieves drove away with Maddie's twin, Melissa, still in the car. All searches that were conducted at the time were futile; the years pass, and Melissa was not found.Twenty years later, Maddie begins to dream about Melissa. She believes that her sister is still alive and is calling out to Maddie t [...]

    22. A missing twin!Nineteen years earlier, a car was hijacked, a young mother escaped with one of her identical twin daughters. The other was never seen again. Following her college graduation the saved daughter, who is now a reporter on television, starts to search on social media for her sister whom she is convinced is still alive. The rest of the plot would lead to unnecessary spoilers. A fine beach read.

    23. A good cohesive story with a beginning, middle and a good ending.I enjoyed this book because it was relatable, not because of what happened but because Maddie was so determined to find her missing twin. Her perseverance and determination brought her into contact with all the other important characters. The story flowed well and with so many revelations it was brought together in a satisfactory end.

    24. This book was great.Having sisters that are twins I can relate to some of the traits twins share, talking alike, saying the same thing at the same time, having their own language. The author did a great job of making the story interesting all they the book. I would recommend this book to anyone.

    25. Excellent story by a terrific authorI liked everything about this mysteryThe heroine was so strong and had wonderful friends helping her find her sister that had been missing for years. I think the thing I like the most is that I could not guess the ending!

    26. Pretty good read about identical twins and their separation as children due to a car jacking. Although essentially written from a female point of view and with a little bit of romance thrown into the mix, I found myself enjoying this book and the twists that were happening that I didn't see coming.

    27. BoringI did not like this book. I actually just skipped through the last part because I can't not finish a book. It had great potential in the plot but fell short. The main character was a spoiled brat and the author gave in to her every wish.

    28. A great read!!I really liked this book,the characters were good, the book is more like how stuff happens in real life. It was not overwhelming, but it kept me wanting to keep reading,didn't want to put it down,the ending was different than I expected. Over all a great read.

    29. Great storyThis was an awesome story. I loved seeing the development of the characters and finding out the back story on everyone and everything. I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick but good read.

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