21 Days of Christmas: Stories that Celebrate God's Greatest Gift

Days of Christmas Stories that Celebrate God s Greatest Gift Christmas is than just a holiday It is a time to recapture the joy and wonder of God s greatest gift His Son Jesus Days of Christmas will warm your heart with stories about giving loving and fam

  • Title: 21 Days of Christmas: Stories that Celebrate God's Greatest Gift
  • Author: Kathy Ide Lori Freeland Summer Robidoux
  • ISBN: 9781424550517
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Christmas is than just a holiday It is a time to recapture the joy and wonder of God s greatest gift His Son, Jesus 21 Days of Christmas will warm your heart with stories about giving, loving, and family These engaging tales celebrate the hope and joy that make this blessed season unique At the end of each story you ll find an insightful message that will help yoChristmas is than just a holiday It is a time to recapture the joy and wonder of God s greatest gift His Son, Jesus 21 Days of Christmas will warm your heart with stories about giving, loving, and family These engaging tales celebrate the hope and joy that make this blessed season unique At the end of each story you ll find an insightful message that will help you discover anew the true meaning of this special time of year So grab a cup of hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick, curl up in your favorite chair beside a picture window overlooking a serene spot, and savor the true meaning of Christmas through these inspirational and encouraging stories.

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    1. 21 Days of Christmas will be a inspiration to all who read it!These wonderful holiday short stories will attract believers as well as non-believers and will be a great witness to all.Kathy Ide has taken twenty-one stories of Christmas and brought them together to inspire and uplift the holiday season. Although a few aren't stories I would normally enjoy, I feel that most readers will be blessed by them. Along with the first book in this series, 21 Days of Grace, it makes a great addition to any [...]

    2. “21 Days of Christmas: Stories that Celebrate God’s Greatest Gift” provides readers with a variety of short fictional stories focusing on Christmas by 21 contributing authors. Kathy Ide complied this fictional lover’s devotional to encourage readers to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Each tale is heartwarming and will remind readers of the beautiful reason for the season. There is a “Life Application” for each one with some providing a scripture reference. There is also a bri [...]

    3. This devotional would make a great gift for the book lover in your life. The devotions are short, just a few pages long and include a life application section. They also include prayer starters to help you start your quiet time. Each one is guaranteed to add joy to your life and help get you in the Christmas spirit. * I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

    4. Loved all these stories! Every family should have this book and include as a Christmas holiday tradition. Great messages and bible references. Easy to read and great way to start discussions with kids about Jesus and faith. The stories even started me reflecting on my own faith and beliefs. Highly recommend! Received copy from NetGalley.

    5. Christmas is coming sooner than we think.  So many of us are busy trying to prepare for the holiday season running here and there.  But I highly recommend that you pick up 21 Days of Christmas!  This book contains 21 short stories celebrating Jesus' Birth.  Every one of the 21 stories has a message to share.  Each story touched me in some way.  It is a wonderful collection.  I plan to begin a new tradition.  Every year I am going to take this off my shelf and revisit the wisdom shared b [...]

    6. This sweet devotional book will help remind you of the true meaning of Christmas. There are 21 short stories that can be read daily during quiet time or on the go. The book is brightly colored and contains a ribbon bookmark.Each story ends with a life application. They offer hope and remind us to celebrate God's gift of Jesus at Christmas. There are stories dealing with loneliness, military families, struggling families and those looking to find the true meaning of Christmas. There are are stori [...]

    7. What could be better than combining the beautiful Gospel story of Jesus Christ with heartwarming, unique, and festive stories from an abundance of gifted authors? Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, and this book gave me the urge to sing Christmas carols, watch It's A Wonderful Life, and drink some hot chocolate :) But much more than that, I was reminded of the origin of our hope and joy at Christmas. Not the presents, not Santa Claus, or even the fun traditions- but rather the b [...]

    8. Sunday, November 26, 201721 Days of Christmas: Stories that Celebrate God's Greatest Gift compiled by Kathy Ide, © 2015A Fiction Lover's Devotional series, Book 2My Review:Twenty-one authors contribute a Devotion and Life Application within this hardcover book with a ribbon bookmark! Just the right size to slip into your purse and take along with you ~ to share with a friend over a mocha coffee or chai tea latte!Join Joanne Bischof's Becca Fletcher on her Balsam Walk.As each has received a gift [...]

    9. "21 Days Of Christmas"by Kathy Ide is a 21 short stories about Christmas. These stories are not your typical Christmas stories. These stories are about real issues that people face like , one story is about a wife missing her husband who is serving in the war, another story is about a child wanting to be adopted and etc. These stories pull at your heart strings and make the reader ponder the real meaning of Christmas.Each story is followed by a brief Life Application written by the author of tha [...]

    10. For someone who loves a good story and is looking for a way to focus on the real reason for the season, 21 Days of Christmas (A Fiction Lover’s Devotional) is a perfect choice. This unique collection has 21 short stories ranging from contemporary to historical settings revolving around some aspect of Christmas. In Star Light, Star Bright the reader sees the momentous birth through the eyes of Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph. In Camouflaged Christmas we see a young mother struggling to celebrat [...]

    11. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to some, to others it may be the saddest time of the year. Christmas is the time of year where families get together, give gifts and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Each year, my heartaches for just one more Christmas with lost loved ones but I know that isn’t going to happen. So I think of the memories we had, I thank God for sending his only son to be born to a virgin, and I look for new books to start reading. This year I was honored to [...]

    12. The book is a collection of short stories with a biblical reference tucked inside. I loved each story and found them encouraging. I love at the end of each story is a life application and scripture to reinforce the story. This brings the story to a beautiful remembrance of His Word. We are reminded about His grace and His provision. Each story is filled with emotion and reminds us that “God is there for you, ready to provide whatever you need. So seek Him today.” I loved reading that, becaus [...]

    13. "21 Days of Christmas" is a compilation of 21 short stories having to do with Christmas. Some are retellings of the first Christmas with Mary and Joseph, others are contemporary, and some are historical. Each has a "life application" section that helps apply the message of the story. Most of the stories are only 3 double-sided pages so they do not take very long to read. It would be perfect for reading along with your personal devotions, in the bathroom, or while waiting in the car pick up lane. [...]

    14. Each of the stories in this devotional is a gentle reminder that this is not “the most wonderful time of the year” for everyone. You may be discouraged, overwhelmed, disappointed, or longing for a loved one, but there is hope in the truth of Christmas.If you’re one of the many excited to celebrate the season, the devotionals serve as a reminder that a little kindness can mean the world to someone whose heart is hurting and heavy.No matter where you are this holiday season, take time out of [...]

    15. This short volume is a well-curated collection of memorable Christmas stories accompanied by thoughtful life application ideas. Each of the stories shares uniquely about the real “reason for the season,” the birth of Jesus Christ and what it means to have hope in Him despite life’s varied circumstances.Featuring stories for every age and stage, this compendium of easy to read short stories would also make nice read alouds to share during the holiday season! With great writing and variety, [...]

    16. This is such an enjoyable "devotional", depending on your definition of devotional. Not only does it have some great stories but each short story ends in a short devotional or life application. I really liked the layout, and the stories were quick and easy to read, yet heartfelt. It is written by a collection of different authors, but ties together beautifully for the Christmas season. Each story and application point to Christ and a Heavenly Father who loves and cares about us.I would recommend [...]

    17. Ide has collected a good selection of short stories by a variety of authors. Most are just one scene or event and can be read in a couple of minutes. I was pleased that the quality of the stories was consistently quite good. The stories are like parables in that they illustrate truths about life. Each story is followed by a Life Application section, highlighting the truth for the reader.I recommend this book to fiction lovers as a good devotional for the Christmas season. You'll read entertainin [...]

    18. I fell in love with this book when I saw it. It is bright and Christmasy, it is comfortably sized, and it comes with a ribbon bookmark! Then I began reading. Each day's entry is written by a different author. There is a Christmas-themed story to read, then a paragraph of life application based on the story. I was blown away by what wonderful stories were told in just a few pages each time! This devotional makes a nice addition to your regular quiet times during the Christmas season. Or one might [...]

    19. Filled with wonderful short Christmas stories!This is a fantastic devotional for December. Each story is short and easy to read. Some of them are very thought provoking. Others are simply sweet and a delight to read. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that each story is followed by an application section. This helped me to take each one and truly think about what can be learned from it. They all definitely point to God and the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. The most magical Christmas present ever.I r [...]

    20. Kathy's devotional books are one of a kind. As a reader, the devotion's reach me right where I am, usually reading. I'm introduced to many new authors with each sharing their talents and stories that encourage, challenge and look at the story through their perspective. You'll enjoy this "21 days of Christmas" as we prepare to celebrate the birthday of our KING!Blessings,KarenRating: 5* I received this book as a gift and all opinions are my own.

    21. I thought This book was pretty good. It has 21 stories that have a scripture and a thought that pertains to Christmas. I liked some of the stories. The only thing was that the stories were so short. I wanted to know more about the characters. I think that this would be good do do as a devotion during December.I recommend this to my family and friends.I received this book from the publisher for my honest review.

    22. What a great little devotional for the Christmas Season. There are 21 fiction stories with a life application after each and a short bio of each author. This is a nice way to share with your family each evening around the tree and open up a discussion in each area of application. I found it very insightful and enjoyable. Besides a great read it is pretty to sit on your table for the Season.

    23. I read the first devotional book of this series – 21 Days of Grace – earlier this year (you can read my review here). I enjoyed it so much (even though I’m not really a devotional reader) that I wanted to read the second one, especially since it’s Christmas themed. After all, what’s not to love about Christmas books?To be perfectly honest, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first one. As a writer, I paid more attention to the stories than to the devotionals, and the stories were [...]

    24. This is the second book in the “Fiction Lover’s Devotional” series. It focuses on God’s greatest gift: His son Jesus. It is filled with a number of heartwarming and inspiring stories. Tales of giving, love, family, and faith will remind the reader of the true meaning for the season. The stories are quick read, making them easy to incorporate into your day. There are wonderful faith messages and biblical references throughout each story. Each one ends with a “Life Application” section [...]

    25. ***Heart-warming story-style devotions capture what Christmas is all about…***Take a break from the hustle and bustle of traditional baking, Christmas shopping, and full holiday schedules to savor the true meaning of Christmas with one or more emotionally engaging devotions compiled by Kathy Ide for 21 Days of Christmas. Their story-style format celebrates the season with twenty-one devotions that capture meaningful struggles and situations common to us all. One of my favorites was "Star Light [...]

    26. I enjoyed reviewing 21 Days of Grace (reviewed here), so I was happy to have the opportunity to read and review this second book. Once again, Kathy Ide has compiled a book of enjoyable and inspiring stories, this time centered around Christmas. Since I was not as familiar with most of these contributing authors as with the first book, this was a good opportunity to sample their writing. Each story is followed by a brief paragraph containing a related Life Application. This is a good book to use [...]

    27. This is the second in A Fiction Lover's Devotional--twenty-one short stories designed to lift and bless you with a life application. I know you'll love them as much as I have.The first story is by David B. Carl, and it recounts the first Christmas with tenderness, interspersed with a modern-day story of a small family traveling at Christmastime.In about the middle, there's a great story by June Cline reminiscent of that famous Christmas story The Gift of the Magi. Two people wanting to give some [...]

    28. 21 Days of Christmas is a delightful compilation! I enjoyed the heartwarming stories and the life application that follows each selection, with Joanne Bishof’s “The Balsam Walk” and Lena Nelson Dooley’s “The Christmas Child of 1864” being my two favorites. “We all touch other people’s lives in different ways. We never know whom we may bump into or how God my use us to bless or encourage another person.” - Joanne Bischof“When things happen in my life that I don’t understand, [...]

    29. I absolutely loved every one of these stories! A wonderful way to get in the Christmas spirit. I love this idea of bringing fictional stories and life application into one devotional book. It was also great because I discovered some new authors who I might not have known about if I hadn’t had the chance to read these stories. My favorites were “The Balsam Walk” by Joanne Bischof, “If Not For Grace” by Lori Freehand, and “The Box” by Jan Cline. I know that I will be reading these st [...]

    30. I won this book through GoodReads First Read program.I am not normally a fan of short stories but this one was certainly different than most. Each story was 5-6 pages long and had a life application at the end of it. I read one story a day as a devotional. Luckily I got it in time to read most of it during the Christmas season although I really think these stories would be enjoyable anytime of the year. Probably best enjoyed during the Christmas season. I plan on reading the other 21 day devotio [...]

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