Vegas Miracle

Vegas Miracle What happens in Vegasybe a miracle Ryan and Grace Sullivan have all the outward indications of a happy life money success an undeniable physical attraction that quickly evolved from whirlwind relati

  • Title: Vegas Miracle
  • Author: Liz Crowe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What happens in Vegasybe a miracle Ryan and Grace Sullivan have all the outward indications of a happy life money, success, an undeniable physical attraction that quickly evolved from whirlwind relationship to marriage But lately, Ryan s become moody and distant As their relationship starts to crumble, Ryan discovers something about himself he can t admit just a What happens in Vegasybe a miracle Ryan and Grace Sullivan have all the outward indications of a happy life money, success, an undeniable physical attraction that quickly evolved from whirlwind relationship to marriage But lately, Ryan s become moody and distant As their relationship starts to crumble, Ryan discovers something about himself he can t admit just as Grace realizes the young man she encounters at an invitation only party, Henri Christophe, a celebrity chef with the most successful restaurant in Las Vegas, is her husband s lover But Henri holds a secret himself He wants to be to both of them.As they attempt to make their unconventional arrangement work, Ryan s deep seated fear of relationship failure continues to thwart everyone s happiness When he finally walks away instead of confronting the emotional connection the trio shares, he returns to find their lives flipped inside out A sought after hotel and resort consultant, Ryan has yet to meet a problem he couldn t solve But when it comes to his own heart, he may be too late.

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    1. Well I should say that I am not a huge fan of m/f/m books, I can't really explain why either, they just don't usually sit well with me. BUT, there are a few exceptions to that, and Vegas Miracle is definitely one of those exceptions. There is such an amazing story woven into Vegas Miracle and the way these three broken people are able to complete each other is captivating. I read this book in record time because I couldn't put it down. This is a fast paced story of how three people come together [...]

    2. This was a short read that was everything it promised to be. It was hot. It was beautifully steamy and passionate. Oh, and it was HOT! It followed love-at-first-sight couple, Grace and Ryan, and the difficulties of overcoming differences in a committed relationship. Things take a turn when Ryan meets Henri on a business trip. Ryan is confused by his response to Henri, his desire for Henri. Oh, their scenes were so sexy, and felt so real. Going home to Grace, Ryan is determined to work things out [...]

    3. WOW what a story with really HOT sex. This is a stand alone book but I would really love to know more about this family and their HEA. No one writes adult mature fiction like Liz Crow, NO ONE. The situations in this book are so real and at times so gut wrenching then joyous that it's in a class by itself. The men are sexy and thoughtful while the female lead is strong, in a good way and not whiny and needy. Great Read.

    4. 4 CrownsThis is a standalone novel and isn't related to any of the series' written by Liz Crowe.Grace Irwin is an aspiring author. Bookish and nerdy, she has never had any confidence around men. So when she meets the charismatic Ryan at a party, she is surprised at the chemistry and instant connection between them. Their romance is a whirlwind, with Ryan sweeping her off her feet. Fiercely independent, Grace won't be pushed over by the dominant Ryan, and after a few teething problems she finds h [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.This is a re-release of a previously published book. It is my understanding that some of the characters in this book reappear in some of Ms. Crowe's later works, but this is my introduction to them. Since I didn't read the original version, I can't advise if there were any material changes made to this novel.While I'm not exactly a connoisseur of threesomes, I have read and enjoyed some before. Most people equate a t [...]

    6. This is the first book I read from this author and I have to say that I was highly impressed. I love these love triangle type of books that there aren't any cheating involved. Granted, it seemed at a time or two like one or the other was a cheater but in reality it was set up to be that way. I don't have anything against reading books with cheating involved. I know it's fantasy but this is what keeps the story interesting, whether we like it or not. Ryan meets Grace and completely sweeps her off [...]

    7. He fell in love with her within hours of meeting her six years ago. He could barely control himself she had to be his. By the end of that day, he made her his and he never looked back. Ryan was definitely not looking for a permanent relationship, but Grace was made to order for him and she was special. His life was now complete with her by his side.Grace knew the moment she saw the back of the stranger looking over the railing that this man would be something special. Six years ago while attendi [...]

    8. First off I must confess something. When I first saw this book I thought, sure I would love to read another book by Liz. I love Jack and Liz is a favorite author of mine. If you haven't met Jack yet, then what are you waiting for? Stewart Realty Series is soooo good!Anyhow, I didn't really read the blurb about Vegas Miracle very closely, so when I started reading it. Holy Hot Mama!! I mean, seriously hot stuff in this book!This book touched me deeply that I my heart gets these palpitations just [...]

    9. 4 StarsI was given this book for my honest review.Get out your supplies all. The screaming towel is a must in this read.Grace-simple, smart and sexyRyan-complicated, aloof, and gorgeousHenri-an enigma, and a chefThis is a very good read.What I liked about this read was that a relationship that started out as simple was able to turn on a more complex depth note. Grace and Ryan have the above all high flying relationship that will take many turns when the infamous Chef Henri coming into the mixtur [...]

    10. Independent Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.Spanning several years, this tells of Grace, her husband Ryan, and his lover Henri. It tells how Grace and Ryan came to be married. How Ryan fell into Henri's bed. How Grace met Henri at a sex party orchestrated by Ryan. It tells of Ryan reluctance to be a dad and of Grace desire to be a mum. It tells how Henri fits into this marriage. And it tells how Ryan may very well destroy the two people he only ever loved.This is a ménage [...]

    11. Favorite Quotes:“He chuckled. It sounded like honey sliding off the end of a spoon.” “He loved her with a desperation born of a childhood full of unrequited unconditional love.” “They parted for him, his natural aura of authority convincing them he must be late to perform heart surgery on the President.”My Review:Liz Crowe has magic. How else can she create and churn up such deeply moving and heart-gripping emotion with a few mere words. She expertly selects all the correct and most [...]

    12. Ryan and Grace meet and marry. They present as the happy couple, but are they?He has many secrets, he's troubled youth and the biggest secret his lover Henri.He travels for business and then plans trips to avoid life's issues, better to run from it than deal with it.This leads to him being withdrawn, irritable and distant towards his wife and marriage. Their marriage in trouble and unable to share with his wife, who he loves very much, he seeks comfort in a stranger he is attracted to, celebrity [...]

    13. This was a really quick read and, just like all of Liz's books, it was extremely hot & sensual ;) Liz should be dubbed the "Queen of Erotica" because, without question, she writes some of the best scenes that I've ever read! The plot progressed nicely but with gaps, the novella covered quite a few years. I just found myself wishing that it was a full length so that, as a reader, I could get more time with Ryan, Grace & Henri. Liz always does a beautiful job writing her characters and I m [...]

    14. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.What can I say, I am a HUGE Liz Crowe fan. I just love all her characters and the way she writes. Every book that I have read of hers pulls me in and makes me feel every type of emotion.This book is no different. (At times I just wanted to reach into the story and give Ryan a smack on the back of his head and tell him to get his act together.)Grace meets Ryan at a party at a Lake House. Instant attraction for both of them.Down the track the [...]

    15. Vegas Miracle by Liz CroweOMG Vegas Miracle is HOT! I started reading this book at work. What a mistake! (Well not exactly but, left me all hot and bothered) I had to stay up past my bedtime because I just had to finish reading this book! I am on a PM with my fellow bloggers and I am telling them how hot this book is. Yes I found the book HOT! Sponge worthy HOT!  I love Henri Christophe, Ryan and Grace. This is Ménage romance, MMF, MMFF, MM, MF. So if you don’t like this type of Ménage th [...]

    16. A Hot Quickie!This book is hot! The scenes created by Liz Crowe will have your e-reader smoking! This is a quick read, just a little too quick for my tastes. I felt that because it is a short that there were some things left out that really would have made the story more complete, I was left wanting more. I find this often though with shorts and have come to expect it, so I knew what I was getting into. That said what was in the book was really great. It's a fast paced story, an unconventional l [...]

    17. Another amazingly done story by Liz! This book was hot from page 1 The party scenes and life dilemma kept me holding my breath till the last page. Ryan and Grace meet at a function that neither were very interested in being at. It was a instant attraction that eventually lead to small intimate wedding. Ryan is a wealth very attractive hotel critic and Grace is an author of a very successful series. Ryan tries to make Grace happy by buying her things but all she wants is an emotional connection t [...]

    18. HOLY HOT MENAGES!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. Although Ryan is a bit of a jerk, there is something so sexy and sweet about him. Henri is just sex on legs and Grace has to be the luckiest female in the history of females!! Liz Crowe is an amazing story weaver and she knows how to turn up the heat. Some may think that Grace is an idiot for staying, but marriage is a commitment and shouldn’t be so easy to walk away from, so I’m glad she didn’t just storm out. I give this book 5 stars with [...]

    19. You can find our review atShh Mom's Reading shhmomsreadingand join the conversation at facebook/ShhMomsReading @shhmomsreadingThis a fun and quick read.e books draws you in, you find yourself rooting for the three of them to be happye opening of the book with Ryan and Grace is steamy the introduction of Henri is just as hot (even if you are not normally into m/m the chemistry Liz's portray is heart pounding). As the story develops is powerful to see how Henri's truly understands how Ryan ticks a [...]

    20. HOT doesn't even begin to explain how this book is. This was a great book of a chance meeting of Grace & Ryan at a party and goes on from there. Like every couple there are some ups and downs dealing with Ryan's very busy work life and him learning to deal with a real committed relationship & marriage. Then we have Henri, oh what a lovable person he is in this book. Grace gets introduced to him at a holy cow hot part of the book(wait till you read that part, a cold shower will be require [...]

    21. This is a great book written by Liz Crowe.It is the story of Grace and Ryan Sullivan who have been married for a number of years. They have their ups and downs like every couple.Ryan has slowly being pulling away from Grace but does not know what he can do to change it. Even after meeting Henri he makes excuses to be away when he knows he should be close and fixing his problems.He realises his love after leaving again but because of his connection he knows something is wrong.Will this be enough [...]

    22. I've loved everything that I've read by Liz Crowe and this book is not exception.Vegas Miracle was HOT, HOT, HOT!! Did I mention hot? I love the dynamic of a three person relationship. I love how each character struggle with their feeling for each other to make it work. Ryan & Grace are married a few years when Henri enters the picture & the story just gets better from there. Ryan has a lot of baggage & wants to everything that Grace needs & wants, but just doesn't know how to do [...]

    23. I found this book to be very different from other books I have read from this author. Liz tends to write books that are more "real" life than most of the romance genre out there and this one was definitely built more on the fantasy. This was probably one of the hottest and most unrealistic of her stories and I enjoyed every page. The characters were all likable, even Ryan when he acted the fool instead of seeing what was right in front of him. The plot was woven beautifully, and the ending was t [...]

    24. *** ARC provided by Obsessed by Books for an honest review ***Vegas Miracle was a quick fast read. I really like the story and the writing. I was hooked on the first page and couldn't stop to read until the very end. This was a first time read for me by this author Liz Crowe and it won't be the last time either. I will be looking forward to reading her other books that are out there. Vegas Miracle was hot and steamy.Ryan meets Grace and they marry real quick. Ryan has secrets that involve Henri. [...]

    25. Vegas Miracle by Liz CroweI love Liz Crowe! Her words jump off the page at me every time. The descriptions are fluid and make the story flow. The places and characters seem to be well thought out and they come together to make this book enthralling. I think the storyline is both fresh and familiar. I couldn’t stop reading because I wanted to see what was going to happen next. This couple have problems but they do not lack love, I like that a lot. I was gifted this book in exchange for an hones [...]

    26. I received this book for an honest review. Vegas Miracle by Liz Crowe is a hot and steamy romance. At times I wanted to just stop reading I was so frustrated with how Ryan was acting. Everything he put Grace through made me mad. The story was written so wonderfully that you just get hooked right into their story. You really need to read the book to get the complete story of why it all happens. The ending was beautiful and left you feeling good about the story.

    27. This story was hot!! It was a fantastic read and while I wasn't sure where the story was leading I if I was going to be left broken after all as said and done, I can tell you I wasn't and I loved this story!! I can't imagine it any other way then how it was!!! I'm not going to give any details as I don't want to ruin it for anyone I'm just going to say read it, you won't regret it!!!

    28. Given an arc for review. I believe this might be one of my favorites so far this year. I loved it Liz writes some steamy stuff, but it's not all there is to her books!!! I love Grace's smart mouth. Ryan and Grace have a great love. With a little added. I will read this one again!!

    29. Simply amazing! Like all of Liz's books, Vegas Miracle envelopes you in each character. The book offers MUCH steam and has a great story line!

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