Brie's Mile High Club

Brie s Mile High Club Submissive in Love The Brie series continues One of their own is in need Brie Bennett returns to Denver under her Master s orders In the process of helping another she discovers the power of friends

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  • Title: Brie's Mile High Club
  • Author: Red Phoenix Rebecca Hill
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Submissive in Love 7 The Brie series continues One of their own is in need Brie Bennett returns to Denver under her Master s orders In the process of helping another she discovers the power of friendship, the uncertainty of life, and the beauty of a well executed prank Love abounds and Brie is swept along by the nightly tasks her Master has set for her Willing sacrSubmissive in Love 7 The Brie series continues One of their own is in need Brie Bennett returns to Denver under her Master s orders In the process of helping another she discovers the power of friendship, the uncertainty of life, and the beauty of a well executed prank Love abounds and Brie is swept along by the nightly tasks her Master has set for her Willing sacrifice marks this part of the journey but will the cost be too much In this seventh novella of the Submissive in Love series wicked mischief and really bad jokes overflow as kinky love flourishes in the Mile High City Adult Material 18

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    1. WOW!!!!!! Everytime again I get awestruck by Red Phoenix awesomeness!I love Sir's creativity, especially when they have to separate. Damn, my flight to London or back wasn't as eventful as theirs ;)Sneaky Master Anderson *giggles* I was laughing so hard about his antics with Sir right at the beginning. Through all his strength he's also a romantic guy, wanting to hear it or not. He wouldn't have jumped in on the Roar-Pamela thing if he wouldn't be!And yes, my heart did an extra jump everytime on [...]

    2. Each time another one of the books in this series releases, I feel like Brie is sending me an invitation to join her for a while and experience the world through her eyes and feel the things she feels in her heart. This character is written with so much depth and true devotion to the people she loves that I adore every new journey I get to take with her!I loved the main plot of this book, and the sub stories that develop, but the strength of the story for me is how beautifully these friends of B [...]

    3. Red brings us another fantastic and emotion packed installment of Brie's adventures! This time around Sir is gone once again and Brie travels to Denver to visit with Faelan, a Dom that she originally met at the Submissive training center and who at one point she almost offered her collar to. Faelan is in need of a kidney transplant, and as befitting his personality he is fighting against Sir and Brie, not wanting anyone to see him in his fallen state. The donor who comes to his rescue was a comp [...]

    4. I didn't think it was possible but Ms. Phoenix has outdone herself with this latest Brie book. In this latest installment, Master send Brie on errand that has me gasping for air. What? Not possible! But just when I get over that first shock there a even bigger one on the horizon I DID NOT SEE COMING! Talk about kicking up that WOW! bar of shock up a few notches. Brie handles it all in her own fashion that shows you how far she's come and how mature she is from those early days of submissive trai [...]

    5. Sooooooooo Hot, Sexy, Funny and EmotionalI don't know how Red Phoenix makes it and the story rocks every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The love and care between the book characters (which melts my heart!!!!) made me think that they are not just friends, they act as family and more! The tights are so strong! And Brie and Sir are the heart that gives the pulse to the love to flow between them #melting Sexy, hot, funny, romantic, kinky, sensual, emotional and I'll say again funny, a [...]

    6. Loved itThis read was emotional and funny. I was glad to see Tono back because I truly loved the relationship between him and Brie.

    7. Oh. My. God. Can this series get any better? I can't get over how much I love ALL the Brie series. There is soooo much drama that I love it.Brie and Sir go to Denver. To get to Denver you need a plane ride, Sir is truly a Master at disguise ;-) Fealan is getting ready to have his operation as a suitable kidney has been found. Fealan is being difficult but Brie is there to offer support to him and his parents. Sir needs to go to Chine because of his mother and will meet his sister there.Brie is s [...]

    8. No!!!!!!!!!With Brie filming her 2nd film and Sir now out of the country with his sister Lilly to see there mother. Brie is having the time of her life with Lea,Autumn, and others and maybe not. Faelan is in much need of a kidney but doesn't want to have the operation. His friends and family find a kidney donor and you will never guess who pops back into the picture. Can you say be still my heart and tie it up with rope? While tragedy strikes and tears are shed and Brie trys to call Sir you have [...]

    9. I have been following the Brie series' since the beginning. The stories are always interesting, and I love to see where Red takes her next. This one had its lighter parts, but the main story is very heart wrenching. Seeing the characters you have grown to love struggling is fascinating to me. When Brie and Sir head to Denver, you know it is going to be rough. But again, Sir has to be somewhere else, so Brie is alone to help Faelen make the right choices. If you know him, you know this journey is [...]

    10. A Mile High Epic Adventure!This book just released today, and all I can say is WOW! I loved it!Drawn in from the first sentence, it felt as if I were visiting with family members, picking up with life again. Sir, Brie, Tono, Faelan, Master Anderson, Amy, Troy and a few friends from the Masters at Arms (Rescue Me Saga) by Kallypso Masters. Friends we will see again in Kallypso's next book. Brie's Mile High Club had me laughing, crying, cheering, and sighing thru the entire book. Master Anderson h [...]

    11. I bought this book because I love love love Brie and Sir's love story.This book I knew I would be sad and happy because lets keep it real, Wolf was in trouble. Now I loved and then disiked and then fell back in love with this strong headed Dom. Well this book he got me all teary as did my favorite Asian Dom, Tono. *Sigh* Red knows how to write to get my heart to flutter and break and then heal again.This book focuses on a Brie helping to get Wolf through his surgery, Master Anderson saying good [...]

    12. Brie's back! Although Thane is missing for this book, Master Anderson, Faelan, and Tono all have featured roles in the story line, and Lea and Autumn (and even Mistress Anderson and Baron) appear. Thane has located a donor for Faelan, and it's someone Brie knows well!In the overarching plot arc, Brie and Thane are anticipating their upcoming wedding (although Brie still doesn't know where it will be!), and that casts a positive glow over the immediate difficulties they face in this book. Tono an [...]

    13. WOW! I honestly haven't been exceptionally emotionally vested in the series for a little while but this serial brought all of it back. Tono and Faelan had me so stressed out my hands were shaking while I was reading my Kindle and I had to put it down and come back to it several times just to make sure I was in a mindset that I could actually READ! More than anything of this though, I love Master Anderson and his role in this book had me practically rolling on the floor laughing till I cried. Oh, [...]

    14. I am so loving Brie’s adventures this one was an emotional ride. Red Phoenix never disappoints me she always has a way of grabbing me and pulling me in until I turn the last page. Sir requests Brie helping Faelan before during and after surgery. Faelan is struggling with the upcoming surgery and if he will go through with it. I was so excited when a certain someone shows up and amazed what this person was about to do. Sir has to leave to be with his mother leaving Master Anderson to be there f [...]

    15. Brie's in Denver & Thane's in China both on important missions. Sir's with His sister Lily to see what needs to be done with the Beast. (His Mother) Brie is in Denver to help Faelan with an important decision. They're apart again. Hopefully not for too long. Brie's in for a huge surprise! The donor for Faelan is coming in the same day Sir flies out to meet Lily. It's her job to take care of Todd & his parents. She's staying with Master Anderson & He supports her in Sir's absenceG i d [...]

    16. Brie's journey continually surprises me and always makes me smile. As we get closer to the wedding, Brie and Sir have decided to abstain from sex but oh boy, Sir is definitely creative in how to ensure they both find their pleasure. There are several unexpected events and return visitors but I won't spoil but Brie being there to help Faelen face his medical crisis is wonderful. These 2 started as friends so it was beautiful that this relationship could be restored. It was hard having Brie separa [...]

    17. Wow! This story was really well done. Brie must go to Denver per Sir's orders to help Faelen. I am not even really sure what to share since it will all seem like a spoiler. Let's say that there is a major surprise where Tono is concerned. Yes ladies, Tono is back. He is my favorite character in this entire series. I would love to read an entire series about him.Ms. Phoenix really had me with this one and I was on the verge of screaming at one point. This is a must read for fans of this series.

    18. Absolutely brillant. Loved the fact that Master Anderson has stepped up to take over the Training Center in LA. Brie is frightened at the prospect of see Mr Wallace in the hospital. Sir has a big surprise for her that she never saw coming and can't contain her joy when Tono is who she is picking up at the airport . Can Tono and Brie convince Mr Wallace that his life is worth living? Why isn't Sir calling Brie back to check in, what's going on in China? Join us in finding the answers along with B [...]

    19. OH MY GOSH What a very sad but moving book. We see all she has to go through and how she pulls through. We see that she has strong feelings for her friends. We see that she has unconditional love for her friends. We see that no matter what happens real friends stand together. This story was so moving and had me crying. I cant wait to see what happens in the next and final part of this series.

    20. Well, I got this to read because of Kallypso Masters. I love her Rescue Me saga so much. The main characters in her book ROAR, which is a stand-alone attached to the Rescue Me series, appear in this book before ROAR takes place and it gives a little clarity for a certain part in the book. Well, I liked this so much I bought the whole Brie series to date in 3 series bundles…sigh. I have to read everything before this one and after it as well now.

    21. Emotional rollercoaster!!!!!!This book by far tore and pulled at me the most in this series leaving me panting and waiting for more to come!!! You just never know what to expect with Mistress and the road she paves,you just have to hang on,and this book will sweep you off your feet and knock you down hard!! I loved it,every word. The end is so nearI'm ready but then again I'm not Tono I need your breathing techniques right nowgh 5 stars across the board!!!

    22. WonderfulThis is one of my favorite stories. I have had to be the strong one in dealing with a health issue similar to the one in the book. The feelings expressed were very accurate. I always wonder where Brie's life will take us. I can't wait for the next adventure. I am a forever fan.

    23. Brie's Miles High Club (Submissive in Love #7)I absolutely love this series. I give this a five because it made me laugh and cry and sit on the edge of my seat with anxiety. I didn't like that Thane wasn't with Brie in her most needed time. I like that Tono didn't die. I recommend this book to anyone who likes erotica or BDSM.

    24. Faelan, Toño and BrieIt's the continuation of the series. It's funny at times and serious the next. Faelan and Toño is more in the story and Brie plays a big part in both their lives. Master Anderson and some other characters are also involved. Totally recommend you read the series.

    25. can I give this book MORE stars I am madly in love with every character Red I laughed I smiled I got wet and I cried please do not do that again I was with a friend and I had tears running down my face me people just do not understand the connection with books that I have :) I can not wait for the wedding

    26. Another red Phoenix hit!The stinky cheese is back, lea and brie lots of giggles and horrible jokes!I was happy to see Autumn back, rather curious how she deals with floating and soaring.

    27. The characters in the Brie series books are so well-developed that it leads to many exciting twists and turns! Some of Brie's favorite dominants and Lea are present in the Mile High City, and life is never dull

    28. Simply Wow!!! My heart is still racing. This book took me through all the emotions. At one point all I could do was scream No!!! I wanted to stop reading but I pushed on. I was so invested in the story that by the end I was happy and relieved. up next The Wedding.

    29. I loved the silly fun and the way they try to get master Anderson and Tono back in the dating game. The sweetness between both Brie and Tono/Faelan is heartwarming! I am so excited about Red Phoenix and Kallypso Masters working together on a new book.

    30. Red Phoenix never ceases to surprise, amuse and entertain me. These Brie books keep getting better and better. This installment evoked so many emotions (I literally laughed, cried, worried and loved). I can't wait to see where this series goes next.

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