Wolf My name is Mal Marsh I was the oldest unTurned Were of my generation waiting Turn after Turn for my own time which never came Until the day driven by desperation and by the guilt I still carried con

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  • Title: Wolf
  • Author: Alma Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781937051945
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • My name is Mal Marsh I was the oldest unTurned Were of my generation, waiting Turn after Turn for my own time which never came Until the day, driven by desperation and by the guilt I still carried concerning my sister Celia s tragic death, I decided it was time to stop waiting and made a dangerous choice in the name of pride and fury Instead of remaining the RandoMy name is Mal Marsh I was the oldest unTurned Were of my generation, waiting Turn after Turn for my own time which never came Until the day, driven by desperation and by the guilt I still carried concerning my sister Celia s tragic death, I decided it was time to stop waiting and made a dangerous choice in the name of pride and fury Instead of remaining the Random Were that I was born I enlisted the help of a friend, a creature beyond the strictly drawn boundaries of Were kind, and chose to become a Lycan, a true wolf I thought it would give me a chance to take my revenge on those I believed to be responsible for what had happened to my sister Right until the moment I realized that things were much complicated that I had ever believed possible and that my choice might have far repercussions than I had thought One thing was clear Everything I thought I knew about my family was wrong

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    1. I categorized Random, the first book in the Were series, as fantasy. Like most shapeshifter novels, there is no explanation given for the phenomenon. It might as well be magic. Yet in Wolf I found werewolf staffed laboratories. The plot is centered on a genetics project and gene therapy. Clearly, this is science fiction. There is a certain appropriateness in a shapeshifter series that morphs into a different genre.From a thematic perspective, this isn't really a novel about werewolves. It's a no [...]

    2. I received a review copy of this book from the author, since I'd reviewed the previous book in the series. The viewpoint character in this book is the brother of the previous book's viewpoint character, and spends the entire first part of the book going over the backstory from his perspective. In a sense, then, you don't need to read the previous book in order to orient yourself, but I really suggest that you do read it, because it was one of the best books I read last year.I'm not certain wheth [...]

    3. Reviewed for Readers FavoriteMal March has just set his life off in a complicated and unprecedented journey. He has become a were-wolf, a rare and totally not random shape-shifting form, which means that he will have to leave his family and become part of the wolf pack. For Mal, this means redemption and a way to find answers in his life, but nothing ever turns out exactly as planned. Wolf is the second book in the Were Chronicles, and were the first book was his younger sister Jazz's story, thi [...]

    4. I picked up this book after finishing the first one in the series (Random), and liked this one even more than the first. The story continues by following Jazz's older brother Mal and the decisions he makes as he Turns, and what he learns and finds out after doing so.This book was just as strong as the first, which is not always the case, and I enjoyed the expansion and exploration of Were society as Mal becomes a werewolf. There is even more interesting science and political stuff in this book, [...]

    5. I must admit I was not thrilled the focus moved from Jazz to Mal in WOLF. I was not fond of Mal in RANDOM, and I was worried I would not like him enough to enjoy his story. I reread RANDOM before starting WOLF so the beginning was a little slow, although I forced myself to read and not skim. Since I still have tears in my eyes from finishing WOLF, I can honestly say I like Mal and enjoyed his story. These books are not full of action and fight scenes with soaring romances. The books are more cha [...]

    6. It is said there are no new storiesjust new takes on old tales.I would say this does not apply to Wolf or, in fact, to the Were Chronicles as a whole. I have never read an more original take on shapeshifters. Though heavy on the science of genomes and such, I was never once dropped out of this story, or able to anticipate in advance the journey it would take me on.Wolf is a shining example of the skill and excellence inherent in Ms. Alexander's talent. I am very much looking forward to the relea [...]

    7. I'm continuing to really enjoy this trilogy. This book is all from the point of view of Mal, the brother of Jazz, the narrator of the first book.Despite his being a werewolf, this book moves even farther away from fantasy. He starts working in a genetics lab and the book is settling in more to science fiction. I think this would be a book teenage boys would really enjoy.

    8. They saved the day with SCIENCE! I can't speak to how accurate the science was as I tended to read those sections with "science babble, science babble, science babble" running through my head. But SCIENCE! I am very much looking forward to the next one.

    9. Interesting take on werewolves. A wholly different society with somewhat genetic explanations. But slow. And just not grabby. There was definitely potential for a good story here but it ended up feeling more like a sketch. And not particularly believable. But at least it was different.

    10. Review may contain spoilers for Random, the first book in The Were Chronicles.A free ARC of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Ten months. Ten. That’s how long I suffered in agony after finishing Random and its doozy of a cliffhanger ending. Ten slow, painful months to try to get over the shock, to daydream about the characters I was missing, and to speculate about what I could expect from the series’ next installment, Wolf.Now that those ten (TEN!) months [...]

    11. Read review in its entirety at compassbookratings/revAlma Alexander continues to thrill readers with Wolf (The Were Chronicles #2). The second book in the installment tantalizes with a progressive story line. The stakes are higher, the mysteries more intriguing, and the subjects slightly more mature, as Mal Marsh embarks on a journey that is not as self-serving as he once thought.Unfamiliar with the previous novel? Not a problem for newcomers, as Ms. Alexander uses the first 50 or so pages to en [...]

    12. I didn't love it as much as the first one but I still liked it very, very much. Mal's voice and experiences are so different from Jazz's. It's fascinating to be able to see inside his mind and learn how he felt about what happened with Celia. I was shocked and appalled (like Mal) to learn even a portion of what happened to Celia in the Turning Houses. It was very well written and definitely made me deeply consider the issues of the treatment of others within the story. Very well done. I'm hoping [...]

    13. Welp.Here's the thing--Alexander's shapeshifting trilogy shouldn't really catch my attention. It's werewolves, which are fine but not really up my alley, and it's in modern times in an altered world setting, and this one in particular is pretty science-y.BUT OH MY GOODNESS my attention is fully caught.Perhaps it's the strength of the characters. Jazz, the narrator of Random, gets pushed to the side a bit as we follow Mal into the new world of being a werewolf, a world of secrets and isolation fr [...]

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