Summertime An unlikely journey an unlikely love J Nay Walker is a talented singer driven toward success by a promise she made to her late mother One gloomy day on the tail of some disappointing news tragedy s

  • Title: Summertime
  • Author: Adrienne Thompson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 262
  • Format: ebook
  • An unlikely journey an unlikely love.J Nay Walker is a talented singer, driven toward success by a promise she made to her late mother One gloomy day, on the tail of some disappointing news, tragedy strikes, threatening not only to derail her plans, but to end her life As a result, she soon finds herself on an unlikely journey, but is she ready for an unlikely love

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    1. Jazzy dreamerThis is the love story of John and J'Nay. J'Nay is a very talented jazz singer with a beautiful voice. And of course her problem is she has not been discovered yet. So what do you do while you're waiting to be discovered you become a waitress part time and you work at a recording studio part time. John is The cute nerdy looking piano playing cook. He discovers that she can sing classic jazz songs And he discovers he's in love with her but he is afraid to tell her this. One day he al [...]

    2. Wow! This book took me on an unlikely journey that I won't forget anytime soon. J'Nay Walker is a talented young singer on the rise. She's ready to cut a record deal but on one fateful day, tragedy suddenly strikes and places her life in danger. In order to survive, she has to embark a journey that will change her life forever, but will it bring what she's always been searching for?Every time I think this author has written a great book, she comes out with something better. In this novella, Adri [...]

    3. A beautiful love story! When you close your eyes and fantasize about what true love must feel like then this is the story for you! For J'Nay, falling in love is definitely not a part of her life long plan. To be on stage and sing has always been her passion until something tragic happens and the outcome will result in J'Nay truly understanding what the purpose of being loved is all about. Adrienne did a beautiful job allowing her characters to become vulnerable and to accept the power of love fr [...]

    4. A Fascinating ReadIs J'Nay dead or alive? I was so curious that after completing 50% of the book, I thought of asking the author on Facebook. I am happy to report that I didn’t but I finished the book and J’Nay is… (read and find out). Summertime will hold your attention. You will get romance and of course drama.This is my first read from this author but it will not be my last. I loved the way the story flowed and I definitely enjoyed Adrienne’s writing style. Great job!

    5. AMAZING story. Adrienne is truly gifted in her ability to weave through time in this story. I am now an Adrienne Thompson fan for life!

    6. Sweet LoveI didn't want this book to end. Ms. Thompson did an excellent job taking us back to 1939, allowing us to feel the vibe of the times. The love between Dizzy/John and Junie/J'Nay was beautiful. I even listened to Dizzy Gillespie's music as I read. Excellent!

    7. J'Nay Walker is an ambitious young woman, seeking her chance at stardom as a singer. Her move to New Orleans gives her an opportunity to sing at a small establishment where she waits tables. And then tragedy strikes. J'Nay is shot in the head, but wakes up the next day transported from 2015 to 1936. I was charmed by this "time travel" story, with J'Nay not knowing how it happened, and recognizing some family members who had died long ago. Was she in heaven, or some other place? And then she meet [...]

    8. SummertimeThere are times when a story comes along and you fall in love, not just with one of the characters but the whole story. Well Summertime had made to my top 10 list of stories I feel in love with in 2015. I love the transport back in time and I could visualize every character to the point that I wanted to know what their story was. Summertime is one of those story that needs to be made into a movie. It is a magical and lyrical masterpiece.

    9. OMG! Adrienne does it every time! This book was sooooooo good! J'Nay had a plan for her life, but what she did not know was that God had a better plan! Sometimes what you need is right in front of you, but you don't see it. Adrienne takes you on J'Nay's journey that is both powerful and defining. You will find yourself wanting to call somebody and say "Gurl, did you hear about to J'Nay!?" Oh yeah, you gotta get the book.

    10. If I dreamed a dream it would've been the one J'Nay was in. Please don't wake me up!! All that reminiscin back to 1939 in Louisiana was a treat! Great Jazz, classy black people, and great southern cookin!! I enjoyed this very delightful, and I'm glad John "Dizzy Gillespie" Folk was the real man of J'Nay "Junie" Walker's dreams and reality!!

    11. This story was amazing. I felt like I was walking right along side the characters. To be in one life and catapulted back in to another, amazing. The story was told effortlessly. The main character had me on edge in the end. I am never surprised when it comes to Adrienne and her vivid expression in telling a story that hooks you from the first word Loved it.

    12. Wonderful, sweet story Wonderful, sweet story of enduring love and boundless hope. He prayed and loved her back to life! God answered his prayers and hers! Absolutely love it. :)

    13. This is my first story by author Adrienne Thompson and it is excellent.Aspiring singer J'Nay Walker is waiting tables at her family's restaurant and working in a recording studio at night while working on her demo. It seems that her break may come but because of the downtrodden music industry, she is passed up because her vocals are on point *sighs* and this indeed is the real truth with music today.John Folks, the cook at her J'Nay's at the family restaurant. John is a music major and saving hi [...]

    14. J'Nay Walker is a waitress and aspiring singer. One day tragedy strikes on her job and she is transported from the year 2015 to the year 1939. As a musician myself, I could envision the opulently dressed black people of that era and hear the soulful jazz that Adrienne described. I love that in this other world Junie "J'Nay" was transported to she found all the things that she didn't realize she needed or wanted. I didn't give it five stars only because the ending was predictable for me, but it w [...]

    15. SummertimeI have never anything less then greatness from this author. Once again she has delivered a amazing book. J'Nay a young waitress and singer is injured, and hospitalized. While in a coma she dreams that she is living in 1939. The people she encounters are also people in her present life. Not aware that John the man she falls in love in her coma is actually a man in her future that's in love with her. But she doesn't feel the same way about him. One click this book to see what J'Nay does [...]

    16. An awesome trip to the past!Adrienne in Summertime gives the reader a dynamic glimpse of New Orleans, Louisiana in 1939 based upon the viewpoint of young Ms. Walker. This book was an awesome page turner and not only was it a fun read,it was also seasoned with just the perfect amount of drama and love.

    17. What an amazing story!! Adrienne Thompson did her thing! I was so engrossed with the story, I felt that I was actually in the story. I literally could not put this book down. I just loved John's character. And I loved he J'Nay. I wish the book was longer, I just didn't want it to end! I highly recommend reading this amazing story by a great author!

    18. I am a big fan of Adrienne Thompson’s work. Adrienne is an awesome author. Summertime is a novella about J’Nay Walker. J’Nay is a young lady that wants to be a singer. A tragedy happens and J’Nay is in a coma for a while. While in that coma J’Nay goes through a true love affair.

    19. This is the second book I've actually read by this author. I love how this story played out. I was pleasantly surprised and loved the musical theme in the book! I've come to really admire the writings by this author. I have several of her books on my TBR list that I am making my way to finishing.

    20. SummertimeVery sweet and funny novella! Glad that I picked it up. Ms. Thompson did a good job describing life and entertainment in 1939!

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