My Grandfather's Eyes

My Grandfather s Eyes Alex Crane is not a nice woman But she understands what it is to be set apart from other people and she knows the pain of unrequited love Inside a small cupboard at the top of the stairs during a Chr

  • Title: My Grandfather's Eyes
  • Author: B.A. Spicer
  • ISBN: 9781507622407
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alex Crane is not a nice woman But she understands what it is to be set apart from other people, and she knows the pain of unrequited love.Inside a small cupboard at the top of the stairs during a Christmas game of hide and seek, five year old Alex Crane listens to her cousins as they dance downstairs chanting, Poo face Poo face She raises a small hand and covers herAlex Crane is not a nice woman But she understands what it is to be set apart from other people, and she knows the pain of unrequited love.Inside a small cupboard at the top of the stairs during a Christmas game of hide and seek, five year old Alex Crane listens to her cousins as they dance downstairs chanting, Poo face Poo face She raises a small hand and covers her moles, glowing with shame and confusion She does not want them to find her Already reeling from the loss of her beloved grandfather, the cousins careless words cut deep But there is worse to come, and Alex discovers that there are very few people in the world whom she can trust Years later, self assured but emotionally disaffected, Alex marries, knowing that the only person she cares for is her closest friend, Lizzy Trapped and with diminishing hope, Alex almost gives in to Richard s suffocating devotion However, the discovery of a family mystery takes her over She pieces together clues and delves deeper into the past, recalling scenes from her childhood which mask a devastating truth The cupboard at the top of the stairs cannot hold Alex forever.

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    1. I read Bev Spicer’s novel, ‘Bunny on a Bike’ a year ago and enjoyed it enormously. It was light, frothy and funny. ‘My Grandfather’s Eyes’ is none of the above.This novel is a first person, present tense narrative – difficult at the best of times - dealing with the innermost thoughts and motivations of a woman, Alex, denied her friend Lizzie, whom she desires with an overwhelming passion, and settling instead for a husband she can tolerate and occasionally like. It’s dark, but no [...]

    2. 4.5 starsAlex’s story is told, in the first person and present tense and draws the reader into her world of extremely well drawn and distinct, albeit not always likeable, characters that surround her. The narrative begins with the death of Alex’s grandfather, his funeral and the first signs that maybe something about this family is slightly skewed. The heated words Alex overhears exchanged between her mother and father later that night unnerve her although she’s not sure why.And then, back [...]

    3. Alex Crane's husband is critically ill in hospital as she waits to talk to the medical staff she recounts her life with him and their loveless marriage, as well as the secrets in her own family. Alex's relationship with her mother is strained, in part due the fact Alex has imperfections on her face in the form of moles, which have been prominent since birth, but she was close to her grandfather who passed away years ago. Her passion for her oldest friend burns brightly from when they were at sch [...]

    4. An unusual book with some very unusual characters. Each person had a range of problems that bring them together while at the same time puts them in conflict with each other.An excellent psychological read.

    5. While she is waiting for her ill husband in the hospital waiting room, Alex looks like any other woman. Except maybe for the moles on her face that have shaped her relationship to others and the world around her since she was a child. But that face hides feelings a that should not be flooding the mind of a loving wife anxiously waiting for news of her spouse.Cold and detached, Alex walks down memory lane, from the funeral of the grandfather she was so close to, to this day, allowing her to dive [...]

    6. Mature Audiences Only.This has to be the most disturbing book I’ve ever read. As I said in the title, this is not sit back with a cup of coffee or tea with soothing music in the background. This is book is very disturbing travel through the psyche of one Alexandria Crane and her dysfunctional family. Think Sylvia Plath. We know how that ended. Alex’s entire life centers around the moles on her face. They are the main focus of the story and how our appearances can have an extremely detrimenta [...]

    7. Alex Crane is the narrator of this dark, clever and extremely well-written book. This novel is completely different o anything I have read for a long time, disturbing and fascinating, Alex’s story is one that tests your sympathies to the limit.Alex has moles. This might seem a simple thing but they, in some way, define her. She bears them proudly, refusing to be ashamed, refusing to accept the place in society that they should, in others eyes, confine her to. Her mother’s revulsion shapes he [...]

    8. Alex Crane is not a nice woman. She has an incredibly inflated opinion of herself, and thinks very little of most other people. The only person she has ever really loved is her late grandfather, who died when she was four, and her lifelong best friend Lizzy. Alex is not in love with her husband, who would do anything for her. Her world seems centered on exactly what she cannot have.So it's a real surprise how much I actually liked Alex. There's something about her arrogance and single-mindedness [...]

    9. Congratulations to Bev Spicer for an engaging read.‘My Grandfather’s Eyes’ is a well written novel which keeps the reader interested in the characters. Told in the first person perspective the narrative draws you along with the main protagonist, a quite shallow Alex Crane, whose personality has been dictated by the blemishes on her face. The world owes her something, so here is a girl who is selfish and prepared to exploit all she comes across for her own ends, picking up people and discar [...]

    10. My Grandfather's Eyes is an interesting read, drawing you into the life of an extremely unlikeable protagonist and her equally unlikeable family and friends.Alex Crane is scheming, uncaring and lacking a conscience. The moles on her face are cited as the reason for her disdain for almost everyone and everything, but her self-centred and calculating nature have a deeper cause. When faced with news of her husband's death, all Alex worries about is what he told the doctors. When faced with the past [...]

    11. As Alex’s husband lies dying in hospital, she worries about what he may have told the doctors. How Alex reached this moment in her life is told through scenes from childhood to the present day that jump around in time, and ratchet up the suspense very effectively. The animosity between her mother and her grandmother is just one of many aspects of her family history that puzzles her, and while Alex is determined to uncover the secrets her family has been keeping from her, we readers become equa [...]

    12. 3.5 stars.I first received Bev Spicer's Bunny On A Bike through , and she was so nice to ask if I would like to review another of her books. I chose My Grandfather's Eyes because the blurb on painted it to be so different from the lighthearted fun of Bunny On A Bike, and that's what I got. This book was dark, and Alexandra as a main character kind of reminded me of a Gillian Flynn character because she was flawed, but also well written. She read as very cold and detached, which at some points m [...]

    13. The protagonist in this novel is Alex Crane who must surely be a contender for one of the most selfish, self-centred and egotistical characters of twenty first century fiction so far. Even though she is such an unpleasant character her story is completely riveting and you become totally absorbed in her life. Essentially this is a love story but not of the conventional kind. There is so much in this novel with a variety of sub-plots all of which interlink with the unfolding story of Alex’s life [...]

    14. Well, I wasn't expecting this! What an unusual book - I've read excerpts from Bev Spicer's humorous memoir series and am impressed that she can turn her hand to something so different, and as powerful as this, too.I love it when writers dare to create a protagonist who isn't altogether likeable - to me, this makes the parts where you DO feel sympathy for Alex Crane have more effect. I really liked the way it's written in the present tense, a hard thing to carry off as it can come over as a bit c [...]

    15. I'm sure most readers would put the book down after persevering through the first few chapters with very little to compel you to keep reading, other than the style of prose. I know I almost quit several times, but kept pushing and I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed the writing style and the "jump-around" timeline. It kept me in enough suspense that I wanted to see where it was going. Lots of side stories that nicely mesh into a full picture. Many other reviewers used the term "depressing". I would [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this well-written and complex novel of human emotions. There were no heroes or heroines in this tale; everyone was flawed in their own peculiar way. At times, the characters' behavior is very disturbing, but we come to understand why they may have acted that way. The prose,although always good, was in parts beautiful and nearly poetic. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a truly complex piece of work. It will have you thinking long after you finish the last [...]

    17. The language felt strange but uniquely fitting for the main character. The further I read the more I became involved in her dark and morbid thoughts. I didn't know how I felt about this book but I kept turning the pages as i felt compelled to know more about this woman. The story is told from one main character who has what to many appears to be a physical defect. The consequences of this "flaw" are interwoven through the book and themes of beauty, character, friendship, love and consequences ma [...]

    18. My favourite reads are the ones with distinctive characters. I hesitate to describe the characters in My Grandfather's Eyes as flawed, because that might sound as if the author has failed to draw them well. The opposite is true, and Ms Spicer has drawn the characters extremely well, with all their glorious flaws picked out under the delightfully forgiving spotlight of the story.

    19. It's unusual to have a main character (Alex) you never really warm to yet are intrigued to know what happens to her and why. The parallels with her 'nan' were subtly drawn and revealed bit by bit throughout the story. In understanding her grandmother, we come to understand the link to Alex's grandfather. A really good read by an independent author.

    20. This book does not let your brain rest until you are done and even then you're saying 'oh wow'. Enjoyed this very much. B.A. Spicer you are to be congragulated.

    21. Sad, but good.This must be what bittersweet must feel like. This is a story that is complex, but good. All the different lives interwoven with so much to gain and/or lose.

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