Revenge of the Mantis

Revenge of the Mantis African Myth meets Victorian Manners Proof that paranormal can be fun witty I love this story the quirky practical Beatrice Knight Wit adventure an air of mystery All is proceeding as it should for

  • Title: Revenge of the Mantis
  • Author: Vered Ehsani
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • African Myth meets Victorian Manners Proof that paranormal can be fun witty I love this story the quirky, practical Beatrice Knight Wit, adventure an air of mystery All is proceeding as it should for Beatrice Knight That is, until the African Lightning God lands in her barn and announces that Mrs Knight s arch nemesis is about to pay an unsoliciAfrican Myth meets Victorian Manners Proof that paranormal can be fun witty I love this story the quirky, practical Beatrice Knight Wit, adventure an air of mystery All is proceeding as it should for Beatrice Knight That is, until the African Lightning God lands in her barn and announces that Mrs Knight s arch nemesis is about to pay an unsolicited visit This time, the giant Praying Mantis Koki won t be so easily dissuaded from exacting revenge against the intrepid paranormal investigator Mrs Knight must now answer one critical question what, or whom, is she prepared to sacrifice in order to defeat the Mantis As if that isn t heart wrenching enough, Mr Timmons boldly presents a possibility too terrible to consider, yet too tempting to refuse Now, if only she could survive long enough to make a decision Case 3 in Society for Paranormals A series concerning dead husbands, African legends and the search for a perfect spot of tea For those readers who adore Pride Prejudice and who would appreciate a supernatural safari through colonial Kenya Case 1 Ghosts of Tsavo is free Make sure to read Case 2 The Automaton s Wife

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    1. What a spirited NagI am hooked on this series As Beatrice rolls from one sucker punch to the next, in terms of the personal history she wasn't aware of, she has to deal with a vengeful insect witha seriously decapitating bite.The one let down, and this may be more from the fact that I've read the first three books in three days, is that the final battle here reads a little too much like deas ex machina after a long wind up the battle just ends wiht a mandate The fourth Mandate.Luckily, I don't h [...]

    2. This series is ridiculous, and I love every single page! This may be my favorite in the series so far. A lot of the open-ended questions from the first couple of books are addressed here: what happened to Gideon, Drew's history, and, best of all: KOKI! I'd been looking forward to the Koki showdown since she was first mentioned in the first book, and this didn't disappoint. I'm also loving that the Bea's paranormal posse keeps growing, I think it makes things a lot more interesting having a large [...]

    3. Your cousin is newly married to a man who can turn into a giant bat.Your horse is possessed by a snake spirit.Your brother, who you thought was long dead, turns up suddenly and, somewhat to your dismay, he's a werewolf.And, just to make things interesting, your best friend is in love with him.A man who is, in the words of your aunt, "unsuitable" has just proposed marriage to you.Your dead husband's ghost is angry at you.Oh, and you're being hunted by a giant, shape-shifting praying mantis that h [...]

    4. The most exciting in the series so far! I wanted to savor this book. I've already fallen in love with the characters, learned even more about them, and can't wait to find out even more -- and I wanted to just hang out with them as I settled back into what is now to me the familiar setting of Nairobi in the late 1800s. But no! This book just had to be so exciting, with a battle scene that takes your breath away and a declaration of love that leaves you just as breathless (who knew hand holding co [...]

    5. Bea's past is catching up with her in this story. A creature so deadly she haunts Bea's dreams is on the move and coming for revenge!This is the tightest written of the books so far and I was totally hooked all the way through. Vered throughout these books has been dropping breadcrumbs about what is to come with an art I would love to be able to replicate. There is never a moment of dullness, something is always taking place, moving the story on, whether that moment is tragic, or hilarious. All [...]

    6. Beatrice Knight, recovering from the shock that her deceased brother Drew is in fact alive, well and a werewolf is alerted to the fact that her nemesis Koki the Mantis is here and earching for her. Beatrice doesn't expect to survive the encounter even if her friends are determined to help.Yet again a quirky turn of phrase makes this a delight to read. Can't wait for the next installment in this saga!

    7. I am a great fan of this series already and I'm pleased to say that Revenge of the Mantis is another all-nighter. Once you start reading this new installment, you just can't stop. Mrs. Ehsani's prose is superb and her characters jump out of the pages to lead you into their whimsical world.

    8. Loved this book,couldn't put it down! Everything from the descriptions to the storyline are fantastic,you can almost smell the earth after the rains,it's that good.Cant wait to find out what's going to happen to my favourite characters. On to the next one.

    9. Good, good, good! Loved this, and the previous books! Very entertaining with unusual characters and creatures. Humorous, and a delightful read! Great series!

    10. Firstly, I must admit that I'm a bit of a book whore but don't always post reviews for free books given as I'm off on my next adventure (usually of the paranormal type). For that I apologize and will attempt to rectify. I've been given and read the prequel of "Ghosts of Tsavo", "That Night in Lagos". I admit I read Ghosts first, but it was nice reading about her first paranormal case supplying me with more back round info. but I'm getting ahead of myself. Since I'm up to book 3, I'll write a syn [...]

    11. I got the book set 1-3 and after a short space began to enjoy the quirky setting and the heroine. What I didnt like was the cliffhanger endings to each book. It seems like a kind of blackmail to get the next one that I dont appreciate. I think a book should be a complete whole and not a monthly serial in a magazine.

    12. Witty adventures in circa 1900 africa, October 13, 2016This review is from: Revenge of the Mantis (Society for Paranormals Book 3) (Kindle Edition)This is book three in the Society for Paranormals series but this isn't your usual paranormal story or your usual series. I enjoy reading them in order but it isn't really necessary. These books are more like P. G. Wodehouse in that many of the same characters appear in most of the books and there are references to past events but the books aren't a [...]

    13. See more of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsVered Ehsani's Society For Paranormals series goes from strength to strength! This third adventure is my favourite yet for several reasons, not least of which is the wonderfully no-nonsense Victorian character of Mrs Beatrice Knight. She is a clever portrayal of a very English woman, juxtaposed against fantastical scenes of early 1900s Nairobi and African legend which accentuates the often ridiculous social niceties she is expected to both ob [...]

    14. I received the copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. As always I'm loving it!Finally the love story has come live. I'm loving all the characters, changed Lily, the zebra riding doctor, The God of lighting and so on! Some scenes are pretty hilarious and very fun. Would be a great material for maybe some movie, a comedy :)

    15. Much has been revealed in this third volume and many of my questions answered. The more I read the more I enjoy this series. There are common fantastical elements but with new twists and the African setting makes this even richer. Add to that a little steampunk vibe and amusing characters makes for a unique read.

    16. Another excellent book by Ms Ehsani. Still loving her style and wit and complex relationships.In this book it's mostly about how to get oneself ready for the dreaded attack of Koki, the Giant Mantis from the title. we also learn more about Gideon, her ghostly husband and an unexpected wedding takes place.:)

    17. A bit of a misnomer, this one - the long-threatened revenge doesn't really happen (the Mantis doesn't even appear until some two thirds of the way into the book. Instead we have some more background stuff - and a lot of explanations, plus one or two resolution of other plot threads, mostly to do with Beatrice's personal life.

    18. In this installment our heroine deals with an elephant-sized spider, a giant praying mantis, a flying horse, a lightening god, a runaway brother, and two weddings. Another cliffhanger at the end, too.

    19. I am enjoying these paranormal stories by Vered Ehsani. This is the third volume. The stories are comical and easy reads. More to come.

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