Cat in the Flock

Cat in the Flock A sexy murder mystery with a spiritual edge For most people dreams are a way to escape reality But for Cat McCormick they re a way to get closer to the truth Cat can slip into other people s dreams

  • Title: Cat in the Flock
  • Author: Lisa Brunette
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • A sexy murder mystery with a spiritual edge For most people, dreams are a way to escape reality But for Cat McCormick, they re a way to get closer to the truth Cat can slip into other people s dreams.After graduating college with a degree in criminal justice but little in the way of real life experience, Cat moves from the Midwest to Seattle to apprentice with her GraA sexy murder mystery with a spiritual edge For most people, dreams are a way to escape reality But for Cat McCormick, they re a way to get closer to the truth Cat can slip into other people s dreams.After graduating college with a degree in criminal justice but little in the way of real life experience, Cat moves from the Midwest to Seattle to apprentice with her Granny Grace, who shares the ability Granny uses dreamslipping as a private investigator, and Cat plans to follow in her footsteps.But forced to take work as a security guard, Cat discovers a mother and daughter on the run Following the clues, she goes undercover in a Midwestern megachurch, where she finds redemption and goodwill amidst repression, hypocrisy, and murder.

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    1. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Ever wonder what other people dream about? Cathedral Grace McCormick ("Cat") does not, because she already knows.Cat and her grandmother, Granny Grace, have an ability called "dreamslipping" that allows them to enter other people's dreams. Instead of denying her abilities, Granny Grace honed them and established a private investigator firm in Seattle. As Granny Grace's reputation for solving mysteries grew, she became an influ [...]

    2. I don’t typically read mysteries but I loved, loved, loved Cat in the Flock, and especially the character of Cathedral “Cat” McCormick. Cat is a recent college grad with supernatural “dream-slipping” abilities inherited from her Granny Grace, who seems like if she were in a different book, could be a “Ya-Ya.” The colorful and memorable Granny Grace lives in Seattle and the vulnerable, savvy, funny, and real Cat decides to leave her home in St. Louis to go learn a thing from her gra [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this story, the characters were interesting, and the dream slipping was intriguing. The ending was totally unexpected and sad, but it was still a good ending. I really liked Cat (the main character) and her granny was a real character! I also liked Wendy from the Plantation church. Also, I thought it was interesting that Dale Chihuly was mentioned in this book. I've seen some of his glass sculptures at Fairchild Tropical Garden in Coral Gables and I love his work!The narrator, A [...]

    4. Cat McCormick, a novice P.I. with grit and daring, carries this story along between the Midwest and Seattle, trying to find the truth to why a mother and her child are on the run. She has the uncanny ability to slip into other people’s dreams to gather clues for the hunt.Author, Lisa Brunette, creates flowing dialogue and sensual settings. She has succeeded in creating a paranormal mystery with enough contour and psychological insights to keep the novel interesting at more than one level. Cat [...]

    5. This is an engaging mystery with a strong female character who has a supernatural gift to help her sleuthing. My rating 4.25.Cat McCormick didn’t find work in criminal justice as she hoped for out of college. She has decided to move from St. Louis to Seattle to learn the private investigator trade under the tutelage of her Granny Grace. Cat and Grace share an unusual “gift” that helps them in the PI field – they slip into other people’s dreams. Cat has tried to avoid the unwanted talen [...]

    6. Cat has the ability to slip into the dreams of others. After finishing college, she moves from St Louis to Seattle to join her Grandma Grace's private investigation business, where they will both be able to use their dreamslipping abilities to help them solve crimes. As Cat's father states, "We know you're pursuing your dream - ha, in this case, literally." Before Cat even gets off the plane, she's thrown into her first case, involving a homeless mother and child, a break-in, the Church, domesti [...]

    7. This novel was fascinating. I am an avid reader of mysteries and thought I had read just about every plot line. This one was so different that I was a bit leery. Solving a mystery by being in someone's dream? But before too long I was hooked. I liked the way the characters were portrayed too. Cat's family included a broad spectrum, from a religiously conservative mother to a fun loving and broad minded grandmother. The characters worked well within the plot, even the quirky ones.As a Christian, [...]

    8. 3.5 Stars'Cat in the Flock' was a great start to a fascinating series that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy. Here are my pro and con highlights:Pros:- Tightly wound and intricate mystery full of unexpected twists- Complex characters with rounded personalities - especially the main character, Cat- Lots of details and vivid descriptions brought the story to life in my mind- I loved the paranormal/supernatural aspects of the story - like Cat's dreamslipping abilitiesCons:- Written in the third p [...]

    9. Identity mysteries. The collective unconscious. Combine these with traditional investigative methods and you get Cat McCormick and her tightrope walk through mischief, worship, love and trouble. Cat jumps into the dreams of others–and because of this unique skill–ends up undercover as a P.I. Her psychic and physical investigation through a Protestant flock get her into tricky situations. She brushes with America's foibles of identity, sexuality, religion, and the search for common sense and [...]

    10. This book was recently entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:Title: Cat in the FlockAuthor: Lisa BrunetteStar Rating: 4 starsNumber of Readers: 18Readers’ Comments‘The best part of this book is, by far, the central premise: a PI who can slip into suspect’s dreams. I liked this book a lot. It was slow to get going but once it was up and running it cracked along at a good pace. I thought starting every chapter with a dream was clever although I had proble [...]

    11. Author Lisa Brunette turns the term “going deep undercover” on its head with her inventive new detective series, the McCormick Files, in which novice private investigator Cat McCormick solves mysteries with insights she gains… from slipping into other people’s dreams.In the series’ debut novel, “Cat in the Flock,” Cat launches her PI career under the mentorship of Granny Grace, her irrepressible grandmother, who also happens to share her “dreamslipping” ability. Using clues fro [...]

    12. I received the audio book free for an honest review and purchased the Kindle version. I would like to give it a 4.5 star rating. I did find the book itself thoroughly enjoyable but wasn't crazy about the narrator, but it did not take away from my enjoyment of this book.I was enticed to this book because of Cat's unusual gift (sometimes seen as a curse) of dreamslipping, slipping into the dreams of others which allows her to really know what they are thinking. Cat comes to stay with her grandmoth [...]

    13. I like mystery novels as a genre. I like good dialogue and crystal clear settings. I love finding a writer who combines a good story with great characters and settings and keeps me interested right up to the end. Lisa Brunette did all of this in Book #1 of her new series. I am looking forward to a long relationship with Cat McCormick.This story combines a strong lead character with several equally interesting supporting cast members that I hope we see much more of in the future, especially her g [...]

    14. Delightful ReadI thoroughly enjoyed reading Cat in the Flock by Lisa Brunette. The well-drawn characters drew me in immediately, especially Amazing Grace and, of course, Cathedral (Cat) herself. The plot moves swiftly and keeps you guessing up to the end. I loved the dreamslipping experiences, a novel idea I have not seen before. In less capable hands, they might seem silly, but as the author skillfully weaves them into the storyline. they become an indispensable and fascinating part of the plot [...]

    15. Liked this romantic p. i. read Main character, Cat, has left her life in the midwest to Seattle to take over her grandmothers Detective business. Thus begins her journey into undercover work, gay lifestyle and murder. The ending left me in tears as was buttersweet. Liked the characters and their gift of dreamslipping. This gift lands them in cases and trouble. Will look forward to rest of series. Thanx to Ms. Brunette and .

    16. I won this book in a giveaway on and It was enjoyable. I couldn't put it down because it was so interesting. The mystery kept you wanting more. The characters are good but felt somewhat rushed in character development. Also each time you thought the story was drawing to a close it kept bringing more which is to me at least a good thing in some books like this one. Looking forward to the next book.

    17. 3.5/5.0This innovative take on the world of private investigating starts off at a slow pace but picks up speed as the protagonist weaves her way through the various dreams of people she encounters.Read full review in the 2015 February issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    18. Brunette' s aptitude as a writer jumps off the page and grabs your attention, making a well-known murder mystery formula anew: piecing solutions through dreams. The characters are likeable and have more depth of relationship than most books in this genre. I look forward to the next two books, and more dreams.

    19. I would have liked to give this 4.5 stars. The characters are great and the plot is complex but tied up neatly at the end. Subjects that I was familiar with were well researched. Unlike a couple of reviewers, I don't think you have to believe in the paranormal or New Age mysticism to enjoy the book.

    20. Finished reading this today and really enjoyed it. A great cast of characters and an interesting story. This book gets added to my Read Again collection, the highest honor I can give to a book.

    21. We are proud to announce that CAT IN THE FLOCK by Lisa Brunette is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

    22. i won this book and i am glad i did because i enjoyed it immensely. the story you cannot put down. til the wow end

    23. CAT IN THE FLOCK by Lisa BrunetteThe First Dreamslippers MysteryAfter graduating college Cathedral McCormick, better known as Cat, moves to Seattle to learn the PI business from her grandmother, Amazing Grace, and eventually take over the business allowing her gran to retire. Cat is also planning to train with her grandmother to better manage her unique ability. Cat, like Grace, is able to slip into other people's dreams. A young girl's horrifying dream, possibly symptomatic of abuse, starts wha [...]

    24. I actually have read the Dreamslipper books out of order, but had no problem thoroughly enjoying this book. Having seen the later actions, it was interesting to see the issues as Cat worked to control her dreamslipping from a chaotic beginning. As in the second book, the major players are described in depth and developed as very real people. The story arc works well and is not too obvious as Cat becomes involved in her first case as a PI. I could anticipate some events from having read the secon [...]

    25. I loved this book!Cat is a young woman who can 'dreamslip' like her Grandma.She moves to Seattle to take over Grandmas PI business.She has a lot to learn! I enjoyed this book with exceptions of the narration of other voices than Cats.Everyone else seemed to scream,which I found rather annoying.Angel Clark may want to stick to regular narration and not voices.I was given this book free by either the author,narrator or publisher.

    26. Wow what a fun, exciting, quirky, original story. I knew I was going to like this one, but I loved it even more than I thought I was going to! That was a nice surprise! I am a Christian, and this being about a religious cult was perfect reading for me. Very interesting and very real feeling as Cat goes undercover in a young adult church group. Don't misunderstand my "real feeling" comment - this is magical realism/paranormal - so not so real, but the author made it believable and the characters [...]

    27. When I first heard about this book I had thoughts of the tv show Medium enter my mind. I have been known to binge watch Medium and Ghost Whisperer. I appreciate being allowed into people's heads, their innermost unguarded thoughts. My hesitation about reading it came from the topic of Megachurches and extreme religions. My experience with them comes only through the media and entertainment vehicles such as books and movies. We have all heard of priest scandals and vicious nuns. I accept those sc [...]

    28. Born into a family of "dreamslippers" that skips every other generation, Cat McCormick is the lucky generation to receive "the gift." Part of the "Dreamslipper Series" by Lisa Brunette, "Cat in the Flock" introduces a sideways twist to the always fascinating study of psychic or mystic receivers. Still struggling with how she will come to terms with this unusual paradigm, the recent college graduate has had problems finding employment in St. Louis and accepts an offer from Granny Grace to join he [...]

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