The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty Enraged at not being invited to the princess christening the thirteenth fairy casts a spell that dooms the princess to sleep for one hundred years Retold and Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman First E

  • Title: The Sleeping Beauty
  • Author: Trina Schart Hyman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Enraged at not being invited to the princess christening, the thirteenth fairy casts a spell that dooms the princess to sleep for one hundred years.Retold and Illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman First Edition

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    1. This is an adaptation of the classic French fairy tale by Charles Perrault written and illustrated by American artist Trina Schart Hyman, one of my favourite book illustrators of all time. The double-page and full-page illustrations (and there's not a single page without artwork!) are just exquisite beyond words, all coloured, and with the story so well embedded to go with the illustrations. I loved how Mrs Hyman is able to capture the dark and creepy atmosphere of the wood and the dormant castl [...]

    2. Finally a satisfactory retelling of this classic fairytale!This is a retelling of the Grimm's version of Sleeping Beauty, and of the Sleeping Beauty books I've read I must say that this was at once the most grim and the most merry.It contains all the same warnings I've mentioned for other versions:Dead hens being plucked, a scullery boy being pummeled, bathing women (mostly just bar bums-though, I'm pleased this version clears up the bit about the frog-the queen was bathing in a pond here, which [...]

    3. A fairly standard Sleeping Beauty adaptation with a few beautiful sentences in it that set it apart. Lovely illustrations, even though the Prince looks too old for the princess to me. Probably accurate to the times, but still, she's just 15! The guy who breaks the curse shouldn't be old enough to grow such a luscious beard! One scary spread of the thorns around the castle filled with skeletons and such that might be difficult for sensitive kids (probably would have bothered me a bit when I was y [...]

    4. Out of the five picture books we read in class today, this one was my absolute FAVORITE. It was an interesting and rather enjoyable version of Sleeping Beauty. It isn't grim and horrible like what the Grimm Brothers tell and I prefer it over the Disney version, which is saying something since I LOVE Disney. Anyway, this version has more fairies, a gallant prince who wakes up the (surprisingly still young) sleeping beauty, Briar Rose, and I simply loved the fact that they called her Briar Rose be [...]

    5. Tengo que decir que nunca antes había leído la historia original, tan sólo había visto la famosa adaptación de Disney. Me ha gustado ver muchas similitudes con ésta, como cuando todos los seres vivos del castillo se quedan dormidos, parte que me ha hecho gracia especialmente; también, el hecho que crezcan rosales alrededor del castillo. Lo que me ha sorprendido es que en vez de ser tres hadas las que le regalan sus dones el día de su nacimiento ¡son trece! ¡Y la decimotercera es nada m [...]

    6. The tale of a princess whom a vicious fairy decides to put her to sleep for a hundred years as the King and Queen have forgotten to invite to the party of the princess' birth. After one hundred years, she comes back to life when a handsome prince kisses her. Why the hell should children's fairy tales be for the most part dependent on this idea of damsel in distress, the princess who is helpless and waits for a prince to save her? Why should all the qualifications she has to attract the price be [...]

    7. My favorite Sleeping Beauty version. Forget Disney. I love Trina Shuart Hyman's illustrations and her retelling of this fairy tale is a delight to read aloud. The Gospel and redemption elements shine brightly through as one reads of the King's son rescuing his bride from the curse that had a grip on her and all her kingdom. Love it. "Where one drop of blood drains a castle of life, so one kiss can bring it alive again."

    8. The Sleeping Beauty is a traditional retelling of the fairy tale, beautifully illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. When the king and queen send out invitations to their daughter's christening, one fairy is left out-- and takes her revenge by cursing the child. When she pricks her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, she and all the castle will fall asleep for one hundred years. Trina Schart Hyman's illustrations are detailed and expressive, imbuing even the most minor characters with movemen [...]

    9. This book got five stars because there isn't a thing I would change about it. The illustrations are beautiful and the way it's written is also lovely.

    10. I’ve encountered Ms. Hyman’s work as an illustrator in the past. But here she is a writer as well, taking on one of the familiar female icons in fairy tale. “The Sleeping Beauty” doesn’t rank high on my lists of favorites. What does she do except sleep and wait for her Prince Charming to come and rescue her? Ms. Hyman supposedly re-tells the Grimm fairy tale but brings nothing new to it. Briar Rose is said to be mischievous but we get no instances of it. Face it, this creation will nev [...]

    11. This book is magical and enchanting. Illustrations are rich and haunting, full of detail. I like how everything was complex, nothing was left half-assed. Image where prince walks through corridor, we are shown things aside, such as people sleeping and dead princes of before. It is also really dark and gloomy. Every character has their owndesign, that also shows emotions and simply, personalities. Only problem I have is 12th fairy-she looks little off,particularly neck and arms, but it may be bec [...]

    12. What a glorious illustrated version of this tale. Hyman retells the story, but it is the illustrations that take the prize. (She doesn't shy away from the part of the story where the hedge of thorns kills princes who arrive before the 100 years are up, either. What a creepy picture! Show it to your favorite goth.) But her king, queen, princess and all supporting characters are vivid, appropriately dressed, and captivating. I was a little disturbed by the costuming of the rescuing prince, as it i [...]

    13. While visiting the library, this book was chosen by the four year old girl that I baby sit, for us to read together. The illustrations in this book are GORGEOUS - elaborate and detailed. Unfortunately, my inner-feminist did not feel that this story was good for my young friend. I know this story is based on the Grimm tale but I didn't like reading a story that involved a helpless princess who is constantly being described as beautiful (nothing more). Her existence is based on her attractive look [...]

    14. Now, I am not sure if this is just not the typical version of the story, or if I'm simply not remembering this correctly from my childhood. This is the classic story of the little baby girl who had a spell cast upon her as a child. The spell said that she would prick her finger and fall asleep eternally at the age of 15. In this version, the entire town also falls asleep and the forest overgrows the city. The fair prince many years later comes in to save everyone, marry the princess, and live ha [...]

    15. 1 sleeping beauty IBCパブリッシング 2 80min3 sleeping, spindle, princess, fairy, rose, beautiful, kiss4 a You slept for a long time. I tried to wake the others, but they will not wake up. Now that you are awake, please come with me.b Many princes tried wake sleeping beauty up, but only Philip could help her from sleeping a long time, so I like this passage.5 I love a fantasy story and Disney animation, so I read this book. When I was a child, I always watched a Disney movie, that why I ch [...]

    16. I did not enjoy reading this book very much. Honestly, it is probably because I grew up watching the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. I did not think that this book was very appealing. The illustrations were dark and gloomy. However, they did look very traditional and rustic. I think that they fit the story really well. It was also interesting hearing this story in a little bit of a different perspective other than the Disney version. However, I like the Disney version better. I would suggest [...]

    17. A traditional retelling of the Sleeping Beauty tale, made amazing by the amount of detail in the artwork. As a lover of fairy tales, I was charmed by the beauty and detail that went into every page. Everything from the formatting of the text to beautiful scrolling details on the border, the attention to detail was apparent. I particularly appreciated the artwork on the page about all of the young men giving their lives in search of the fair maiden; it was effectively haunting. I can honestly say [...]

    18. 3.5 starsThe artwork by Hyman is lovely and memorable. The retelling itself is basic without deviations or flourishes.

    19. This version of the story seems to me that it is intended for an audience slightly older than young children. The illustrations are full-page, full-color, and gorgeous. A couple are a bit more graphic than I would expect in a children's book, but are not offensive.This retelling is very, very similar to the original told my the Brothers Grimm, and the only changes made that i noted were for the purpose of further explanation or enhancing the imagery/character development.

    20. Our old friend, Sleeping Beauty, retold from the Brothers Grimm. Only lightly altered, and nothing that really changes the plotWhat really makes this one, however, is Hyman's illustrations. Which are stunning. There's a running theme of an arched window, or something like it, in just about all of them. I also note the prince looks uncommonly mature for a fairy tale prince -- easy to believe he's bold enough.

    21. Trina Schart Hyman was one of the greatest illustrators of children's books we had. It's a shame she's gone. Her work here was beautiful. The text and the path of the story have a very old-fashioned feel (as opposed to some of the more "Disney-fied" stories) and Hyman's images are a perfect fit. (Although I will say that the prince looks way too old for a 15-year-old girl, fairytale princess or no.)

    22. This is a very traditional telling of the Sleeping Beauty story, based on the fairy tale originally written down by the Brothers Grimm. There is no real innovation where the plot is concerned. What makes the book special is its beautiful illustrations. It is suitable either to be read aloud, or for the kids to read themselves. All in all, a beautiful telling of this classic story.

    23. Another gem from Hyman's pen. There is wonderful imagery -- forest and mountain-horizon, clothing, castle interiors. The sleeping beauty and the thorn-encircled castle have never been illustrated better, and this particular take on Briar Rose stands out markedly (and pleasingly) against previous depictions.

    24. I love the illustrations here. They were rough and wonderful.I enjoyed the re-telling as I didn't feel it was all Disney-fied.Princes died, people experienced pain, kings ran out of silver plates and the last fairy doesn't take the full curse of Briar Rose, NOT because she isn't powerful enough, but because the king insulted one of her kind.

    25. Traditional Literature 5This tale is very similar to the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. The princess becomes cursed by an angry witch when she is born so that when she turns sixteen she will prick a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep until awoken from the kiss of a Prince. The curse comes true but her Prince saves her and they are married.

    26. Sleeping Beauty is about a girl who has a spell cast on her that causes her and the whole kingdom to sleep for 100 years. Sleeping Beauty is not awoken until her true love comes and kisses her. This teaches children that true love can conquer all and is wonderful when the other person (like the prince in this book) makes sacrifices for the other partner.

    27. I thought this book was great, it's one of my favorite children's books and I think all children should have read it in their childhood because it's just part of childhood stories. This story was the original and was actually different than other sleeping beauty stories that I have read but I liked it a lot and the pictures were very helpful throughout the story.

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