High School Debut, Vol. 04

High School Debut Vol Can a junior high jock turn high school sweetheart overnight When Haruna hits ninth grade suddenly boys seem much interesting than softball Will Haruna s high school debut end up in heartbreak hotel H

  • Title: High School Debut, Vol. 04
  • Author: Kazune Kawahara
  • ISBN: 9781421517315
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can a junior high jock turn high school sweetheart overnight When Haruna hits ninth grade suddenly boys seem much interesting than softball Will Haruna s high school debut end up in heartbreak hotel Haruna jumps to the conclusion that Yoh is interested in her friend Mami when she sees the two of them together Instead of confronting him about it, she runs away WillCan a junior high jock turn high school sweetheart overnight When Haruna hits ninth grade suddenly boys seem much interesting than softball Will Haruna s high school debut end up in heartbreak hotel Haruna jumps to the conclusion that Yoh is interested in her friend Mami when she sees the two of them together Instead of confronting him about it, she runs away Will Haruna s insecurities end her relationship with Yoh

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    1. Okay, first thing's first.I must mention to you all from personal experience . . . that Haruna . . YOUR AVERAGE TEENAGE GIRL.Well, your average BEGINNER AT DATING teenage girl.Warning, my dear goodreaders. THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW.SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIILEEEEEEEEEEEEEERSSo please. Beware. ^_^This book was BEYOND ADORABLE. ADORABLE times 100000000000000! It was just so cute.On Haruna's date with Yoh, she keeps questioning what he'd like. What she should wear, where they should g [...]

    2. Gahhh, I can't stop reading these!! It's like crack. Someone's going to have to put me in manga rehab soon. While there are other manga's whose art I love more, I just love reading about Haruna and Yoh. I swear, this manga made me laugh so much! I probably looked like some psycho laughing so much out loud to myself.Poor Haruna! She was trying so hard for christmas and she needed to chill for a second. I loved when Yoh and her had their first kiss. Soo cute!! Then Haruna started ignoring Yoh beca [...]

    3. Haruna desperately wants a boyfriend and gets cool upperclassman, Yoh to be her coach! He agrees to walk her through every step of the way on the condition she doesn't fall for him!At first I was going to rate this a 4 because I was pretty weirded out by the plot. But by the end I really loved how she used to situations that came up to develop the relationships more (which is of course the point of such situations but this was done in a very real and specific to Haruna and Yoh sort of way!) I en [...]

    4. I like this volume and I know how Haruna feels because I stress and create drama in my head all the time.

    5. This series follows the main character, Haruna Nagashima, and her quest to find a boyfriend in high school. In junior high, Haruna was the star pitcher of her school's softball team and spent her time outside of practice reading romantic comics. Now that she's in high school, she devotes her time to finding herself a boyfriend ("her high school debut" as she calls it). However, she is completely clueless when it comes to fashion, dating, and boys, so she asks upperclassmen Yoh Komiyama to become [...]

    6. I couldn't get this volume from the library, since it was checked-out. So, I read it as scanslations via the Zingbox Manga app. Much thanks to Boku-Tachi for scanslating this volume!-------------------While I did enjoy the Christmas plotline between Haruna and Yoh, I still hate Asami. In this volume, Asami tricks Haruna into buying clothing at a shop too rich for her own blood, so that she can have the novelty gift for herself, and also tricks her into going to an expensive salon, so that she ca [...]

    7. This volume was so cuteee >.<(view spoiler)[THEY FINALLY KISSED (hide spoiler)]The events that followed afterwards were a little frustrating to watch but it was expected considering Haruna is a total noob when it comes to dealing with her new found feelings of love. Can you tell I'm obsessed yet?

    8. I couldn't stand Haruna in this volume. She's full of spunk in the previous ones, but suddenly she turns into a (literally) speechless coward. It's disappointing and so frustrating.

    9. Wow, this was just super awkward and cringey. Does this girl have any normal ways of acting? Really, you get kissed by your boyfriend and every time you see him afterwards you run away, hit him with something, laugh like a maniac, or do stupid things? Whut? This is not normal. Not at all. I feel sorry for Yoh and I can't even imagine why he would be with Haruna. I hope the next volumes will be a bit better, this series sure got potential, but just get rid of the cringey weirdness. I really miss [...]

    10. My impressions: - that cover is typical in a) depicting the differences between Yoh and Haruna in psychology really well and b) being totally hideous in clothes (for me).- The first chapter with Haruna really wanting to show Yoh how much she appreciates him being her boyfriend by a) organising their Christmas date (in the spirit of thoroughness and doing her part in upholding their relationship ^^) and b) asking all the others for advice in how to make it perfect and trying desperately to follow [...]

    11. This is absolutely one of my favorite series. I can say that only for a chosen few, and this is one. I love the story, I love Haruna and Yoh's relationship, I love the romance and I love the characters (some more than others). Do I love the art? Well, I did. I really did. I don't think I'm the only one that's noticed how fast and dramatically the art has changed. Or at least I hope not. It's either in this volume or the next that the art starts changing almost immediately. If you have volumes 1- [...]

    12. I am writing about the overall series. I finsihed reading the entire series on January 7, 2011.The overal series was pretty great. I gave it a 4 star rating. Let's talk about some things now.I. Love. Yoh. I just love him. He is so adorable! Andd I hate that I have to say that. But I can't help myself, he is SO ADORABLE! ANd cool, and awesome, and hot(lol) and all those other wors to descibe him. I love his personality and I love how he is easily embarrassed. He is just so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! I w [...]

    13. I think that the 4th book was really funny than the 2nd book I read. But what I loved about the 4th book was that Haruna would clearly fall in love with her best friend Yoh. At first I thought that they would make a pretty couple(in a different story). Kidding, but they made the most cutest yet funniest couple ever. But I hope that Haruna could talk to Yoh like a normal person. Cuz the funniest part that happened was that on X-mas, Haruna planned a so-called "magical" evening with her best frien [...]

    14. Haruna is trying to plan the best possible Christmas date with Yoh and succeeds! But when an employee at the restaurant they dine at decides to play a cruel game, Yoh tries to console Haruna with a kiss, and she freaks out! It was her very first kiss, and it was with Yoh! She's so excited and nervous that she keeps involuntarily avoiding him and now she can't even look or speak to him! This leaves Yoh feeling rejected and hurt. Will Haruna's overreaction be the end of their relationship?'mm, I a [...]

    15. It is Christmas time and Haruna wants to make something special for Yoh. So she gets a job (from where she is fired after some time, just because she worked so hard! WTH!) to get him a present, also bakes him a cake and starts making plan for the evening. When they are on their date, she realizes she never kissed anyone before but Yoh has. And what is her reaction? She cries and runs away WTH? Of course he goes after her, and gives her her fist kiss. And what is her reaction next day? She avoids [...]

    16. Eh…this wasn't half as good as the other volumes in the series. Haruna lets her insecurities take over her relationship with Yoh and makes many blunders. But she's a sweet character and makes up for it in her own way. All I can say is Yoh is really patient with her and understands her really well. This volume was actually pretty boring and the drawings were uninspiring. Everything just fell flat in this volume for some reason. I'd been thinking about not continuing the series earlier today and [...]

    17. Yesterday I read one volume of this manga, went and watched the movie You Again, and then came back and read another volume. All I really have to say is: even though this series isn't nearly as good as Love*Com, it's still a better portrayal of high school than American movies are. Hollywood, you made me afraid of the tenth grade. If I'd gotten into manga before then, perhaps those effects would be negated. It'd ridiculous that the American entertainment industry thinks it has to make everything [...]

    18. Haruna gives it her all in everything she does. Now that she's dating Yoh, she's giving it her all to be the best girlfriend she can be. More than anything she wants to make Yoh as happy as he makes her. Fortunately for us readers, that isn't simple for Haruna as she's hilarious as she tries to plan a perfect Christmas with Yoh. It's her goal, but when it starts to go awry and it ends with a kiss Haruna throws herself into unnecessary panic, making the situation worse.High School Debut proves to [...]

    19. So, it's Christmas and Haruna wants to make it special. She plans the whole thing and works so she can pay for it (unlike Yoh's shallow sister who expects the world on a platter). The plans turn out to mess up in their own ways, but they both have a good time. Then they go to dinner and play a game which reveals she's never kissed anyone and he has. She freaks out and runs away (I roll my eyes) only to be caught by Yoh and kissed. The rest of the manga is her freaking out and hiding from him sin [...]

    20. Best one so far! I loved it!! So romantic ^_^ I have to say, if you're a guy you might not like this series because it has a lot to do with love. But to all those girls out there you gotta get this!! It's amazing!Read it as soon as possible. The relationship between Yoh and Haruna is so sweet. Although Yoh can be very guarded and kinda has a hard time letting people in, you see over time what a great person he really is. Haruna is sweet and very open, so as a couple they complete the missing pie [...]

    21. In the fourth volume, Haruna and Yoh are going out and decide to spend Christmas together. Harua wants to make Yoh say that he is glad he has a girlfriend and is doing anything and everything she can to be it a great date since Yoh usually feels that he isn't a boyfriend but more of a guardian. Haruna even gets a job and gets her and Yoh's friend's advice. At one point in the manga, Haruna sees Yoh with Mami. Will Haruna make Yoh say that he's glad to have a girlfriend? Why is Yoh hanging out wi [...]

    22. In this volume of High School Debut, Haruna tries harder than ever to make Christmas with Yoh the best he's ever had. However, the day's end brings new trouble for Haruna and she struggles to learn to deal with it.On a personal note, I realized reading this volume, just how much of my own high school romance I see in this manga. I can only continue to love this series more and more.Again, another incredible volume of the ultimate in Shojo. 5/5 stars!

    23. What is it with this girl and completely spazzing out? I mean, I get not being able to talk to your crush, but going completely catatonic and jumping to various conclusions based on little fact? What's that about?Maybe I'm just too far removed from what being a teenager with a crush feels like, but I think Kazune purposefully took it over the top for comic value. I'm just not feeling it. Maybe it'll sort itself out in the next volume.

    24. My favorite volume so far. Yoh and Haruna are finally dating, but now comes the hard stuff. Both of them are novices in the dating scene and with Haruna and her wild imagination and enthusiasm, crazy things are bound to happen. But the nice this about this volume, is that everything that happens just makes the relationship stronger. There are no adversaries, except for the Yoh's sister who I think is just a manipulative bitch.Lots of cuteness in this volume, so enjoy.

    25. I honestly dont understand why there's more books to this series. Sure, Haruna is nice. But she's soditzy. A bit stupid and a bit irritating to read about because you understand more than she does in the situation. Which is why she looks stupid. And really, wasn't the only thing that Haruna wanted was to find her true love? Well, she found him. What else is there?

    26. I think it's sweet. Christmas with the one you love! So Romantic. They even kissed. :"> but seriously the way that Haruna act after that is definitely weird. If i was a guy, i'd also think that she didnt like it. whew! What a misunderstanding it turned out to be! :| but in the end it was all good. well, not quite! :)) A new girl showed up! I guess she's The Rival of Haruna. XD

    27. Haruna seems to be confused at what she should do and feel now that she's Yoh's girlfriend. And she gets some help from her two friends. This series is getting more and more good. The expressions and the eyes are drawn really well. This is honestly becoming my favorite manga series. And that ending was just too cute!

    28. This manga has a soft spot on my heart if only because it was one of the first more sillier shojo slice-of-life stuff I read. If you aren't looking for anything too serious or something goofy with a cute romance and fun characters, this is a great read.

    29. This is my favourite volume in this series. Throughout the series, Kawahara uses repeated panels for comedic emphasis; but the Christmas episode where Haruna is planning her "big date" is her most effective use of it! Perfection!

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