The World from Up Here

The World from Up Here From the award winning author of The Patron Saint of Butterflies comes a story about the courage it takes to face your biggest fears Wren Baker has never felt brave a day in her life She doesn t even

  • Title: The World from Up Here
  • Author: Cecilia Galante
  • ISBN: 9780545848459
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the award winning author of The Patron Saint of Butterflies comes a story about the courage it takes to face your biggest fears.Wren Baker has never felt brave a day in her life She doesn t even know what she s afraid of, really Only that if she raises her voice or leaves her mark or ventures too far from home, she ll risk falling flat on her face.But that all changFrom the award winning author of The Patron Saint of Butterflies comes a story about the courage it takes to face your biggest fears.Wren Baker has never felt brave a day in her life She doesn t even know what she s afraid of, really Only that if she raises her voice or leaves her mark or ventures too far from home, she ll risk falling flat on her face.But that all changes when Wren s cousin Silver walks into her life Silver is totally fearless Maybe that s why she s the most popular girl in the sixth grade She dares Wren to take risks, to live out loud, to finally spread her wings So when Silver decides to break all the rules, Wren is forced to make a choice Is she in or is she out There s only one way Wren will ever learn to fly It s time for her to stand at the edge of the unknown and jump.Full of heartache and hope, The World From Up Here is a tender, moving story about old secrets, new friendships, and what it means to face the things that scare us most.

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    1. I received a arc of this book from the publisher. Overall, I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to some of my students. My only irks with the story include the backstory of the main character's mother and father suddenly disappearing from the scene because of mother's mental health scare. Seems like that was just thrown in as the only valid excuse for throwing the two girls closer together. That began to seem a bit far fetched and abrupt. It also seemed to take quite a while for the main [...]

    2. Oh, I really loved this book! The characters of Wren and Silver jumped into my heart. I loved seeing the character development in Wren.Great story about being brave.

    3. 3.5, I think."The World From Up Here" is a touching story, following Wren and her younger brother as they deal with being displaced to live with their aunt and cousin (who they barely know) while their mother and father are away, dealing with their mother's depressive breakdown. Loved: While this wasn't THE trajectory of the story, I loved how timid Wren dealt with her autistic brother throughout the book. Watching her struggle with frustration, fear, and love while fielding her brother's outbur [...]

    4. Wren Baker, who is inclined to worry, finds herself reeling after her mom checks in to a psychiatric facility to cope with her depression and Wren moves in temporarily with her aunt and beautiful cousin Silver. Because Silver is so popular at school, Wren is suddenly inundated with questions about their relationship, and with her parents both at the hospital all the time, she is also left to worry about the behavior of her younger brother, who has autism. When Silver decides she wants to study l [...]

    5. I like when books can surprise you. While The World From Up Here rightfully gets praise for its handling of a character with Asperger's, the impressive feat is how it dances with the stories we all tell and the way ideas and concepts spread regardless of evidence, both in our own families and in our town.In the story, a girl has to stay with her cousin for a time when her mother is hospitalized. Her cousin is a little flighty and fearless, and the town has a big story about a witch who lives up [...]

    6. Likeable characters, a great sister-brother dynamic, and a mystery revolving around a witch. Perfect ingredients for a great middle grade read that touches on friendship, family, and even mental illness. Yet what stood out for me was its exploration of fear. Why are we afraid of the things we are afraid of? Can knowing why make it any easier to overcome a fear? And if your fears have come to govern every aspect of your life, how do you even begin to break that cycle?Give this one to readers who [...]

    7. Wholesome, easy read about a fearful young girl and three pivotal weeks in her young life. Wren Baker is a character I would have felt much akin to at that age. She is timid and self-conscious; her greatest desire is to become brave. When her depressed mother suffers a nervous breakdown Wren and her younger brother move in with their free-spirited cousin and aunt. A school history project and her cousin Silver's spunky attitude shake things up for Wren and force her to change in ways she never c [...]

    8. Hi I am 10 and I really enjoyed this book please make more like this or make a part 2 of it please I loved this book I just finished reading and I feel like something's missing. You could also do more books with Silver, Mama, Daddy, wren, Russell, Aunt Marianne, and of course Jackson, Manchester, and Roo! Please consider this!Much luck, breana

    9. There's a lot to love about this book. It has great characterization and writing and an interesting plot. Great read just for plot, but I think it would also help kids who are anxious or have a parent with mental health issues to see themselves mirrored. The element of a brother with Asperger's Syndrome does not overwhelm Wren's own story. It fits in as another piece of her life, as it must for other siblings. I loved her exploration of people's misconceptions and the harm of rumors. It is writt [...]

    10. This book had a really great story for my daughter and I to enjoy. She really enjoyed learning about Wren and Silver. Finding a friendship like that is something every girl dreams of having.

    11. This is a story a 12 year old girl might enjoy reading. The main character, Wren, is also 12 years old and very afraid of almost everything. She gets to know her cousin, Silver, when a family illness causes Wren and her brother to live with her aunt. Silver rises to life’s challenges and opportunities, and encourages Wren to get out of her comfort zone. It’s a fair portrayal of what is might be like to have a younger brother with Asperger’s Syndrome, and feel responsible for him all the ti [...]

    12. This was a great book about friendship and fears. Throughout the book Wren and Silver have to overcome obstacles that most teens will face throughout their life. Wren's mom is sick and has to be hospitalized for an extended period of time. Through the book, Silver, who is Wren's cousin, helps Wren to open up to different possibilities and helps her to overcome some major fears in here life. Russell, who has autism, has to work through fears and differences as he approaches life. Wren and Russell [...]

    13. I liked that Wren is anxious, which so many kids are. (Including me, although I didn't know it was a "thing" at the time I just had a lot of stomachaches and threw up from time to time.) I liked the plan to interview Witch Weatherly. I liked that Silver wasn't as confident as she seemed. But I didn't like that the dad just took off with the mother, and I didn't like the revelations about her past. Really, (view spoiler)[neither she nor Bedelia thought to look each other up, just in case? WHEN T [...]

    14. I liked this story because it is a good reminder for all of us get out of our own heads and don't stress over everything. It was a story about a girl who is afraid of many things, and ends up having to live with a cousin she barely knows while her mom gets checked into a hospital. This is a good book for 10 year old girls.

    15. Well, for starters, I didn't like the book I LOVED the book!When Wren conquered her fears (riding horses, going on planes, climbing Creeper Mountain, thunder storms, and many more) I felt so fearless. Like I could conquer anything, too. I also felt proud of Wren, I guess. And it makes me feel happy when I feel fearless.

    16. I really like this book. When I first saw it, I wasn't sure if it would be very good. However once I got to around page 30, I couldn't put it down! I really think this book is good for all readers that like adventure books.

    17. While getting to know one another after family circumstances pushed them together, Wren and Silver learn a great deal about each other and themselves. This book really portrays making the choice to be brave.

    18. An excellent portrayal of anxiety in children while still being a great mix of family story, friendship, and being brave.

    19. Despite being categorized as a YA novel there are ideas in this book even adults can learn from. Excellent plot and the characters were well developed.

    20. I really liked this book. It was sweet and heartwarming. I loved all the characters in this book especially Silver and Aunt Marianne. And Wren was just a good sister to Russell and one of my favorite parts was when Wren and Russell were in the glider and the roles reversed, he started comforting her!!! That just made my heart melt! Overall this was a great read! I loved the message, I loved the beginning, middle, and end! Most of all I loved how Wren changed throughout and realized that being br [...]

    21. 305 pages. This is a story about a 6th graders/12 year olds. Kids say there is a witch on Creeper Mountain. The witch's face got burned off in an accidental fire. There are some strange things going on: the witch haunts the mountain, holes pop up, people disappear hiking, hornet-head snakes appear, Shining Falls has magical water, body parts are cooking, her pet raven eats human eyeballsYUCK! This is so sick! Who would want to read it? I only read one chapter/10 pages and that was enough yuck fo [...]

    22. I loved this book. This book was very inspirational. The World From Up Here is about a girl named Wren is scared to take risk, but then her cousin Silver came into her life. Silver is not scared of anything. This book wants you to learn to face the thing that scares you the most. This book was amazing and I recommend it to people who likes inspirational books.

    23. Coincidences abound in this pleasant story about a girl full of worries who discovers who she really is courtesy of a new friendship with her estranged cousin. Good elementary/early middle grade read, especially for young girls with anxiety issues. Had small issues with the authenticity of the first person 12 year old's mature vocabulary.

    24. 4 3/4 stars! This book was amazing! From the description it doesn’t really call out, but it is so good! I couldn’t put it down! I love how the story blends together family, long untold mysteries, friendship, Aspergers, and assumption. The author really did a good job intertwining all of the character’s lives together.

    25. I loved these characters and seeing them all be brave in different ways! Also, the surprise at the end was unexpectedly great!

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