The First Time

The First Time Expanding the scope of her storytelling as never before New York Times bestselling author Joy Fielding delivers the novel that will captivate her devoted fans and win her countless new readers an exq

  • Title: The First Time
  • Author: Joy Fielding
  • ISBN: 9780743467148
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Expanding the scope of her storytelling as never before, New York Times bestselling author Joy Fielding delivers the novel that will captivate her devoted fans and win her countless new readers an exquisitely tender and richly textured love story of astonishing emotional force Behind the shiny facade of her seemingly idyllic life in Chicago, Mattie Hart feels as if shExpanding the scope of her storytelling as never before, New York Times bestselling author Joy Fielding delivers the novel that will captivate her devoted fans and win her countless new readers an exquisitely tender and richly textured love story of astonishing emotional force Behind the shiny facade of her seemingly idyllic life in Chicago, Mattie Hart feels as if she is falling apart After sixteen years of marriage, and one beautiful teenage daughter, Mattie has discovered that her husband, Jake, a high profile defense attorney, is ensconced in yet another love affair It is only after Jake finally confesses his infidelity and leaves to live with his girlfriend that a far greater crisis descends upon the embattled Hart family Mattie receives some devastating news that will alter all their lives Wracked by guilt at these unforeseen developments, Jake returns home to be with Mattie Here, in this most daunting and unexpected of circumstances, Joy Fielding deftly ushers her characters through a poignant and heartbreaking drama about love s astonishing power to defy the greatest odds and to heal the deepest wounds Bearing all the distinctive qualities of a contemporary classic, The First Time is a dazzling illumination of a marriage at the crossroads, where the ties that bind become frayed but refuse to sever, and where a long estranged husband and wife discover, for the first time, exactly what love really means At once profoundly cathartic and inspiring, The First Time finds Joy Fielding at the height of her powers as she explores the amazing resilience of the human spirit.

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    1. Различна и неочаквана Джой Филдинг.И много добра в тази история.Успя да ме натъжи и разплаче.Колко малко му трябва на човек - едно простичко "Обичам те".

    2. My GR friend Brandie was so kind to send me this book! I liked it a lot, and I thought the author did a wonderful job of describing someone with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease. I guess it wasn't AS much of a shot between the eyes as her other books, so for me it was a little lacking - but still really, really good.

    3. Woman diagnosed with ALS. Husband had many affairs, they were never in love but got married because she was pregnant. They learn to fall in love for the first time. Kind of dry and emotionless, I didn't really care about the characters.

    4. This was the first time I read a Joy Fielding book. Having an uncle with Lou Gherig's, I was crying through half the book realizing all he would have to endure with this terrible disease.The love story is beautiful and unique. It was a fast read and one that I thought about quite a bit after finishing.

    5. I didn't know this book existed until I came across it in my local library. A very touching love story about a married couple who, after some devastating news, fall in love for the first time. Dealing with some very sensitive issues, J.F. takes a good look at what makes relationships work and what makes them fall apart.

    6. This was the most wrenching story about love family, life. I was in tears, I laughter I loved the characters. I don't think I can take another story with such true to life issues and survive without a meltdown. To emotional for me. Loved it, loved Mattie, even loved Jake, it took awhile but it truly loved Jakes character, evan Cynthia Broome redeems herself for me

    7. This is one of my favorite books, and I have read an innumerable amount of book, and have cried the majority of the way through each time. When the author introduces the characters, there are many you instantly scorn, however, she slowly draws you in to each of their personas and at the end you love them all. I felt like I was grieving for real people.

    8. What a sad sad story. I've never read this author before, but have one other book of hers to read. This one had a little too much detail and inner dialogue for my taste but the story itself was good but made me cry like a baby.

    9. The First Time was such an emotional story. Just emotionally addicting. I can't count how many times I cried and the moments when I needed to step back and collect myself.The characters came to life and moved me. Their imperfections are not just in the past but in the present, with every action and decision making them real. It's a story about a couple trapped in a loveless marriage and instead of finding personal and marital fulfillment, Jake and Mattie Hart are strangers to one another. They s [...]

    10. Von außen betracht hat Mattie Hart alles: Den gut aussehenden Ehemann Jake (erfolgreicher Anwalt), die fast perfekte Tochter und das Haus mit Pool, in dem sie sich mit schönen Dingen umgibt. Doch der Schein trügt: Die Ehepartner leiden beide unter traumatischen Kindheitserlebnissen und Jake betrügt Mattie. Als Mattie einen Neuanfang machen will, kommt die fürchterliche Diagnose einer Krankheit hinzu, die nach und nach ihre Muskeln unbrauchbar machen wird, so dass sie nur noch kurze Zeit zu [...]

    11. Ini buku udah lama bacanya tp sebelum kenal GR jd baru sekarang di review.Sebenernya ini novel bagus banget, cara membuat alurnya, konfliknya berasa banget sampe hari ini (bertahun2 kemudian) saya masih merasakan rasa sedih itu.Bagi saya ttp tdk rela tokoh utamanya meninggal (walaupun dgn damai) & sdh ikhlas jika suaminya bakalan married dgn selingkuhannya. Sebaik2nya selingkuhan ttp aja dia selingkuh & itu tdk dpt dimaafkan secepat itu. Aplg si selingkuhan cewek itu bener2 ngejar2 Jake, [...]

    12. Buku percintaan lagi. Buku ini aku dapatkan dari diskon menarik di Gramedia Palembang pada November 2009. Aku kasih 4 bintang untuk karya Joy Fielding.For The first time merupakan buku drama keluarga yang berjalan sangat membosankan apalagi bagian tengah, karena Joy Fielding menulisnya dengan monoton, tapi setelah disabarin untuk terus membaca ternyata buku ini sangat indah.Sebenarnya aku tipikal cewek melankolis, yang akan termehek2 membaca kisah cinta yang menyentuh. Dan aku menangis sekali un [...]

    13. Emotionally charged novelloved it!There were so many things that I related to and the characters were true to life(-:I couldn't believe all the things happening in this story and as things moved along it was harder and harder to put the book down. So not to spoil the story, I won't tell you what happens but if you've struggled in marriage and wonder if there is any chance of healingyou'll be inspired by this one. It simply had my heart pumping faster and faster! An easy read but complicated in f [...]

    14. Another spellbinding stunner from Joy Fielding! I'm so glad I found this author."After sixteen years of marriage, Mattie Hart, discovers that her husband, Jake-a high profile Chicago attorney-is involved in yet another love affair. But a far greater crisis descends upon the Hart family after Jake leaves home. Mattie receives devastating news that will alter their lives. Wracked by guilt, Jake returns to the wife he has never really loved and the teenage daughter who wants nothing to do with him. [...]

    15. I picked up this book as I enjoy reading Joy Fielding's thrillers. This book however, is not a thriller but a work of fiction. It's a love story that deals with a terminal illness and at times was quite depressing.Mattie and her unfaithful husband Jake come to a crossroads in their marriage. Mattie is diagnosed with ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. As Mattie slowly dies, we follow the emotions of her dealing with her illness, her daughter's rebel [...]

    16. A box of tissues is a must if reading this book! What a wonderful story, normally lovey dovey stories just don't do it for me add in a dying wife and I'm just about gagging! But this story was touching in it's own way. I loved how Mattie wasn't one to whinge constantly about the fact she was gong to die, she just got straight to the point she didn't have long and all she wanted was someone to love her before she died and that's exactly what she got! And Jake, pretending to love her and discoveri [...]

    17. Baca buku ini jd tertekan sndri.Si suami selingkuh,si istri selingkuh (mgkin buat balas dendam),si anak cwek mnyelundupkn cwok k rmh utk mlepas v-nya.Ketiganya tjd dlm 1 malam.Memang mengharu biru sih,sm spt Rainwater-nya Sandra Brown d mana salah 1 tokoh utamanya sekarat krn penyakit dan mati.Sayangnya unsur selingkuh d buku ini bkin eneg banget!!!Aplg dbikin selingkuhan si Jake (si suami) smp nyusul pasutri ini k Perancis.Hiiiiiingin mencincang si jalang ini deh!Jg pengin nyunat si Jake!!Bener [...]

    18. This was a powerful book. The main story was about Mattie, a wife and mother who finds out she has Lou Gehrig's disease. Even though her husband was planning on leaving Mattie for another woman and new life, he makes the right decision in staying and caring for Mattie, realizing he really loved her. I'm glad their daughter, Kim, has learned from her mistakes and has gotten closer to her dad and grandmother. I liked the true to life events in this book. Even though it was sad at times, in the end [...]

    19. I am a lover of Joy Fielding novels and thought I read all of them until I came across this at a garage sale. As usual she did not disappoint. A beautiful story about a marriage that falls apart as the wife realizes her husband again,is having an affair. As she begins to start a new chapter in her life,she gets gut wrenching news. The bonds that tie us in a marriage ,whatever the baggage we carry,prevail. This is a story that will bring you to tears and an ending that leaves you wondering,what w [...]

    20. Wow. This is nothing like any of the other books by Joy Fielding that I've read. I thought I would read a couple chapters this morning but ended up reading the whole book in one sitting. I liked the main character Mattie and her daughter Kim, I didn't like Jake at the beginning but started to warm up to him after his traumatic childhood was revealed and he started trying harder to work on their marriage. I cried several times while reading this book.

    21. A very well written, somewhat far-fetched, messed up story.Mattie was the only character I liked, Kim was okay at times, and they both deserved better than Jake. While I did feel sorry for Mattie, it just seemed so unbelievable that this miraculous reconciliation could take place and even if it did it would be an infuriating waste of the time that had already passed.All that being said, I cried far more than I expected to given that I didn't love the book.

    22. Absolutely heartbreaking, and a book I will probably never read again since it's forcing me to confront my own fears. This is actually testament to how beautifully this book was written. Once again, Joy Fielding delivers a powerful and evocative work of fiction whose characters are deeply compelling.

    23. I LOVED this book. I really did but it is one of those books that I will never read again. I cried long and hard and thought about it for weeks afterward. Would I recommend it? Yes. To my worst enemy.

    24. Quelle belle découverte <3 J'adore Joy Fielding! Je m'attendais un peu à un suspense, mais il s'agit d'un drame prenant et envoûtant. J'ai eu mal, j'ai pleuré. J'ai trouvé ce roman très beau et j'ai adoré ma lecture.

    25. With all of this Facebook hoopla about the ALS ice bucket challenge, I recall I read a great book about this woman with ALS years ago. I have been trying to figure out the title all day and I finally found it on Google. I highly recommend it!

    26. A touching story written well. First introduction to the author and I will be reading more of her novels. The story was emotionally driven and poignantly written. I did feel it was a bit predictable in places but due to the topic it was to be expected.

    27. This is a very touching story about Jack and Mattie who had been married for 16 years. They fall in love for the first time after Mattie learned that she had Lou Guerig's disease. This book had me in tears.

    28. Absolutely beautiful. A very original and outstanding story told in such a touching way. It's almost ironic how ending in the expected way can be so unexpected and not clichê.

    29. A beautifully written book about the most painful subject imaginable. (If I say anything more it will be a "spoiler.")

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