Tortured Life

Tortured Life Richard is having a bad year He s lost his job lost his girlfriend put on weight and developed the ability to see the deaths of everyone around him Plagued by horrific premonitions he decides to en

  • Title: Tortured Life
  • Author: Dan Watters Neil Gibson Caspar Wijngaard Jan Wijngaard
  • ISBN: 9781943092765
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • Richard is having a bad year He s lost his job, lost his girlfriend, put on weight and developed the ability to see the deaths of everyone around him Plagued by horrific premonitions, he decides to end it all, but there are old and powerful forces at work that have their own plans for his power Pitched into a world of eldritch horror that lurks just beneath the surfaceRichard is having a bad year He s lost his job, lost his girlfriend, put on weight and developed the ability to see the deaths of everyone around him Plagued by horrific premonitions, he decides to end it all, but there are old and powerful forces at work that have their own plans for his power Pitched into a world of eldritch horror that lurks just beneath the surface of London s civilized veneer, the only chance Richard has of finding peace is to unravel the mysteries of his own past He s having a really, really bad year The first stand alone graphic novel from the creators of the hit Twisted Dark series.The Walking Dead meets 90s Vertigo Hellblazer, Swamp Thing, Sandman Tortured Life is written with the modern comic reader firmly in mind.Debut of TPub s newest writer, and rising star in the UK comic scene Dan Watters.

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    1. SIIIIGH.I should have known from that completely unimaginative title how boring this was going to be. But the premise sounded so interesting and the cover was so coolThe protagonist, whom I fondly call Gene (short for Generic Hero) because I can't remember his unremarkable name, is an ordinary man with a not so ordinary ability. Our buddy Gene can see how people are going to die, but not in trippy visions or Morse code messages. He unfortunately has to see everything like Schrodinger's cat : ali [...]

    2. [I received a copy through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.]A harsh but fascinating story about Richard, a young man who's able to see how people around him will die. It starts with animals, then expands to everybody he meets, ending up in him retreating from the world and the horrors he keeps seeing. Until the day he meets Alice, and crosses path with the Bloodyman, leaving a trail of dead people behind him.This comic book weaves several themes, not only death and the ability to see [...]

    3. *Received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Richard suddenly gains the ability to see how everyone around him is going to die and naturally is pretty freaked out by it. He tries to commit suicide, but ends up being a sort of doorway to the afterlife and is stopped by Alice. They then encounter the Bloodyman, who is every bit as gross and nasty as he sounds.This was pretty alright. All around could have used a little work. The art was definitely super gross at times, so fair [...]

    4. Meh. I don't know what it was about this story, but it seemed a little Campy to me.It reminded me of those polished-to-a-shine, easy to predict conspiracy tele-dramas that all see the same, produced by the big networks. I don't know, they are just so homogeneous that they get boring real quickly.That was this. And the art work style didn't help. It was too shiny and perfect for such a dark story.Even the gore was pretty.And the transition frames were stale.Yeah, just boring for me, but I could s [...]

    5. This wasn't bad at all! I was actually surprised by the story and how original it felt. When I thought I had figured it out, it went a completely different way. A dark and violent way! If the artwork had been better I would have given this 4 stars for sure. Still, it's worth checking!

    6. This one was somewhere between 3/5 and 4/5. I liked the general idea and the drawing, the writing too at some parts, but the plot wasn't all that interesting for me. This is not to say I didn't like Tortured Life, but it could be a lot better than that. I'll go with a 3.5/5.

    7. Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book from Net Galley.Tortured Life reads like a hack novelization of a gore-drenched heavy metal concept album, and it’s about as well-plotted as your average double-LP. In fact, the art wouldn’t look out-of-place on a metal band poster, especially when the skull-faced villain shows up and starts killing people.Rich seems like a nice, normal young man. He has a good job and a beautiful girlfriend, but then one day he starts having vision [...]

    8. I received this copy in exchange of an honest review, for so, none of my feelings were affected or biased by the author or publisher.If you'd like to read this review on my blog.Updated: 12/18/2015Rating: 2/5 stars.In tortured life, we hear about the story of Richard, and how his life slowly turned bad by his very special gift. Now, at his lowest point, an even occurs that gives him a new reason to stay alive, and actually, fight to stay alive.When I was looking for new graphic novels to read in [...]

    9. Horror, Mystery, Suspense, ThrillsThis book collects the six issues of the comic series "Tortured Life", and while the finale suggests the possibility of further adventures the main story arc is complete in this volume; so you need not fear the dreaded cliffhanger.We start a bit slowly, and I had some concern that we'd have an extended run of poor-mopey-Richard before anything happened. Very unfair of me. Of course we have to have some dull and boring Richard at the outset in order to set the ta [...]

    10. 3,5 stars, actually, due to beautiful gore scenes and a brilliant twist in an otherwise familiar subject. So, I got this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.It was an interesting read about a Londoner, Richard, who wakes up one day and is able to see the dead and how they end up so. It starts small, with glimpses of the deaths of animals, and it quickly escalates to people and loved ones. So, naturally, he thinks he's going crazy and secludes himself, till he gets a visit fr [...]

    11. In Tortured Life we get introduced to Richard and his journey of self discovery and the answer to why he can see people's death. His visions started out small with just animal deaths, but then he started seeing other people's death and he felt like he was going crazy. His life spiralled out of control and he lost everything from his job to his girlfriend. It got to the point where he attempted suicide and another suicide attempt is where the story really kicks off. He ends up on a bridge contemp [...]

    12. I received this from Netgallery in exchange for an honest reviewI don't know how else to start with this review other than I FRICKING LOVED THIS COMIC. I've only recently gotten into comics/graphic novels and such and as my first official reading of one i was not disappointed. I like horror/gore (mainly in books/comics/manga) and boy did this comic deliver, the whole comic has a dark aura and theme which is pointed out on the very first page which is a good thing, sets the whole ball rolling so [...]

    13. For some reason I wasn't really expectin to like this. I was wrong! Yaayy!Tortured Life is about a guy named Richard who, whenever he looks at someone, sees how they're going to die. Sounds pretty interesting, and it was enjoyable. If you like that concept I say why not pick this up. I also liked that in this book it's all six chapters, so I didn't need to wait to see the end.Some warnings I think must be said: This is preeettyyyyyy graphic. There were some parts that made me really cringe, so f [...]

    14. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Since I'm enjoying Twisted Dark so much I thought: let's try something else by Neil Gibson.Richard has been having a bad year. It started with animals, but soon expanded to everyone he sees. Schrödinger like, he sees them both alive and dead. Obviously freaked out by this, he excludes himself more and more from daily life, until he meets a special girl. The beginning was so good! I really thought it was going to be one of the best reads of the year. [...]

    15. I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This one is SO right up my alley! The first thing that drew my attention to this graphic novel was the cover art, which is stunning; the colors are amazing and it is so visually interesting and appealing! Then obviously I looked at the title and it only peaked my interest. After reading the description, I was completely sold! And I was not wrong to have loved this book!Imagine yourself: one minute you have everything, a nice job, [...]

    16. This is a great horror graphic novel. First of all it is set in London and as a Londoner I liked that.I liked the art. The drawings are clear and it is an easy to follow story. The lettering is easy to read as well and not too wordy.Then the story - it drew me in from the first panel. The reader very quickly understands what has happened and why Richard believes he is cursed. Initially it seems he may be ill or hallucinating but eventually we realise there is more to this and eventually Richard [...]

    17. Fair warning that this horror graphic novel does get really graphic at times!The artwork was interesting and the story seemed to be fast paced. For a graphic novel that in the synopsis mentions "the mysteries of his own past" the main character seemed to be a little.ric? I found myself forgetting his name at times. The premise sounded wonderful, but I feel like the execution could have been better.I received an e-copy of this through Net-Galley for an honest review

    18. 3 and a half stars*The premise of this is quite interesting. You wake up one day and can see how everyone and every animal around you dies. My guess is that this would throw everyone for a loop. and mess even the sanest person up. Over all the story was interesting, and artwork as well. Though not for little kids.I recieved an advanced copy from Netgalley and the publisher

    19. A ghost story done right, this is a clever and beautiful piece of work. Our hero Richard is not having a great year, in fact its been pretty terrible, bad enough he's lost his job and his girlfriend, but much worse are the horrifying premonitions of death he has whenever he sees another person. No wonder he hasn't left his house in a year, but just as he finally decides to end it all, he meets a mysterious young woman who sets him on a path that will lead to horrors, but also to answers. This is [...]

    20. A great and haunting tale similar to Neil Gaiman's work crossed over with Clive Barker's. If you enjoyed either, you'll probably really like this one.

    21. I received this as a stretch goal add on to a Kickstarter project for "Theatrics" by one of the authors of this book. I found the plot intriguing and it drove me along wanted to find answers but at the end I didn't feel satisfied enough to want to follow this up. Richard's gift, or curse, is an intriguing one and his friend is an interesting addition. his family history seems convoluted but interestingbut ultimately I'm not that interested although this is a worthwhile effort, enough to make me [...]

    22. I received this book from the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest review.This graphic novel is set in London and is about a man named Richard who is suddenly able to see how people will die. This ability makes him miserable and depressed and he soon stops going out of the house as he just can't handle the stress of it anymore. This then leads to him becoming suicidal, and he tries to take his own life but finds himself unable to do so. Not long after this, Richard wants to kill himse [...]

    23. I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Bottom line: A fun read with a well-told story and art that serves the story well. This story had me engaged the whole time. What is special about this book -- it does horror in a very accessible way. The story is easy to follow without being predictable. I was locked in, eager to see what happens next. The premise is great and I love the everyday, real-world context that introduces the character and his struggles. The story seems o [...]

    24. *Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.From :Richard is having a bad year. He’s lost his job, lost his girlfriend, put on weight… and developed the ability to see the deaths of everyone around him. Plagued by horrific premonitions, he decides to end it all, but there are old and powerful forces at work that have their own plans for his power. Pitched into a world of eldritch horror that lurks just beneath the surface of London’s civilized veneer, the onl [...]

    25. 'Tortured Life' by Neil Gibson, Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard is a story with some interesting twists and turns. I'm trying to figure out how to write this without too many spoilers. Mild spoilers ahead, but nothing you can't get from reading the publisher's blurb.We meet Richard as he is about to commit suicide. He's had a bad year with his job and his girlfriend, but that's not the worst of it. He's begun seeing how people die, in all it's gruesomeness. Some are old, but some are disfigured [...]

    26. received a copy of Tortured Life from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.My only complaint with this one is that it was so short. I could have lived in this graphic novel for a much longer time.Because so much happens in this story, it's hard to sum up. Basically, Richard has lived in isolation for several weeks because he's begun seeing the ways everyone around him will die. And he can't turn it off. When he's about to end himself he's approached by the ghost of Alice, a girl who died u [...]

    27. *Received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for a review*This book really surprised me- I thought the book was really well-written for the most part and the art was enthralling. I fell in love with Alice's character because she was quirky, snarky, and fun- especially for a dead girl. There are parts of the book that seem forced and/or cliched but they aren't so overwhelming that they ruin the book. The art is awesome and the scenes in which Richard sees corpses all over the pla [...]

    28. (I received this graphic novel via Netgalley)Quite a lot of stuff going on in this story.It goes from horror fantasy to Sci-fi to finally settle in a nice mix of both genres.Not to spoil anything but the ending is pretty amazing in the mixing of genres department, some of my favourite things in stories coming together (view spoiler)[ cloning, immortality, visions of the future, ghosts and the after world. We're basically missing a little time travel, but that might have been too much :P (hide sp [...]

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