Fifteen Minutes to Live

Fifteen Minutes to Live The outrageously inventive exhilarating sexually charged thriller from Emmy Award winning writer Phoef Sutton Carl moved into his childhood home after his parents died It s a house filled with fond

  • Title: Fifteen Minutes to Live
  • Author: Phoef Sutton
  • ISBN: 9781941298763
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback
  • The outrageously inventive, exhilarating, sexually charged thriller from Emmy Award winning writer Phoef Sutton Carl moved into his childhood home after his parents died It s a house filled with fond memorieske when he was a teenager and his girlfriend Jesse would throw pebbles at his window at night to lure him outside for frantic sex So he thinks he s dreaming whThe outrageously inventive, exhilarating, sexually charged thriller from Emmy Award winning writer Phoef Sutton Carl moved into his childhood home after his parents died It s a house filled with fond memorieske when he was a teenager and his girlfriend Jesse would throw pebbles at his window at night to lure him outside for frantic sex So he thinks he s dreaming when late one night, he hears those pebbles hitting his window againd there she is outside, aching for his touch It s only as they are ravaging each other again that he realizes it s too good to be a dream It s her She s back as if nothing has changed But it has For one thing, it s been twenty years since high school And she died three weeks ago Is she an imposter A ghost Or is the answer even chilling It s just the beginning of a dangerous, unpredictable, and bizarre odyssey for them bothwhere nothing is what it seems and every minute counts.

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    1. Random find from Brash Books and in this case their claim to publish the best thrillers out there is actually right on. Best may be subjective, but this was pretty terrific. Lean, mean with bullet speed pacing and a surprising emotional punch. Who hadn't fantasized of revisiting their first love? What if she just showed up at your house 18 years later pretending no time has passed at all? That's the basic premise here and it evolves into a fairly elaborate plot of love, obsession and murder. The [...]

    2. I downloaded this book for free from Bookbub and it turned out to be one of the best (if not the best) freebies I've ever read. I couldn't put it down. The plot is downright fascinating's like a darker, more intense version of "50 First Dates." The story begins when the protagonist, 36 year old Carl, is visited one fateful night by his high school sweetheart, Jesse, who is acting like no time has elapsed since high school and is behaving like she's seventeen years old (though her face and body r [...]

    3. Warning: not for readers who have issues with non-consensual sex or child abuse.Well, I find the blurb wildly misleading: "Is she insane? An imposter? A ghost? Finding the shocking answer could cost Carl and Jessica their lives in this wildly inventive, exhilarating, sexually-charged thriller". We learn very quickly what Jesse's problem is and it's sad, but not shocking. I didn't find the story exhilarating, but rather sad and depressing and while there is sex, it is not very descriptive nor "ch [...]

    4. I highly recommend this psychological thriller with so many turns that just when you think you've figured out what's going on and have solved it, the author throws in another twist.This book caught my attention right at the beginning. Carl (the main character) just finished having great sex with Jess, the woman who was his girlfriend back in high school, twenty-three years ago.Only problem is, Jess has been dead for three weeks there, the book is a page turner one cannot put aside.If you like El [...]

    5. Have you ever wondered what happened to your first boy or girl friend? That person you were madly in love with and first made love to back when you were in your teens? Have you ever thought about him or her now? Wishing he or she were back with you and you were still having crazy sex? That’s what happens to Carl, a wildly successful script writer when the woman he first loved shows up…when he is 35. He has bought the house he grew up in and when he hears the patter of pebbles on his bedroom [...]

    6. Reviewed by MarissaBook provided by NetGalley for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThe name Phoef Sutton seemed vaguely familiar and the plot sounded good so I requested this book for review. I was very happy I did. Sutton, it turns out, is a television and movie writer. He also co-wrote Wicked Charms with Janet Evanovich. And he’s one hell of an author in his own right.The plot centers around Jessica and her memory problem. Her short-term memory is gone (something called Ko [...]

    7. Carl was just going through the motions of life when a lover from his past makes a passionate return and for a night, he was a teenager again. But soon Carl realizes there is something wrong and he may be the only one that can help Jesse but when she disappears, he is left wondering if it was really her breath that touched his skin or if he can process the news that she apparently died 3 months ago. Regardless, he has to find out the truth even if he has to question his own sanity to do it.Autho [...]

    8. This review was originally published on Devin's Book Hub. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.After the death of his parents, Carl moves into his childhood home. He has a lot of memories associated with the place, such as his girlfriend Jesse throwing pebbles at his window during the to get his attention and lure him outside for sex during his teenage years. One night, even though he's far past his teenage years, he hears the sound of pebbles against the windowd sees Jesse outside. Ther [...]

    9. ARC provided by the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The reason I took this ARC book is because Phoef Sutton is the co-author with Janet Evanovich on Wicked Charms and I absolutely LOVE Janet Evanovich. If she likes this guy, I'll give it a try, even though male mystery is not my favorite genre. OK, so I'm sexist, sue me. It took me about 1/3 through the book to get in the groove. Once there, things really started to take off. The plot was intriguing and the reasons not t [...]

    10. As a long-time English fan of Phoef Sutton's writing (and production) on brilliant TV comedy such as the very splendid 'Cheers', I was delighted to see his novel pop up on Kindle, as an opportunity to see how he writes solo and with the scope to pursue a story fully. This tight, sharp novel doesn't disappoint. A great opening premise - our narrator has sudden fabulous sex with his first and truest lost love, only to find she's both dead, and living literally in the past - leads to an exciting jo [...]

    11. (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Carl moved into his childhood home after his parents died. It’s a house filled with fond memories…like when he was a teenager and his girlfriend Jesse would throw pebbles at his window at night to lure him outside for frantic sex. So he thinks he’s dreaming when late one night, he hears those pebbles hitting his window again…and there she is outside, aching for his touch. It’s only as they are ravagi [...]

    12. The title is misleading, but in a good way, writing-wise; in the reality of the story it’s just as sad.If you’ve seen the movie “Memento” you know what’s at play here; interestingly, this book came out before the movie, but I’m not sure about story on which the movie was based. In this one it’s a woman who’s suffering from the inability to make new memories, plus she can’t remember anything after high school, which is why she runs off to the guy who was her boyfriend at the tim [...]

    13. Well, it's been done before, but the premise still had some potential: a woman is afflicted with a form of amnesia that blocks her ability to form new memories; after fifteen minutes, she forgets what she was doing, how she got there, and the people she's met. In fact, she can't remember anything after her senior year in high school, and thinks that she's still 18, going steady with Carl, and thinking about going to college. One day, she shows up at Carl's place, ready to pick up where they left [...]

    14. What a great read! This fast paced and fascinating novel combines a sweet vein of nostalgia with a twisting and turning mystery. Sutton writes the story of a woman named Jesse who has severe amnesia, but her high school flame, all grown-up, Carl doesn't suspect this when she shows up at his family home, tapping on his childhood bedroom window just like the good old days. The reader joins Carl in the step by step realization of her warped existence, falling prey to all the misconceptions and conf [...]

    15. I read this all in one go, I couldn't put it down! This is a short, but well written, well developed psychological thriller, with extremely well written characters Carl and Jesse. Carl is a television writer in his 30's and Jesse is suffering from amnesia. She has no memories after high school and her short term memory is shot. Poor Jesse forgets everything every fifteen minutes, and she had disappeared a few months before for unknown reasons, which Carl soon discovers. It puts me in mind of a b [...]

    16. **I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest reviewCarl started out as a writer on a network t.v. show. Within two years he was a producer. His partner was Kit. At 17, Carl used to wait for pebbles to hit his window. If they did, he snuck outside and made love to Jesse in the greenhouse. They hadn't spoken to each other in 18 years. Once again, he heard the pebbles, opened the window, and there stood Jesse, or someone who looked like her. He was now 35. Jesse remembered every deta [...]

    17. A man moves back home after many years. His parents are dead and he's alone in the house he grew up in. He hears a noise and goes to investigate, and realizes it's a sound he hasn't heard since he was a teenager: the sound of pebbles thrown against his window. He looks outside and it's Jesse, his lover from that time. Is this for real? Is she a ghost? She looks and feels real enough, but all her short-term memory is lost; she can only remember him as a teenager, and where they both lived at the [...]

    18. Great read. gripping, not in the way most thrillers are (won't make you jumpy or paranoid) but would make you curioser and curioser each page you turn. I felt pity over Jesse who's inflicted with Korsakoff's syndrome (" She’s lost," he thought. "Set adrift in time. With every passing second she was building a new reality from the clues around her, only to have it washed away as the second passed.") but I envy her in a way too because despite her illness, there are people who truly loved her. I [...]

    19. This was a book with lots of twists and turns. I would describe it as part thriller, part romance with some humor thrown in. But it was a definite interesting read. The author really threw some surprises into the story that I didn't see coming.I liked the descriptive writing of the author. The words grabbed me from the beginning making me want to read more of the story. So it was a fairly quick read since the book isn't long and you'll want to find out what happens next.If you enjoy psychologica [...]

    20. Wow! What a page-turner. This book has more twists and turns than Lombard Street in San Francisco. Carl has just had great sex with Jessica (his high-school girlfriend), but finds out she's supposedly been dead for weeks. Is he hallucinating or is she really alive? The main problem is that she's stuck being a 17-year-old girl in high school and has no memories other than that year. What happened in her life? Why did she suddenly show up on Carl's doorstep? Is she alive or is he going crazy??? Th [...]

    21. Fascinating subject, good suspenseI would have given this book five stars if character development had been a little more substantive and if there had not been so many misused words--hunches for haunches, site for sight, even buy for by. It was almost as if the book had been edited by autocorrect. The plot was well structured and the subject matter fascinating. A good, quick read that kept me from getting much else done today! The author just needs a better editor or proofreader.

    22. The story is about a woman who is supposedly dead but really has a disease where she has regressed to the age of 17 and can only remember the last 15 minutes. Overall, the story is quite odd with the situations that Jess gets into and how she then gets out of them. It starts off slow and confusing, but does pick up in the second half.The mystery aspect is well written with some nice turns thrown in to keep you guessing.(Note: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.)

    23. Yet another entry into my 2015 Reading Challenge (A book with a number in the title), Fifteen Minutes to Live was certainly my favorite thus far. I always try to review sans-spoilers, and I think with this book, that may be kind of tough. I will simply say that there was a LOT happening story-wise here, and it was all interesting. The story, while somewhat complicated, was very well plotted, and surprisingly easy to keep up with. If you are a fan of mystery or thrillers, I highly recommend check [...]

    24. I received this arc from Netgalley. First of all, I have to say that I do not give books a five-star rating often. This book is definitely worth every one of those stars. My review can't do this book justice. I could not put it down!! After the first few pages I was hooked. Just when I thought 'oh okay, that's why he was acting like that', another twist around the corner. It will keep you guessing until the end. I absolutely, positively LOVED this book. I will search high and low for any/all boo [...]

    25. Review based on ARC received from NetGalley:Fifteen Minutes to Live is one of the most intriguing books I've read this year. A fascinating story about a woman who's short-term memory issues prevent her from remembering any current event after 15 minutes - her long-term memory has her convinced she's still 18Well written plot that doesn't give anything away and keeps the reader guessing until the very end.

    26. This was a pretty unique idea and I thought executed very well. Packed full of suspense and fast moving, I finished the majority of this book in a couple hours.I did figure out "whodunnit" pretty early on, but the tension was still there. My only problem with the book was (view spoiler)[why didn't Jesse keep regressing? She seemed stuck on being 18 when it's implied in the book that she regresses pretty fast. (hide spoiler)]

    27. Wow, intense. I almost didn't read this book because I thought it was possibly lady porn. But it was free so The description talks about it being sexually charged etc. That is not what this book is about. I started reading it three days ago but had to stop after just a few pages. Got back to it earlier today and was riveted to my seat. I finished the book in one sitting.

    28. This book caught my interest almost immediately and never let go. It is a mystery, love story with some heat and humor, and with some very clever plot twists that kept me in suspense to the very end. Phoeff Sutton's writing is engaging and the main character, Carl, seems to be written with his voice reflecting his self deprecating humor and self awareness.

    29. Fifteen Minutes To Live Honestly, I can't rate this book. It is not to my liking at all. I have been bragging about being so lucky to really like and enjoy so many books in a row. Sorry but my luck just ended.

    30. Fifteen Minutes To LiveVery interesting story that captures a readers attention easily. Interesting characters especially Jesse and Carl. sSlightly reminds me of "50 f First Dates" with Jesse having memory problems too. Really good read.

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