Jerked A Stepbrother Mob RomanceMy future stepbrother My personal bodyguard Colin Blake is a mob a hole He s rude crude and loves a good fight He s arrogant self assured and won t hesitate to take what h

  • Title: Jerked
  • Author: B.B. Hamel
  • ISBN: 9781515060574
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Stepbrother Mob RomanceMy future stepbrother My personal bodyguard Colin Blake is a mob a hole He s rude, crude, and loves a good fight He s arrogant, self assured, and won t hesitate to take what he wants.And we re stuck in the same house All because my psycho ex boyfriend is chasing me down and won t stop until he steals me back.Worst of all, my stepbrother bodygA Stepbrother Mob RomanceMy future stepbrother My personal bodyguard Colin Blake is a mob a hole He s rude, crude, and loves a good fight He s arrogant, self assured, and won t hesitate to take what he wants.And we re stuck in the same house All because my psycho ex boyfriend is chasing me down and won t stop until he steals me back.Worst of all, my stepbrother bodyguard treats me like a prisoner, and I m supposed to act like I m not staring when he walks around in just a towel The truth is, I hate him for jerking me around when were younger, but I still want to taste his lips whenever we talk.I can t stand it.I hate that I need his help I hate that I want his body Even with the mob ready to go to war, all I can think about is his cocky grin driving me insane.Jerked contains mature content explicit sexual situations, violence, and mature language , and is recommended for audiences 18 Jerked is a standalone, full length novel No cliffhanger.

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    1. I totally enjoyed this highly erotic tale. The writing is so lush and expressive that I could picture every move that Colin made, feel every heartbeat and breath from Brenna and Colin’s encounters and revel in the joy felt by these two at finally being free to love each other and to be together.This stepbrother romance is a very different and unusual one. Colin is Breanna’s father protégé and his future adopted son, not legally yet. He is arrogant, dominant and cocky. Breanna has run away [...]

    2. Put to the side at 60% .Overly cocky H. Abundant reminders of his manwhore past even after 50%. h is married so she cheats on her husband (he is an abusive cheat) with H. Still don't like it.Beyond that something new happened with this one. Titles were misused continuously which surprisingly annoyed me. I usually don't care about grammar punctuation errors. This is termed a step brother romance but he was basically the fathers protégé. No marriage or anything happened. the H was picked up off [...]

    3. * I was gifted an ARC of Jerked for an honest review. *Jerked was a thrillingly good ride that offers something different to lovers of Stepbrother Romances.This was my first time read by this author as well as my first ARC. The blurb had me take notice from the start. With the suggestion of half naked man and Mafia families at war, its a safe bet to say I'm intrigued, however my last Step Romance left me with the a bad taste of disappointment, so some of my excitement got mixed in with nervousne [...]

    4. I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest reviewStars:4Overall: Breena has moved back home to Philly because she caught her psycho ex cheating on her and than he slapped her around. When she first gets home she believes that nobody is there, but upon further inspection she runs into Colin as her is coming out of the shower. They is still that instant chemistry between them and Colin goes right to work at making a pass at her. Breena pushes him away at first, but she slowly st [...]

    5. So after how long I finally carried on with this book well i finally restarted this book. It's not like what I expected since I loved the other book by this author this one didn't tank that high for me. Donn't get me wrong it managed to keep my interest but story wise I think it could have been written better. The concept of the story though was captivating while also seemed to focus a little too much on the lust side of things and not enough on the psycho husband. Personally I think it would ha [...]

    6. Pacing Is Like Pulling Teeth I'm so f'ing irritated with the pace of this story that I could punch my own damn self in the face. It should not take over 15% to provide me with only FIVE semi-meaningful facts: 1. Bren has been estranged from her Irish Mob boss dad for five years, and their last face-to-face ended with him calling her spoiled brat and her calling him a violent thug. 2. Her father's protege and her former crush, Colin, rebuffed her romantic advances before she left five years ago. [...]

    7. 2.5 -3 Jerked around stars *SPOILERS*SPOILERSSigh I really like step-brother stories. I really like mob stories. So I figured I couldn't lose with this book. Wrong! Here's a little background: Brenna, our h, is estranged from her Irish mob boss dad because she didn't approve of his line of work. Colin, our H, is 2nd in command for Brenna's dad. Years before the estrangement, the H&h nearly hooked up. Fast 5 years and Brenna had to come home seeking her dad's protection from her Italian mob e [...]

    8. Following in the steps of the other novels in the City series, Jerked is a really good stand-alone novel with all the elements of a great suspenseful romanced a little taboo on the side!! Colin is described as "a mob a**hole. He’s rude, crude, and loves a good fight. He’s arrogant, self-assured, and won’t hesitate to take what he wants." I don't know about a**holeat just sounds really hot to me. Especially when we first meet him dripping wet in nothing but a tiny towel with muscles for day [...]

    9. 3.5 stars- Not your typical stepbrother read **I was provided an ARC in exchange for posting my honest review**Jerked was my first book by this author. She reached out to me because I've reviewed other stepbrother romances, so I didn't know much beyond the blurb she sent me. Jerked is definitely not your typical stepbrother erotica/romance in that the hero is a family friend/employee that may be adopted by the heroine's father. I'd classify it more as a mob story with a slight stepbrother angle. [...]

    10. DISCLAIMER TO MY FELLOW GOODREADERThis review is my personal opinion and may contain: spoilers, quotes, rants, cussing (sometimes I cannot help myself) and a possible full on recap. I in no way want to ruin anyone’s book reading experience so please read my words with caution.***ARC received by author in exchange for honest review.***Brenna O'Brian grew up as a mob princess, daughter to one of the most powerful men in the Irish mob. She fled to New York after graduating high school and never l [...]

    11. I don't read a lot of "mob" books but this one sounded pretty good and it had the whole taboo 'stepbrother' vibe so I gave it a shot.An Italian made man gets involved with the daughter of an Irish mobster and what started off as love quickly turns to deceipt and abuse. When Brenna runs away from her cheater of a mobster, she is put under the protection of her father's right hand man (and her soon-to-be-adopted brother) and things get very interesting.The sexual tension is crazy wild and the bant [...]

    12. *I received a ARC of the book from the author for an honest review!"This is my first BB book, but you know what?? It was fucking awesome :)I got my hot piece of man meat, I got my damsel in distress, I got my sexier than hell sex scenes. I got just about everything a girl could ask about a fast and easy read.No drama, no tears, no heartbreak.This is a perfect book when you want to relax and enjoy a ripped, tough and HOTT character giving it all to his heart's chosen.:)I'm turning into a poet alr [...]

    13. What a great read. This book had it all. Drama, love,hate,action and so much more. It was a great love story that wasn't all mushy but still great all the same. It gives you a new look into the mob and made them seem more human to me. They weren't all hard core, bad ass killers that just liked to crack skulls but they have a home life too. They protect their own and do whatever it takes to keep each other safe. It had a great storyline about a love that never actually died and when that love is [...]

    14. I was really excited for this book and the mob theme!!!But thenI didnt't connect with characters(Colin and Breena) I wanted some back story,Colin for sure would have some good story to tell,but then it was all about her ex (and yes we don't know much about him also,just some facts) and sex,personally I know that every story now has dirty talk and all of that but name someone "dirty slut" during sex is not ok for me,EVEN Christian Grey doesn't do thatThat is just my opinion

    15. This is a really great story! Most "step" stories I have read are short and don't go into a lot of detail. This story is more detailed and longer than the others. It's well written and you are lured into the story from the beginning. This is the first of this author's writing that I've read and I'm looking forward to reading more.

    16. this was great bookthis was a really great book Love the story line how it tells you in good deal I was hooked I love how the hate each other to like each other all the blink on a eye

    17. I was kindly provided with an ARC of Jerked to read and review by the author.Colin Blake and Brenna 'Bren' O'Brian are thrown in to each others lives as children. After both experiencing difficult childhoods, Bren's father moves Colin in and looks to make their world a better place by building a family unit for the three of them. While working to secure his own mob future and hoping to make a place for Colin as a part of the business as he grows older, he manages to hold Bren oblivious to the da [...]

    18. 4.75 StarsIrish mob daughter Brenna O’Brian has returned home to escape her Italian mobster ex and mend fences with her estranged father. For her protection she’s assigned a bodyguard— Colin Blake, her almost adopted brother/second in line to her father.In the years since she’s been away, Colin has gotten hotter, harder, and sexier than when she last crushed on him, and while he might have left an opportunity with her escape in the past, he’s not about to make that mistake twice. “Sh [...]

    19. INTERESTING, SUSPENSEFUL STORY WHICH WOULD BENEFIT FROM EDITINGJERKED has a premise which is interesting as well as exciting, despite its predictability. Brenna, the 24 year-old daughter of a Philly Irish mob boss, returns to the fold to escape complications of her life in NYC (no spoilers here!). Upon returning to her father's home, she runs right smack into the one who got away, Colin, who is now her father's second-in-command. When her problems follow her to Philly, Brenna is ambivalent about [...]

    20. Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Brenna is the estranged daughter to an Irish mafia kingpin. Leaving for college immediately after high school graduation, she cut off all communication when learning the truth of her father’s business dealings. It isn’t until she finds herself in trouble with the Italian mafia, specifically her made-man boyfriend, that she reaches out to her father for help. When she moves back into his home, she finds that his busine [...]

    21. ⭐️⭐️ 4 Stars ⭐️⭐️* * * POSSIBLE SPOILERS * * * ♦️BOOK: Part of the CITY SERIES. Can be read as a Standalone. Full-length. Kindle loc: 2840♦️POV: Dual, alternating first person♦️WRITING: very good ♦️EDITING: no errors found ♦️HERO: Colin Blake, 26--Second in command of the Irish Mob. Grew up in an orphanage and taken in by Brenna's father. Gorgeous, muscular, piercing blue eyes. Cocky, flirty, crude, dirty-talker, dangerous. "He was confident and controlling an [...]

    22. I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 stars, fo sho! This is a steamy pseudo-stepbrother romance, so if explicit language and/or sex scenes aren't your thing, I would pass on this one. But, really, if you don't like those things I highly doubt your reading stepbrother romances in the first place. Brenna is the daughter of the Philly Irish mob boss, and she's on the run from her abusive ex. Colin is the man her father brought into their home to mold into his son who can [...]

    23. *Given an ARC for an honest review*This is the first book I have read by B.B. Hamel and given that I was told it was a stepbrother book I was super excited because I love a good stepbrother book. To my surprise it isn't a stepbrother book. I am putting this in my review because even though other reviewers haven't mentioned this it really bothered me. Colin is an orphan and Brenna is a Mob Princess. Brenn's father takes Colin in when he is 18 and forced out of the orphanage. Brenn is in her last [...]

    24. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I am so grateful for being introduced to this author by this book. I don't know how I never read her before but you can bet I'll be reading her again real soon!Colin basically grew up around Bren after her father, a mob boss, took the orphaned boy under his wing. Bren decided she hated the mafia life and everything it involved and left her father and everyone she knew on bad terms, even though it was right about the time that she and Colin felt [...]

    25. Not your typical stepbrother romance! *I received this book in exchange for an honest review! This is the first title I have read by this author and it definitely won't be the last. I'm a huge fan of both, mob and stepbrother romance so the fact that this book is both, makes it that much better. This isn't your typical stepbrother book. Colin isn't exactly Brenna's stepbrother. Mr. O'Brian, Brenna's father, took Colin in when he was 18 and had no place to go. Mr. O'Brian taught Colin everything [...]

    26. Book review By: Kristy Dean July 2015Book Review: Jerked (City Series #5)Author: BB HamelPages: 200+Price: not listed yetOther Books in the series:#1Unsold, #2 Kinged, #3 Filmed, #4 Honored, #5 JerkedMy views. This was the First time I have reviewed a book for B.B. Homel. Even though Jerked is part of a series, I didn’t feel lost, or feel that I had to read the other books before this one. The characters had a lot of depth and growth. There was enough back history on the characters as the stor [...]

    27. This is my first read by B.B. Hamel and I can guarantee that I will be reading more. This is stated to be a stepbrother romance which in a way it is but in a way it isnt. But I loved it all the sameBrenna is known as the mob princess being the daughter of one of the most powerful and head men in the Irish Mob. She never understood why everyone called her princess until after she graduated high school and realized exactly what her father did for a living. When finding out she leaves home and move [...]

    28. This is not a traditional mob or stepbrother story.It's well written with developed characters. This story is fast paced and written in a dual POV's. There is suspense, humor and hot steamy sex! Brenna returns home to Philly after finding her abusive cheating husband in the act(she refers to him as her EX!). She originally left home because her father was a boss in the Irish mob and didn't want to be involved in the criminal activity, only to go to NYC and get involved and married to Fabrizio, a [...]

    29. Jerked: A Stepbrother Mob Romance (City Series)" by B. B. Hamel -My favourite quotes from "Jerked: A Stepbrother Mob Romance (City Series)" by B. B. Hamel -"I turned and moved out of her room, slamming the door shut behind me.I ran back down to my room, moved over to my desk, and grabbed my knife from the drawer.I flipped it open then stalked back out into the hall, moving soft and quiet. The alarm was loud. It would have woken up the dead, if that were even possible. I was glad it wasn't.I had [...]

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