Rust: The Boy Soldier

Rust The Boy Soldier The story of the Boy Soldier begins Made to look like a boy but built for battle Jet Jones is a robot caught in the middle of an ongoing war While trying to save as many people as he can Jet discove

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  • Title: Rust: The Boy Soldier
  • Author: Royden Lepp
  • ISBN: 9781608868063
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story of the Boy Soldier begins Made to look like a boy but built for battle, Jet Jones is a robot caught in the middle of an ongoing war While trying to save as many people as he can, Jet discovers there is to who he is and what he was made for than he could have ever imagined His experiences in the war set him off on a journey to learn what it means to both heThe story of the Boy Soldier begins Made to look like a boy but built for battle, Jet Jones is a robot caught in the middle of an ongoing war While trying to save as many people as he can, Jet discovers there is to who he is and what he was made for than he could have ever imagined His experiences in the war set him off on a journey to learn what it means to both hero and human It is the first adventure of many for the rocket boy Written and illustrated by Royden Lepp, Rust The Boy Soldier collects the previously released prologues from the first three volumes of the critically acclaimed series Rust along with the yet to be released prologue from the upcoming fourth and final installment Together for the first time and in an all new reading order, Rust The Boy Soldier is the complete story of Jet Jones s time in war and the beginning of this high octane, all ages adventure.

    One thought on “Rust: The Boy Soldier”

    1. The prologues of the 4 Rust books are collected together in a linear manner for the first time. A visually stunning story set during an alternate World War I (I'm guessing because there are doughboys) where both sides also have robots. Jet Jones is a boy robot version of the Rocketeer who is floored by his destructive power during a battle and runs away. Told in sepia tone with an animation style in a mostly wordless manner, I found myself enthralled to the art. I ordered the other Rust books fr [...]

    2. Highly visual story, it's Mega Man meets The Rocketeer. Dealing with the harsh and cruel realities of war and finding one's identity outside of it. Definitely willing to check out the rest of the series.

    3. This book manages to say a lot, with very few words. Rust is a boy with a robotic core. He was invented/made to help end a war. A war against machines. Now this war looks like WW2, but with the clone army from Star Wars (but looks more steampunk). Rust does not want to be a weapon, and the death of others has him at odds. This graphic novel is a look at what it could be life to have emotional intelligence, and an indestructible form. It’s moving, imaginative and visually stunning.

    4. Wow.This is just a prequel, so not sure where the story is going, but wow. Great art. Times where you are just looking at the landscape, and going along with Jet, as he wanders in the battlefield.Colored in sepiatone, the story tells about a robot who looks like a boy, who is being used as the ultimate weapon in a war that resembles the first world war, but with robots, of course.Jet has a conscious, though, given to him so he can make decisions in war, but he doesn't like what he is being made [...]

    5. Great art, but not a whole lot happens in 140 pages. If I hadn't already decided to read the first book this would not necessarily have convinced me to do so. As prequels go I can't see that this adds much.

    6. As I understand it, this volume collects all the previously released prologues for Rust Volumes 1-3 plus the prologue for the upcoming Volume 4 into one book. It tells the story of Jet, a robot designed for battle in a reimagined WWI with robots. After numerous deaths result from Jet making a choice to try and save an ally soldier, the robot starts to question his purpose and role in the war. The last part is 48 years later, and Jet has just started working for a family on a farm. He seems to be [...]

    7. Disclaimer: I received a free ecopy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.So, this is a prequel to the Rust series. It tells the story of Jet Jones during the war prior to the opening of the series. The portion collected here is part of the other four volumes, but presented chronologically. Jet discovers that he has a weapon built into his body and struggles with what that means for him as a person.I like the way this book is put together. It is mostly told without words, which makes it [...]

    8. 'Rust: The Boy Soldier' written and illustrated by Royden Lepp is told mostly without words. It's also a steampunk type story crossed with an anime sort of sensibility.Jet Jones is a robot who looks like a boy. He is fighting in a war that looks a lot like World War I. Add in more mechanical creatures and the kind of chaotic action of an ongoing war, and you've set the stage. Jet seems to be able to make autonomous decisions, and he doesn't necessarily like the things that he is being made to do [...]

    9. Got this off Netgalley.I'll be honest, I think I requested this one in an excited frenzy because I don't know how else I may have accidentally picked it up. This is a prequel/prologue complication from the already published and soon to be published volumes of Rust. Having, unfortunately, not read any of the series, I did feel a bit lost and had many questions about the world I was reading about. I am also not generally a fan of war stories.All of that being said, I did really enjoy this book. It [...]

    10. This is a beautiful graphic novel.I loved the images in this story. It has a sepia colour scheme, which gives it a flashback quality to it. The artist was able to convey perspective very well. Some parts would be in focus while the rest of the panel was out of focus, making it look three dimensional.I also like the way this story shows the consequences of using artificial intelligence in war. Jet has a conscience so he feels bad about what he does, leading him to wonder if he should continue fig [...]

    11. 'Rust: The Boy Soldier' written and illustrated by Royden Lepp is told mostly without words. This could be used in a classroom setting having students write what their thoughts are for each page.Jet Jones is a robot who looks like a boy, who is fighting a war that he was built for. Jet seems more human than robot and decides he can make his own choices. Apparently this is a series and I think it would do well in the library, especially for those reluctant readers.It's colored in a sepia tone col [...]

    12. If you were to put Mega Man, Captain America, and Battle Angel Alita into a blender, and then turn whatever came out into a WWI-era, steampunk graphic novel? Then you would essentially have "Rust: The Boy Soldier". It's a story about morality and discovering your own humanity in times of great conflict. Although the story was dark in some places, and was lacking much-needed dialogue in others, "Rust" was a thoroughly enjoyable read that you can knock out in less than an hour. Recommended for fan [...]

    13. Okay? What was even the point of that? I'll grant that the author is generally good at (nearly) wordless storytelling, but really not much happens for something that's 140 pages. I struggle to see who the audience really is, too. I can't really see a kid or teen giving a crap, and it's not really meaty enough for an adult, so

    14. Rust: The Boy Soldier goes back to the beginning of of the series, showing us where Jet came from, and what has put him on his course to help others in need and find his purpose.Overall the series is really worth a look, the art is simplistic, immediately giving you the feel of a more simpler time from our past. Really worth the read - enjoy.

    15. Familar, But Foreign, in Shades of Brown and Rust"Rust" is a four volume series. The first three books have been published and the fourth is upcoming. Each of the previous volumes contained a prologue that explained in part the Boy Soldier's back story. This volume collects those three prologues and adds some material from the fourth volume, so that a reader can have the entire Boy Soldier backstory together in one place. That's a neat idea and seems a lot like the "rebirth"-type trend we see el [...]

    16. Hauntingly beautiful art with simple (but efective) storytelling. Almost (and it would) works as a silent comic, which speaks volumes of Royden Lepp's ability. Perfectly executed and great use of space and panel-to-panel storytelling. Left me wanting way more. Simple story that only serves to create a world of possibilities, but perfect as one that had exactly that intent.Arte hermoso que perdura en tu cabeza. El cómic tiene un estilo simple y muy efectivo. Casi funciona como cómic silente, y [...]

    17. The art is stunning, but I wish there was more dialogue. The story is fairly straightforward, so without more information I can't get the depth of character that I would like to see.

    18. I am a huge fan of the Rust series and have all three books in their beautifully canvas-bound glory. I was very excited to see another book had been released in this series. However, I misunderstood what this book was. This book is basically the prologues from the first three books put into one book into sequential order.It is nice to have the prologues together in one book so you can read Jet’s prequel story contiguously rather than spread out between three books over three years. However I w [...]

    19. I was tempted to add the tag "wordless" to this, since so much of it is just action scenes. But to the extent that there is any explanation of what is going on, it comes from the small bits of dialogue. This is apparently a story put together from the prologues to each of the four books in the main series. Strangely, the chronological order of the story they tell is so far the reverse of what appears in the volumes I've scene; the final chapter in this is the prologue to book 1, the penultimate [...]

    20. I received this book through a giveaway.I enjoyed the artwork and felt the minimal colorization suited the story. While light as to plotline, it was a quick and likeable read that has earned a permanent place on my bookshelf.

    21. Gwen and I will be discussing this one soon on the Younger Readers edition of The Comics Alternative podcast.

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