Friday Night at Hodges' Cafe

Friday Night at Hodges Cafe When three mean and hungry tigers disrupt Hodges Cafe and its customers one Friday night it s Hodges crazy duck who saves the day

  • Title: Friday Night at Hodges' Cafe
  • Author: Tim Egan
  • ISBN: 9780395816554
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • When three mean and hungry tigers disrupt Hodges Cafe and its customers one Friday night, it s Hodges crazy duck who saves the day.

    One thought on “Friday Night at Hodges' Cafe”

    1. 3.5 stars because I don't know that this is one that I'd really plan to revisit, yet it was pretty darn funny in a quirky way. Definitely worth a read! :->

    2. Tim Egan’s books are funny, in a sharp-comeback, slapstick sort of way; they’re picture book versions of a Marx Brothers movie, or a Looney Tunes sketch. His characters seem to be from a different era, in both speech and appearance. His art sometimes reminds me of a softer Edward Hopper, with anthropomorphized animals. Perhaps that’s because Friday Night at Hodges’ Cafe takes place in a diner.“Hodges’ Cafe was busy as usual last Friday night. Everyone was savoring the delicious desse [...]

    3. When I found out that this is the book where the Duck from the "Dodsworth in" series appears, I just had to read it. It definitely does not disappoint. The Duck it turns out started out pretty crazy. In this book he takes on a trio of tigers. Alas, Dodsworth does not appear in this book. Also this book is currently out of print, and wasn't available at either of the libraries we have access to. Fortunately it is available on the Kindle and you can even get it in color with all the illustrations [...]

    4. Tigers are not normally allowed in Hodges Cafe (run by an elephant) so when three show up, trouble seems to be brewing. Everyone is scared except for Hodges' crazy duck. The duck says and does silly things to get the tigers to leave and almost starts a fight. But, in the end, they all learn how to get along.Nice illustrations.

    5. Very funny culinary humor. Even though it's self-conscious about the pretentious tigers' "fancy talk," the vocab goes over the head of young readers. It's saved by its simple good guys prevail over bad guys and bad guys reform. Charming nonetheless, esp. for foodies.

    6. A fun story which provides interesting talking points about bullying and exclusion and has action-packed illustrationsemes: being different, bullies, ducks, exclusion

    7. Delightful little book! Fun story, interesting illustrations. I'm looking forward to other books by this same author.

    8. I love Hodges and the duck. And though I'm not sure if children will get this book, I certainly liked it.

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