End Game

End Game Their story began with his plan for revenge British Billionaire Mason Woodward thought he had a flawless plan for revenge until he fell in love with Jillian Pryor the woman he planned to use in hi

  • Title: End Game
  • Author: Willa Thorne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Their story began with his plan for revenge British Billionaire, Mason Woodward, thought he had a flawless plan for revenge, until he fell in love with Jillian Pryor, the woman he planned to use in his scheme The plan seemed simple I d use her every which way, and then send her back to her brother with a clear message You had your fun, and I had mine Little did I knowTheir story began with his plan for revenge British Billionaire, Mason Woodward, thought he had a flawless plan for revenge, until he fell in love with Jillian Pryor, the woman he planned to use in his scheme The plan seemed simple I d use her every which way, and then send her back to her brother with a clear message You had your fun, and I had mine Little did I know that I d fall for her When she discovered his secrets, the tables turned For the first time in years, she was the only person to stand up to him He has no hold on me now I can play my own game of payback Now, the games are over, but their story continues Secrets will be revealed and hardship will be faced This is the third, concluding book surrounding Mason and Jillian His Pawn The Manhattan Tales 1 Queen In Play The Manhattan Tales 2 End Game The Manhattan Tales 3

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    1. The ending to this five star series is absolute perfection! Willa takes the readers on a thrilling ride of seduction and scandal. The suspense is delicious and will have you holding your breath waiting for the ball to drop. Mason is back in his irresistible, British, dominant way to shower his Jilly Bean with love, make all of her dreams come true, and protect her with everything he has. We get a peek into his vulnerable side- every man has one- and it is enlightening to see. Jillian's character [...]

    2. Willa Thorne has done it again!Throughout this series she's made us hot, frustrated, kept us on our toes and then sent us over the edge.I love love love Jilly Bean but I love Mason more.have you ever came across a man you want to punch? Before pulling him ino bed and letting him have his wicked way with you?(mason's way!;-))A five star read!!!

    3. A sexy as hell but somewhat jumpy conclusion to this searing trilogy. Mason’s killed his father to protect Jillian – well, he didn’t kill him, but he set the stage for the accidental death that took his father’s life. Ian has turned out to be quite the jack of all trades and somehow we now trust him.However, just because Mason’s father has been eliminated, that doesn’t mean that the threat is gone. His father had enemies of his own and debts that need to be repaid. The danger once ag [...]

    4. The perfect ending for a fantastic story!!!Happily ever after doesn't come easily, sometimes you have to fight the world with all you have to make it happen. And that's exactly what Mason and Jilly had to do. They found each other after a long time, felt in love and now the have to fight for her love. I don't have words to describe how incredible this series is. Falling in a love/hate relationship with Mason since the beginning of the series, feeling all the pain Jilly had to overcome, watching [...]

    5. Reviewed for 2 girls who love books blogWilla Thorne does it again! I breezed through this book, it was fast paced and easy to get in to. Mason is hot and controlling as always and Jillian was a joy to read about! I want Jackson's story though!!! Mason removes one threat from his lovers life just to end up with a larger threat at hand. Will he be able to keep his love safe with out having to resort to such extreme measures again?? Ian is another interesting character that I would love to know mo [...]

    6. “Please, Jill. You have to trust me. All in due time. This, I promise you. Everything- absolutely everything I do is to keep you safe, to give us a future. Just let me get over this one last hurdle.” With his father out of the picture, Mason thought he had eliminated all threats to his and Jillian's happiness. But someone else has stepped out of the shadows looking for payback and Mason will stop at nothing to keep Jillian safe.One of the things I love the most about The Manhattan Tales seri [...]

    7. Honestly I become easily bored and skeptical when it comes to BDSM novellas. So I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled on Willa Thorne's novel His Pawn, and became in engulfed in the highs and lows of Mason & Jilly Beans' story. After Queen at Play, I had no clue how their story would end, but End Game did not disappoint! End Game gave me everything that I was hoping for! A good plot Check! Hot, sexy, sensual scenes Check! Suspense. Check! Excellent ending Check! Jillian has loved Mason [...]

    8. I can possibly say I am beyond happy with the final book in this amazing story. If I could give it a 10 I would.Mason and Jillian will be one of my favorite book couples for sure. The love and devotion Mason has for Jillian is what makes this story so amazing, he goes above anything or anyone to protect his Jilly Bean and she has so much love for him.This final book leaves me saddened because it's the end of this story. I can honestly say it will not disappoint it will make you want to find your [...]

    9. Book 3 in the Manhattan Tales series is here and it's sexy! It's intense! And by Joe is it HOT!Secrets and lies are exposed and all questions are answered! End Game is a positively perfect way to end Mason and Jilly-beans story. While they both get the most beautiful happily ever after in the end the ride to finding it still isn't easy! Threats are carried out and lives are put at risk. Love is put to the test and friendship tested with intense consequences. I have truly fallen in love with thes [...]

    10. ENJOY THE SENSUAL RIDE!**This is NOT a stand alone novel. I highly recommend reading Book 1 - His Pawn and Book 2 - Queen in Play prior to reading this book.Willa Thorne has outdone herself with this 5 STAR series! The final installment of Mason & Jillian's story will not disappoint. Get ready for this sexy roller coaster ride! There's more mystery lurking around the corner as secrets are revealed. Mason WoodwardHe's British, He's a Billionaire, Sexy as Hell & Dominant in All Thingswhat' [...]

    11. End Game by Willa ThorneI was provided a free copy of this book for a review. Although I will be purchasing a copy of the book on release day because the book was just that good I need to keep it in my collection. I read this book in one sitting. It was face paced, and easy to become engrossed in. I was fully absorbed into the world of Mason and Jillian. It didn’t hurt that Mason and Jillian’s chemistry kept you on the edge. At the beginning of book 3 Mason believed he had finally protected [...]

    12. 4 Sexy Stars!First, let me start by saying that this author has mad writing skills. Her writing is easy flowing and will keep you completely engaged. This book picked up where the last left off. Mason is doing everything in his power to protect the love of his life, Jillian. The threats are closing in and it's becoming obvious that his allies are the least expectedI really enjoyed this book. There is an onward progression of Mason's and Jillian's relationship as well as their family members. The [...]

    13. Last book of the series!!! I'm not sure exactly if I'm ready to let go of Mason and Jill yet. This trilogy was a series of ups and downs and some unexpected twists, least of all from this last installment.The love story between the main characters had been pretty much settled in the second book. This last read was more of a settling of scores and closing off the mysterious subplots that involve Mason's life. This was darker and grittier than the first two parts but still very engaging in dual PO [...]

    14. I received this ARC from the wonderful Willa in return for an honest review so here goeswell what can I say other than outstanding what a perfect end to Mason & Jilly Beans story I couldn't put my kindle down from beginning till the end. I have one question though where can I find a Mason of my own? I want one even an Ian would do

    15. I loved this series. I love Mason and Jillian. I was so happy when he finally told her everything. I knew his father was no good. What he put them thru was crazy. And I had a feeling about that client. Now we need the story about Jackson and Elyse. You know there is a story there. I want to read about them.

    16. End game is the third and final tale in the Manhattan Tales. I am sorry to see it endbut it did not disappoint.The action and the angst continues with stalking, blackmail, threats, attempted murder and murder. Willa weaves a twisted tale that you can't help but to follow.

    17. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTEDWhat an awesome conclusion to Mason & Jillian’s story. This book had everything that I have come to expect from Willa Thorne. This book drew me in and set my emotions on a tight wire. Perfect combination of kink and suspense. I loved that she always keeps me guessing.This book is not a standalone and picks up where His Queen left off.Nothing has been easy on Jillian & Mason's journey of love and this book has been no different. With the secrets swirling around Mas [...]

    18. The final installment for this amazing book. I am sad that it’s over. Mason is dedicated to protect Jill at all costs. He is fierce and does things that he may not be proud of, but it had to be done to protect his love. I respect Mason so much more in this book. He was a man put against the wall and had to make some hard decisions. I loved how Mason was determined to protect Jill by being by her side and NOT breaking things off with her to protect her. Finally! A character who actually means [...]

    19. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.Willa Thorne outdid herself again. 5 amazing stars for Jillian and Mason’s End Game.Mason is so sweet and tries to do anything to keep Jillian save, even if he has to give up everything else. And Jillian is still the sweet and innocent girl that fell in love with her brother’s best friend. She can’t help but dig her way into your heart with her kind personality.Jillian and Mason melted my heart with their unconventional lov [...]

    20. 4-4.5 stars. Mason is determined not to let anything get in the way of his future and happiness with Jillian. He is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her in his life. Who doesn't love a guy like that? However, not everything is within his control and compromises must be made. I really enjoyed seeing Mason wrestle with these tough decisions because his heart is always with Jillian, but there's also a darker side of him that won't compromise her safety, which includes keeping Jillian uninfor [...]

    21. I finished End Game (The Manhattan Tales Book 3) By Willa Thorne as I received an ARC. Book is being released August 27, 2015Great conclusion for Mason and Jillian love story. I loved seeing all the questions that were lingering answered and the freedom that they were able to accomplish while working together. Wila Thorne did a great job getting the characters to be realistic and come alive. It was the right mix of romance suspense that kept me wanting more. I can't wait to read more by Willa an [...]

    22. Wow! What an incredible journey Mason & Jillian go through! This series has it all; suspense, intrigue, unbelievably HOT sex, murder, lies, and a beautiful love story! I had the opportunity to read this ARC and am very grateful because this series was amazing! The sacrifices one makes to save the person you love knows no bounds and Mason definitely shows us that! Jillian is one strong woman and I loved her character. She has to endure some heartache but in the end it is all worth it! Mason w [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Mason and Jillian are back and engaged. Mason has lost his father in a terrible accident, that's not so much an accident and is away from Jillian to settle his fathers estate in London. Life is moving along nicely for the two, or is it? There are a lot of bumps on the road to happiness.This final instalment of Jillian and Masons story is intense. I gushed a lot to the author over the awesome book she has created here [...]

    24. *I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.This is the third and final installment in The Manhattan Tales series.Willa Thorne has created the perfect ending to what has proven to be a great series! All of the questions we have been asking while reading the other two books are finally answered. We discover that Mason's devotion to Jillian knows no bounds. He will do Anything to protect her. If you are looking for a series filled with downright scorching sex sc [...]

    25. ARC FOR AN HONEST REVIEW The story of Jillian and Mason will come to and end in this installment of The Manhattan Series. Will Mason finally be able to live his life out from under his Fathers scrutiny? Will his father even after his demise still have control over what happens with Mason? Will Jillian finally get to have the man that she has fantasized over since she was a teenager? This will be a rough and deadly road that Jillian and Mason will have to travel to see whether they will get their [...]

    26. After waiting months for this third and last installment, I expected to be blown away by the conclusion to Mason and Jillian's love story. However, this last part left me feeling quite disappointed and defeated.I felt like this part was just filler all the way. Nothing interesting happened. I was becoming bored with Mason and Jillian by the first quarter of the story which is quite sad because they had me engrossed in book one and two. Some parts dragged for me. I ended up skimming some parts as [...]

    27. Hot and SexyBest smut book out there. #1 dirty talking, alpha male, off the charts sexy scenes story you can buy. The story was intriguing without being too over the top. The past entwined with the present that leads up to questions and answers was so satisfying. Book 3 brought everything home. Mason, Mason, Mason what a sexy man! FSOG, Bare to you could not touch this! Can't wait to read more from this author!

    28. *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*This book is hot and a great way to end the series of Mason and Jillian’s story, which I don’t want it to end!! Willa has done an outstanding job, with her suspense and the off the charts sex scenes!! I recommend this series to every romance and erotica book lover. You will not be disappointed!Thank you Willa Thorne you are AMAZING!!

    29. It's not enough that the final installment of Mason and Jill's story gives us the conclusion to their exciting love story, it also gives us gripping and exciting twists and turns, as well. We'll get to enjoy Mason's interesting friends and coleagues while Elyse continues with her sassiness - they help bring this story so much character and warmth! This wonderful story will definitely rock your world! I was gifted a copy for an honest review.

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