The Last Witness

The Last Witness I ve been told I have a forgettable face Ironic really I have a gift I can browse through the library of your mind and remove individual memories You ll never know I was there and you ll never miss

  • Title: The Last Witness
  • Author: K.J. Parker
  • ISBN: 9780765385291
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • I ve been told I have a forgettable face Ironic, really.I have a gift I can browse through the library of your mind and remove individual memories You ll never know I was there, and you ll never miss what was taken Useful for grieving widowers, so for ambitious politicians.But I m holding so many memories I m not always sure which ones are actually mine.Some of theI ve been told I have a forgettable face Ironic, really.I have a gift I can browse through the library of your mind and remove individual memories You ll never know I was there, and you ll never miss what was taken Useful for grieving widowers, so for ambitious politicians.But I m holding so many memories I m not always sure which ones are actually mine.Some of them are sensitive all of them are private And there are those who are willing to kill to access the secrets I m trying to bury

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    1. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2015/10/09/nI know I can be quite picky when it comes to short stories and novellas, and in fact there was a time in my life where I simply avoided them all together. I’m big on the immersive reading experience which is something longer novels are in a better position to provide, not to mention characters are also very important to me but it’s less likely I can connect to them when the story is over in a blink of an eye.But every once in a whil [...]

    2. I love KJ Parker's short stories.They are beautifully written, fast paced and just the perfect length.This one in particular had characters I really did not like, so spending a full novel with them may have been quite honestly torture, but this short, to the point story and powerful message was just about right.

    3. What if someone had the ability to erase your unwanted memories? The collateral would be that that person would take on your memories as his own, absorbing them in such a way as to make them indistinguishable from his own past.What kind of person would you have to be in order to agree to do such a thing? What kind of person would the agglomeration of these memories make you?If you answered, "not a very nice person," you would most likely be correct, says K.J. Parker.The marketing of this novella [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. This is my first Parker, even if I have several novels of his in my TBR. As a lover of dark fantasy I wonder why I never tried him before, but here I am, on the last afternoon of the year, reading this beautiful and unsettling novella about the "broad rainbow spectrum of human maladjustment".The narrative style is peculiar, since the whole story is the presentation of the protagonist’s reminiscences which also incorporate the memories of several other people and as such, not only it [...]

    5. I love the way this novella takes the idea — that someone could perhaps look into your mind and take away your memories, at the cost of having to keep them themselves if there was anything distressing in them — and then develops it, runs with it, deals with what a character who could do that would be like, what they would be willing to do, what they’d feel about it. How they could profit from it, and what that might cost them.The narrator is, of course, unreliable. He’s unreliable even t [...]

    6. like most of KJ Parker's first person short fiction (Blue and Gold, Maps, Bird, Room etc), an unreliable, fairly unlikable to start with, though always amusing narrator who is a multiple malefactor and a story-line where obviously one of his multiple past misdeeds will eventually catch with him (but which one?); however while his murders, thefts and other (mis)deeds are many, the deeds of the powerful in his society with whom he entangles are worse anywayoverall well done and with the final brut [...]

    7. Originally reviewed at Tenacious ReaderThe Last Witness by K. J. Parker is dark and deceitful, yet addictive novella. These two aspects are spun together for a truly fascinating story and one hell of a protagonist that you might not like, but you can’t help but want to know more about. It’s a book that doesn’t shy away from the darker side of humanity, it actually relishes in it. I’ve only read one other book by Parker, but I feel this story was every bit as intriguing as The Folding Kni [...]

    8. An interesting little story that had lots of promise but didn’t quite do it for me. We heard all about you, the old man said, the stuff you can do. Is it true? Depends what you’ve heard, I told him. Most of what people say about me is garbage.I don’t know how I do it, I told them, and neither does anyone else. None of the professors at the Studium could explain it. According to them, it’s not possible. All I know is, I can see my way into someone’s head—literally, I stare at him hard [...]

    9. I wasn't enjoying it, and then I was. The story features a thoroughly unlikable amoral main character who is deeply flawed, partly because of the ability that makes him so powerful.The unnamed main character has the ability to take memories out of people's heads and place them in his own. He uses this ability to his advantage and profit. But he also has total recall, and many of the memories he gains this way are deeply traumatic. Murders, rapes and torture on both sides of the coin. He earns la [...]

    10. A rather disturbing tale of memory & truth. An unlikeable main character narrates a twisting story of his life and his work as a professional memory remover. Tiny bit reminiscent of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

    11. In a world that is recognizably not our 18th or early 19th century, the teller of this tale is a man with an interesting talent. He can take memories from your mind so neatly that you'll never know the stolen memory is gone. He's made a nice business of this. Some people will always have memories that are too painful and they wish to be free of. Others will have memories that it would make their lives easier to have someone else forget. Unfortunately, once he's removed a memory from your mind, h [...]

    12. If there is one thing you can be sure of when it comes to a KJ Parker novella, it's that it will stab you in the gut and twist the knife. They probably lose their effectiveness after a while but I don't think I have read enough of them yet. This one is built on a particularly strong conceit that allows for a perfectly logical and fair presentation of last-minute twists. Also: still can't believe this guy is pun-lover Tom Holt.

    13. Devoured this today. Awesome novella, with an awesome power that leaves you thinking. Some good philosophical bits as well.Don't really have much else to say about it or maybe I already forgot it, if you get what I'm saying.

    14. FULL REVIEW ON MY BLOG, TOTAL INABILITY TO CONNECTThis is a fantastic and interesting little tale, which packs a LOT into it's relatively short format, while somehow not feeling rushed or crowded. The prose in this one is smooth, more in a full-novel format than many novellas, which makes it a fairly easy read, and the pages just fly by.The premise is very interesting - the last witness has the power to enter someone's mind, and remove memories; unwanted in most cases, but this power is vast, an [...]

    15. The summary tells you all you need to know before reading this short book, but some good reviews give more thoughts to consider after reading.Thoroughly enjoyed this unusual, intriguing story. Although not listed yet on GR I listened to an audible version read very well indeed by P J Ochran. He became exactly how I imagined the chilling first person narrator would be and I believe in this instance the audible version is better than reading the book. It has been suggested the main character was u [...]

    16. Video Review: youtu/kWMF5HJ4kfA?t=41sThe Last Witness by K.J. Parker was an excellent novella that I absolutely loved. This is my first experience with K.J. Parker but it will not be my last as this is one of my favorite reads of 2017. It is a fantasy novella about a guy who can remove the memories of other people and gain those memories for himself. This can take a toll on him because he has a hard time distinguishing between what happened to him and what happened to other people. He is able to [...]

    17. Una premisa muy interesante, a la que este fantástico autor consigue sacarle el jugo con situaciones muy diversas y giros argumentales sorprendentes. dreamsofelvex/20

    18. Another marvellous K.J. Parker. Over the years, I found his shorter works are vastly superior to the trilogies.The protagonist of this book, nameless, has the gift to take away memories and has made a business of it. In the course of the story, he philosophises on the impact of memory as the source of history as well as the nature of truth. After all, what is truth but the consensus of memories of reliable witnessesis only one of the many quotable phrases that make you really think about what yo [...]

    19. This was my first KJ Parker story, and I enjoyed it. It shared a lot of thematic elements with Claire North's books -- both The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and Touch -- with lots of comments about stealing lives, living other people's lives, accumulating memories and skills, the mutable nature of reality and identity, and so on. For me, the most interesting part was actually when the MC mulls over the similarities between what he does and what Christ did -- willingly taking the sins and [...]

    20. 4.5 even.What would it do to a man to have the ability to erase people's memories? To be able to pluck specific ones like plucking a lone feather from a peacock or to remove the totality of a person's memories leaving him a tabula rasa. But what is removed must be transferred somewhere. Whatever he takes, he takes into his own memories. Too many memories can get jumbled together, blurring the line between his own and those appropriated from others. I am fascinated by the concept of memory and th [...]

    21. This is really interesting. It reminded me of a film where some guy steals memories but it's title had been stolen from my mind.

    22. I received an egalley of this novella from the publisher for review. Thank you to Tor Publishing! This review is my honest opinion.The Last Witness is probably an excellent litmus test for whether you can enjoy a story even if the main character is an incredibly amoral, unlikable asshole. In my case, the answer is yes I absolutely can enjoy that type of story, when done well!A man discovers he can see into other people's heads, pluck memories from their mental library shelves, and "steal" them. [...]

    23. K. J. Parker describe en esta novela la historia de un hombre con la facultad de borrar los recuerdos de la gente y pasar a incluirlos como recuerdos en su mente. Esta habilidad se convierte en su forma de vida, alquilando sus poderes para temas frecuentemente turbios. pasar a ser el último testigo de ciertos hechos puede crearte enemigos peligrosos.Recordar tantas cosas a menudo desagradables no hace la vida fácil al protagonista cuyo relato de su vida no siempre resulta fiable al lector que [...]

    24. I loved it. It about a man who has the ability to "get inside" a person's head and take a memory. It then becomes his own. It is an exploration about the reliability of memories (if no one remembers a thing, did it happen?), identity (is it my memory or another's?), morality (is it good to remove painful memories?), and interwoven throughout it all is the pensive sense of wondering whether the person telling the story was originally who he is, or if somewhere along the way he stole an entire ide [...]

    25. I absolutely loved this novella! The way the narrative, first person style depicts the protagonist's struggles and fraying mind was excellent and unique. I was engaged right from the first section on, up til the very end. In fact, I was in so deep, I almost missed my cue to leave for an appointment today, as I couldn't bring myself to stop and finish the book after returning home.Admittedly, I cannot decide whether I hate or like the protagonist - he is oddly relatable for somebody with such a s [...]

    26. Pretty good read. Man can erase people's memories, but he must take them into himself as if they were his own. Very little goes to plan. Enjoyed it quite a bit.

    27. I'm not going to rate this one at the moment, because I'm still not sure where I want to put it. For one thing, it took me way too long to read this, considering it's only 141 pages. I think if I give it another try sometime, and simply read it straight through, I'd give it a pretty high rating. I tend to have trouble with unlikable narrators, although it certainly makes sense to have one in this story. I did love the description of how the narrator viewed memories inside people's heads; any ref [...]

    28. I’ve been hearing a lot about K.J. Parker, and I figured this novella would be a good way to try out his work.The narrator of The Last Witness has the ability to go into people’s heads and remove memories. Once he has removed a memory, it becomes his own, as vivid to him as if he had actually lived it, and his victims have no idea that the memory even exists. The narrator uses his talent to earn money – his clients hire him to have memories removed, either something that happened to them t [...]

    29. The Last Witness is the latest novella length work from K.J. Parker. It begins with a man who has the capacity to take memories from other people, and transfer them into himself. Given it’s Parker, this quickly ends up being the pivot around a sea of intrigue, moral discussions and the occasional emotional punch in the face.The world floats somewhere in the shared continuum of Parker’s other works. There’s references to other cities, and shared cultural figures from other books – though [...]

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