One thought on “The Mixture as before”

  1. 3.0 out of 5 stars A spirited, modern-day saga; charming and emotionally engaging, 31 July 2015Newly-widowed Margaret Wright wants to change her life. Stifled for more than forty years whilst married to the overbearing Reginald, she feels it is time to take control and seize her independence. To the chagrin of her three grown-up children, Margaret employs famous interior designer Jason Parker to completely modernize the family home. But when their relationship develops beyond the professional, M [...]

  2. Margaret's husband, Reginald, has just died. They had been married forty years. He was always the controlling one and it seems her family is determined to control Margaret still. They are baffled by her lack of emotion and fear she will have a breakdown but actually Margaret is rejoicing in her sense of freedom and the ability to make her own choices. But can she change her life in the ways she wants or will her children make sure she remains as she's always been - quiet and deferring to a stron [...]

  3. Margaret is burying her husband of 40 years and she isn't grieving, she's relieved. He had been retired for 10 years and he had made her life unbearable. He set a routine, watched the money, and went with her everywhere including the grocery store. Now she intends to live the rest of her life as she sees fit. After redecorating her home and running into problems with the young male decorator, she starts to stand up to her three children and begins to enjoy herself. I'm thinking there are a lot o [...]

  4. When Margaret is widowed after 40 years of marriage her overwhelming emotion is relief rather than sorrow. Her husband Reginald was 20 years older than her and had made the last 10 years of her life since his retirement a misery with his overbearing and controlling ways.Margaret now feels that it's time to make a new start and employs an interior designer, Jason Parker, much to the dismay of her children and friends but will this become more than a professional relationship and is she prepared t [...]

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