Match Me If You Can

Match Me If You Can You met star quarterback Kevin Tucker in This Heart of Mine Now get ready to meet his shark of an agent Heath Champion and Annabelle Granger the girl least likely to succeed Annabelle s endured dea

  • Title: Match Me If You Can
  • Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips Anna Fields
  • ISBN: 9780060828257
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Audio CD
  • You met star quarterback Kevin Tucker in This Heart of Mine Now get ready to meet his shark of an agent, Heath Champion, and Annabelle Granger, the girl least likely to succeed.Annabelle s endured dead end jobs, a broken engagement even her hair s a mess But that s going to change now that she s taken over her late grandmother s matchmaking business All Annabelle haYou met star quarterback Kevin Tucker in This Heart of Mine Now get ready to meet his shark of an agent, Heath Champion, and Annabelle Granger, the girl least likely to succeed.Annabelle s endured dead end jobs, a broken engagement even her hair s a mess But that s going to change now that she s taken over her late grandmother s matchmaking business All Annabelle has to do is land the Windy City s hottest bachelor as her client, and she ll be the most sought after matchmaker in town.Why does the wealthy, driven, and gorgeous sports agent Heath Champion need a matchmaker, especially a red haired screw up like Annabelle Granger True, she s entertaining, and she does have a certain quirky appeal But Heath is searching for the ultimate symbol of success the perfect wife And to make an extraordinary match, he needs an extraordinary matchmaker, right Soon everyone in Chicago has a stake in the outcome, and a very big question When the determined matchmaker promised she d do anything to keep her star client happydid she mean anything If Annabelle isn t careful, she just might find herself going heart to heart with the toughest negotiator in town.

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    1. This book is just what I needed. Even though I purchased it a few years ago, I’ve only just got round to reading it. Better late than never, right?Susan Elizabeth Phillips is the queen of romantic comedy. Her stories always manage to cheer me up. They're pure magic. Match Me If You Can is a delightful book that is full charm, wit and hilariousness. What did I like most about this book? The answer is simple- the characters. Heath. Let me quote Salt-N-Pepa: What a man, what a man, what a man, wh [...]

    2. Let me start by saying this: I admit I'm a "sexist" and I read romance novels mostly for the hero. As long as the hero is worth it and the heroine isn't a pain in the a$$, I'm happy.That said, I have to state that the best thing about Match Me If You Can was Annabelle and not Heath. She was just adorable in her quirkiness, the kind of friend I cherish in RL. She loved Heath, so I wanted her to have him. Not because he was to-die-for, but because he was "the one" for her. Seriously, I spent a lar [...]

    3. 4.5 starsIt’s Monday. And it’s raining cats and dogs. And I just got home from work. So no, I’m not in a mood for writing a proper review.I’m just gonna say this:QUICK REVIEW:Enjoyment:: 4.5/5Writing style: 5/5Storyline: 5/5Hero: 4/5 Heroine: 4/5Secondary characters: 5/5 Hotness/chemistry: 3.5/5 Romance: 4/5 Angst: 2.5/5Darkness level: 2/5Humor: 4/5 Depth of the book: 5/5POV: multiple, 3rd person Triggers: (view spoiler)[none (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]& [...]

    4. l loved it just as much, if not more, the second time around.Annabelle. What's not to love? A strong, independent lady who won't bow down to the whims of her family. She knows what she wants to do and she goes for it.Heath. Sexy, and boy does he know it. But he's made a name for himself and is now a smart, confident, rich guy.Great to catch up with Phoebe, Dan, Molly, Kevin and the gang.I know, Heath's description in the book is nothing like this guy but who cares. I know what I like so I will j [...]

    5. And the magic continues. Though I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if I was going to love this one as much as the other. I wondered how SEP would pull it off since these two characters were not part of the immediate Chicago Stars family but she did it. I. LOVED. IT.I’m going to try to keep this one short and sweet.InMatch Me If You Can we meet Heath. He is Kevin Tucker’s agent. He was sexy, had a killer smile and dressed to kill. He was also known as the Python.Having just about everything he [...]

    6. 5 STARS“If I could put my brain in her body, the world would be mine for the taking.” OH MY GOD! Why I did not read this earlier I do not understand. This book was the perfect mix of romance,banter, and heart pounding moments. I loved the dialogue between Annabelle and Heath. I loved Annabelle's sassy wit. I loved Heath's sexy, arrogant-as-hell attitude. Basically I loved everything about it.Heath Champion aka The Python, is Chicago's sexiest bachelor, who needs a "perfect" wife by his 35th [...]

    7. Damn, I found a winner!!!I freaking loved book 1 in the series and now book 6 Match me if you can totally overthrew book 1 from the pedestalIt's all you seek in a romance, I don't wanna dwell on that, and neither should youd just like the line in the book goes:Hey, this is supposed to be like in Jerry Maguire. Remember? 'You had me at hello.Maybe, it didnt quite happened that way for Annabelle Granger aka Tinker Bell and Heath Champion, in this hilariously spontanious, funny, sweet and a bit ang [...]

    8. Written May 5, 2015 4.4 Stars - Amusing, romantic, great high quality m/f romance as always from SEPI just finished the 11:15 hrs audiobook edition amazingly well narrated by always delivering Anna Fields. — I love all these characters, this style of contemporary and enjoyed every minute.This will be a lazy review you all already know how much I like these Susan Elizabeth Phillips romances. It's not much to say: this was another GREAT installment to an fantastic series. *********************** [...]

    9. 4,5 "Perfect for You" Stars and right then it occurred to him that he hadn't enjoyed himself so much with a woman in a very long time.Fun, fun, fun! A non-stop romantic funfest from start to finish where Annabelle Granger, a quirky thirty-something matchmaker with a fledgling business, a colourful wardrobe and a big heart meets Heath Champion, a too-handsome NFL top agent with a goal in mind: marrying his ideal woman, aka everything Annabelle is not. Will our resourceful matchmaker be able to fi [...]

    10. Match Me If You Can is about Heath, the wealthy sports agent, who wants the perfect wife. Of course, he's too busy to look for this perfect woman and instead has two different match making agencies in search of her. Annabelle is the owner of one of those agencies and she's determined to find him the perfect woman. Heath's demands on Annabelle created a lot of fun banter. Having Annabelle attend all the introductions between him and the potential candidates built lively conversation between the t [...]

    11. I'm totally reading the books in this series out of order, but hey, real life is so hectic right now and listening to audiobooks is the only way I can get any reading done. I'll take these books in whatever order I can get them and so far I don't see it interfering with my enjoyment of them. Heath Champion is a sexy, successful sports agent who has everything he wants, except for one thinga wife. In order to find the right woman, he's hired a matchmaking service to help. At the same time though [...]

    12. 5 STARSAnother stunner from Susan Elizabeth Phillips! I can’t seem to get enough of these books. Match Me if You Can is Book 5 in the Chicago Stars series, and it features Kevin Tucker’s sports agent Heath Champion, who has enlisted the aid of a matchmaking firm to find him the perfect wife… before his upcoming deadline for marriage, his thirty-fifth birthday.“I’m looking for someone extraordinary.”It seems Heath has his life planned to the “T.” After surviving his disaster of a [...]

    13. What a totally unexpected treat!! I really loved this one. It was my first Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, but I’m already looking for more of her work. The premise was so adorable. Annabelle Granger comes from a family of successful doctors, accountants and the like, but every business she becomes involved with ends up failing. She studied theatre in college, but that didn’t amount to much. Her ex-fiancé is now a cross dresser, and she hasn’t been with a man since their broken engagement [...]

    14. 4.5 This is one of the best romances I've ever read!I admit, I don't think that a lot of romances deserve more than 3 stars. Don't get me wrong, I love reading contemporary, but I rarely find a great one. Why? Because they're all so much alike! Mostly, if you've read one, you've read them all. So, how can a romance get more than 3 stars from me? Well, there are a few "feelings" I need to have, for it to deserve more. Any good romance has to make me laugh, anxious, happy, sad, giddy, and, if I'm [...]

    15. I often have mixed feelings about SEP books, but this one really made me uncomfortable. Some takeaway messages:• To start your book off with a bang, make your heroine an insecure screw-up and make sure you mess up her clothes and make her late for an important appointment• It's ok if your family denigrates and insults you, as long as they love you (you, of course, being a woman)• Men who work too hard have to fall in love and they'll learn to scale back; women who work too hard have to hav [...]

    16. Guau uauuuuuu, de verdad lo mío con SEP, es enfermizo. ravillosa.divertida y fabulosa.termino por ahora toda la serie de los Chicago Star. hasta febrero que sale el siguiente. y éste junto con el 4 el mejor HA ENCANTADO. .

    17. Some readers would consider this a contemporary romance. I call it chick-lit, because I'm doing a chick-lit challenge and I don't feel like digging up another book. Besides, Match Me If You Can conforms to all the chick-lit rules. There's a ne'er-do-well heroine who can't do anything right (work, love, relationships, etc.); the hero is rich and handsome (and nothing more); there are some sidekicks who are supportive and/or quirky; and there's endless, endless, endless descriptions of what these [...]

    18. 5 bestest reread starsOh, how I love this story. If anyone isn't hooked on Susan Elizabeth Phillips, they should read this novel (even if it's out of order), they will be in for a treat! We have a desperate, down-on-her-luck heroine, Annabelle, who takes over her grandmothers matchmaking business. Annabelle is one of the loveliest, most courageous and strong heroines I've encountered in this genre, and other than her quirkiness and laugh-out-loud quotes, she has something that makes me sympathiz [...]

    19. I've read Match Me If You Can four times now - without a doubt my favorite SEP book in the Chicago Stars series! - so I couldn't help picking up the audio version after reading several rave reviews about it. Anna Fields was very talented and her voice was most definitely a perfect match for the scatterbrained Annabelle Granger. (Sort of reminds me of actress Zooey Deschanel.) It saddens me to hear that Anna Fields passed away. I will be snatching up as many of her audio books as possible before [...]

    20. This is romantic comedy at its most magnificent, fantastic from all angles. I cannot recommend this author enough, she's the best of that contemporary romance has to offer at this point.

    21. 3 starI liked how the couple transitioned from friends to a relationship as opposed to insta love. I didn't feel like this made much of an impact on me though. In fact I'm pretty sure it will be forgotten next week. Overall it was a nice light fluffy book to pass the time.

    22. Now listening to it in audiobook formSeptember 20, 2011--------I've read this 3 times now and I can still say its one of the most memorable SEP books EVER. I don't need to rewrite the 2009 review, but I just wanted to point out that this has high re-read value. I really need to get myself a permanent paperback copy.June 17, 2009 Review----------------------------------2nd Time through (and a year later), I feel like I was crazy when I first read this. I actually like Annabelle (and her faults - [...]

    23. According to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflection - SO it must capture my attention from page 1 I will continue a few more chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind!SO Herewith my review! Prologue OR Chapter 1I was sucked in from page one and could not stop reading, if you are looking for a fun CR well this is a great book to read and you do not need to read the series in sequenceType of Characters and my choices according to pictures :Relationship develop [...]

    24. Annabelle HeathSEP never disappoint. The story is the typical romance but have a great characters. It was nice that the Chicago stars members is back is complete with additional Pippi, who won my heart.

    25. Me fascina la capacidad que tiene esta mujer de crear historias parecidas pero únicas, tan divertidas y entretenidas que es imposible no disfrutarlas. Annabelle y Heath son otra pareja para recordar, con SEP una sabe a que atenerse y la verdad, nunca decepciona.

    26. This story is tightly tied to some of the previous in the series. I'd definitely read This Heart of Mine first, and probably It Had to Be You before that. Phoebe and Molly Calebow feature prominently here, so knowing their backstories is an enhancement. Despite the cover copy, Nobody's Baby But Mine is completely unnecessary (though not a bad story, so whatever).Anyway, this story rocked. I enjoyed it from first to last, not least for making me laugh. Often. Both Annabelle and Heath are fun to s [...]

    27. It was very sweet, very engaging read. I didn't want to drop till the end of the book. Although, I read it before, I didn't remember so much about it. So it was a nice to read some things as if I was reading it first time. It made me smile, laugh and sad.Also, imo, it's the rare book of SEP that hero's presence was so much prepotent and I loved that fact very much.Heroine is a sweet heart. She's cute, friendly, clever and very ingenuous. I think, I can say that she's one of my favorite heroines [...]

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